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American Horror Story returns to Halloween Horror Nights!!! They’ll have a maze containing elements from Asylum, Coven and Roanoke!


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You couldn’t sleep. You shuddered with every crash that erupted from outside. Your dark bedroom seemed ten times creepier that night.

“You still up?” Tate said appearing out of nowhere making you jump from under the covers. After your heart calmed down a bit you nodded.

“Yeah can’t sleep”.


“No” you lied embarrassed. Being afraid of thunder seemed so childish but you couldn’t help yourself. Tate must have known you were lying because he chuckled before climbing into bed with you and wrapping his arms around you.
“Don’t worry I got you” he smiled kissing you softly.



Headcanon #33: Possessed Mary Dirty Talking

~”What a naughty girl/boy”

~”I bet you taste amazing”

~”I want to hear you scream my name”

~Giggling a lot

~”I want your fingers inside of me”

~Lots of nicknames

~”I’ll do whatever I please with you”

~”You’re my little whore aren’t you ?”

~”I’m going to make you cum all over my fingers”

~”Get on your knees”

Reaction to a Clingy S/O- Evan Peters Preference

Tate- Tate would love it. Tate himself loves being around you too. He would love that you always wanted to be wrapped in his arms or holding your hand. Tate would make it a priority to sneak you kisses when you weren’t expecting it. Sometimes if other people weren’t the house with you, Tate would still hug you or hold your hand and just wouldn’t actually show himself.

Kit- Kit’s favorite thing is walking into your house and have you hug him. Even if you weren’t as clingy, he still would be. Kit loves to wrap his arms around you when he hugs you from behind. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, he’ll always find away to hug you and place small kisses on your neck.

Pre-death Kyle- Kyle would love to cuddle you up in blankets as much as you love to do the same to him. Whenever you’re alone most of your time is spent cuddling and listening to Kyle’s dumb jokes. If you’re in public or with Kyle’s friend, Kyle will normally hold your hand. He doesn’t show much affection in public, but he will hold your hand and give you cute little kisses.

Post-death Kyle- Kyle felt better knowing you are clingy towards him. It shows him that you love him and went to be with him. You being close to him also allows him to keep you safe. Kyle will tightly wrap his arms around you as you lay in bed together.

Jimmy- Jimmy wouldn’t mind you being clingy. Jimmy likes to cuddle with you when you’re alone in your caravan, but sometimes he likes some time to himself. When you’re around other people Jimmy likes to keep an arm loosely wrapped around to make sure others know that your his. Sometimes you pull him closer to you and he laughs before pulling you into a tight hug.

James- James wouldn’t like you being touchy clingy, but he would enjoy you being clingy in wanting to always be around him. Rarely he’ll cuddle with you, but every day he will hug you and kiss you. The most physical affection you would get from him would be during sex. When you go out in public he would make sure you were close and he would have an arm around you or have you wrapped around his arm.

Rory- Rory isn’t much of a cuddling guy, but he would like it if you sat on his lap. You would sit on his lap and wrap your arms around him while he was watching TV, playing video games, or basically any other time you wanted. He’d be fine with hand holding in public and he would probably show you off to all of his friends and fans.

Edward- Edward isn’t one for touching or being around people, however when it came to you he would like for you to keep him company. It annoyed you a bit that he never really wanted to hold your hand or hug you. A very few random occasions he will hold you and tell you how much he appreciates you being with him.