In the early 1900s, people loved collecting their family’s and friends’ signatures in autograph books. This evolved into collecting ghost signatures, which were made by signing a piece of paper with slow-drying ink and then quickly folding the sheet over to create a personalized inkblot. Source

He asked how to pronounce my name, then said it and smiled and said it was gorgeous.
I asked him to write something in Romanian, and he stopped to think and my friend said “He’s probably just insulting you.” And I said “Its probably because I made him think” and he fUCKING GIGGLED

He did say it was a bit difficult because he never gets to write in Romanian, so I advise you ask him if you want it yourself!

10/10 would go see him again VIP is worth it because you get moments like these!

When I went in for my photo op I wanted to make sure I had gotten the correct translation. When I asked him what he wrote, he kind of chuckled, blushed, and looked away.
“I’m kissing you and can’t wait to see you later.”

Does anyone know of someone that works with audio software that can single out something in a voice recording? I went in for my photo op with Sebastian and asked him what my autograph said. I know the exact times when he speaks in the recording, it’s just that it’s so muffled by surrounding noise, I was hoping someone could help me single it out?

This gorgeous, wonderful, amazing person made my day and I encourage you, if you’re thinking of going in October to Tulsa - do it.

— renée elise goldsberry, phillipa soo and jasmine cephas jones

“I pray that we can leave that legacy on this show — that every group of sisters who play this can truly love each other.”

Kore Yamazaki was one of the special guests for this year’s Dokomi! I was glad she got invited… ‘The Ancient Magus Bride’ is such a beautiful series! 
Fortunately, I could give her my fanart and also got an autograph from her. ´A` I was so happy, haha ´u`

Here’s a Jensen Ackles portrait I drew last year and the story behind it. 

I am a fan of Supernatural ever since the series began and meeting Jensen is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. When I went to JIBCon6 last year, my dream of meeting him finally came true. With an Angel Pass you don’t have to wait in line very long and I didn’t even have time to be all that nervous before I stood right in front of Jensen at the autograph session. I was with my best friend, because I’m usually a shy mess in front of people, especially if they are Jensen fucking-beautiful-human-being Ackles. I said ‘Hi’ and the girl next to him gave him my drawing. He greeted me and was just about to sign it, when I said ‘Be careful you don’t get pencil on your hands’. With a confused look on his face he looked at me and then at my friend, who was right beside me. ‘It’s a drawing’, she said. At first he laughed and I didn’t know what to do with that, but it turns out he didn’t believe it before he touched it carefully and had some pencil on his fingers. ‘Holy crap, this is amazing’, was his reaction. He was touched I made it for him and I was so incredibly touched that he actually liked it. I figured they see so much absolutely amazing fan art, mine must be pretty ordinary. But he made me feel so special and good. Long story short: Jensen is such a sweet, caring person who deserves all the love.