Blake’s face in this episode was true, pure fear. She was honestly terrified that yang was going to get hurt, and she knew something bad was going to happen. She didn’t care about her injury at this moment. The only thing on her mind was the wellbeing of her new family that she cares so much about. All that has happened just leaves so many questions for what happens to the team next! I can’t wait to see the dreaded finale!

The Oscars may have just made acceptance speeches much better

If you’ve watched the Oscars, you’ve seen it: the hurried speech, the actor trying to thank every loved one, agent, producer, cast and crew member, all while trying to be funny and meaningful in the space of 45 seconds before the music cuts them off. Now the Academy has made a request in advance from the nominees — and it could make the show so much more exciting.


This is going to be Michael Fassbender drawing Nr. 46.

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Image: Lisa Lucas will take over as executive director of the National Book Foundation on March 14. (Beowulf Sheehan/Courtesy of Lisa Lucas)

The National Book Foundation announced Wednesday that it will soon have a new leader at the helm: Lisa Lucas, the 36-year-old publisher of Guernica magazine. Lucas is the third executive director in the history of the foundation, which runs the National Book Awards. Her priority? Inclusivity: “Everyone is either a reader or a potential reader,” she says.

Lisa Lucas Takes The Reins At The National Book Foundation


“I’m still kind of speechless about it! I couldn’t stop laughing. I wasn’t expecting it– I so was not expecting this, genuinely. I was really hoping that the film would be nominated, and Tom [McCarthy] and Josh [Singer], and I’m so glad all of that happened and it feels like that was right, like everything was right in the world. But I didn’t know when the nominations were happening, I wasn’t really thinking about it. So I got a call at quarter to six in the morning from my publicist– which has never happened. And I thought, ‘Oh no, I’ve done something!’ or ‘Something’s happened.’ And I saw all these texts and I thought, ‘Something horrible has happened in the world, something *really* bad.’ And then I saw, ‘Oscars,’ ‘Congratulations,’ and still I thought, ‘Oh, yay! The film got nominated, yay!’ And then I saw, ‘Congratulations on your personal nomination!’ And I was like, ‘WHAT??? WHAT?!’ And then yes, I started laughing. I will never forget laying in a hotel room in LA by myself in bed at six o'clock in the morning laughing my head off just trying to comprehend it.  It’s such an honor.“