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Can you recommend me some good books please?

f. scott fitzgerald, the great gatsby
f. scott fitzgerald, this side of paradise
markus zusak, the book thief
j.d. salinger, the catcher in the rye
j.d. salinger, nine stories
alexandre dumas, the count of monte cristo
erik larson, the devil in the white city
michael shaara, the killer angels
jane austen, pride and prejudice
jane austen, emma
sophocles, antigone
william shakespeare, julius caesar
dante alighieri, inferno
sarah dessen, the truth about forever
sarah dessen, this lullaby
sylvia plath, the bell jar
mark haddon, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time
laurie halse anderson, speak
oscar wilde, the picture of dorian gray
orson scott card, ender’s game
jodi picoult, nineteen minutes
sarah ockler, twenty boy summer
harper lee, to kill a mockingbird
maureen johnson, thirteen little blue envelopes
margery williams, the velveteen rabbit
nicole krauss, the history of love
ned vizzini, it’s kind of a funny story
david levithan, every day
antoine de saint-exupery, the little prince
mitch albom, the five people you meet in heaven
mitch albom, tuesdays with morrie
jonathan safran foer, extremely loud and incredibly close
david levithan, the lover’s dictionary


Do you believe in angels?

This is Bell, my Crobidoll Lance. I took these for the Crobidoll Photogenic Contest. ♥ I wanted to do a shoot that would challenge me, and when I thought of this concept I knew I had to push through with it.

I made his outfit, but the credit for the gorgeous, gorgeous wings goes to 10012039 for lending them to me and A Little Wing for crafting them. Couldn’t have done this concept without you guys, thank you so much!

Now hoping that Crobidoll likes these!

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Do you have like a playlist or something of what you listen to bc we probably have the same music taste. (I am the one that asked for bass music, which btw I really loved them, and the one that suggested fire alarm.) I need to listen to other music..

nooo i dont really have a playlist i generally just pick an artist and listen to their discography on shuffle for the afternoon lol. how about i leave you with some songs ive been listening to a lot lately and then you come back for more recs whenever you want to? :)

i’ll try not to rec songs i think you’ve already heard of

  • pavlove - fall out boy
  • dead to me - sex whales & fraxo
  • electricity - arctic monkeys
  • kings - tribe society
  • exorcism - clairity
  • i caught myself - paramore
  • we are the hearts - exgf
  • sweetie little jean - cage the elephant
  • guts over fear - eminem ft sia
  • ruins - ryder
  • angels forever, forever angels - lana del rey
  • hollywood’s dead - lana del rey
  • paris - magic man
  • i shall rise - karen o
  • bombs on monday - melanie martinez
  • eyelids - pvris
  • oh land seems p good i cant remember which songs i like but i just know i dont dislike any of them
  • all the rowboats - regina spektor
  • apres moi - regina spektor (idk. u could hate it or love it)
  • kill our way to heaven - michl
  • the suburbs - mr little jeans
  • ex’s and oh’s - elle king
  • genghis khan - miike snow
  • desire - meg myers (hucci remix (and also the original is good too))
  • idk just like. every single fucking song by the neighbourhood
  • paradise (soundcheck version is much nicer than original) - tove lo
  • drinking from an empty glass - vesperteen
  • i love you - woodkid

idk man what genres do u prefer?? any u dislike? lol help me next time <3