day 058: growlithe

growlithe and arcanine are some of my favourite pokemon in the entirety of the franchise, because they are DOGS and FIRE TYPE and thats just the greatest dang combo there is.

also, there’s this one trainer dude on the S.S. Anne in the RBY/FrLg games who’ll challenge you to battle while talking about how he’s traveled the world with his friends, which are two growlithes. 

one time during a replay through red i challenged and beat him and was then painfully reminded that he gets very upset that you “hurt his friends” and since then i swore to never go into his room to fight him in any game ever again(i reset my game after that too to take back my heinous crime) so i dont feel like an asshole. it also didnt help that the growlithe sprite in red and blue was insanely cute and made me like 10x more empathetic to it:


Growlithe Variations

Domestic: The ‘standardised’ breed, a foot tall and a good temperament which makes this growlithe a perfect pet pokemon. Prone to getting fat, it’ll eat anything it finds. Upon evolving, the body stays stocky and strong, with thick warm fur. 

Hunting: (based on longhair pointer dogs). This breed of growlithe is tall and slim, with a wavy coat and feathery paws and legs. The markings are less well-defined than the Domestic growlithe, and the long coat requires frequent grooming in order to avoid tangles. These growlithes require more exercise and running around, and are competent companions. Hunting arcanines are the tallest of the breeds, and are useful guard pokemon.

Spitz: (based on the finnish spitz). These pokemon are strong, intelligent and hard working. They have a tendency to pick one human and stay completely loyal to them. Their fur is incredibly thick and with their fire ability they are used frequently in northern areas, either as companion pokemon to travellers or rescue pokemon. The spitz growlithe is easily bored and requires frequent play, several miles walking each day, and sheds a lot of fur. They are not recommended for inexperienced pokemon owners.


Pokemon Variations and Polymorphism from various sources:

ChikoritaTorterraManectricBellsproutMarowakGabiteQuilavaZangooseLucarioVenipede & ScoliopedeTogeticGengarXatuHoundoomArcanineLapras

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Quilava and Zangoose ones