Horoscope - July 7 2015

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You truly thought business was handled and everyone was on the same page, but now it appears you’re sadly mistaken. You may have misread the situation or someone might have purposefully misled you. Either way, a disagreement flares back up as unexpressed feelings rush to the surface. Although you believe you’re engaged in a fight to the finish, the Moon’s return to your sign also offers you an opportunity to clear the air and begin anew. Give peace a chance; life’s too short to spend time in endless conflict.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

The cosmos is handing you a well-deserved moment to retreat and recuperate today, but this mellow phase won’t last long. Someone could ambush you with their personal demands, but luckily, you have a clever defense to defuse a potentially volatile conversation. Unfortunately, the obvious solution isn’t likely the right one. Rather than confronting the situation head-on now, you might be better off going your separate ways for a while. A cooling-off period may be just what everyone needs to gain a fresh perspective and a more positive attitude.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

You may feel like time is running out, accentuating your sense of urgency to achieve your goals. Youre trying to connect with the right people, but seem to be fighting an uphill battle of crossed messages and incomplete conversations. This is fleet-footed Mercury’s last day of his extended visit to your curious-minded sign, adding a frenetic buzz to your thinking. Thankfully, understanding the source of your anxiety helps to calm your nerves. Your outlook vastly improves once you realize the chaotic pace will slow down in the next few days. The sky is not falling; take a deep breath and relax.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Lately you have been lulled into a false sense of security, but the game is currently changing faster than you might realize. Relationship dynamics are shifting, and you may already be using your crablike pincers to attempt to cling to the past. But your fears of the unknown are misplaced since the days ahead will likely be an improvement over the past. Cleaning up old business as quickly as possible helps to lighten the load you need to carry into the future.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You’re ready to pack your bags and head off into the sunset with your favorite traveling companion, but your timing may be off. Matching your schedule with someone else’s can be more challenging now than you expected. When you discover that your friend can’t accompany you on your big adventure today, you might waste your energy persuading them to turn their life upside down to accommodate your optimum timetable. Nevertheless, this pushy strategy won’t work. It could take more time than you wish, but your best route to fulfilling your dream is to find common ground on which you both can stand.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You may not be making as much progress on your career path as you prefer. Climbing the ladder of success isn’t easy because there are others playing supporting roles on your ambitious journey. Unfortunately, your associates might not even share similar goals, further complicating the current dynamics. Communication can be infuriating today; it’s as if you’re each reading from different scripts. Your best bet may be to take a hiatus and revisit the discussion in a few days when everyone is in a more positive frame of mind. Sometimes agreeing to disagree is the quickest way to cultivate peace.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Someone is pushing your buttons today and you’re likely to take it very personally. But even if your assumptions are built on facts, you still may be overreacting. People have a variety of agendas and are motivated for a wide range of reasons. You might be jumping to an erroneous conclusion if you believe anyone is purposefully trying to thwart your efforts. Fortunately, you’re a pro at diplomacy; your friendly charm can disarm almost anyone when you focus it in the right direction.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to please anyone today. But it’s as if reality is testing you to determine which obstacle irritates you most. Your gut reaction is to push back with even more determination so you can get the results you know are possible. Unfortunately, you won’t win by increasing your effort now, even if your willpower is strong. Stop struggling and give it a rest; quit working against the current flow of energy. Surprisingly, much of the resistance will fade once your own mindset improves. The only one you have to prove anything to is yourself.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Your creativity may be off the hook today, but others don’t seem to have an inkling of the artistic message you’re trying to convey. You pour your heart into painting a picture or writing a song and, naturally, are quite proud of your production. But somehow your peers respond with puzzled smiles, and needless to say, you feel like an unappreciated artist. Ultimately, art is subjective and there’s no telling who will find your work meaningful. Following your muse can be a lonely endeavor, but expressing your imagination is one of life’s greatest joys.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Too many trivial tasks keep you from focusing on your long-term aspirations today. Your frustration mounts because the daily noise seems to just get louder no matter what you try to do to shut it down. Under normal circumstances, you might be able to just shrug it off and return to your work. However, you’re reaching a breaking point now that someone’s emotional intensity is pushing you to the edge. Don’t be afraid of speaking your piece to reestablish healthy boundaries. Just remember you will successfully get your point across if you are as kind as you are direct in the delivery of your message.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You don’t need any external distractions today, especially if your own thoughts are running amok. There are so many colorful ideas dancing in your head that it’s nearly impossible to concentrate on your work. Nevertheless, responsibilities call and you must answer. It’s time to stop and get serious about your obligations. Fortunately, you’re capable of extraordinary mental feats; you can alter your thinking process to accommodate reality when you must. Quit chasing your tail and get to work.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your core values are shifting to reflect your new philosophical perspective, but you’re not sure how to make the transition real. Part of the problem is your current lack of direction. It’s as if a fog has descended, preventing you from clearly seeing the path right in front of you. You might overcompensate by speeding up to hide your uncertainty. Unfortunately, a strategy built on denial will only court disaster as you run off the road. Slow down and share your vulnerability with trusted allies who can help in your process of transformation.

Source : Rick Levine

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Quand les résultats du bac, c’est demain.

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English translations by Malpabo & Minnovated

Io son per te come un libro.
Attenzione però, non sono un libro come tutti gli altri, sono un libro chiuso con un lucchetto.
La chiave che apre quel lucchetto la possiedi solo tu.
Quindi sta a te.
Sta a te decidere di guardare solo la copertina come fanno tutti gli altri, oppure usare quella chiave e leggermi dentro.
Leggere tutto, dalla prima all'ultima pagina, dalla prima all'ultima parola.
—  frammenti–di–cuore

Ha hiszed,ha nem nagyon-nagyon rosszul esik mikor arròl a lànyròl mutatsz képet akit előttem szerettél.Meg akkor követed ki instàn mikor én is làtom a videòit meg képeit..nem mintha zavarna..csak akkor ne tegyél ùgy előttem mintha annyira nem érdekelne…mert gondolom nem évente rak ki képeket😩.De talàn a legrosszabb az mikor sìrva felhìvott te pedig ugrottàl neki közben meg annyi baja volt,hogy beszòltak neki..aprò dolgok..mégis nagyon bànt..és nem tudom mit kell ilyenkor tenni..de,hogy nem tökéletesnek érezni magam az is tuti..😔💔

on croit tout contrôler

tu es la plaie qu’on tente de faire cicatriser mais qui persiste. tu es l’acidité qui fait plisser les yeux. le jus de citron sur les crevasses. la poignée de sable balancée qui irrite. l’insolation après une journée sans ombre. la dernière cigarette. les derniers soupirs. le maelstrom. mon maelstrom humain.

ressac, ressac

  • *mio fratello apre il frigo e non trova il suo gelato*
  • Lui:FRANCESCO!!! dov'è il mio gelato?che fine ha fatto?
  • Io:*con il corpo del reato ancora in bocca* beh le possibilità sono 5:
  • 1)Da grandi poteri derivano grandi responsabilità.
  • 2)Tu sei un mago, Harry.
  • 3)La sua aura è potentissima.
  • 4)L'ho pappato io senza ritegno.
  • 5)TETTE.
  • Lui:*prepara un pugno diretto verso il mio stomaco*
  • Io:Hai scelto la 4° vero ?
  • Lui:*affonda il pugno*
  • Io:Ti ho evitato un sacco di calorie,lurido bastardo!!!
2015 - Salle d’attente

Je ne pensais pas qu'elle me rappellerait. Pas après ce qui s'était passé entre nous. Les horaires dès le poitron-jacquet et le patron, sadique cacochyme à qui j'avais envie de jeter des cacahuètes, m'avaient toujours laissé penser que je n'aurai plus aucun contact avec cette maison d'édition. Mais rien ne les arrête. En mal de maquettiste mon ancienne rédactrice en chef n'a pas hésité à me proposer un poste, court forcément, avec deux semaines de charrette pour leur prochain numéro. Sans aborder la question du salaire, elle m'a donné rendez-vous pour la sacro-sainte réunion de 8 h du matin. En souvenir de mes deux mois passés dans leur cave pleine de fourmis, je lui ai dit oui, et connaissant leur degré d'irritation au moindre retard, je lui ai promis d'être à l'heure.
À 9 h 30, j’ai déjà reçu cinq messages au fond de mon lit.
Peut-être est-ce King Louie qui me rappelle ?

Miután kinyílt számomra a világ, és elkezdtem rendszeresen használni az instagramot, egyszercsak fogja magát és elromlik. :( Olyan volt már valakinek, hogy feltöltéskor épp az utolsó oldalon, még azelőtt, hogy megoszthatnád csodálatos, közhelyes és egyszerű képed a világgal, apró fekete négyzetek takarják ki a mű részeit, mintha rossz lenne a feltöltés, vagy mintha absztraktul odaszartak volna. Elszomorodtam.

Dolore, ti prende qui, alla bocca dello stomaco, e poi si irradia in tutto il corpo e ti schiaccia i pensieri. Poi arriva la paura che si accompagna sempre alla sofferenza. Ma quando meno te lo aspetti, si apre uno spiraglio di luce. Non sai come, nè da dove venga, ma arriva la luce.
—  Dal libro “Vaniglia e cioccolato” - Sveva Casati Modignani

Quand un ex qui ne m’avait jamais donné signe de vie il y a un an réapparait. Il se trouve qu’il n’avait jamais reçu mes messages et vice-versa parce qu’il était à l’étranger. Du coup on avait chacun cru que l’un faisait la gueule à l’autre. Je trouve que c’est une sorte de beau quiproquo et je ne regrette pas de ne pas avoir continué avec lui.

Mais ça montre un peu que Tragique + Temps = Comique.

(Le gif ne marche pas mais le mec est censé rigouler après, donc c’est droule normalement …)

Sono d’accordo con chi mi ha scritto che qui si apre un bivio: o “bastonarne uno per educarne cento” e fare della Grecia la vittima sacrificale, oppure, scontare un minimo di “lutto vedovile” per la sconfitta e poi procedere ad una ristrutturazione del debito pibblico europeo, assorbendo una parte del debito in eccesso stampando un po’ di carta moneta a favore non solo della Grecia, ma anche degli altri paesi deboli (altrimenti non si giustificherebbe). Non c’è dubbio che la seconda soluzione sia quella razionale e preferibile, ma temo che la seconda soluzione sia più facile a dirsi che a farsi. Il punto è che l’Euro non è pensata come una moneta espansiva: dai trattati istitutivi che fissano i limiti all’indebitamento, al deficit di spesa ecc, alla struttura stessa della Bce come soggetto di diritto privato governato da un board di banche centrali a loro volta “indipendenti” dai rispettivi governi, tutto dice che l’austerità è connaturata a questa moneta, fa parte del suo Dna, perché è pensata come “moneta del creditore” per cui l’ordinamento deve garantire in primo luogo che la moneta non perda di valore con eccessive emissioni. Certo, i trattati sono fatti per essere disattesi più o meno marginalmente o essere addirittura stracciati (sai che novità!?) ma a decidere sono i rapporti di forza e questi, per ora, non sono favorevoli né alla Grecia in particolare, né al “partito della moneta espansiva” in generale.

“Il futuro della Grecia è fuori dall'Euro” - contropiano.org

L’Ue è un misto fra austerity e colpevolizzazione delle masse. Riforme dettate come necessaria espiazione di debiti mai contratti, sofferenze da impartire per una lenta agonia.

Una moneta del creditore senza spazio per la democrazia.

ouai ouai laissez moi ouai ouai pourquoi pas et je mennuie jai que un cervea deux bras je sais rien faire jaffirme pas je sais pas souvent le temps cest du temps jen ai plein mais jai pas dargent je veux vivre sans mais dans la societe quand meme je vivre mort ca me satisfait jembete le vent je sui souvent sur son passage je le tape moi et mon neant nous savons faire remplir lespace la jolie deco la jolie demo tu joue tu joue plus ou tu paye et moi jai plus de quoi faire jai plus doreille je les use a vous ecouter baver avous ecouter respirer pourquoi personne mecoute moi parceque je parle pas pourtant quand ca va je parle je raconte la meme histoire et tu maime et tu me deteste et tu maime et apres tarrete 


Ugyanaz az ajtó tart távol
Ami közel engedhetne,
Kívül tart egy világot
És más világ lakik mögötte.

A kulcs kettőre fordítva a zárban.
Mindössze egy kicsiny retesz,
A belső világ az enyém:kártyavár ,
Melyet egy apró szél tönkretesz.

Hát óvom. Magamat. Tőled.
Egy apró szikra se jusson hozzám belőled.

Elég lenne egy szikra és én égnék,
Lánggal fröcskölném tele a szobát
És te mint elaludt gyufa fölött lépnél rajtam át.