2 am thoughts: if you have a friend that puts down your art, puts down your ideas, tells you that you dont know what you’re doing

dont listen to them. truuuust me. even if you feel like you need their guidance, or it seems like they know what they’re talking about because they give so much criticism, if you’re not able to spread your wings and really make the art you want then don’t listen. I’m not saying ditch them all together, that’s your business

but a friend shouldn’t hinder your progress as an artist. They shouldn’t try to control what you draw! especially if you’re younger and still in high school (or even middle school).

friends should be there to support and encourage and offer critiques when needed, not shut down every idea or tell you that what you drew isn’t ‘correct’ or ‘accurate’ therefore useless. You need to be able to make mistakes and feel safe! its so crucial for starting off AND even when your style is more developed.

my biggest regret in high school was letting a friend rule my sketchbook. it messed my art up and when we would hang out it seriously damaged my self esteem. tbh it was as small as things like telling me Lucky Star wasn’t worth watching, unlike Death Note. They would also constantly put down popular artists at the time because my friend could “do so much better”, yet never did. He constantly talked about the “right” way to color (Copics and photoshop ONLY!), the “right” way to draw (half anime-half realism. but realism is best, too much anime is bad). I stopped drawing a lot of things, even tiny details like bangs covering the eyes because it was “unrealistic”. It created this vortex of “he knows what’s up so why not listen and do everything he says- oh wait why am i not improving…..?? why am i not enjoying drawing as much…???”

The person might not be aware or know they’re causing any harm, but that’s not an reason to let them walk all over your art. Even if they have a hard life or if they say they know better (or ARE a better artist) NO ONE should stop a friend from improving and feeling good about their art. there are no excuses.

so yeah just pleasssse please please try to realize if a friend’s advice is actually Really Shitty and try to either stand up for yourself or stop relying on them. Its hard to end that kind of cycle but it’s so freaking worth it.

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If I comment on your art in the tags will you see it? Because I think it's really important to give feedback to artists, but yours gets so many notes that I sometimes wonder if you'll ever actually read it? But I don't know how many people actually use the tags to say how great your art is, so I don't want to not tell you in case only few do. It just feels a bit lonely to imagine that I'm just shouting into the void.

ohhh i have the tag viewer!! so i always try to read tags ^_^ b they are quite a mood booster:3

Do ya’ll see this image? Like, do you SEE this image? No? Look closer:

The Baes are nice, but look CLOOOOOSER:

Now, why did I zoom in on the smallest focus of this image, Tsumugi Kotobuki? Because I’ve devoted around 65% of this blog to her and studying her every moment of muscle and word as a curriculum? No, well, yes, but not really in this instance.

So this is an official art of Horiguchi’s, my FAVORITE official artist and animation director for K-ON, and I want you all to look at her stomach. 

You guys all know I don’t like looking at the girls in a sexual way and refer to them all as my children (with the exception of Mio) and I think of Tsumugi as my precious daughter, so don’t look at this as me sexualizing her. No, I am APPLAUDING Horiguchi, and I guess Tsumugi, in this body positive image.

It’s so far literally the only image I’ve seen of this, and it could just be the angle as well, but it looks like the Moogs just has a bit tum, and I ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE WITH THAT. Honestly, I am so all for this body pos thing. How many animes do you see where the characters have like, any ounce of fat on them? Some, but not too many. And this is a relatively small amount of body fat on her stomach, but nonetheless it makes me love Horguchi and Tsumugi’s character all the more.

It could be just the angle or the way it’s drawn, but usually, their swimsuit bottoms are drawn as an evenly curved line. But THIS, you can see the dip right under for belly button where the alleged tum is. It’s not in any other Horiguchi K-ON beach art, but it’s here in this one and I LOVE that. It’s the “imperfections” in these girls that make them seem so real and relatable and seeing Tsumugi with this just makes me happy beyond words.

Like, I know in our society, many struggle with weight not just for health reasons, but just because of the impact the media has on people to have this flawless, sculpted beach body, both male and females, where having some flab on your stomach is supposed to be something these tabloids’ teach’ you to “BURN OFF IN 3 WEEKS BY DOING THESE RIDIC STEPS.” Like, they try to be ‘health’ oriented, but half the time it comes off as saying ‘fat is ugly burn that shit’ and is impacting our society in terrible ways. One of my best friends struggled with an eating disorder in high school and it just kills you to see your friends’ wrists becoming thinner and their clothing becoming baggier week by week. Thankfully, she’s healthy now, but I know SO MANY struggle with body image.

But small things like this, seeing this ‘imperfection’ in a piece of media, even if it’s Japanese media and a 2-D character, is still nice and I hope gives a little relief to anyone struggling with this issue today. Because Tsumugi Kotobuki is a perfect fucking angel and if SHE can have some flab on her stomach, SO CAN YOU!

ToonBoom animation test is DONE
Pretty pleased with the final result I must say. Here we have Fiiji, one of my old characters, he’s a star-eater or anteater or whatever you call that thing. 

Interestingly, ToonBoom brush tool is pretty similar to Flash’s, except I find it alot easier to control. Overall, I actually find this software pretty neat, just wish it can export gif like TV Paint does. 

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What is dream pop music? It sounds interesting!

Wiki says “an atmospheric subgenre of alternative rock that relies on sonic textures as much as melody”

Some famous dream pop artists are Lykke Li, Passion Pit, Mac DeMarco, The Flaming Lips, the XX, Grimes etc. 

Some of my friends make this kind of music too which is another reason I like it~ 

But I like lots of other genres too ^^ 

“The Villa Imperiale of Pesaro is a suburban palatial house outside of Pesaro, built and decorated by artists of the late-Renaissance or Mannerist period.”