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I have been meaning to post this for a while since I passed 4,000 followers about a week ago sooo..I have had this blog since March 2015 and I never thought I would get to this amount of followers, I was glad when it got to 100 and I cant believe how much it has grown since then. So to mark this I wanted to list some of my most favoruite blogs on my dashboard.All of the below blogs post such good quality content and you should all follow them!! They are amaaazing.

I follow a huge amount of blogs but just so you know I appreciate every one of my followers <3


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No government nowadays admits that it maintains an army so as to satisfy occasional thirsts for conquest; the army is supposed to be for defense. That morality which sanctions self-protection is called upon to be its advocate. But that means to reserve morality to oneself and to accuse one’s neighbour of immorality, since he has to be thought of as ready for aggression and conquest if our own state is obliged to take thought of means of self-defense; moreover, when our neighbor denies any thirst for aggression just as heatedly as our state does, and protests that he too maintains an army only for reasons of legitimate self-defense, our declaration of why we require an army declares out neighbour a hypocrite and cunning criminal who would be only too happy to pounce upon a harmless and unprepared victim and subdue him without a struggle. This is how all states now confront one another: they presupposed an evil disposition in their neighbour and a benevolent disposition in themselves. This presupposition, however, is a piece of inhumanity as bad as, if not worse than, a war would be; indeed, fundamentally it already constitutes an invitation to and cause of wars, because, as aforesaid, it imputes immorality to one’s neighbour and thereby seems to provoke hostility and hostile acts on his part. The doctrine of the army as a means of self-defense must be renounced just as completely as the thirst for conquest.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

Didn’t sleep much last night, so now I’m sore and tired. The new staff that’s come in is really amazing - most of them are people I’ll be working with through the fall. There are so many of them that we have extra coverage - it’s a crowd of counselors, all of whom are very chill, responsible, and supportive. As stressed and as saddened and as angry as I am, I also feel more relaxed and relieved than I have all summer.

A lot of people won’t meet my eye, but a lot of people have also reached out to me in really genuine ways. Nobody is happy about any of this, but… it’ll be alright.

Birthday speech and tweet for Aizome Kento of THRIVE from the official B-Project twitter.

“I don’t need things like presents. In stead, promise that you’ll still be next to me this time next year. I’m actually pretty jealous, you know ♡” — Aizome Kento

Goushi: ….. Gross, I have goosebumps.
Yuuta: I see, so Kenken gets lonely easily!
Kento: Well, the girls will be happy to hear it ♪ Rather, Goushi, hurry and take more pictures.
Goushi: Haa? Dammit, how many more do I need to take!? They all look the same!

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