“Daddy, will you stay ‘til I fall asleep?”

The invitation is so simple and sincere that Peeta can’t possibly say no. Rye scoots towards the wall and Peeta stretches out next to him, keeping his hand protectively on the boy’s chest as they curl together on the pillow. Rye leans over and kisses the very tip of Peeta’s nose, and before either knows the difference, they are fast asleep.

All the President’s Men by Baroness Kika (Ch 12)

I’m so happy to be back with my art… And I don’t think there is a better way to start posting again than honouring talented HGRomance on her birthday.

She asked for this precise moment from AtPM, a story that I profoundly adore –Kika, that last update was peeerfect–, so I was more than eager to use her request as a little bday gift. Rosy cheeks and all ;) 

Congratulations beautiful! ILY