BECAUSE back in February 2012 he was on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business so Laura and I went to meet him at the stage door (except lbr I went to meet him at the stage door, Laura couldn’t have given two shits) because pls like Nick Jonas right I have like 14 posters of the Jonas Brothers in my room at home so we went and stood in the cold for like 3 hours and finally he exits the building and starts signing things and taking pictures right so like then it’s my turn and Nick Jonas, the teen heartthrob who made my fourteen year old girlhood quiver, is standing before me and what do I say?

“What was the year 3000 like?”

protip: do not ask Nick Jonas what the year 3000 was like

and he doesn’t answer me. He literally does not say anything and instead he just stares at me, and on his face was literally the bitchiest bitch face I have ever seen in my life like I’ve seen some good ones but his was by far the best like you think you’ve seen a good bitch face but you really haven’t until you’ve pissed off Nick Jonas ok

so he’s staring at me, like melting my fucking face off with his bitch glare and I’m freaking out because this is Nick Jonas ok like fourteen posters in my bedroom and I just fucked that shit up so I was like “Oh my god I’m so sorry I thought that would be funny but it wasn’t it wasn’t funny I’m so sorry” and he laughs and goes “it’s okay…


I guess.”

(and by that he meant it wasn’t okay) so it was pretty clear that there was this deep hatred stirring inside him like he’s just trying to do his own thing, star on Broadway and all that, and I’ve brought up Year 3000 like what an asshole move on my part right like I deserve it but whatever so he’s like “hahahahahah it okei doe” when it clearly wasn’t so this dude hates me right but like it’s okay because if I’ve learned anything from romantic comedies, it’s that hate often turns into love (see: every romantic comedy, ever)

but I figure he was mad about my question for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. he was pissed off that I would mention such a stupid song
  2. he was pissed off because at the time the jonas brothers were not “together” (but can brothers really break up? what is this, oasis?) and he was trying to do his own thing that was not jonas brothers related (but that’s probably not the reason because they “reunited” a few months later)
  3. he was pissed off because the song clearly states what the year 3000 was like I mean they explicitly state that not much has changed but they live underwater and that my great-great-great-granddaughter is doing fine

and then we took a picture together and this is that picture:

can’t you see the burning passionate hatred in his eyes?

You can.

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just wanted to say that i freaking love this tumblr. gen 1 gets totally shafted these days. everyone has such a hard on for gen 2... i REALLY don't understand why. thanks for showing the best gen of skins some love! :DDDD

Aw thank you dear! I know, G1 doesn’t get as much love as it should imho

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So you just posted that picture of the Jamie sticker with Nick Jonas lol and uh I was wondering if you could post what your room looks like? :) (sorry if this is creepy lol :|)

Not creepy! I love bombarding people with shit from my life!

So, just for you, here are photos of my bedroom.

SO here we’ve got when you first enter through the door:

~~~~~THE BED:


My dresser or whatever:

And here are ~details of the shit on the walls. NOW keep in mind this was an on going process from 2005-2008 and then just stopped dead there so this isn’t really an ~accurate representation of my taste now:

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thoughts on harry and taylor?

First of all, I would like to make it very clear that while I do have a problem with it, it’s not because Harry is dating someone. I’m not one of those crazy fans who will get angry if he starts dating someone who isn’t me. What I have a problem with is the fact that he’s dating her.

I’m not a Taylor Swift fan. There’s a reason you don’t see Taylor on my blog. As far as I’m concerned she’s a slut shaming manic pixie dream girl who must have a magical vagina or something. I’m not going to try to psychoanalyze Taylor or anything, but I really think that girl needs to take some time to learn how to love herself before she jumps into any more relationships.

(And on another note, why do people keep dating her? I mean look at her track record, the guys should know that it’s not going to end well. Do they think they’re gonna be the one to change her or something? I don’t get it.)

Also, I’m not over the whole Taylor-Kennedy situation.

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i don't get why you even like one direction everything else you like is PERFECT so i just don't understand

BECAUSE I LIKE THEM OKAY. They’re cute and cuddly and have nice hair and ugly tattoos and sexy accents and have pretty decent voices and they’re songs are catchy and tbh all I want is to live in a world where no one would make fun of me or question me for it oKAY

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I'm just curious why you hate Doctor/Rose so much? I'm genuinely interested in hearing your opinion.

Because Rose is codependent. It’s actually one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. She was willing to abandon everyone and everything she loved just so she could be with him, even though she knows that he can’t grow old with her and he could die and become another man at any moment. And what if she doesn’t like this new man? Then she’s stuck, all alone, in a different universe than her family and Mickey. And what’s even worse is that the Doctor let her. He should realize when something has gone too far and when someone is no longer safe, which he exemplifies when he initially tells Rose that she can’t stay with him and she has to go with her family to the parallel universe. But then when she says no and he’s like ~okay? No. Not okay.

Neither of them acted like themselves when they were “together.” In the first season, Rose isn’t needy and codependent. I’ll be the first person to tell you she’s a bad bitch. But then in the second season, all she cares about is Ten. And the same with him. He's the Doctor, he’s supposed to be helping people but instead it’s pretty clear all he cares about is his precious Rose. It’s despicable.

Finally, Doctor Who is, believe it or not, a family show. Meaning that families watch it, so presumably there are young girls watching. Obviously these girls would look up to Rose, because that’s what they’re programmed to do, and they’re seeing Rose being needy and codependent? You know what that does? It gives young girls the notion that that’s how they should be. Want to abandon your family to be with a man? Go ahead! Rose Tyler did it, so can you!

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I've been seeing a lot of talk about Tyler Oakly on my dash lately and I was just wondering if you know what's going on with that? Like what happened?

Well, I just went through his blog looking for the post, which was rather painful, and I guess he at least has half a brain, because the post is gone.

ANYWAY there’s been a post floating around about a girl who was walking in front of two guys on a sidewalk and one of the guys were joking about raping a drunk girl, and the girl who was walking in front of the guys turned around and punched the guy in the face. She broke his nose.

Now Tyler Oakley, because he’s an idiot who unfortunately is “famous” on tumblr and thinks he’s hot shit because of it, took it upon himself to reblog the post and say that the girl was in the wrong for using physical violence to defend women’s rights.

And you know what, good for her. I don’t know who the fuck Tyler Oakley thinks he is but he has no right to condemn this girl. Is physical violence the answer? No. However, if it’s what women need to do to get it through men’s thick skulls that joking about rape is the polar opposite of okay, then by all means, break a dude’s nose.

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but aren't you a directioner?


The way I see it, Directioners are fans who actually, you know, enjoy being a fan of One Direction. As I’m sure you’re aware, I do not enjoy this. Nor did I choose this. I am just an innocent passerby who was captured by One Direction’s stupid faces and catchy songs and now I’m being held against my will and all I want is to escape.

Give me a Rita Hayworth poster and a rock hammer, and I’ll be out of this hell in about 20 years.