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American crime story 2x01- Darren Criss drops his towel (HQ)

The Fear~( Kai Anderson x Reader) 14

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About a week after Kai’s election he started to gain somewhat of a following. He started to get get requests from men across the nation to join his cause. “Help me go through these applicants, I want good, strong, men like me, but I want to have them weak minded to mold them.” he said, giving you a stack of applications to go through. He sat next to you, a stack of his own in front of him. “Samuels and Harrison will be here to help as well.” he responded.

“I’m confused, shouldn’t Beverly be the one to help you with this?” I asked. He shook his head, “She’s a good leader, I’ll give her that, but I trust your judgement of people much more. Plus with you carrying my baby, I want to make sure you are surrounded by people who you can find yourself trusting. You’re my angel.” He leaned in and kissed your cheek.

You found yourself blushing at his words and nodded, going through the applications you found one who you thought would be perfect, “How about him? He looks promising.” you asked showing Kai the photo of the man who you found in your pile. He nodded approvingly, “He seems perfect for this.”

The two of you continued, Harrison and Samuels came around an hour later to help with the applications. After all that was said in done, the chosen few slowly started to arrive at our house for orientation. Kai wasn’t so busy, he was allowed time off with the city council to heal his leg and in that time he finally had his army of men. All this came to a surprise to all the women in the group, especially to Beverly, who took it the hardest.

“What happened to equal power?” she seethed. “This is just how it’s going to be. The hard part is done, now you just need to relax.” he explained. She stormed out soon after her confrontation with Kai and he turned to me. “It’s time to call Bebe.” he said to you.

You nodded his head and called her, “The woman are no longer in power, it’s time to get them enlightened.”

“It’s about damn time. I’ll go light their fires, how’s Kai doing?” she asked over the phone. “He’s not agitated for the moment. Which is good, he’s still new to the political world.” you said. “So’s Trump, but he’s freed from his emotions. Just make sure Kai’s angered when he needs too, then all things will fall to place soon.”

She hung up shortly after that. You gave Kai a nod in his direction and he smiled. “You know Ally is about to leave the psychiatric ward, maybe we should look into her. I’ve may or may not have stolen her progress reports that Vincent gets and she says she’s no longer afflicted by her phobias. She could be the next Beverly, maybe even better.” you suggested. “Plus she has experience with child care and I would trust her more through my pregnancy that Ivy to be honest.”

He took in your words, slowly considering them, before nodding. “Well, she already knows of our workings, Meadow was told to reveal everything to her to make her sound crazy to be committed in the first place. She would technically be absolutely perfect to my cause.” he said.

Your eyes widened. Your hand rested over your stitches as they were getting slightly agitated, “Kai, that may have been the most stupid mistake you’ve ever done to the point that you made me pull on my stitches. You do know she can rat you out, hell she could bring you down now with all that she knows.” you lightly scolded.

He shrugged, not really caring about my attitude at his decision, “Keep your enemies closer right?” You just rolled your eyes. “Fine, fine. Then we should just sit and wait, no doubt she’ll come to us.”

Later that night Bebe gave me the call that she had gotten in touch with all of the girls. “What do you want to do now?” you asked, looking to Kai as you two were relaxing in bed. “We wait, let the girls feel empowered. I’ve started to grow tired of Harrison, his usefulness is gone and he asks too many dumb questions.”

You flipped through your aby catalog, nodding in agreement. “He’ll be perfect to give to the girls.” you said, “How does this look for the nursery? It’s a changing station.” you showed him the page in your catalog to a nice wooden changing station. “That’s cute, go buy it.” he said. “I’m having Vincent’s old room converted to the nursery.”  

“Why not convert a section of the den into a nursery, then the baby is going to be closer to us.” you suggested. “Because the den is used for my meeting space, Vincent’s room is better.” he said sternly. You just rolled your eyes and sighed, “Fine. Whatever.”

He turned to look at you, his eyes grew softer to your face. “Hey, I love you.” he said, his hand coming to caress your cheek. You smirked, “I love you too. Now goodnight, you have work in the morning. Do you have your proposals ready?” “All in my work bag.” he said. “Goodnight.”

The next morning you were with Kai in the meeting hall, slightly reminiscing about the first time you and him were here. He was butting heads with Councilman Chang. You felt a little uneased as you were surrounded by his men while you sat in the pews, listening to his militia proposal.

To no surprise he was able to get his proposal passed and the meeting was dismissed. You met with him in his office afterwards, to just discuss Bebe’s progress with the girls and other business with the cult.

“How are the men? Are they treating you well?” he asked, “You know if they are causing you any trouble you need to let me know. With you still recovering and with the baby, I want to make sure you can relax and not stress over anything unimportant.” You smiled, “They’re overprotective, which I find a little annoying, but they haven’t pissed me off. The girls are starting to follow Bebe, I found this in Winter’s room.”

You placed a SCUM pamphlet on Kai’s desk and he smiled, “This is all perfect. I’ll take care of it from here. Why don’t you go home, relax for the rest of the day. Have the men take you home.” You came over and gave Kai a kiss on the lips. “I’ll see you when you get home.” you said. “What do you want for dinner? I’ll cook.”

“It’s Tuesday.” he simply responded. “Tacos it is then.” you said and left his office. One of his men drove you home. He was strange, during the car ride he insisted on always talking about Samuels, maybe he was gay and had a hard on for him. Samuels is a good looking guy.  

“Kai would want me to stay with you.” the man said. “I insist that you go.” you said. “I don’t need protection in my own home and if anything, Kai would be more upset if you end up stressing me out.”

He sighed, “Fine, if  you need anything, just give me a call. I’m just five minutes out from here.” “Thanks uh…” “Speedwagon.” “Right, Speedwagon.” I corrected, “Bye.”

You finally felt a little more relaxed now that you had your privacy and took a nap in your room for a little while before starting on dinner. You were just about done with everything when Kai came home. His arms wrapped around your waist as he let his chin rest of your shoulder. “That smells good baby. I’ll come down for dinner in a bit, I want to talk to my mom first.” he said.

You nodded, “Change your clothes after, you get that musty smell when you leave and it makes my allergies flare up.” He kissed your cheek, “Sure. Is Winter here?”

You nodded your head, “Want me to send her to you?” “Please do.” He left you in the kitchen while you finished getting dinner ready. Going up to Winter’s room you knocked on her door. “Hey, dinner’s ready. Kai wants to talk to you first though, he’s talking to your mom.” you said. She just nodded and walked out of her room to meet with Kai.

You went back downstairs to fix Kai’s plate and let the two of them to chat. You noticed Winter storming pass the kitchen as you set the dinner plates on the table and then heard the hard slam of the front door.

Kai came back, and took a seat at the table, “Smells good baby.” “Thanks, so I take it Winter won’t be joining us?” you asked. He shook his head, “I have a feeling that she and the others are going to go pay a visit to Harrison.”

You smiled and took a seat next to Kai as you both ate dinner together. The rest of the evening remained uneventful, as you both just waited to see Kai’s plan unfold. In the morning you were surprised to see Bebe at the door. You hugged her, “Did Kai call you? I know you two don’t have a meeting today.” she simply shook her head. “No, I just received a text from Beverly, saying that I should be looking at a television in about five minutes. I believe the fruits of our labour are coming to bloom.”

You let her in, leading her to the den, “By all means let us watch. Kai! Bebe’s here.” He came out of the kitchen with a drink, “What a nice surprise. I take it if you’re here then the girls must have finally acted out.”

She just nodded before getting settled in the couch. Kai helped me settle before taking his seat. He flipped it over to the news waiting to see if something had already happened. “So how is the child sweetheart?” she asked you. You just smiled, “It’s going good. The morning sickness isn’t too bad. Usually I just smoke a bowl or whatever and it clears it right up.”

She smiled, “Are you two looking to find out the gender of the child or are you going to wait until birth?” “We would want to find out as soon as possible.” you responded. “Shh..it’s on.” Kai said gently taking my hand as his sign for me to quiet down.

“This is Beverly Hope reporting. Violence has erupted in Brookfield Heights once again with the mccabe murder of Funtime Fitness Gym trainer Harrison Wilton. Pieces of Mr.Wilton’s dismembered corpse were found by joggers earlier this morning placed in a grizzly arrangement. The body was covered in a film of scum from the pond behind me. Police have yet to determine a motive, but due to the gruesome nature of the crime believe the killing could be in retaliation to the shooting committed by the victim’s wife Meadow Wilton.”

You sneered at the mention of that bitch’s name, remember all the shit that she put you through. You grabbed for Kai’s hand and he pulled you into his chest in an attempt to calm you down.

“Clearly the promise of law and order of Brookfield Heights is not being kept. I can only pray that this latest murder is not a sign of things to come. This is Beverly Hope, back to you in the studio.” Beverly signed off and Kai turned the television off.

He paused for a moment and in that time Beverly lit a cigarette. Kai covered my nose so I wouldn’t inhale the smoke. “They’re at their best when they’re angry, don’t you think?” he finally spoke.

“Aren’t we all?” Bebe responded.