Meeting people

So we had a party member character’s retire. Their new character was an Orc Brawler, who’s introduction to the Tiefling Bloodrager was an arm-wrestling contest which resulted in a broken table and a broken Tiefling’s arm. Said Tiefling then fell madly in love with her and her strength. 

Orc Brawler: “So I found the way to get to a man’s heart is breaking his arm.”

anonymous asked:

I just unfollowed SO MANY blogs! I love your blog and was wondering if you could help me out fam? Who should I follow?

i have so many favorites and lil crushes but these are who come to mind:

@ballerinawidow @guernica @briannahildebrandsgf @straightboyfriend @stripperbucky @bkcybvrnes @princesconsuela @stardecker @zamaron @povverbottoms @spankjonze @alycidebnamcarey @sharpestdildos @merrystarks @philepshea @hhandcuffs @highrami @fag @infantjesus @trenchtrash

i know i forgot people so im sorry!!!! i love u

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can u rec some funny kpop blogs like yourself

“like yourself” pls im love you…

bri was the first person i thought of so @markleeloveblog @oddeye @knj @cowboyjin @btswonartistoftheyear @colonizedrice @btsartistoftheyearbitch @jiminiebby @undepressioncherry @yoongisofficialwife @jaehyunhoe @milkbyfx @jungkooksangelgf @jhope1 @jinspettywife @bangtanboysgf @biyoons @preciosito @memesyoongi 

im sorry if i forgot anyone all my mutuals are so funny ily all