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the real stranger things discourse: is steve a father of 4, 5 or 6??

Steve is a father of 4 (Mike, Dustin, Max and Lucas) The Harringsons/  underground gang/ tunnel tykes.

He is a babysitter of 6 (Stevie and the boys/ beast bashin babysitter and his kickass kids) 

Will and Eleven both have parents who know what’s going on with the upside down so Steve doesn’t need to look after them as much because their parents are around. The others have trash dads (except Lucas) and need someone to look out for them while they’re on their upside down adventures and just generally, but if Hopper and Joyce aren’t around Steve is responsible for all the kiddos.


Random doodling led to Starscourged!Sora D: 

I really wanted to doodle him in the open Kingsglaive jacket that the player’s Comrades character starts out wearing!

It’s been a year

It’s been a full year, it’s been three and a half months since we spoke 

seems like plenty of time for just friends but it’s fucking not. it’s not when you care about someone more than yourself. it’s not when you care about them for no alternative reasons, you just plain care. 

you’re not thinking about me right now. this is just another day for you. i know you don’t think of me at all, you don’t have nightmares of me, you don’t wake up crying because of me, you aren’t still affected by me. you do not miss me and i doubt you ever did. 

it just really fucking sucks because i am no moreover you than i was 3 months ago and i know damn well you were over me far before i ever left 


Hi guys!

I know should have made this around the time I made Simple Dog Collars  so I apologize to cat lovers who were waiting for this (due to my laziness). As a bonus I added a cool ombre collar for ya. I enjoyed making them hope your cat enjoys wearing them! Comes in 12 swatches. Requires Cats & Dogs (of course). ENJOY!                                                    

**** Feel free to do recolors on my mesh, but please give credit, do not include the mesh & do not claim as your own! Tag me IG: nativemoonlight ****

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