Friend’s birthday

Today is my friend @ryutolbx birthday so I would appreciate it if you wished him a happy birthday and possibly a follow I’m sure he’ll be happy too. Ryu I hope you have a great day you’re so awesome with everything from editing my stories to supporting me and your daily draws are lovely and it great to see you progress. I hope you have a great day :)

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hey there tumblr, sorry I’ve been MIA for so long


as part of that afk (good news instead of bad for once, whee!) I went to an actual writer’s convention on sunday

and it was awesome and motivating and fun

(and ILU @lunamax1214, not that this is news, but she came too and we had such a good time and wow I’m way more good at being sociable than I remembered? though that might be because /surrounded by writers/ so an obvious in to get started chatting, but still it was nice … they had a Jr. version of the con too, a series of panels for people in high school, so I saw a bunch of bb!writers also being awesome which is inspiring as well, isn’t it?)

and I know a lot more than I thought I did, re: editing/marketing/stuff writers have to do which isn’t actually the writing/etc. which was validating/encouraging if also a little terrifying because that means I have no excuse not to be doing some of it

(and the state level RWA chapter meets on the WRONG SIDE OF BALTIMORE I am not surprised stupid state but hey it’s not really THAT FAR and I should probably go look into that :P)

but it did make me realize I need to let a lot of my old WIPs go (it’s been years at this point, right?) and kind of give myself a new slate

but it’s HARD to let go

so I’m tempted to a do a series of posts about them, thoughts and bullet points or whatever, just to sort of get them out of the mess that is my brain to clear room for the next plan

ie: The Theia & Leandra DA2 story I’m never going to finish

The Adelaide/Sebastian DA2 epilogue I’m never going to write

the DAI epilogue INGTW


(would that be entertaining to people not me? I just don’t know anymore)

I also need to make myself a really good gigantic random-prompt list, but that’s for later this week, I have too much other stuff to do today


It’s nice to see you all again, my darlings. Even if my entire dash is blacklisted Critical Role atm because I’m only on episode 38 or something, I’m sorry this week is so stressful for you all. *hugs*

“My, you are a vision tonight.” Ravi said, grinning at the Pearlcatcher. “Are you sure I can’t convince you to run away with me?”

Her answering smile was disarming. “Well I could…but the idea of spending my life with a fool really doesn’t appeal to me.”

@mantisrising @pastelscale (its not a light sprite dress but I hope you’ll accept a glittermom dress instead)

Ravi, escorting his date to the masquerade. She’s the daughter of a nobleman, a strong minded but kindhearted woman who is in love with a warrior but is being forced into an arranged marriage with someone else. She’s offering Ravi a lot of money to help her reunite with her warrior lover, who will meet with her at the ball and who she is going to run away with. 

Pic from my Knoxville Tourism Photo Shoot!!
Photo Cred: @photographfee .. Justin Fee
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