what she says: im fine

what she means: phil’s glasses are the sole reason for my existence? someone needs to hide all his contacts so he wears his glasses 24/7 bc they look so good on him? the contrast of the black frames against his pale skin makes his blue eyes pop ya hear me? P. O. P. then he goes and wears a plaid shirt looking like a smart ass maths teacher like damn phil give me an education please? and then he smiles??? rip👏🏾  the👏🏾  heart👏🏾  out👏🏾  my👏🏾  chest👏🏾  phil👏🏾  lester👏🏾

my headcanon for Faith’s death is that it would be similar to Buffy but on smaller scale, she would sacrifice herself saving a small group of people, people she cares deeply about or maybe strangers. It would continue the theme of Faith feeling like she’s in Buffy’s shadow but also it would be in a way that shows that it’s not about how many people you save, it’s about doing the right thing. saving a handful of people is as respectable and worthy of praise as saving the entire world.

i don’t know if i’m making any sense.


Something bright, warm and sunny to lighten up your day!

Back in Strangetown, which I haven´t played in ages. I was still thinking about a theme/style for this neighborhood, when I came upon the Mexican/Southwestern Style, and fell in love with it.

The bedroom consists mostly of meshes by the wonderful Sandy at Around the Sims (Mexico Bedroom), she also made the cute Mexico Bathroom.

Other meshes I used: Wandering Windows by Parsimonious´ Kate, Puebla Rug by OM/Avalon. The whole Puebla Set also fits nicely into the theme. The curtain is a Lunasims conversion.

The gorgeous floors are by Lama from the Medieval Smithy.

Mira Shower Curtain, Parsimonious „Souk in the Bath“ tub.

Living Room:
Louisiana Set slaved by Hokadk47, Adele Persian, Nengi rug recolors by Amythestfenix

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter (Saturday December 10, 2016)

Willow: What are you talking about?
Giles: What are *you* talking about?
Buffy and Willow: Boys!
Giles: Yes, well, I’m talking about trouble. A violent and disturbing prophecy is about to be fulfilled.
~~Never Kill a Boy on the First Date~~

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Beautiful places on earth that the signs should visit

Aries: Zakyntos, Greece

Taurus: Huacachina Oasis, Peru

Gemini: Derweze Crater, “The Door to Hell”, Turkmenistan

Cancer: Lavender Route, France

Leo: Danxia Landform, China

 Virgo: Benagil Cave, Portugal

Libra: Pink Sand Beach, Eleuthera

Scorpio: Lake Salzkammergut, Austria

Sagittarius: Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Capricorn: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Aquarius: Grand Prismatic Spring, United States

Pisces: Fairy Pools, Scottland

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