Ta-dan, thanks for good reference Kubo-San!!!

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“From the time I was little I always looked up to him, and I think he really was my best friend when I was growing up. To have him leave when I was so young, it was definitely very emotional.

He’s still, you know, a typical older brother, he teases me, but he’s definitely a teacher as well. Kinda like a dad, I guess, in that sense.

I get that he’s good at hockey, but I, you know, when he won the Stanley Cup I didn’t see the hockey player necessarily; I saw the little kid that I grew up with achieving his lifelong goal or dream.” - Taylor Crosby

Murata: “Autograph board. When ONE-sensei finishes drawing the right side, the picture will be shown at the end-of-year Jump Festa. Please stop by if you get a chance.” (link)

ONE: “Every time I add Saitama to Murata-sensei’s half-drawn autograph board, my hand shakes” (link)