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I don’t see how not voting for Danny and Ryan for best partnership because of the current mess of a storyline is going to somehow prevent future storylines from being bad, or prevent them from bringing Robron back together.

It’s not the current storyline that has lead to this nomination. It’s all of the really good ones they’ve had together. The abuse s/l, ssw, the wedding, the special prison episode.

It’s the fact that Danny and Ryan have excellent chemistry together. The fact that they both make even the bad storylines compelling through their individual talents, combined with their ability to brilliantly play off of each other’s emotions, in each scene.

This isn’t just about loving or not loving Robron. This is about appreciating Danny and Ryan and what they put out together for Emmerdale.


Thank you everyone for participating in blog awards! All of our nominees i’m sure are wonderful in their own ways but these are our real winners

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I tried my best at editing how JB would look if and when he gets the piercings and tattoo~  😍😍 (idk if ya’ll could see the nose piercing 😕)

pretty proud of how it turned out actually 😂😆😂😆

The tattoo is “Love never fails”


Sooo I know everyone is upset about Danny not being in the sexiest male category (and believe me, I am as shocked/mad as everyone) but like why wasn’t Ryan up there?!? Have you seen the man???! 👀👀👀 it’s an outrage I tell you!

Heyy y’all so my bff irl @nymphadorcas has 500 followers and i just hit 1k. First of all we both wanna thank you all for getting us here, you guys are incredible So we thought we would celebrate this with a *drum roll please* TUMBLR AWARDS. The categories are named after our favorite flowers (i was gonna suggest memes but she thought we should make this aesthetic) Here are the categories:

✿Delphinium award: best url

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✿Magnolia award: best icon

✿Plumeria award: best desktop theme 

Zinnia award: best navigation page  

✿Camellia award: best hp

✿Lotus award: best myth

✿Anemone award: best edits*

✿Rose award: rising blogger**

✿Orchid award: nicest blogger

✿Aster award: ilgim’s favorite

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