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Sorry to bother but what are your pronouns? I'm sorry if this is too personal of a question, I just don't want to misgender you. You can answer privately if this is too invasive. I hope you have a Tomato day! (^v^)

That’s not a bother at all!! I’m kind of an ‘it all applies’ kind of person so any pronouns are fine. Alternatively you could just use they/them if that’s confusing <3 That’s actually really nice of you to ask!! 

Beautiful places on earth that the signs should visit

Aries: Zakyntos, Greece

Taurus: Huacachina Oasis, Peru

Gemini: Derweze Crater, “The Door to Hell”, Turkmenistan

Cancer: Lavender Route, France

Leo: Danxia Landform, China

 Virgo: Benagil Cave, Portugal

Libra: Pink Sand Beach, Eleuthera

Scorpio: Lake Salzkammergut, Austria

Sagittarius: Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Capricorn: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Aquarius: Grand Prismatic Spring, United States

Pisces: Fairy Pools, Scottland

  • Server:Can I get you anything else sir?
  • Man:Yeah, I'll take a side of ham please.
  • Server:Um, sure.
  • **server returns in 5 minutes with a side of ham**
  • Server:Here you go. Anything else I can get for you?
  • Man:Yeah, can I get a side of ham please?
  • Server:Uh... ham? Sure... be right back.
  • **server returns in 5 minutes with a side of ham**
  • Server:One slice of ham. Anything else?
  • Man:Ya know, I'd love a side of ham.
  • Server:Sir?? This is the 14th slice of ham I have brought to you???
  • Man:Oh, I'm so sorry. I suffer from hamnesia.