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Star Butterfly with Castle in the Sky for the palette challenge!


I really like that new outfit haha 

(Palette Challenge) (Please don’t send more!)

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What can I say, I never pass up drawing a good smooch ;D I hope this is ok!I need to practice smooches so ^^

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Hi! On the first episode of "The Bridge" podcast, they give a shoutout in the credits to The Bright Sessions and Wolf 359 for moral support and advice. I've gotta know- is there some kind of awesome club that all audio drama producers hang out at? Do all of you know each other?

I totally forgot that they did that! What sweethearts. That’s a fab show, for anyone who hasn’t listened. 

Alex Brown (the creator and writer of @thebridgepodcast) has been a long time listener and supporter of TBS - she started listening and reaching out on social media in the early days of the podcast. So when she said she was doing her own, I was so excited to listen and, spoiler alert, it’s really great. 

And that’s mostly how we’ve all gotten to know each other - by being fans of each others’ things and shouting about it on twitter and then nerding out together. I can’t say that I’m frequently in touch with Alex or with most audio drama creators, but I’m always listening to their shows and cheering for them on the sidelines. The audio drama community was welcoming and kind to me from day one, and their continued support means the world to me. They are honestly some of the greatest people ever. 

One of the craziest things that making this show has brought me is getting to meet my big time podcast heroes like the teams behind Night Vale and Black Tapes (+hopefully Limetown soon! We’re all going be at Austin Film Festival so I’m gonna stalk them hard). And when I think about the really close friends that I’ve made in the past few years, I met all of them through making or loving AD. I cannot imagine my life without those people.

So yeah, we do kind of all know each other. We hang out mostly on twitter, facebook, and slack (is the slack a secret, guys? I don’t think it is. Someone scold me if it is) and sometimes we even hang out in real life! It’s definitely a growing community, so I can’t claim to have interacted with everyone, but the more the merrier - if you’re thinking about making something, come join us!

,,I think I’m just going to go ahead and make a new reblog-if-you-post thing if people don’t mind. I’ve decided to cut back on my exposure to mainstream fr tumblr but I’d still like people to follow, though it’ll be very picky this time.

Here’s what I want: (if you don’t apply to any of the boosts are still nice. Please say in the tags what u have bc I might not know otherwise)

-less conventionally pretty dragons (like. All cluttered up with expensive apparel and gem genes. I like pretty dragons but I much prefer variety and I like being able to see the dragon underneath)

-you have written lore that’s all in one place that I can read (not required)

-you’re an artist and/or reblog fr art

-you don’t post drama (or at least not much)

-you sell neat looking dragons (maybe slightly unusual ones)