Dean and Castiel: *about to Kiss For the First Time*

Sam, seeing the opportunity to be the little brother to the max: “You sure you want to do that? You know he ate lizard last week, right?”

Cas: “I assure you, I’ve had worse.” 

Dean: “Wait, what? What did you eat that was worse? Also, Sammy, shut-up. Survival is sexy.” 

this Roman writer called Pliny the Elder recorded a story about the famous actor Clodius Aesopus who paid a fortune to eat a dish made from the tongues of talking birds, and Pliny is SO INCENSED about this wasteful, extravagant act that he accuses the actor of cannibalism (because the birds possessed human speech I guess), and it honestly reads like tumblr discourse


1x03 - Saru’s ganglia.  1x04 - Lorca’s dinner.  1x12 - Kelpian ganglia.

Did Lorca find a way to replicate a Terran Empire delicacy?


200.8 last Monday –> 202.6 Tuesday –> 202.4 Wednesday –> 200.8 Thursday –> 201.8 Friday –> 201.8 today

Keto things I ate this weekend to maintain my weight:

- a turkey meatloaf with extra Parmesan instead of breadcrumbs using my very first bottle of Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup!

- ramen without the noodles and naruto sushi rolls (cucumber instead of rice!)

- Indian chicken korma and assorted tandoori meats 

- a low-carb tortilla with sausage, soft-boiled eggs, hot sauce, and American cheese for breakfast Saturday and Sunday

- half of a Fathead pizza on Friday AND Saturday nights

- half a pint of peanut butter cup Halo Top (my all-time fave, although I have to try that caramel macciato one again to see if it’s as good as I think it was)

- half a pint of dairy-free peanut butter cup Halo Top (really good, but you could definitely tell it was different from the regular peanut butter cup; the first bite took me by surprise, but I got used to it and enjoyed it)

So, you know, another weekend of not losing, but can I talk about all of the amazingly delicious things I got to eat while maintaining?!

Did any of you listen to the radio play “Long Way From Home” on BBC Radio Wales earlier? (it’s on iPlayer)

You know, starring Kai Owen and Alexandria Riley, written & directed by Scott Handcock and Jay Harley? (and it’s a Big Finish production)

Is anyone else also really emotional about this?

(spoilers ahead!)

I mean-

  • it has a spaceship
  • and a gay alien protagonist
  • his parents are played by Kai and Alexandria
  • they are super supportive when their son comes out to them and immediately want to know everything about the boyfriend
  • their way to tell him he’s actually an alien is “you’re adopted and, by the way, we found you at this exact spot, which is actually not that far away from where we used to have sex”
  • it’s actually really cute
  • he has a really cool, cute female best friend who came along to the family vacation to support him

Did I download the BBC Radio iPlayer just for this? Yep, totally. Was it worth it? Definitely. I listened to it because I was curious and I remembered when Scott first posted about it that they were recording something together (obviously I wanted to know what my TW faves were up to) (I know, predictable), and I loved it from beginning to end! It was really soft and cute and fun! :’)

You should definitely give it a listen, it’s only 30 min long!

I feel like a lot of ADHD is coping mechanisms upon coping mechanisms that sometimes backfire, for example:

I could go get food,

but then if I get out of my chair and make food I will probably forget to reply to this email,

but executive dysfunction is making me confused on how to reply to this email,

so therefore, I’m stuck in this chair, not doing anything, and especially not getting food

buffy-angel-and-co  asked:

#16 for BtVS and AtS! :)

16. If you could change anything in the show, what would you change? 

In BtVS, I’d change so many things. Honestly. It’s hard to choose just one. 

I’d kill Spike off in season 3 or 4, but that wouldn’t make the show considerably better, because there are a lot more flaws to it. Seasons 6 and 7 would be much better probably, but still… Killing Spike is like not having The First as a Big Bad, albeit that’s much less significant… 

I want to change something that would alter, consistently, the show for the best. I guess I’d just want the writers not to lose the essence of the show? It’s a lame answer, but the show worked better when it was campy, when the villains were local but impactful, when the Scoobies were cohesive, when friendships were more important than romances, etc. I guess I’d want the show to be creative and interesting without changing the dimension of its universe. Keep it small, simple.

As for AtS, I’d eliminate Cangel, because it ruined season 3 and because it made the writers take Angel and Cordelia’s characters in a terrible direction. Season 3 could’ve been more about Angel as a father: about how the happiness of having a child doesn’t eliminate your own issues (which is something season 4 touched on, but Angel in season 3 was too giddy), and how Connor would have change his future. Angel having a kid is as much of a big deal as dating Buffy, but the show never truly acknowledges the ramifications of Angel raising a human child until they avoid that with the kidnapping and the mind wipe. It was cheap of them, because that could’ve been a real story and something to tie Angel in season 3 with his overall redemption arc. Angel in season 3 is mostly a happy and willing love interest, and Cordelia was set up as a saint. Due to that, season 3 feels disjointed from the other seasons in terms of Angel’s bigger arc of redemption and existentialism, because, really, how is a kid not a reason to go through a small existential crisis? 

Without Cangel, season 4 would have to incorporate Jasmine without Cordelia - a bonus - because Jasmine!Cordelia was terrible, and season 5 would perhaps suffer less from Cordelia’s absence after her romantic role in Angel’s life. If seasons 1 to 4 were more connected, then maybe season 5 could’ve been a smoother transition too. 

Dunno, I need sleep. Thanks for the answer! Not my best reply :)