Okay but can we talk about the hotel?? Even planned this cute ass surprise for his beautiful boyfriend at a fancy hotel (I’m guessing at least a 4 star cuz it was really nice). He ordered room service and champagne. Impulsive? Yes. But so so so heartfelt. You can’t tell me he isn’t deeply in love with that boy. Manic episodes don’t turn you into another person like Sonja is alluding to. This kid loves Isak so damn much, he wants to give him the world.



see, when you bring people to a place they’ve never been before, and they realize they’ve finally made it, it’s this look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile. how do they look?

did you know that in hebrew everything goes from right to left? all this time, everything you’ve done, you’ve always thought left to right. and now, maybe you’ll consider that there’s another way. 

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Writing/drawing sad episodes is really weird because the more I think about the characters the sadder I get, but the sadder I get the harder it is to actually draw stuff. I think it’s important to feel the characters’ emotions because that way I can convey them properly, but at the same time it’s like I’m actively giving myself art block, which isn’t helpful at all.


I don’t think there are words in any language that can express how much I love and adore Kim Jonghyun and how proud I am of him, of thinking back to that 17 yo who all he wanted was to create music and make people listen to his voice and how far he’s become. He’s one of the brighest stars in our galaxy and he deserves to be so loved to be this loved.

tbh yall i rly think jimin’s back is one of those Safe Spots for jungkook. aside from jimin himself being just about one of the most comforting people in the world, i think it’s really a spot for him that he feels comfortable and happy? 

in moments of emotion (one example is the the mama fancam), even with him being taller now and being behind jimin’s back doesn’t do much for him physically, emotionally i think it still works the same as when they were just about the same height and his being behind jimin offered a kind of shelter. it’s an emotional comfort he seems to get and one jimin is definitely always ready to give