Horoscope - Oct 24 2016

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

If you’ve been playing the waiting game in the emotional arena, it could be time to turn your anticipation into action. You’re riding high on the energy of the playful Leo Moon in your 5th House of Romance. However, the urgency to free yourself from complicated entanglements standing between you and your happiness might prompt you to overreact. Instead of taking a risk, exercise a small dose of caution so you don’t do something you regret. A new kind of love may be within reach, but you still have work to do before it’s yours.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

You may be excited and uneasy at the same time today, not quite knowing what to do with desires that don’t fit your usual patterns. You might have the opportunity to participate in a social event involving eccentric people that stretch your mind. You’re not even sure why you’re tempted by exotic food, weird music or unconventional art. A sudden attraction to someone who isn’t your type or boredom with your current situation can shake your world now. Nevertheless, staying open-minded could turn your day into one you’ll never forget.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Your mental intensity takes your conversations to a place you rarely go. However, your unusually penetrating perception could also introduce distrust while Mercury swims in Scorpio’s tumultuous waters, turning your mind’s eye inward to uncover the root causes of your current dilemma. Unfortunately, a sudden wave of desire doesn’t necessarily correspond to your intentions. Allow plenty of time to sort out the differences between what you feel in your gut and what your mind is telling you before making a major move.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

On one hand, you yearn for the comfort of being with someone who accepts you as you are. On the other hand, you might sacrifice your true feelings to maintain stability so that those close to you may not even know the real you. Don’t be afraid of changing your style and shocking someone with a personal disclosure today. If you are open and honest about your truth, your relationships will develop to reflect your integrity. Discomfort is often the source of growth.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Your adrenaline surges today as unfamiliar emotions whisk you into new relationship territory. However, interactive Mercury’s presence in mysterious Scorpio and your 4th House of Foundations prompts you to delve deeper into your psychological, spiritual and emotional roots. While you may be fearful of what you don’t understand and can’t control, you’re willing to explore the unknown because you believe stability is waiting on the other side of the fence. Sigmund Freud wrote, “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Volatile emotional dynamics can set your nerves on edge today. It’s more than likely that you will pursue connecting with a free-spirited person or revitalizing the flagging energy in an existing relationship. But you may be more suspicious of others now that curious Mercury is taking up all the oxygen in your 3rd House of Data Collection. Your current hunger for answers could be annoying if you turn it into an interrogation, so ease up on your investigation before you alienate those around you. In the words of Plato, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

A sudden jolt of awareness can be upsetting, but only if you try to hold onto your previous agenda. Plans with a friend or partner may be disrupted today as the sparks fly, highlighting shocking Uranus in your 7th House of Others. Although you are known to step into the role of peacemaker, you’re no pushover now as communicator Mercury sinks into fixed Scorpio. Rather than waiting for something to happen, take control and turn the tables. Be the revolution, declare your independence and let freedom ring.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Your laser-like mental radar sees through people’s charades and hones in on the facts. Your discernment powers are strong now that cerebral Mercury is camping out in your perceptive sign. However, you might erratically jump to an incorrect conclusion even if you have solid information at your disposal. Your desire for excitement is irrepressible today and could influence your behavior. Even if you believe you know the truth, let your emotions settle before you say something you can’t take back. Thinking before acting is wisdom but acting before thinking is regret.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

A sudden change in the emotional landscape can push you to the edge in a relationship now. Your urge to express what’s in your heart is so persistent that you might open up to a complete stranger if you have nowhere else to share your secrets. Although impulsive actions could inadvertently create distance with an existing friend or lover, your real goal is to demonstrate your passion for life. Discussing your feelings instead of acting them out leads to solutions rather than problems.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Anything goes as unusually deep feelings bump up against external resistance today. Nevertheless, you’re likely to express your desires no matter how odd they may sound. In fact, remaining open to new forms of pleasure can bring unexpected rewards. Just as easily, your love life could be turned upside down when sweet Venus runs into reactionary Uranus, upsetting your plans or radically altering the direction of a relationship. Honest communication leads to understanding, intimacy and mutual appreciation.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Very little escapes your incisive thinking now; your perceptions are on point and you are a force to be reckoned with in your interactions with others. Nevertheless, a simple flirtation can heat things up so quickly that you don’t take time to logically consider the consequences of your actions. Making decisions in the spur of the moment might feel empowering but may lead your heart into an emotional briar patch. Let your desire for truth override your need for pleasure and your heart will be happier in the long run.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You may act impulsively one moment and freeze with fear the next. Or you might attract people whose behavior is as bewildering to you as yours is to them. Cerebral Mercury enters penetrating Scorpio and your 9th House of Higher Truth, empowering you to go the distance in your thinking. Unfortunately, your good sense could be short-lived as sudden attractions to new people, things or ideas turn into major distractions. Ben Franklin advises, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

Source : Rick Levine

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anonymous asked:

Se un giorno decidessi di farti un tatuaggio, quale soggetto ti piacerebbe tatuarti e come sceglieresti lo stile adeguato? Pensi che vi siano tatuatori comparabili ad artisti in altri campi? Ti faresti mai fare una riproduzione di un opera?

Domande interessanti.
Se mai volessi tatuarmi, chiederei al tatuatore di scrivere “R.Mutt 1917” sulla parte alta dell'interno del mio avanbraccio, con lo stile della firma che Marcel Duchamp appose sulla sua celeberrima Fontana. Ma no, non credo mi farei riprodurre addosso un'opera intera. Della firma mi piace il valore che è svincolato dal singolo ready made di Duchamp, e si apre a tutta una serie di interpretazioni bellissime e divertenti. E poi in generale le opere addosso no, ma mi piace chi sceglie di fare una cosa del genere.

I tatuatori certo sono abili, abilissimi disegnatori, ho grande stima della pazienza e della responsabilità che si assumono. Quindi sì, perché non considerarli al pari di un grafico o di un illustratore. Loro illustrano la pelle, non è strano e curioso?

La nostra esistenza è un segreto che sta nel breve attimo in cui l'occhio si apre al mondo e si chiude sull'eternità. 

Romano Battaglia


Here is a guy who’s trying to make the best out of his situation without giving up anything important to him. Here is a guy who recognises the flaws in the system and is not afraid to speak up about it, but would rather try to work for change within the system. Here is a guy who has given public support for an ex-member (his good friend!), but has decided to remain with his members. And here is a guy who’s facing hate from two different camps, for daring to proclaim his loyalty, regain trust, and yet strive for his own dreams. For daring to not choose one of the extremes, but trying to achieve some middle ground. Don’t punish him for wanting the best of both worlds. Don’t punish him for daring to dream. And don’t turn everything he says into ammunition for your own agenda. As he once said, “ 我从来没有做过的事情 也没必要解释 就不觉得白的可以说成黑 黑的可以染成白” (the things that I have not done do not need an explanation, i don’t think that white can be described as black, nor black be dyed into white). So I believe (:

One of my favourite things about aph denmark is how, every now and then, he goes from being all cheerful to suddenly doing something that’s sorta serious and kinda awesome, but it’s gone so quickly it’s easy to forget it ever happened

Like remember that time he was bouncing around, being his usual happy self, when Belarus threw that hanger at the nordics, and Denmark just wHIPPED round and caught the hanger that had been hurtling towards them out of the air with his bare hands?

Like, seriously, there is way more to him than what he shows everybody.