Redraws of my first original characters, members of a magical girl group. I made them when I was 10, so I made them 10 also but kind of rethinking their age.

The top is the group leader, Rose. When she transforms, she becomes magical girl Airuka. The others have transformation versions too, but I can’t find old drawings of those so I don’t remember what they were. On the bottom from left to right is Aqua, the cool one. Amber, the smart but shy one. Amethyst (Amy), the goofball one. And Jade, the most mature out of the group.

I think I’m gonna color them once I have access to my computer.

anonymous asked:

What do you think is Amy's most honest song?

Some Unholy War…took her one year to finish it and I tell you…it shows…but I think the lyrics truly fucking hurt her as she wrote them and every time she sang that particular song on stage there’s this lump in her throat and it’s an ongoing lump, irrespective of her mood while singing it just never goes away. Back To Black is a completely honest record on the whole but yeah…I sense something extra with Some Unholy War and Wake Up Alone…you know she’d said in an interview once she writes things in songs she wouldn’t even be able to tell herself looking in the mirror? These two song….I think that certain thing applies to these songs so much


Love Jill’s little celebratory leap

The cutest: Rapinoe & Sauerbrunn having a mini dance party while waiting for the medal ceremony to begin

Love this HAO reaction

ARod: “We won!”

“We’re world champions, baby! Finally!”

KO, looking at a watch she doesn’t have. “I’m just checking out my wrist.”

i’m not okay honestly lacrosse!calum is my weakness can you imagine sneaking into the locker room an hour or so before the game and he’s the only one in there, sitting on a bench and taping his stick, so you come up behind him and lean down to press your lips to his neck. he turns in surprise but smiles when he sees you, and you lift a hand to ruffle his hair and ask sweetly, “are you nervous?” and he just smirks and eyes you up and down and then turns so he can face you, grabbing you around the waist and pulling you onto him, and says lowly, “not at all… you know I always play to win.”