One of my favourite things about aph denmark is how, every now and then, he goes from being all cheerful to suddenly doing something that’s sorta serious and kinda awesome, but it’s gone so quickly it’s easy to forget it ever happened

Like remember that time he was bouncing around, being his usual happy self, when Belarus threw that hanger at the nordics, and Denmark just wHIPPED round and caught the hanger that had been hurtling towards them out of the air with his bare hands?

Like, seriously, there is way more to him than what he shows everybody.

“I miss working with John because that was something very special and you know it’s very difficult to replicate that. In fact it’s almost impossible because we met each other as teenagers and went through a lot of life together: hitchhiking to Paris and holidays and working together and being in Hamburg together with The Beatles. So we were very intimate, we knew each other intimately as only teenage friends can.“

[Paul, A Conversation With Paul McCartney, [x] 10th June, 2016]

The Beatles at the Star Club, Hamburg, April - May, 1962. 

Pic: TS Productions.