v app schedule

1/8 - ygfamily (10PM KST)
1/8 - bangtan (11PM KST)
2/8 - bangtan (10PM KST)
3/8 - bangtan (10PM KST)
3/8 - wondergirls (8PM KST)
3/8 - girls day (10PM KST)
3/8 - kara (10PM KST)
4/8 - bangtan (10PM KST)
4/8 - bigbang (11PM KST)
4/8 - miss a (10PM KST)
5/8 - 2pm (10PM KST)
5/8 - eric nam (10PM KST)
6/8 - got7 (10PM KST)
6/8 - apink (10PM KST)
8/8 - beast (10PM KST)

ikon (TBC)
winner (TBC)
vixx (TBC)
infinite (TBC)
monsta x (TBC)
sistar (TBC)
smtown (TBC)
b1a4 (TBC)
cnblue (TBC)

**edit: ‘tbc’ = to be confirmed

“apink only won bc of timing”

remember ‘love’ era and those 17 wins or so wins…music shows  having to change the rules to let ‘good boy’ by garuda dragon and too long win…hmm…timing…

me: kpop group bonds r fake

also me: in season 2 of apink news chorong and the staff pulled a prank on the rest of apink with a fake interview with questions designed to provoke the members and test their loyalty and whenever the fake interviewer would question chorong’s leadership and they all immediately began to defend her and when they found out it was fake they all burst into tears and also on apink’s showtime their last episode was spent crying and hugging each other and they all bought each other the correct gifts they wanted and namjoo burst into tears mid-interview about how she prays for each of the members and also yookyung visited eunji at a musical she was in even though she’s not in the group anymore and naeun carries a picture of ot7 in her wallet and

Inspired by jeongeunjis’s Apink survey, I bring you the 2015 Troye Sivan fan survey! Hoping for this to become a yearly thing. The survey is completely anonymous and asks simple questions regarding who you are, how long you’ve been into Troye, etc. The survey will be closed on September 1st, 2015. The data will be made into a graphic including graphs, charts, and statistics that will hopefully be posted by the end of September. It only takes a few minutes and it would also really help if you spread this post. Take the survey here!