February 24th 1803: Marbury v. Madison

On this day in 1803, in the case Marbury v. Madison the US Supreme Court established the principle of judicial review and gave the Court the power to declare laws ‘unconstitutional’. The principle was outlined in the majority opinion by Chief Justice John Marshall, the words of which are inscribed on the wall of the Supreme Court building. The case arose when Justice of the Peace for District of Columbia William Marbury was not delivered his commission documents which officially granted his title. The Court would not force the then Secretary of State James Madison to deliver them, but held that the provision of the 1789 Judiciary Act allowing Marbury to bring his claim to the Court was itself unconstitutional as it extended the Court’s constitutional jurisdiction. On February 24th, the Court ruled unanimously to this effect. The decision gave the Supreme Court the power to interpret the constitution and strike down laws as ‘unconstitutional’. Since then, the Court have made many high-profile rulings branding things unconstitutional, including school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954), school prayer in Engel v. Vitale (1962) and teaching creationism in science lessons in Edwards v. Aguillard (1987).

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Hey hey hey hey, how bout trans Ravenclaws?

  • ravenclaw values itself on being an accepting community but, inevitably, you’re still going to meet some dicks
  • people who want to try out their potions on you to see if they can make you ‘normal’
  • people who are uncomfortable sharing a dorm with you
  • people who pull pranks on you for being different, just like Luna
  • and it can get you down. it sucks being mistreated for something you can’t help and you don’t understand how people could be so cruel
  • but then you stop and start to notice the others, the ones who don’t make faces of disgust when you walk by
  • they come and sleep on the sofa beside you when your room mate relegates you to the common room and you count the stars on the arched ceiling
  • they force you to tryout for the quidditch team because you’re a natural and it’ll be a great excuse to laugh at people who try to find a problem with you playing on a mixed gender team
  • they spend months working on a potion to change your hormone levels so you can finally feel more comfortable in your own body
  • they cheer as you enter the yule ball, pulling your hands to the dance floor and complementing your dress robes
  • when umbridge arrives she’s having none of it and point blank refuses to use your preferred pronouns
  • and one day you’re making out with your girlfriend in the corridor and she tries to give you detention because ‘boys and girls should not get closer than six inches’
  • and in an inspired stroke of wit you tell her ‘but I thought you said I was a girl’
  • it was a moment that will go down in hogwarts history
  • almost as infamous as ‘there’s no need to call me sir, professor’
  • almost
Some tidbits about American Gods

At the Hannibal meet and greet, Bryan Fuller shared some scoops about AG.

Bryan will be interviewing Neil for the April 15 Bard event.

Possible spoilers below

There will be full frontal nudity in the Jinn/Salim love scene. Bryan had to ask vfx to reduce the size of the Jinn’s digitally enhanced member.

One of Media’s appearances will be as David Bowie. He showed us a pic and ofc Gillian looks amazing.

We also got to see a gif of Media as Lucy winking right after she says The Thing.

We’ll see Bilquis in Iran at the fall of the Shah and that’s when she comes to America.

Mr Nancy shows up in a checked suit on a slave shop and convinces the slaves to revolt and kill the slavers.