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Hi could you do the "Exos reaction to you dating in secret and then realizing that they kissed you out in butlic in front of loads of cameras that they didn't notice before?" But for Monsta X now please, thanks

Shownu: The only thing running through his mind was oh shit. He had heard the members talking about doing a v app broadcast later but he wasn’t sure if they’d follow through with it. Besides, he hadn’t seen you in weeks due to his schedule. The two of you were laying on his bed and he was hovering over you slightly as he kissed you when the other members barged in, catching the moment live. He pulled back, blushing as the other members scrambled to get out of the room.

“Well, everyone knows we’re intimate now, so I guess we can at least hold hands in public at this point…”

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Wonho: He had invited you to meet his mom at Momo Cafe. The two of you met in front the cafe and had a nice date late at night, only an hour before the cafe closed and when very few people visited. Without thinking, he kissed you goodbye. A fan caught the moment on camera and they were quick to share it. Wonho tried to stay calm, but he couldn’t deny that he was glad the two of you wouldn’t have to stay up late to go on dates anymore.

“This means we can go on dates in the daytime now I guess Y/N…” 

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Hyungwon: The two of you were at a late movie. You’d done the cliché thing where he arrived first and you arrived after and sat with him in a dark corner of the almost deserted movie showing. However, the two of you hadn’t been sneaky enough. Fans were already speculating that he was dating and when they saw the two of you together, it was confirmed. It was even further confirmed when he kissed you goodbye. The next morning, the grainy photo was circulating Twitter.

“Well… I mean… we can go on public dates now so I guess this is a positive.”

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Kihyun: He’d given you a ticket to their concert and of course you’d gone. He’d forgotten that the cameras often panned offstage to follow the members as they prepared for different songs and as he came off stage he gave you a quick kiss on the lips… in front of the camera… which was filming for hundreds if not thousands of people. He didn’t register until Minhyuk pointed out the camera. Knowing there was no taking it back, Kihyun simply grabbed you again and kissed you before giving the camera thumbs up and rushing off to get ready. 

“Enjoy the rest of the concert Y/N!”

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Minhyuk: He hadn’t even been the one being filmed. A manager was filming an MV behind-the-scenes video and he’d been hugging you in the background and leaving small kisses on your forehead, nose, and lips. While none of the managers caught the interaction in the background, as soon as the video was posted on YouTube, fans certainly did. Minhyuk was worried about you and made sure you were okay with your relationship becoming public. When you said you were, that you weren’t embarrassed to be with him, he broke into a grin.

“Good. Now I can finally show you off Y/N.”

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Jooheon: He hadn’t known fans were following him as he walked to your apartment to pick you up for your date. It was nearly midnight and very few people were out. When he picked you up, he kissed you out of habit, hugging you close to him. The fans caught the moment on video and soon it was circulating Twitter. Jooheon was more than a little angry that the fans had invaded your privacy, but he was also relieved that he wouldn’t have to make up stay up so late just so that you could spend time with him.

“Let me take you out on a real date now Y/N.”

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I.M: He had been sitting backstage in the waiting room with you. He’d been teasing you about something and you’d been laughing and hitting him playfully. Neither of you knew Minhyuk was filming a video for twitter and that the two of you were being reflected in the mirror behind him. Changkyun kissed you on the lips to make up for his playful fighting and the moment was caught on Minhyuk’s video and posted on Twitter. Fans spotted it right away and screenshots of the kiss were spread around. Changkyun was a little relieved he didn’t have to sneak around with you anymore and even saved the screenshot on his phone, making it his background.

“What?! We look really cute you can’t deny we’re couple goals.”

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Anything you can do (I can do better)

Little Moxiety/Logince fanfic here. Have fun.


“Um… Anx?”

Anxiety looked over his shoulder, smiling at Morality as he moved closer.

“Yes Mo?”

“Um… What are they doing?” Morality asked, wrapping his arms around Anxiety’s waist and looking over his shoulder at Prince and Logic, who were staring at each other in deep silence on the dining table. Anxiety couldn’t help but chuckle quietly in his boyfriend’s arms.

“Oh the two? They were discussing an idea for a video with us and well… There was a small part where they couldn’t choose whom should do, because each one of them thought they were the best to do it. So they started a little ‘game’ to see who is the best”

“Um… A little game?” Morality asked, placing his head down on Anxiety’s shoulder and nuzzling lightly against his neck. “They are just staring at each other”

“It’s the game where you can’t laugh. They did the one of not blinking before but both of them blinked at the same time. So they put me as their judge, and now they are… well, not laughing” Anxiety said, moving his hand up and caressing Morality’s hair.

“Oh… But each one of them is perfect to any job in their own way!” Morality said, pouting, and Anxiety just chuckled, kissing Morality’s cheek.

“I know Pat. I know. But let them have their little fun. We all know you are the best of us four” Anxiety said, smirking as he heard both traits let out a weak chuckle.

“Ah come on!” Prince complained as he groaned. “Anxiety!”

“This was not in the rules” Logic said, angrily, a shadow of the smile in his lips.

“Wow how rude” Morality muttered, pouting at their chuckles and hugging Anxiety tighter. Anxiety cooed at his boyfriend, turning around and kissing him softly before looking back at the other two.

“Sorry. I was tired. Why don’t you two try singing as a real fight?” Anxiety suggested, trying to hold back his giggles as Morality left several kisses all over his neck. Prince and Logic slowly looked at each other, and quickly stood up.

“I shall win this challenge!” Prince said, quickly, and Logic smirked.

“Of course. Like you did in our little battle in the originality video” he teased, but Prince shook his head.

“No, my dear Logan. That was a rap battle. This time we are going with real duets, real music battles” Prince said, turning at Morality and Anxiety, who were still hugged together. “And you two shall be our judges!”

“Alright” Anxiety shrugged, and Morality smiled, pulling Anxiety with him to the couch and sitting in front of the TV.

“Okay! Oh I am so excited!” Morality said, pulling Anxiety to his lap and looking expectantly to Prince and Logic. “What are you two going to sing?”

“What about ‘Anything you can do, I can do better?’” Anxiety suggested, a small smirk growing on his face. Morality squealed under his boyfriend and both Logic and Prince looked at each other quickly, eyes wide. “It’s the best duet song”

“I couldn’t agree more” Prince said, smirking as well and being quickly followed by Logic.

“Perfect choice”

“Then lets go!” Morality said, his phone already in the karaoke version of the song. He put it on play and both Logic and Prince cleaned their throats lightly.

Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you” Logic begun, smirking, and Prince chuckled quickly, waving his hand.

No you can’t

Yes I can

No you can’t

Yes I can

No you can’t

Yes I can! Yes I can!

“This is going to be good” Anxiety mumbled to Morality as they watched the two in front of them, singing their throats out.

“Honestly I just hope they stop walking in circles and, you know” Morality said, nodding to them as they pressed together much like in the original song. “Those two are too much when they are oblivious”

“And they complain about us” Anxiety chuckled, pecking Morality softly and then nuzzling against him as he turned his attention back to the other two, the song almost at an end.

Anything you can sing I can sing sweeter.

I can sing anything sweeter than you.

No, you can’t.

Yes, I can.

No, you can’t.

Yes, I can.  

No, you can’t.

Yes, I can.  

No, you can’t, can’t, can’t.

Yes, I can, can, can.

Yes, I can!  No, you can’t!

“Wow! You two did great!” Morality said, honestly surprised, his eyes shining in amazement. Anxiety shrugged.

“I bet I could do better but you two did okay” he teased, smirking at the two who were currently panting, staring at each other with narrowed eyes.

“Tell us. Who won?” Prince asked, not taking his eyes off Logic.

Anxiety and Morality looked at each other before shrugging.

“I think both won!” Morality grinned.

“I think both lost” Anxiety shrugged.

Prince and Logic turned their heads to them, eyes wide, incredulous.

“Ridiculous! I was way better in any sense that Princy over there!” Logic said, but Prince was quick to raise his hand.

“Oh you can quit this already, Logan. You know you can’t even match my worst days with your crappy teacher vocal chords” Prince said, waving his hand to Logic. The teacher let out an outraged gasp before he pointed his finger to Prince’s face.

“You better quit it mister! It is not my fault I am superior than you!”

“Superior than a child learning to speak at best”

The two continued fighting in front of both Morality and Anxiety, the younger trait simply rolling his eyes and curling up further against his boyfriend as Morality watched the fight, intrigued.

“Wait wait wait a second!” Morality said after a while, calling their attention and making Anxiety look up. “I have the solution!”

“And what is it?” Logic asked, needing a way of showing he was better than Prince as soon as possible. From the glint of Morality’s eyes, Anxiety knew he had a plan.

“I know something both of you can use to test one another! Something neither of you know the other’s abilities and something that is so uncomfortable whoever breaks first loses” Morality said, grinning. “You two should kiss”

Anxiety coughed deeply, eyes widening. They would never fall for t-



They fell for it…

“To give you two a little more of privacy, Anx and I will be in the kitchen, watching you through the counter. Have fun!” Morality said, standing up and pulling Anxiety with him to the kitchen. “Yes!”

“I can’t believe you did it…” Anxiety mumbled, looking back at Prince and Logic as they organized themselves.

“I hope this pushes things forward…” Morality mumbled, watching them as well, attentively.

“So… A kiss hum? Pretty easy” Logic said, moving closer to Prince.

“Perfect in every way” Prince replied, also giving a step forward.

“You will lose” Logic pressed, eyes focused on Prince’s.

“No. You will” Prince said, before leaning down and capturing Logic’s lips on his own.

Logic answered the kiss pretty quickly, afraid of being disqualified. He pulled Prince closer by his waist as the royal cupped his cheeks, their heads tilting at the same time to deepen the kiss.

Suddenly, the competition was gone, and the two were too worried about finally giving in to their long hidden dreams than the actually subject that had lead to that event in the first place.

After a few seconds of that kiss, both pulled back, their faces red, their pupils dilated and their breathing erratic. They stared at each other for the longest time, before Prince moved away, pushing his hair backwards.

“Y-you know what? You are allowed to have that part of the video…” he said, but Logic shook his head.

“I’m pretty sure we moved away together, so we need a rematch” he said, quickly, and Prince looked at him, surprised, before Logic grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. “Another match I said” he said before pressing his lips to Prince’s again and being kissed back right away.

“I think it worked” Anxiety mumbled, and Morality grinned, kissing all over Anxiety’s neck.

“Just one way I know of to celebrate” he muttered before grabbing Anxiety’s thighs and lifting him up, making him gasp quietly and wrap his arms and legs around Morality.

“Perv!” Anxiety chuckled quietly, before he groaned as Morality squeezed his ass.

“We have much to celebrate upstairs”

And so they left, one couple at each one of the two floors of the house.

And what a mess those floors were later on.

82: Amsterdam

Drabble Request By @kclaire1​: hey! I love your “Choose a number and a sentence for a fic” and I already want one! hmmm let´s see… number 82 and the sentence “Kiss the frog, maybe he is a prince”

Word Count: 645

A/N: Had to do a Sam drabble since I know how much you love Sam!! Also, like, I love this song to death but I’ve never been able to figure out exactly what it’s about. I just know that I get this very distinctive feeling every time I hear it and I can never quite pinpoint exactly what it is… So trying to write that was interesting, to say the least :)

Version en Español: 82: Ámsterdam

Song 82: Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons

“How’d the third date go?” Sam asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“I left two hours ago and I’m already back. How do you think it went?” As you wove your way through the bunker to your room, you could feel Sam following you.

“I thought you liked this guy. Thought there was that spark or whatever.”

You rolled your eyes and tossed your purse on your bed. Yanking open a drawer, you pulled out a tee-shirt and sweats. “Right. Well, I guess it was one way. And I’m a horrible judge of character because he turned out to be a total douche.”

Sam plopped himself down on your bed while you stripped out of your dress and pulled on your comfort clothes. “What happened?”

“What happened is that fate hates me.” After pulling your hair into a messy bun, you crawled onto the bed next to Sam and stared up at the ceiling. “And I think my mom ruined me with all of those fairy tales she used to tell me.”

“Not your prince?”

“Just a stinkin’ frog. He called me cold and closed off. Heartless and too logical. How is that even an insult? Logic is what keeps us alive every day on our hunts.”

Sam turned over onto his side and propped his head up in his hand. “Your mom is gonna call in the morning to ask about the date, you know.”

Groaning, you rolled over until you could bury your face in his chest. “Don’t remind me. I’m just gonna have to lie to her and tell her that it went fine but we had different ideas for our lives or some shit like that. I swear, I tend to lie to her more now than I ever have.”

“She just wants you to be happy.”

Your time will come, honey. Just wait for it. Go ahead and kiss the frog. Maybe he is a prince,” you mimicked your mother’s low, scratchy voice. “Well you know what? I’m sick of it! I’ve tried, but I keep coming up short! I’m sick of kissing all of those slimy frogs. And I’m sick of guys not being able to put in enough effort to get to know me. They meet me and get interested because they think I’m mysterious, but then they’re surprised when I really am a mystery and I don’t just let them in and tell them all of my secrets. Screw them. Maybe I’m just not meant to be in a relationship. Who cares about that anyway?”

“They don’t know what they’re missing out on.” Sam smiled warmly down at you. “’Cause once you get past the mystery and those walls you keep up, you’re pretty great.”

“Thanks, Sam.”

Your eyes caught and held his for a long moment. The air between you two seemed to stretch out as you thought through the past few years with the Winchesters. Around Sam, your walls always seemed to come crashing down. He’d stuck with you through your hard-to-get-to-know phase. And all of those guys who told you that you would be alone didn’t really know. They didn’t know that you were never alone. There was always someone waiting when you went home.

Go ahead and kiss the frog. Maybe he is a prince.

Your mother’s voice in your head was enough to push you forward a few inches until your lips were a fraction of a centimeter away from Sam’s. He drew in a short, surprised breath of air before tentatively closing the distance and pressing his lips to yours.

And suddenly, all of your mother’s fairy tales seemed to lose all color and pale to this moment. This kiss was what all of those fairy tale authors tried to capture with their words. The fireworks and sparks and magic that sparked from this kiss were so much better than anything you’d read.

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I just really need to share with everyone that I’ve been enjoying an absolutely extraordinary Rogue One fic titled The Crystal’s Song. The story follows Baze and Chirrut a decade or two before the events of the film, detailing how they meet, become mentor and acolyte to each other, and slowly but surely fall in love. The Crystal’s Song has everything I could ask for in a story: world building, stirring supporting characters, organic and earnest conversation and a breathtaking writing style. You want pining? You want character development? You want to absolutely fall in love with how charming and clever Chirrut is and how smitten and zealous Baze can be? You got it. This fic isn’t even halfway through and it’s already become one of the best I’ve ever read- it’s made me cry, it’s made me smile, and it’s made waiting for the daily updates an insufferable and delightful experience. Please do give it a try! 

random shithead on tumblr with like 3 followers who seems to browse the ‘peaky blinders’ tag for hetero content thinks i can’t ask for a show set in the 1920′s to have gay people AND period accurate hairstyles of the ~sexy women~ main characters

gay people didn’t exist in the 20′s everyone… they weren’t invented until macklemore decreed it in his song “same love” in 2012

there’s literally already a scene where there’s two dudes making out anyway, all i asked for was MORE you stupid fuck 

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((Song lyrics anon)) I mean like,, lyrics that sound nice, flow well with how the song sounds, aand arent like,, really cliché and dumb?? Like something meaningful y'know,, you're pretty good at lyrics so I just thought I'd ask you about it uwu

OKIE DOKE sososo

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Speak Now (Taylor Swift) - Stiles Stilinski Song Imagine (Fluff)

-So I know not everyone will be happy with the topic… I apologise, I don’t want to create drama on the blog, I’m staying out of the team whatever on Teen Wolf for one simple reason that Kaya Scodelario put very well in an interview when she was asked about Thomas’ relationship with Teresa and Brenda (Maze Runner); you shouldn’t put two women up against each other. It’s completely unnecessary because they’re two different people and have different connections with the mentioned man/boy idk. Anyway, that’s just me, I don’t know about others… I just feel like we don’t live in a day and age when we have to put two women or even men up against each other, because you can be friends with the opposite sex and not have to kiss or whatever.
But let’s leave it.

Request: Can u write an imagine where Stiles is in love with u but he’s going to marry Malia & the others from the pack think he should marry you; before the wedding u go to him & u 2 ran away together? Listen to Speak Now by Taylor Swift cuz the lyrics fits

Warning: please don’t attack me because of how Malia comes through in this imagine, I’m following the song as it was requested. no other warning though.

- Characters included: Season 1-4 (Allison, Isaac, Danny, Cora and Derek also included, but not Erica or Boyd as I’d say they’d only be guests?) -

Well this is new? I’m not sure how song imagines work, but this is my take on it? (I also didn’t follow the song exactly because I was inspired so this isn’t perfect, but it does still link to the song and especially the song)

Long af.


“Hey, Y/n,” Scott grabbed your arm and lightly tugged you back as the girls all followed Malia into a room, but now the two of you stood in the hallway, your eyes looking up at him curiously, trying to mask the pain you were in. “Can we talk?” he asked, letting you go and slipping his hands into his pockets. The boys were already all dressed up in their suits, only missing the lilies from the button holes.

“Isn’t that what we’re doing now?” you asked, reaching up to clip his bowtie together which had only been hanging around his neck.

“Thanks,” he buttoned up the last one, right up to the top of the shirt and then tugged a little at his jacket to right it, “Seriously though, we need to talk about this,” he said before looking at you and taking you by your hand, opening the door for the bridesmaids, but they were all with Malia. Yes, you were a bridesmaid for the wedding of your best friend and his girlfriend who you were probably easy to say you envied. She was about to marry the guy you’d been in love with for too long.

“Talk about what? Scott-“

“Okay, oh thank God,” Lydia walked in, Kira shutting the door behind the four girls. “We need to talk.”

“Where are the boys?” Allison asked, walking further into the room.

“They’ll be here in a second,” Scott shrugged.

“Okay, can someone tell me what the hell is going on?!” you asked, getting frustrated and looking at all of your friends, when the door opened once again, Derek, Isaac, Liam and Danny walking in.

“We need to talk to you, now,” Derek said, making sure that no one was listening in.

“Okay, well whatever it is can wait until after-“

“It can’t wait. The whole point is Stiles is making a mistake, and so are you,” Allison cut in.

“What the hell are you on about? Have you all gone crazy? Stiles made this choice, he proposed, they’ve been planning this for ages, of course he’s not making a mistake, he’s had lots of time to think things through. He knows what he’s doing, for God’s sake, just trust the guy for once,” all lies. And you knew the werewolves in the room knew it too. “I’m lucky enough Malia invited me, never mind let me be her bridesmaid. Let’s not ruin it, okay?”

“You sit on a throne of lies,” Isaac quoted Stiles from a couple of weeks ago when you told him that you would be honoured to be Malia’s backup bridesmaid. And now look, you would have to walk down the aisle just before her, wishing to be the one wearing the white dress.

“Now is so not the time to use the sarcasm Stiles has taught you, Lahey,” you sent him a look as he just smiled lightly.

“Whatever!” Cora cut the beginning of a small bickering in two. “You’re both making a mistake.”

“You know something’s up when a Hale is telling you that,” Lydia shrugged.

“Look, do you love Stiles or not?” Danny looked at you and you only, not caring about anyone else’s point of view of the moment.

Hesitating, you averted your eyes from everyone and looked down at your shoes, something Lydia forced you into. You knew the answer, you’ve known it for a long time, you just weren’t sure if the feeling was returned. “I do,” you said quietly.

“You know in some places, that’s all you need to get married,” Liam chimed in, making everyone groan and send him an annoyed look, which only got him to shrug with a small smile. “It’s a serious conversation, I can’t deal.”

“Okay, puppy,” you rolled your eyes.

“Y/n, just talk to him,” Scott sighed.

“It’s pretty annoying to see that when you enter the room, his heart rate picks up more than when his fiancee does. So if you don’t go over there and talk to him-“

“You’ll rip her throat out with your teeth?” Kira asked, making you chuckle and shake your head.

“Okay that’s way before your time-“

“Holy shit, shut up!” you exclaimed, making everyone turn to you. “I’m not-“

“Yes you are,” Scott grabbed you by your elbow once more and pulled you out of the room, right across the hall and knocked on the door before you could say anything. “Just tell him the truth, just speak now, while you can,” he told you before squeezing your shoulder and sliding to the side as the door opened.

“Y/n,” Mr Stilinski smiled at you and that was when it hit that you didn’t have anything to lose, nor any way out. “Nice to see you, how are you?” he asked, not moving, just standing in the door.

“I”m fine, thanks Sir. Could I talk to Stiles?” you asked, glancing over his shoulder to see Stiles standing in front of a mirror and trying to get his bowtie right.

“I’m not sure it’s good luck to see the bride before the altar, is it?” Mr S smiled and you almost choked on your spit.

“I-I-I”m s-“

“Dad, let her in, will you? And don’t think you’re so funny for once, yeah?” Stiles’ hands landed on his dad’s shoulders, pushing him past you and into the corridor. “Can you try to find the rest of the guys?They’ve kinda disappeared on me and it’s showtime in about twenty minutes,” he added as he grabbed your hands, pulling you into the room. “Thanks, love you!” he said before closing the door and leaning against it, eyes closed as you stood there awkwardly. “Whoa,” he sighed, looking like he was about to fall.

“Are you okay?” you asked nervously, knowing that soon you would have to confess and that’s not something you could evade anymore. It would have to happen now, or never. But you knew that if you didn’t say, someone else would, and it may ruin your lives if that happened…

“I’m stressing out. Thanks for being here,” he smiled softly and grabbing your hands, pulling you into the room and standing in front of the mirror. “How in the name of-“

“Here,” you swept his hands away and buttoned up his shirt to the top, then clipping the bow tie on. “Why are you stressing out? Isn’t this what you want?” you asked, straightening his collar and helping with his cufflinks.

“I don’t know, Y/n,” he sighed looking at himself in the mirror and then running a hand through his hair. “Am I making a mistake? I mean-“

“You love her, don’t you?” you asked and his eyes snapped to yours, but you saw that his eyes weren’t clear, they were mixing with some other emotions. “I mean that’s why you proposed and why you have been planning for so long, right? Why you abandoned the colour blue because she wasn’t up for a Mets themes wedding?” you asked with a small smile, trying to hide the pain.

“I don’t know,” he sighed.

“Look, I can’t say-“ you cut off with a sigh before shaking your head and deciding to just say it. “Okay, listen. I promised myself I wouldn’t tell you this because you deserve to be happy and that’s all I thought you were since dating Malia. But at the same time, you’re not a guy who should be marrying the wrong girl. Scott told me to speak now and it’s what I’m gonna do-“ you cut off as you heard a shout from somewhere in the corridor. Something about looking out, but you didn’t care. This was it. This was your moment. “I’m sorry, I’m not this type of person. I’m not the type of girl to just attempt to try and ruin a wedding, but-“ you cut off and sighed once again, sitting on the sofa next to the mirror where you could still see him. He stood silently, eyes following your every movement, but his face blank and void of emotion. “Stiles, I love you. I don’t think you’re doing the right thing. Hell, I wish you were marrying me, but I know it’s no my place to say that. SO if you change your mind, I’ll be at the back door, but otherwise, I’ll see you at the party,” you said and stood up, walking out of the room as fast as possible.

Or at least that’s what you imagined would happen…

The others had persuaded you to talk to Stiles, but all you had done was tell him good luck. So the boys had taken matters into their own hands.

Swiftly after leaving the room they had taken you to, the boys went back to Stiles, finding his dad there. The girls had taken you back to Malia. She was standing in front of the mirror, the others telling her she looked lovely while you made sure the flowers were right, occasionally adding into the conversation around you. The boys however…

“Stiles, are you sure about this?” Scott asked, tying his best friends’ tie and then placing the flower into the button hole.

“Of course he’s not, can’t you smell it?” Derek chimed in, sitting on the sofa beside Isaac, holding a glass of champagne, the bottle not far away.

“Can we not have werewolf skills for one day?” Mr Stilinski chuckled, closing the door behind him, only just grabbing the end of the brief exchange.

“I don’t know, Scott,” Stiles finally answered.

“Then why are you doing this?” the best man asked, shrugging.

“Because it makes her happy,” Stiles righted his collar.

“That’s not right,” Liam spoke up, wanting to voice his own thoughts. He saw what type of pain you were in and he could sense that Stiles wasn’t happy either. It didn’t seem right to him, even if he knew that he would probably get in trouble later, but Scott wouldn’t let that happen. Liam was brave enough to say what none of them could bring themselves to. “You can’t marry someone to have them happy. What about you? What about Y/n?” he continued and Stiles’ head snapped to him.

“What are you-“

“Oh come on Stiles, we’re not blind,” Isaac rolled his head forward to actually look at him instead of up at the ceiling in boredom.

“You guys look at each other as if you’ve been married for years and yet haven’t told each other,” Danny smiled a little, taking the bottle of champagne from Derek, who had tried to at least forget something, wishing that werewolf powers would still allow to get drunk. It’d make things a little more exciting.

“But I-“

“Just think about it,” Scott stopped Stiles from lying to everyone, including himself, again. “We can hear it. When does your heart really beat fast?” he asked.

“When did we turn into girls?” Derek asked.

“Oh my God, don’t drink,” Stiles groaned.

Meanwhile, you had left the girls, going for a little walk, wanting to clear your head. You had ten more minutes to get back to the room and in time to walk down the aisle and have your heart break in two.

Oh wait was that a bit drastic?

“Y/n?” you turned to see Melissa right behind you, smiling. “Are you all right? Scott told me you and Stiles were both having some doubts about things. Are you okay do you want to talk?” she asked as you shook your head.

“I’m fine. I can’t do anything about it now,” you shrugged.

“Of course you can, what do you mean?” Melissa asked as you just sighed and crossed your arms, feeling vulnerable.

“I just- He’s making a mistake. They both are. I- He hasn’t heard me out,” you sighed as she smiled softly and pulled you into a hug, letting you bury your head into her shoulder.

“He still can. You just need to speak now, while you still can. You’re going to look back at this later in life and regret not saying anything. So do it,” she told you, holding you close.

Waiting at the door for the others to go, it was only Malia, Scott, Kira, Danny and you waiting to go. You were next.

“Hey, Y/n, if I were you, I’d go to the back of the church door. Right after everything,” Danny whispered to you as you linked arms with him, now slowly walking down.

“Why?” you asked.

“Trust me,” he smiled, letting you go and standing in line, right behind Isaac and you stood behind Allison, totally confused.

You watched Kira and Scott walk down and then stand in the front of the lines, before Malia was walked down the aisle by her father. You glanced over at Stiles who didn’t seem ecstatic. Looking at Isaac, you saw that he knew it too, actually, all of the boys knew it. Scott kept glancing between the future husband and wife, looking unsure, which completely confused you, since the girls were the same way. It looked like they wanted to say something, but at the same time didn’t want to. When Malia arrived at the front, her father kissed her cheek before she stood facing Stiles, who grabbed her hands with a small smile, seeming happy. Your heart ached for him to look at you the same way, but you knew this was right. This was them. They loved each other. He returned her love, not yours. What friend would you be if you-

Melissa was right. You couldn’t do this! You should speak now.

“Speak now or forever hold your peace,” you took a step out and merely said his name, everyone looking at you appealed and surprised, but you saw the bridesmaids and groomsmen seem relieved.

“Stiles, I’m sorry. I can’t do this. This isn’t me. I can’t watch you get married. I’m sorry, have a nice life,” you took a step towards the couple, both shocked, but Scott’s face behind Stiles’ gave you the confidence you needed. “I love you. I can’t be a part of this,” you told the boy you loved before turning and briskly walking down the aisle.

Turning to his bride to be, Stiles bit his lip, then squeezed her hands. “Malia, I’m sorry. I want you to be happy, but this is not what I want. I hope you find the guy who will make you happy, and I’m so sorry that it’s not me,” he shook his head, placing a kiss to her cheek, which she only nodded at.

“I get it,” she sighed before sending him a small smile and that was all he needed to see before letting go of her forever, and running down the aisle after you.

“Y/n!” you were already at the door, hands on the wood, about to push them open so you could leave all of this heartbreak behind. “Y/n, wait!” you turned slowly, only to have his body crash into you, dipping you with arms around your waist as his lips found their way to yours and soon enough, you were kissing, your hands around his neck. “You’re the one I want. The only person I’ll say yes to is you,” he whispered, eyes searching yours to see what he was craving. “So, do you take me as your boyfriend? Because I love you. Have for a while, just been blind,” he said softly.

“I know. You’re an idiot, so blind, but I do. I take you as my boyfriend. I do,” you smiled wide, your heart swelling and feeling fool for the first time in years. For the first time, you were both happy.




Sams two hundred follower celebration. Yay! Thanks to all you people for following me. So for hitting 200 I thought I’d do a writing song challenge. Yeah I know more song challenges….
So below are a list of songs you can choose from, I’ll assign 2-3 people per song depending on how many people enter this. To send me an ask or im. LIKES/ Reblogs WON’T COUNT. Tell me your first pick and a back-up just in case it already has 2 people on your first. also tell me what paring you’ll be doing.
If you can’t tell from the song list I’m a country slut. I did try to include other genres.

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Fruk fanfic highschool AU

Part 1:

Arthur was walking alone in the hall to his first class of the day when suddenly he heard a voice from the left of him say, “Bonjour mon cher.”

“What do you want frog?”

“I was only saying hello no need to be rude.”

“Well it’s not like we’re exactly friends.”

Arthur and Francis have been frenemies since the start. They insult each other, get into both physical and verbal fights, and yet throughout it all some how half the school became convinced they had a thing for each other. Although they were completely oblivious of the fact, That is until today.

Arthur and Francis turned around as they heard giggles come from behind them. Two girls standing next to the water fountain were looking at them and whispering to each other as they giggled some more.

“What’s so funny?” Arthur asked as he and Francis walked toward them.

“Isn’t it obvious? They were talking about how gorgeous I look compared to you.” Francis said as he brushed his hand through his hair.

“Shut up before your narcissism makes me sick.” Arthur glared at Francis as the girls giggled some more.

“Honestly though what’s so funny?” He asked them again.

“Nothing just how cute you two are together,” one answered and the two of them started giggling again.

“I beg your pardon?” Arthur asked confused and a little worried of what they exactly meant by that.

“Well thank you mademoiselle,” Francis kissed the top of the girl’s hand who answered then gave it back to her. Arthur rolled his eyes. This was classic Francis.

The other girl seem to notice his reaction and started whispering to her friend again who the started smiling. Arthur could barely understand what she said but he was sure he heard the word ‘jealous’ slip from her mouth.

“I think you must have misunderstood my friend. What she meant was you both look cute together like a couple,” she clarified.

Arthur’s eyes widened. He was hoping that wasn’t what her friend meant.

“You’re joking right I would never be interested in this Brit,” Francis said oddly calm as if he believed that it was all a prank.

“It’s no joke,” the first girl said still smiling.

“And we’re not the only ones who think so too,” the second one added.

“Who else believes this rubbish?!” Arthur asked with a seriously worried look on his face.

“Everyone!” The two girls exclaimed as they ran off leaving the two boys in a painfully awkward silence before they went their separate ways.
The rest of the day every person Arthur ran into he basically interrogated them into telling him everything about the ridiculous rumor. Where as Francis would go around kindly asking girls and some boys what they thought about on the topic. Arthur grew angrier and angrier about it after each person he asked while Francis found it funny and a great new way to pick on the Brit. Also he loved the way he made the girls so excitedly happy when ever he made a move on the guy though he didn’t quite understand why this made them so giddy.

Part: 2 

Ever since that day Arthur and the French ass found out about the rumor Arthur felt like he was never left alone. He always had someone coming up to him talking and asking about him and Francis; how long till they will finally get together, if they had kissed yet, or sometimes very inappropriate things that Arthur would rather not want to remember being asked. The worst was when it actually was Francis following him with his group of fans behind him because when Francis was around something always was going to happen.

“I’m just wondering though how much sexual tension can you build up? You two have so much I’m surprised one of you hasn’t broke and just kissed the other already!” Said Feliks, a Polish guy he knew from being in a few of the same classes. He had been following him along with his boyfriend Toris and 3 other girls since last class.

“Wait! Unless you have kissed and you didn’t tell anyo-”

“NO WE DID NOT KISS AND WE DO NOT HAVE SEXUAL TENSION!” Arthur yelled interrupting Feliks.

“Denial,” one of the girls sing songed and the two others nodded in agreement.

“What’s this I hear about kissing and sexual tension,” Francis appeared out of nowhere next to Arthur and scared scared him a little.

“GO AWAY THE LOT OF YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” Arthur shouted as they all stopped.

“But you don’t want me to leave you alone right?” Francis said leaning toward him smirking as Arthur leaned away like a retracting magnet.

“Yes I do! And I don’t understand why you are encouraging this!” Arthur glared as he took a step back only to bump into the wall.

“Because it’s fun embarrassing you and it makes so many happy,” Francis explained. “Why wouldn’t I encourage this?!”

“You’re a prick,” Arthur mumbled.

“I’m sorry I didn’t quite get that. Did you say you’re a prick or suck my dick?” Francis asked knowing the real answer. Arthur’s face went red.

“YOU ARE A PRICK!” Arthur screamed in Francis’ face before storming off to his dorm room.
The next day didn’t go any better. Arthur hadn’t even made it to his first class when he saw the French
man-whore, as some called him, leaning against the wall talking with a group of girls as usual. Arthur stopped and considered turning around but then realized this was the only way to his class.

‘Hmm maybe he won’t notice me if I just calmly walk by.’ Arthur thought.

He walked no more than 5 feet when…..

“Good morning mon amour.”

“Ballocks,” Arthur whispered under his breath as he stood froze. He felt an arm slide around his shoulder and shivered.

“Cold are we?” Francis teased obviously had felt his shiver.

“Only in the presents of you,” Arthur grumbled as he moved away.

“You can basically feel the sexual tension,” one girl whispered.


“Mon amour, then why are you blushing,” Francis smiled as he raised an eye brow.

Arthur turned his head to glare at him. ‘This French bastard is enjoying this way too much!’

“My face is red from anger you git!” Arthur just then had realized how close Francis’ face had gotten to his and moved a little farther away and closer to the wall.

“Really,” Francis walked forward to stand next to Arthur on his right then leaned in closer. “Is your face red from only anger now?” Their faces could not be more then 2 inches apart.

“….W-what?” Arthur was confused and totally lost. ‘What the bloody hell is this wanker doing?’ Francis moved in. He was so close their lips could have touched but then suddenly he backed away holding Arthur’s hand which now somehow had a rose in it. He brought it to his lips and kissed it then let go, turned around, and walked away with the girls who were now freaking out like they were having asthma attacks.

Arthur didn’t move for a few moments. He couldn’t. His face was red from shock. Or was it embarrassment? It didn’t feel like anger anymore that’s for sure. He let out a deep breath he hadn’t realized he was holding.

“…….. GIT!” He shouted. ‘What the bloody hell was that all about? How did that gain him anything? What did it even prove?!’ “THAT BLOODY WANKER!” He looked down at the rose that was still in his hand. He threw it down, stomped on it and ran off to class which he was probably late for. Ever since then Arthur tried even more than before to avoid Francis. He accomplished not seeing him the whole rest of the day.

Part: 3

Arthur decided that he should wake up and hour early to get to class before anyone could ambush him but Francis caught him once again.

“Have you been avoiding me?” Francis asked with an actual sense of concern.

“Go away.” Arthur mumbled has he tried to pass him.

“You and I both know that’s not going to happen.” Francis started to walk beside the Brit.

“What are you even doing up this early?” Arthur questioned wondering why he was also seeing a few other students up walking around as well.

“I like to get up early to watch the sun rise. I enjoy the beautiful things in life. Now tell me why are you up so early?”

“I’m trying to be as far away from you as possible.”

“Why? afraid I’m going to do something that will cause you to blush again?”

“I wasn’t blushing!”

“What ever you say mon cher.” Francis said quietly into his ear with a soothing voice.

Arthur shivered as he moved away, “Please don’t ever do that again.”

Francis smirked at his reaction.

“When are you going to stop picking on me like this?” Arthur asked wondering if it would ever end.

“When it stops being funny.” Francis answered and smiled as he saw a girl sitting by the window watching them giggling.

“Or when it backfires,” Arthur mumbled quietly to himself and then he came up with and idea.

“Pardon?” Francis asked. Arthur quickly yanked his shirt and kissed him then pulled away. The kiss couldn’t have lasted more than a second. It felt awkward and uncomfortable, as expected, but it did the trick. Francis’ face became a little pink. He stood frozen in shock. He definitely hadn’t expected what just happened.

“What, the big flirt is speechless? I thought you wanted to give the fangirls what they want-” before Arthur could finish Francis wrapped his arm around his waist as the other hand held the back of his head and he kissed him slowly and softly then let him go. Arthur knew his face must have been red as one of Antonio’s tomatoes the kid always ate at lunch.

“Next time you try to fluster someone by kissing them at least try to make the kiss good,” Francis folded his arms. Arthur grew angry. The whole point of the kiss was to make Francis uncomfortable and never want to pick on him in this way again.

“What like this?!” Arthur shouted angrily and shoved him into the wall and smashed their lips together forcefully. Then pulled away again hoping this time the French git would be too uncomfortable with the situation and just leave him alone.

“No like this!” Francis seemed a little angry as well for some reason. He stepped forward grabbing his waist again as the other hand went across his back and he kissed him one last time. This kiss was gentle and sweet. Unlike the others this one actually felt passionate and had sparks. Arthur felt as if he should push away. He raised his hands slowly to Francis’ chest but instead of pushing him away he yanked his shirt and pulled him closer, not that they could really get that much closer. He began to kiss back which deepened the kiss. Francis began to move over to Arthur’s ear which then snapped them both out of the hypnotism they put them selves in and quickly pulled away from each other.

“I uh… um…. should probably… um….. s-start heading to class….” Arther said hesitantly.

“Oui… me too….” Francis agreed. They both walked away awkwardly in the opposite direction constantly looking back.
“Hehe I can’t believe you actually did it!” Gilbert laughed from the seat behind Arthur.

“Shut up,” Arthur groaned with his head buried in his arms on the desk to hide how red his face was.

“No wait! Was it any good hehe? Did you actually enjoy it?!” Gilbert was one of the handful of people who saw the kiss occur. He hadn’t stopped teasing Arthur about it since they walked into class. The day hadn’t even started yet and he was already being mocked and teased for something.

“Please will you just drop it! I don’t wanna talk about it!” Arthur turned around to shout in Gilbert’s face.

“Whoa your face is red! Are thinking about how he pulled you in and-”

“Shut up you twit!” Arthur was about ready to strangle the kid.

“What are you dudes arguing about?” Alfred sat down in the seat next to Arthur.

“Artie frenched the Frenchie!” Gilbert shouted.

“Would you keep it down!” Arthur exclaimed in a low voice.

“Whoa you mean Francis? Dude!” Alfred began to laugh along with Gilbert.

Arthur face planted into desk, “why don’t you just bloody kill me?” He grumbled.

“So do you like him now or what?” Alfred asked.

Before Arthur could make any comment Gilbert began telling his opinion, “Well judging by the fact that he was the one to make the first move I’d say-”

“I only kissed him so he would feel uncomfortable and not want to pick on me like he does now!” Arthur interrupted trying to get rid of the memory that was suddenly coming back to him.

“Really? I assume that was the plan before you pinned him to the wall,” Gilbert stated.

“Wait you pinned him to a wall?” Alfred looked both shocked and amused.

“Only because before he kissed me!” Arthur tried to explain.

“Not helping your case there bro,” Gilbert told him.

“So let me get this straight. You kissed him, he kissed you, and then you kissed him again? Dude c’mon,” Alfred started laughing again.

“That’s not even all of it! Francis kissed him again and this is where things get really intense!”

“I pulled away!” Arthur tried to explain himself.

“Ha yeah after you pulled him in closer! I must say you looked quite content with the situation!”

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Alfred couldn’t have yelled any louder.
They had been unaware that class had already started and the teacher was staring at them.

“Boys is there something you’d like to tell to the rest of the class?” She asked with a serious face.

“No!” Arthur quickly answered.

“Oh yeah,” Gilbert said with a devilish smile.

“Well what is it then?” Her face still strict.

Gilbert’s smile grew wider as he looked from side to side of the room then spoke, “oh nothing just something Arthur did this morning.”

Arthur let him self breathe again. He was sure that Gilbert was going to tell the whole class that he kissed Francis. He felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around.

“You have to get me a date with her,” Gilbert pointed to the Hungarian girl sitting in the corner.
It really didn’t make a difference that Gilbert didn’t tell the whole class because the other people who saw them went off telling the people in their classes and eventually the whole school knew. And same as always people kept coming up the Arthur and throwing personal questions at him.

“Really I have to know how good was the kiss? Are you going to kiss again? Have you seen him since? Do you feel better now that you have gotten rid of the sexual tension?” Feliks kept asking more and more questions even though it was obvious Arthur wasn’t going to answer any of them. Not out loud anyway mentally he was answering all them. Not on purpose though he was trying not to think about it but his mind kept answering.

'The kiss was amazing and it’s driving me insane!’

'I really want to kiss him again. it’s all I can think about and I hate myself for it!’

'I haven’t seen him because I’ve been avoiding him and I believe he’s doing the same’


Arthur stopped in the middle of the hall and finally decided to speak.
“There is nothing between me and that frog. The kiss made it clear. It felt awkward and uncomfortable.” He was morely describing the first kiss then the last.
“There was no sparks, or passion, or butterflies…” Arthur began to space out for a second or two as the memory of the last kiss caught up to him. “Nothing.”

“Then why did I hear someone tell me that you pulled him closer during the last kiss?” The Hungarian girl, who Gilbert liked, asked.

“Simply just a rumor. They probably mistook it from when I was trying to push him away,” Arthur lied.

“That’s not what I saw,” he heard someone say in the crowd.

“Well that’s what happened!” He shouted and stormed of into the cafeteria.

Arthur sat down at his usual table next to Gilbert with Alfred sitting on the other side.

“Well you’re late. Did you do a quickly with Francis in one of the school’s storage closets?” Gilbert teased.

“Fangirl ambush, now shut it and let me eat,” he shoved something into his mouth that barely looked edible.

“You think that tastes good?!” Alfred asked and took a bite into his hamburger.

“Wouldn’t you rather be tasting the lips of a certain French?” Gilbert nudged Arthur. He began choking from hearing what Gilbert said but insisted it was just because of his food.

“As understandable that is with your food being the most revolting thing I’ve ever seen being eaten I don’t believe that’s why you choked.” Gilbert said.

“I don’t want to kiss that stupid ass frog!” Arthur stabbed his fork into is lunch then angrily shoved it into his mouth.

“Really? So you aren’t ever thinking about him running his hand through your messy hair?” Arthur’s face went red as he bit down hard on his fork that was still in his mouth. He closed his eyes tight shut which didn’t do him much good cause all he could see was what Gilbert was describing in his head. “And holding you close to him,” Gilbert continued seeing how far he could go till the Brit would snap. “As he kisses you-”

“SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP ALREADY!” Arthur shouted his face couldn’t get any redder.

“I see that your face is red and I want to know what it’s about!” The Hungarian girl from earlier sat down between him and Gilbert.

“Oh nothing we’re just talking about Arthur’s big crush on Francis,” Gilbert said to make sure she wouldn’t leave.

“Ha! I knew it! You do like him!” Her face lit up with joy.

“No I don’t! Who are you anyway?” Arthur clenched his hands into fists and tried his best not to punch Gilbert.

“I’m Eliza. Now that we know each other tell me the truth do you like Francis?” She asked.

“No!” Arthur quickly answered.

“C’mon Arthur don’t lie to pretty girls,” Gilbert smirked. Arthur glared at him. He’d had it with his teasing.

“He has a crush on you! Really! He does! He’s told me! He’s in love with you!” Arthur shouted trying to change the subject.

“Bro seriously just because I ask you to get me a date with her doesn’t mean I’m in love with her,” Gilbert raised an eyebrow.

“Anyway back to our discussion,” she turned to face Gilbert. “Has he admitted to anyone that he likes him?”

Arthur couldn’t take anymore of this. He got up from the table and sat down at another with only three people who didn’t seem interested in the whole Arthur and Francis ordeal.
He began eating his ‘food’.

“Bonjour eye brows” Arthur heard a familiar voice say behind him. Arthur’s heart jumped. He immediately turned around to look at the guys face.

“Might I ask how is it you eat something that looks so revolting?” Francis asked as he sat down next to him.

'Why is he acting so normal like the kiss never happened? Like the past few days never happened! Just regular insults like before.’ Then Arthur realized these were the effects that he was expecting from his plan before to get the guy to stop picking on him in such ways.
‘I got what I wanted now why do I feel so bad’

“Are you guys going to kiss again?!” Someone asked from behind them.

“No!” They both shouted in unison.

“Aw you guys even talk at the same time,” another girl said.

“I’m not going to kiss this bloody wanker! One time is enough!” Arthur stood up while pointing a Francis.

“It was more like four times really,” Feliks point out sitting at another table close by.

“He wasn’t even good!” Francis stood up as well and argued.

“Neither were you!”

“Okay we both know that’s not true.”

“Well if I’m so bad why did you grab me back to kiss again! Twice!”

“So did you and at least when I kissed you it didn’t feel awkward!”

“It felt awkward to me!”

“You were the one who pulled me closer!”

“You were the one to hold me so close!”

“You were the one to pin me against the wall!”

“you had your hands all over my waist!”

“You didn’t seem to mind!”

“I minded when you tried to nibble my ear!”

“Well believe me it’s not going to happen again!”

Arthur grabbed him by the shirt and shoved him into the wall. He held up his fist about to punch him in the face.

“Well this is familiar territory.” Francis said referring to when Arthur shoved him into a wall and kissed him. Arthur gave him a death glare but instead of punching him in the face he punched the spot of the wall next to Francis’ head and stormed off.
Arthur was sitting on his dorm room bed gripping the sheets with his eyes closed tight shut. His mind could not agree on anything.

'I hate him so much! Why is it I love him?’

'I wanted to kiss him so bad in the cafeteria. I should have punched him!’

'I never wanna see his face again! When is the next time I’ll see him?’

He opened his eyes and saw Francis standing in the doorway looking at him.

“The bloody hell do you want now?”
Arthur said then suddenly regretting it fearing the guy would just leave. Francis didn’t say anything. He walked in and sat next to him staring down at the ground. Arthur looked him and stared at his lips. He would try to focus on his eyes but somehow he kept ending up looking at his lips.


But when he spoke he said, “Look I don’t know what it is you want but-“

“You’re not bad,” Francis interrupted still looking at the ground.

“Pardon?” Arthur asked pretending like he didn’t hear him.

“Earlier when I said you weren’t even good. I was lying…. cause… You were,” Francis explained.

“Oh….” Was all Arthur could manage to say even though there was a lot more he wanted to say.

“I lied too…,” Arthur decided to add.

“I know,” Francis lifted his head smiling.

“Well if your going to be a prick about it…” Arthur folded his arms and rolled his eyes.

“Non non I’m sorry. I just meant that…. Well, I could tell you enjoyed it… When you pulled me closer…” Francis turned his head to look him in the eyes. Blue locked on green.

“Well…. I lied also… When I said… it felt awkward when you kissed me. It actually felt…. really… great.” Arthur admitted.

“Well to be honest when you first kissed me it did feel awkward.” Francis started


“But…. That doesn’t mean I didn’t necessarily…. Enjoy it a little… And the second time you kissed me… It wasn’t actually awkward” Francis was looking down at the ground again.

“I was pinning you to a wall how did that not feel awkward?” Arthur asked.

“I don’t know…. I just liked it…” Francis answered and looked up at him again.

“There’s one more thing I lied about,” his blue eyes shined.

“Which is?” Arthur looked confused. There didn’t seem like anything else he could have lied about.

“When I said no to if we were going to kiss again,” Francis held his neck with one hand and lent in to kiss him. He started it softly. Arthur moved in to straddle his lap and wrapped his arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss. Francis then wrapped his other hand around Arthur’s waist and pulled him in to be as close as he could. One of Arthur’s hands began grabbing at Francis’ hair then let go and moved down to his hips and started pulling at his shirt. Francis moved his lips over to Arthur’s ear, This time neither one of them pulled away, he began lightly nibbling and kissing it. Arthur’s eye shined open with lust as he involuntarily made a pleasured noise then bit he lip to keep anymore noises from coming out. Francis moved down to his neck and and started sucking as he lowered his hand down to hold Arthur’s back.
He then moved to face the mantle of the bed with Arthur still in his lap. Francis lowered him to rest Arthur’s head on to the pillow and continued kissing his neck.

They had forgotten that the door was still open and heard a voice come from the doorway.
“Well this room look quite occupied,” Gilbert, who also happened to be Arthur’s roommate, said with his hand around a very happy Eliza’s shoulder as he smirked devilishly. Francis moved off to the side of Arthur.

“Oh my god you two are together now?! What happened?! Are you going to tell everyone?! Do you want me to tell everyone for you?!” Eliza kept asking more and more questions till Gilbert swept her off her feet and held her.

“C’mon we should probably leave them alone and go to your room,” Gilbert said as he turned around to walk out of the room with Eliza still in his hands. “JUST STAY OFF OF MY BED!” He shouted before closing the door behind him.

Francis and Arthur looked at each others red faces for a few seconds then Arthur pulled Francis back over top of him to pick up where they left off.

The freaking end

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Head Over Heels (4)

We’re best friends but I think I’m in love with you AU.

Word Count: 1191

one / two  / three 

The bar is loud and crowded. The guys were on the stage setting up. Elsa is standing near the stage watching. Killian leans down and gives her a soft peck on the cheek and Emma sighs. This was going to be a long night.

“You look like you could use a drink,” a voice says. She turns her head to see a very cute bartender smiling at her.

“That would be great.”

“What can I get you?”

“Glass of white zinfandel, please.”

The bartender nods and then he hands her a very full glass. Emma takes a long, slow, swallow of the delicious stuff. Slowly, the alcohol starts to burns through her blood.

Elsa is smiling at her now, she’s waving too. Soon, she joins Emma at the bar. “Oh, that looks good!”

“It is very good.”

“So, have you heard the new song yet?” Elsa inquires.

“No,” Emma lies. She had heard it a few times. He’d been working on it all week. Fiddling with lyrics as he sat on her couch and ate all her potato chips. His skilled fingers playing melodies that would make the coldest heart melt.

“It’s beautiful.”

“I can’t wait to hear it!” She exclaims and takes another drink of wine. The bartender gives Elsa her drink and Elsa smiles.

“You will join me up at the front, right?”


Then she’s gone and Emma downs the rest of her glass of wine in one go. The bartender just takes her glass and refills it.

“You looked like you needed another.”


Killian steps up to the mike set up on stage with a wide grin. Her insides twist and revolt.

“Welcome everyone! We are so glad to see you out. We are The Pirates, and we hope you like our music.”

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Pompeii by Bastille - Best Mixed Vintage

Take A Walk by Passion Pit - Best Light Vintage

Drunk by Ed Sheeran - Best Dark Vintage

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script - Best Vertical

Young And Beautiful by Lana Del Rey- Best Green Blog

Atlantis by Ellie Goulding - Best Blue Blog

Until We Bleed by Lykke Li - Best “Not My Style” Blog

These Streets by Bastille - Best URL

Radioactive by Marina And The Diamonds - Best Theme/Background

I Won’t Let You Go by Snow Patrol - Nicest Blogger

Your Body is a Weapon by The Wombats - Shea’s Personal Favorite

Before My Time (Chasing Ice) by Scarlett Johansson -  Hella’s Personal Favorite

Demons by Imagine Dragons - Carolina’s Personal Favorite


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I was going to do this as part of the 5 minute writing challenge that @soakyourskin tagged me into but then I started listening to Golden and ended up with this instead which took a bit longer than 5 minutes, though not loads longer as you can tell from the mess that’s below.

Call it wish fulfilment or a hope for what may be.  Its Ziam to begin with and reeks of OT5 mess and mush though its Zouiam/Zilo only. I’ll do the 5 minute thing later.


He wakes as the sun rises, as it shines through the blinds, his head feels foggy, there’s the hint of a headache and his mouth is dry. 

He knows full well why, and smiles at the memories.  Too much wine last night he knows, too much of everything in fact, he feels dizzy at the thought of it, but it’s a good kind of dizzy,  a heady feeling.  A feeling he’d almost given up on feeling, around them at least. He reaches across to the bedside table, lifting the glass of water savouring each sip.

The left side of the bed is empty, but he can hear water flowing from just outside the room, so he gets out of bed, and heads outside, he’s naked, the temperatures scarcely ever dip below 20 degrees even in the middle of the night and well there’s other reasons why he doesn’t feel the need to get dressed when they’re in their suite. 

Its paradise is this.  Peter Island has been their slice of paradise, of sanctuary since it was recommended to them in 2013.  The view as he walks across to him is just of sea, with other islands in the distance, the sun is bouncing off the sea, and the sea is all kinds of colours, turquoise, blue combined with the gold of the sun.

He could stare out at the view for hours on end, they have.  Just them, legs dangling off the cliff, just them, feeling small and yet feeling like they could conquer anything, like they’ve only just started achieving all they want to.

Then he sees him.   The shower is outdoors,  it’s completely private,  there’s rocks and then water which tumbles from the rocks, in a waterfall kind of effect and stood beneath it back to Zayn is Liam.

Liam who’s currently running his hands through his hair,  he had it trimmed before they came away but as always it grows so fast and starts to show signs of the natural curl in his hair, then he runs his hands across his body,  the sunlight accentuating every single curve, every single part of his body that Zayn could map out even with his eyes shut, even from a distance of a thousand miles,  massaging the shower gel onto his arms and then reaching down to put it on his legs and all over his body and then he turns and his eyes are shut for a moment, till he stands under the water and he rinses the lather from his body and then he opens his eyes and smirks as he sees Zayn.

‘Rude to stare Malik’

Zayn grins and pads over softly to him, till he’s next to him, placing a hand on his waist and pressing his lips to Liam’s before he says.

‘Not as rude as it is to come out here for a shower without giving me a shout’ and then he adds ‘Morning’

‘You looked so asleep Zayn, and I couldn’t wake you and besides its not as though we’re pressed for time’  and he kisses him back, soft lips on his own.   And then with a devilish smile, and a sparkle in his eyes he says ‘I think I may have missed a bit though, still feel proper dirty’ 

‘Is that your mind or your body you’re referring to there Li?’  They smile at one another and then their foreheads touch and Zayn chews at his bottom lip, before he pulls Liam’s body closer to him and well hello, that took longer than he thought  as his dick wakes up fully and as his mouth opens and Liam’s tongue meets his and he reaches for Liam’s arse before he feels Liam pushing him away for a moment before sinking onto his knees and he can feel Liam’s hand start to pump his dick and Zayn shuts his eyes, reaching a hand down to rake through Liam’s hair.

‘I can’t leave you two alone for 5 minutes can I?’

Liam pulls away and they turn as one.

‘Morning Louis’

‘Don’t you two morning me you filthy pair’  Louis has his arms folded and he’s doing his best attempt at looking cross but trouble is it never works as the smile tugs at the side of his mouth.

‘And please for the love of David Beckham and all things holy, put some clothes on’.

Liam and Zayn leave the shower area and walk past him and no disrespect to Louis but he’s soon put paid to any thoughts of passion anyway.

Zayn heads to the dresser, pulling out 2 pairs of shorts and throws one pair to Liam while he puts his own pair on.

Louis carries on talking, he’s sat on a  chair in a corner of their room.  ‘I wouldn’t mind but I came to you two for sanctuary, them 2 other idiots are sat on the main terrace having breakfast. reminiscing and being all emo and any minute now they’re going to be in floods of tears and singing the entire Up all Night album if we’re not careful so I come to you two, my old buddies, my partners in crime, but of course you’re too busy being like bunnies to rescue your dear old friend’

Zayn ambles over to him and ruffles Louis hair and says ‘since when did you turn into a grumpy old man Tomlinson?’

Louis just raises his middle finger but then he stands up and pulls Zayn into him.  ‘I missed this so much, even though it’s never stopped, not really, still missed it’  and then he pokes at Zayn’s stomach and points at Liam.

‘You two aren’t allowed to be out of my sight for longer than a couple of weeks in future okay?’

‘Now look who’s being a needy emo little so and so Tommo’ teases Liam but as he reaches them both, Louis pulls him into a hug and Zayn back into his other side, all the weight, all the cares continue to fall off Zayn’s shoulders.

This last 2 weeks, it’s just been them, the 5 of them, literally just them, no bodyguards, no need for them and minimal staff on the island at their request,  and yes perhaps the diet of Pringles and mars bars and the odd BBQ hasn’t been the healthiest  but it doesn’t matter,  the dark circles under their eyes have gone and if they show at all now, its because they stayed up all night, chatting nonsense again and after 6 years you’d think they run out of stuff to say, even nonsense, but that never happens.

The slump in their shoulders is gone now, the weight in their expressions, the deadness in their eyes has been replaced by something alive, something real, something that when they look in each other’s eyes now reminds them of the hope they felt back in 2010, the excitement and the anticipation and next week it starts again, and there’s a feeling of excitement and nerves that builds in each of their stomachs as they think of it. 

The Instagram post that will go out first and then in a week or two after that, whenever they feel like it because that’s one thing they’ve insisted on from the start, that this will be at their pace, their timetable because god knows they need it, they’ll head back to life, to what their futures will be and that’s still a little bit uncertain.

Though there’s a little bit of talk of heading back to the studio together and they’ve spent lazy days and lazy nights scribbling ideas for lyrics while Niall plays chords on his guitar but while that may be uncertain because they have their own ambitions now, what’s less uncertain is that they can start to do what normal friends do, interact, just like the old days, and if that raises questions, well they already feel strong enough to deal with it and there’s that unfamiliar feeling, the one that they’d each not dared to face the future with 100%  for a long time.

Louis clears his throat, and they part from each other.

'What we gonna do today then?’

'After we’ve stopped them two re-enacting 2011 and 2012 in song you mean? Liam replies with a smile.

Zayn heads to the door, opening it, hearing Louis and Liam follow behind.

'I fancy sitting round and seeing how many packs of pringles I can eat today’ says Louis.

'I doubt you’ll ever beat that record from last week’

'Challenge accepted Malik’ and Louis slaps him on the shoulder beyond Zayn turns and shakes his head on it.

In the distance, they can hear Niall’s guitar and familiar chords and 2 voices singing 'so so come on you got it wrong’ and as the 3 of them look at each other, they smile fondly before shaking their heads.

'I swear to god I’m going to throw them in the pool and fling Niall Horan’s guitar into the ocean'  and Louis shouts the words.

And the sound of the singing gets louder, and well stuff it, no one else can see them or hear them.

So they join in, just for 5 minutes okay?  

It’s already the third concept within in a short time after your comeback. It feels like you’re pouring out things you couldn’t show after a year of hiatus.
TW: ‘Zombie Party’ was an event performance for the fans. We only performed it around two times. So you can say that 'Don’t Tease Me’ is the title song and 'Look At Me Now’ is the follow-up song.

I think you were very worried that the fans would forget you during the one year hiatus.
TW: I was extremely worried but it did become reality. There is a saying called 'Life is a drama’ but after experiencing it, it wasn’t like that. 
YH: There were many boy groups last year, so it was even harder for us.

You have shown three concepts in such a short time but since the concepts were so specific, wasn’t it hard to get used to them?
SJ: The songs 'Don’t Tease Me’ and 'Zombie Party’ were not sudden, we practiced a lot and then released them so we had practiced a lot beforehand. In the case of 'Look At Me Now’, we practiced it for two weeks and shot a music video. This song actually has many versions. Each music program is different with seconds or minute counters so as we fixed our song along to it, many versions had been made. Besides, we only had two weeks of practice and matching it up with different times made my head hurt.

You must feel a huge difference between 1,2 seconds.
JK: For us, it looks like time passing by but 1,2 seconds are very important in a broadcast.
TW: It is important for us. In 5 seconds, a members part could just fly away. This could hurt rookies a lot.
SJ: To one singer, it’s 5 seconds but to a team of 10 it’s 50 seconds. If that’s the case, in the point of view of the broadcast, it’s understandable since they can decorate more of the stage of a team.
TW: Since there are so many idols these days, it’s a problem. It’s a serious problem. (sighs)

In exception of 'Look At Me Now’ there are many songs made by Taewoon in this album. Is there a reason as to why you’re back with a song by Shinsadong Tiger?
TW: We had big anticipations for this comeback and people around us had big anticipations as well. Objectively, the feedback didn’t reach the level of anticipation we had. We wanted to have a big hit but since this didn’t work out it looked like our CEO wanted to try out a new genre of music.

The dance for 'Look At Me Now’ looks more comfortable in comparison to 'Don’t Tease Me’ and 'Zombie Party’. The dance practice must’ve been easier.
YH: We were practicing like as if it was a matter of life and death. Many members got injured and we like to challenge ourselves to things that other idols haven’t done yet so we thought a lot about what dance would make us stand out. That’s why we added Sungmin’s jump at the end. I think we are feeling at ease for this one because we put ourselves in a matter of life and death in the previous one.
SJ: Lots of our ideas were put in for 'Don’t Tease Me’, hence there was a strong impression of 'the song we made’. We were very greedy so the dance wasn’t as tiring. 

There were several times when Yoohwan said that he almost met his great grandmother after practice (laughs).
YH: I perform acrobatics three times during 'Don’t Tease Me’ but on one program they said “Taeha and Sungmin who are in charge of acrobatics, it must be dangerous for you, how do you feel?” I thought 'I did it three times and why aren’t you asking me’, I was a bit upset back then. I almost met my great grandmother a few times. During the song, there is a part where Taeha is the human jumprope and jump over him and then do another tumbling. During that part my great grandmother would say “Yoohwan-ah come here” and wave at me. (laughs). It was difficult for me as it was near the end. 
SJ: We also have the talent for making the choreographer see the great grandmother as well. (laughs) The acrobatics we do are impossible to do alone so we have to do them together. If one person goes wrong, it’s the end of all of us.

The dances these days are so intense that it looks dangerous even by enduring it a little.
SM: We went too far (laughs)
TW: No one can go over us. I think we’re the only idols to have jumped this high up.
TH: The jump Taeha did is something that experts find hard to do.
YH: After the performance, fans would leave comments. They’d always leave comments such as 'What to do if they get injured’, 'pitiable’. 
JK: Most of the comments are different to what we expected. (laughs)

Have you made any mistakes during performances or practices?
YH: When Taeha does the human jump rope, I’m supposed to make a flip as I jump but once I flew towards Sejoon. My foot almost hit his face but luckily he escaped quickly.
SJ: I have to live as well. Hahaha. I escaped unconsciously but I escaped as I let go of Taeha hyung’s arm. 
TH: I was doing the jump rope move them suddenly I could feel one arm float in the air.
SJ: So the arm and stomach hit the ground. Not just hit, but it literally made a sound like in animations. 
YH: Sungmin twisted his ankle once after his jump on a broadcast
JK: He was flapping his arms whilst turning around and he grabbed me before rolling on the floor. I thought that he’d be safe since I sort of held onto him before he fell but he still got injured. He might’ve gotten a worse injury if I didn’t hold onto him.
YH: There are a few tricks we left out on the performance that we initially practiced. But if we took it out, a different group would do the trick the following week. 
TH: If we practice those tricks, they’d always be showcased before we do.

Translations @ speed-boys
Magazine scan by Lee Yuriko

anonymous asked:

i wonder if xiumin is still working on his chinese because he always seems so lost when they promote in china. luhan can't always translate for you silly boy. i feel like he's falling behind, especially now that chen's mandarin is improving. it's like he's being left out. i honestly don't know why i'm telling you this, but like... i have so many xiumin feels right now. i want the best for him but he's not really helping the situation.

Gull, I know, I had this feeling too. Somewhat. 

It’s not that Minseok hasn’t been working lately on his chinese… god knows, that little bunny has been working on it years before exo’s debut, even before Jongdae was even casted and started eating books and books to improve as fast as he could.

… this said, Minseok’s problem (if we can call it a /problem/?) is definitely not that he hasn’t studied it, but that he hasn’t practiced or used it basically… never - apart from recording albums and shouting his mono-line in Mama. Jongdae and Minseok have the same chinese preparation and the same dedication, but while Jongdae is pushed on the front as a lead singer with his tons and tons of refrains and songs and promotions, Minseok’s the one dancing in the back who barely has a chance to sing “so dangerous“ during their ot12 Growl performance.

If you look back at Mama era, you can see that even if both Minseok and Jongdae didn’t understand almost a thing during interviews, they looked still pretty damn comfortable. Their performances as six were also smooth and hella good. That’s because they were finally gotten used to perform as six in China, it was already a good routine that didn’t bother them too much anymore. 

Now, if we take a closer look at what happened after Wolf was released, we have a huge ot12 era all focused in Korea, followed right after by Growl. And in what language were Minseok’s lines in those two songs, when exo performed on stage? … korean, obviously. (Damn, even Baekhyun, who’s not in m, had more chinese lines than him in those mvs… does it make any sense?)… count all the times that exo m has been back to China, this last year, to sing and perform as exo m - in chinese, yes, obviously - just like they did with Mama. I highly doubt you can even count more than five (I’ve taken track, and that number makes me really really sad).

Minseok’s not the lead singer, differently from Jongdae, and he doesn’t have entire refrains and verses to memorize, he didn’t have to sing for the Christmas promotion, he doesn’t speak chinese with his co-members (since exo m use korean on a daily base anyway), he didn’t even have a chance to sing any of his chinese lines from their first album since they basically never promoted in China as six (aside from those couple of live performances) and despite all of this extreme lack of exercise he’s still supposed to do a good job and be of example in their group. No wonder he looks lost, when all of a sudden, after all these months, he has to hold a mic and sing in chinese in front of an audience. Minseok can’t do anything about this except keep on studying his books, like he’s been doing for years lately, because it’s all a metter of what SM decides to do about their group. If the management doesn’t send exo m back to China for promotions and live performances, there’s no way he can improve and get better, because the only way to really learn a language is to speak it (or at least try speaking it) every single day, and not just in a recording studio but on stage, in front of an audience, live, making mistakes, and keep on trying despite everything.