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  • Sebastian: If it bites you and you die, it's venomous. If you bite it and you die, it's poisonous.
  • Tom: What if you bite it and it dies?
  • Sebastian: Then you're poisonous.
  • Tom: What if it bites itself and you die?
  • Sebastian: That's voodoo.
  • Tom: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • Sebastian: That's correlation, not causation.
  • Tom: What if you bite each other but neither die?
  • Robert: *peeks from a corner* That's kinky.

captain squad in college shenanigans!

  • Kuroo likes to tuck himself against Ushijima because “he’s the only one tall enough”
  • he ignores it when Oikawa points out he’s not that Ushiwaka isn’t that much taller and that he and Bokuto aren’t much shorter
  • surprisingly, Oikawa isn’t the one who overworks himself
  • (he learned his lesson when he nearly busted his knee)
  • it’s Ushijima
  • Bokuto is actually really good at getting Ushijima out of his head and coaxing him out of the gym
  • Daichi takes advantage of being the smallest of them and steals their clothes all the time
  • Oikawa shows he cares by helping them with their time management
  • he makes them color coded schedules and easily legible and everything
  • he plays it off like it’s no big deal but he spent hours on them to make sure it actually helps them
  • Bokuto and Kuroo are roomies
  • Daichi and Ushijima are roomies
  • Oikawa’s roommate annoys him, but it doesn’t matter because he’s usually in one of the others’ dorms
  • whenever any of them are upset, they usually go to Daichi
  • Daichi usually goes to Kuroo
  • they’re all weak to Bokuto’s and Oikawa’s pouts and Bokuto and Oikawa shamelessly take advantage
  • Oikawa gives Ushijima a chance after much grumbling
  • they all know Oikawa wears glasses but turns out Bokuto also wears glasses
  • Ushijima drops a plate
  • Oikawa walks into a wall
  • Daichi looks to the sky and prays for strength
  • Kuroo knew about them already and films the whole thing
  • they all have an album on their phones titled ‘Ushijima + baby animals’
  • Oikawa has a very ‘no one can pick on him but me’ relationship with Ushijima
  • the first time he catches wind that people are making fun of Ushijima it takes Daichi and Kuroo to hold him back before he raises some hell
  • Ushijima is very happy Oikawa is so protective of him
  • they all work out together
  • Ushijima and Bokuto are tied for biggest biceps
  • Oikawa has the most defined abs
  • Daichi has the best thighs
  • Kuroo has the best back

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Show us the mean little redhead!!!

He’s not thaaaaaat mean… just a little sour ;v;
Especially when someone acts extra sweet only to get a good look at the answers to yesterday’s homework tsk tsk


hey lads it’s your fave emo eyeliner twins back again 🖤💛

i don’t know if you guys knew this but i’m always super behind when i get tagged in things and so….. @paradisejaebum @limjaebum @softforjackson @flygyeom @jacksonwangblog @jeh-beom @poeticyugyeom @jeonggukdna@iloveujaebum all tagged me for the bias/selfie/selfiie tag(s) (IM SORRY I KEEP FORGETTING) i love you all thank you for thinking of me !!!

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Can you do a fic where the sides want to make Virgil laugh so they try different things but only tickling him works?

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: (not sure how to tag it, so) LAMP, Moxiety, Analogical, Prinxiety
Warnings: None

Summary: The Sides compete to hear Virgil laugh.
A/N: Pun source

Tagged: @existental-crises​​ @here-to-vent@jordisama

Patton had made the realization a week ago: none of them had ever heard Virgil laugh.  Snickers aside, he’d never actually laughed in front of any one of them. Patton had presented his finding to Virgil, looking for some kind of solace, but instead he’d just gotten a noncommittal shrug.

“Yeah? So?”  He said as he lounged on the stairs, pulling at the loose threads of his sleeves.

“Sooo we’ve gotta hear you laugh!  I bet it’s a wonderful laugh and I’d love to hear it sometime.”  Patton looked into Virgil’s eyes hopefully, shoulders tensing in anticipation as Virgil leaned closer.  He opened his mouth and after a short pause, spoke softly into Patton’s ear.

“Say something funny and maybe I will.”

Patton’s shoulders slumped in defeat. “Well I’m loads funny!”

“Sorry, Pat,” Virgil said, leaning back on his elbows, sounding entirely unapologetic. “It’s gotta be funny in the moment or it isn’t happening.  Or–” he gasped, “what if I can’t laugh?”  He said mockingly, covering his mouth with false disbelief.

“Oh, stop it, you goof,” Patton said, swatting lightly at Virgil’s knee.  “We’ll hear that laugh sooner or later, just you wait.”  Virgil shrugged again and Patton turned on his heel, stomping away to start planning schemes to make Virgil laugh.

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Lauren zuke: I took a bath

Assholes in the SU fandom: why didn’t you drown you stupid bitch