Phantom: # I am your Angel of Music. #
Raoul: # Whose is that voice? Who is that in there? #
Phantom (heavy sarcasm): # Maybe the Angel of Music? #


“As a ‘cool’ kid, Harry stood out but also fitted in. He was always interested in clothes and spent all of his birthday money and wages on getting the trains to Manchester to expand his wardrobe. He had a paper round and then worked in a bakery in the village for a while. I’d barely be eating my cereal by the time he got home from these absurdly early jobs - the pull of new trainers obviously outweighing time in bed.”
— Gemma Styles on Harry’s obsession with clothes.

buffy-malcolm-gilmore-modfam  asked:

Top 5-10 things you wish were done differently on Buffy and Angel :)

1. Cordelia’s arc in season 4.

2. I wish this kiss…

…had been a kiss on the lips as it was originally written.

3. I wish we’ve had a Slayer Vampire as a Big Bad instead of Adam and the Initiative.

4. I wish they would’ve found a way to have Spike go soul questing other than having him attempting to rape Buffy. 

5. I wish season 7 would’ve been more focused on the Scoobies, and I wish The First had lived up to its potential as it was presented in Lessons. 

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