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Ninetails and Gardevoir?

Prompt: Send me one

Ninetales: Which Pokemon do you think is the most beautiful?

ARCANINE ❤ ❤ ❤ . Sweet child, I love Arcanine so much, it’s so beautiful with it’s flowing mane and soft fur and ahhhhhh beautiful and the best. ❤ 

Gardevoir: What Pokemon gives you the most feelings?

I feel like you chose the two that are hardest for me to answer?? Tbh I love you ~ A good few give me many feels, but one that stands out at the moment is Latios - okay I am one of those people that cry in Pokemon Heroes because he sacrifices himself to save the town okay i’m going to go cry ah


Welcome to JTV Pokecenter! Please ensure your pokemon are in a carrier, on a leash, or in their pokeballs at all times. Thank you!

Your friendly neighbourhood veterinary clinic is probably the closest thing in real life to a pokemon center, eh? So here are some pics of a few of my patients re-imagined as pokemon. I’ve been meaning to do a mashup like this for a while, but now seems a particularly relevant time.

(And if you ever visit our little clinic with your real life critters, I’ll check out your pokemon as well for free! ;) )