mass effect: zodiac edition

aries: renegade shepard- Do what you want. Haters can kiss your ass. Has a serious anger/impulsiveness problem.

taurus: anderson- This dude’s cool as a cucumber while everything’s falling apart. Loyal, reliable, a little old-fashioned.

gemini: liara- She juggles multiple tasks and has two identities: Liara, and the Shadowbroker. The shadowbroker deals a lot of gossip. So does gemini.

cancer: kaidan- He’s a super sweet, sensitive guy who offers comfort whenever you need it and probably loves cuddling more than sex.

leo: ashley- She’s a fiery, confident warrior queen, and has a solid sense of self-worth. She’s super protective of her loved ones.

virgo: tali- This girl is sweet, nervous, a little unsure of herself, but intelligent and observant. Strong sense of duty, always tries to do the right thing.

libra: paragon shepard- A natural diplomat, always looking for a peaceful resolution. Your strong sense of justice and empathy means you always try to help people.

scorpio: garrus- Smart, intense, awkward in love but still HELLA SEXY guy who loves revenge and hates the establishment.

sagittarius: kasumi- This girl just wants to have fun. She likes to push people’s buttons, joke around, and break rules. A free spirit.

capricorn: miranda- Two words: daddy issues. Likes to be in control. Extremely competent and calculating. Typical, TYPICAL cap.

aquarius: mordin- Has issues with hubris/a god complex. Intellectualizes feelings. Always concerned with the greater good.  

pisces: thane- This guy’s empathetic, spiritual, humanitarian, and even gives off a bit of a psychic vibe. He’s a martyr, detached from the material world.