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Hey trainers! While Halie and I are working on getting back on our feet again, I thought I’d provide you with the master list of all the pokemon we’ve written posts for (as of August 2, 2015) ! As a reminder, you can always find the most updated version of this list on our Full Pokédex Page, but this version is rebloggable!

Thanks for being patient with us this summer as we’ve been struggling to get posts out in a timely manner. Hopefully soon we’ll be back up and the Scientific Pokédex will once again be 100% operational!


001 Bulbasaur004 Charmander006 Charizard008 Wartortle009 Blastoise012 Butterfree025 Pikachu026 Raichu039 Jigglypuff 041 Zubat046 Paras047 Parasect050 Diglett058 Growlithe059 Arcanine061 Poliwhirl064 Kadabra065 Alakazam071 Victreebel081 Magnemite092 Gastly094 Gengar096 Drowzee ● 097 Hypno099 Kingler100 Voltorb103 Exeggutor106 Hitmonlee115 Kangaskhan120 Staryu121 Starmie122 Mr. Mime126 Magmar134 Vaporeon137 Porygon141 Kabutops143 Snorlax147 Dratini148 Dragonair149 Dragonite150 Mewtwo151 Mew


154 Meganium157 Typhlosion163 Hoothoot167 Spinarak171 Lanturn175 Togepi ●  181 Ampharos183 Marill185 Sudowoodo199 Slowking203 Girafarig204 Pineco208 Steelix214 Heracross222 Corsola223 Remoraid229 Houndoom244 Entei250 Ho-Oh


260 Swampert261 Poochyena267 Beautifly269 Dustox278 Wingull288 Vigoroth ●  291 Ninjask298 Azurill302 Sableye310 Manectric321 Wailord 325 Spoink 330 Flygon332 Cacturne334 Altaria335 Zangoose350 Milotic351 Castform352 Kecleon356 Dusclops357 Tropius371 Bagon372 Shelgon373 Salamence380 Latias381 Latios386 Deoxys


392 Infernape395 Empoleon400 Bibarel405 Luxray423 Gastrodon426 Drifblim427 Buneary441 Chatot448 Lucario455 Carnivine462 Magnezone471 Glaceon475 Gallade477 Dusknoir487 Giratina488 Cresselia491 Darkrai


495 Snivy517 Munna545 Scolipede547 Whimsicott556 Maractus560 Scrafty563 Cofagrigus569 Garbodor570 Zorua571 Zoroark596 Galvantula600 Klang606 Beheeyem 607 Litwick609 Chandelure618 Stunfisk623 Golurk626 Bouffalant628 Braviary632 Durant634 Zweilous637 Volcarona


666 Vivillon678 Meowstic692 Clauncher694 Helioptile695 Heliolisk698 Amaura700 Sylveon702 Dedenne719 Diancie720 Hoopa

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This headcanon is for the lovely the-spacebetween-us​, who I’ve been getting to know recently :) Leon is her “top fav,” so I’m going to do my best even though I’ve never read his route XD
I thought I’d do something a little different since this is my first request! Instead of choosing just from Kanto Pokémon, I decided to select one from each region (700+ Pokémon to choose from, woohoo). This was quite fun; I really hope other people request in the future! :D

Leon - Pokémon Master
HC: The King gave Leon predominantly fire-type and cat-like Pokémon because of Leo being a big kitty and a fire sign.

Arcanine, fire (Kanto) - Arcanine are admired for their beauty, and people grovel at its bark. When I read that description, it made me think of Leon’s fierceness and a certain opinion of himself (he is rather attractive).
HC: Arcanine is somewhat prideful and arrogant like its master, but really it’s just a giant puppy. The MC was pretty quick at being able to find Arcanine’s weakness - belly rubs. It quickly sits up out of embarrassment if she’s rubbing its belly and any God or Pokémon - that aren’t Leon - comes into the room. Leon would never admit this out loud, but he actually likes seeing Arcanine’s more puppy-side. He loves playing with it, especially if he’s doing that instead of his Minister work. Leon gets a little jealous of how much attention the MC gives Arcanine, though - attention that should be toward him.

Entei, fire (Johto) - shortbreadofdoom​ actually was the one to originally come up with this headcanon, but I totally agree! (I named my Entei “Leon” in Alpha Sapphire thanks to that). It makes sense since Entei is quite similar to Leon’s God form. It has a long mane, yellow crest, and cuffs on its legs, just like how God form Leon has long hair, a Golden circlet, and armlets.
HC: Unlike its master, Entei is more serious about work. Karno is very grateful for Entei keeping Leon on track of his Minister responsibilities while he’s forced to live on Earth. In the beginning, it would pick Leon up by his collar if it felt its master needed to work. In order for Leon to avoid slobber on his Wishes uniform, and Scorpio’s snickering, he now begrudgingly follows Entei whenever it comes for him. For the most part, Entei ignores the MC, but it is always polite to her since she helps Leon.

Zangoose, normal (Hoenn) - Since Zangoose’s mortal enemy is Seviper, a poisonous Fang Snake Pokémon that I imagine Scorpio might own, I thought it’d be perfect for Leon. Also, Zangoose is described as “a cross between a mongoose and cat.”
HC: Zangoose is worse than Leon about fighting. If it ever sees Scorpio’s Seviper, the room erupts into chaos with the two Pokémon chasing each other and Leon and Scorpio yelling unhelpful remarks about having better control of their Pokémon. The King really has a wicked sense of humor to give the Wishes’ Minister and Punishments’ Vice Minister mortal enemy Pokémon. Other than when it sees Seviper, Zangoose is a pretty calm Pokémon. It can’t help giving in to its instincts, but feels bad for the trouble it causes so Zangoose usually keeps to itself.

Luxray, electric (Sinnoh) - Luxray are meant to resemble male lions. I also liked the fact that they have a star on their tails; it even says in the trivia section that they might have been inspired by the constellation Leo.
HC: Luxray looks fierce, but it’s pretty friendly. Its excellent eyesight allows Luxray to see Ichthys’ pranks, and is quick to foil the fish’s plans on Leon, unless its master annoyed it recently. Leon will often send Luxray to watch over the MC when he’s busy, which it doesn’t mind since she makes the best Pokémon food. Because of the amount of time they spend together, Luxray is very protective of the MC. It won’t hesitate to shock any of the Gods if they get too close to her or make her feel uncomfortable.

Victini, fire (Unova) - Victini is able to share its energy with others just by a touch. That was the closest manifestation I could think of that resembled Leon’s ability to give physical pleasure with just a touch. Also, Victini’s cuteness is meant to represent Leon’s sweeter side.
HC: Victini is a little ball of energy and actually loves to play pranks on the other Gods, especially Ichthys, much to everyone’s amusement. At the beginning, Leon was quite entertained with the little pranks the Victory Pokémon played on the MC, but as he grew fond of her, he scolded Victini more and more for being mean to his woman - only he could tease her. To make up for its pranks, Victini allows the MC to cuddle it. It’s a pretty cute sight to see the MC asleep with the plush-looking Pokémon - not that Leon would admit that or anything.

Pyroar, fire-normal (Kalos) - This is a no brainer; Pyroar is literally a fire-lion. The God of Leo can’t not have a lion Pokémon. I decided to give him a shiny because the lighter fur color was similar to Leon’s God form, plus it makes sense that his representative Pokémon would be the most special it could be.
HC: Pyroar is a rather lazy Pokémon; it takes multiple cat-naps a day. The Gods have learned not to disturb it when it’s napping after having a few incidents of singed clothing. They have learned that it will wake up at the smell of food, though, which has been helpful since Pyroar has a habit of sleeping in the parlor. It especially loves the meatballs the MC makes Leon, and loves to steal his. At first, the MC was just confused; she was sure there were more meatballs on the plate just a second ago? After discovering a pair of tomato-sauce paw prints, the MC began to make Pyroar its own bowl of meatballs more fit for a Pokémon. It purrs like a kitten whenever it eats the MC’s food.

{Pokémon sprites from http://www.pkparaiso.com/xy/sprites_pokemon.php}


This meme has been bothering me for WEEKS NOW  (also Absol is my favourite Pokemon and I always want more excuses to draw it) so I decided to solve my problem by actually drawing it. Absol belongs to the Field Egg group so there were TONS of other Pokemon to mash it up with, including the Eevees (that would be so cool but it would have to be another post). I just picked the ones that could aesthetically evoke real life mythical creatures - the manticore (manectric), the komainu (arcanine), the sphinx (persian), the barghest (houndoom) and the qilin (sawsbuck).