Welcome to the BPD funland!

1. Want to get attached to someone then place your sense of worth and mental stability on your relationship with that person? Then you need to find an FP (favourite person)!

2. Constantly unstable sense of identity? Panicking that you’re fake? At mirror land you can find a person and try to get yourself to match that mirror image, fictional person or real person, by borrowing some of their traits because your own identity is shit!

3. Take a look to splitting world, where the slightest thing can cause your black and white thinking ass to have a mental breakdown where you think they hate you because they told you some minor shit! 

4. Ride the emotional roller coaster of 5001 emotions! Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Never! Stops! Spinning!

5. Feeling sick after all that emotional crap? In the ice caves it’s time to feel Numb and Empty!

6. Wanna get trippy? D I S S O C I A T I O N 

7. Impulse time! Delete EVERYTHING! Cut everyone off! Drink ALL.

8. Partner/FP/Friends/Family/Everyone getting sick of your moody ass? Abandonment corner is just round the block!

9. Throughly done and ready to leave? Sorry, one way ticket! Get ready to feel SUICIDAL again, for the 5th time this week!


Hat’s On x EXO - F/W

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crimson: fatal, sweet, and intoxicating. dancing in ruins, they are a beautiful sort of madness.

vermillion: rusty, wild, powerful, and brilliant. they are abandoned castles and gods made of stone.

amber: dripping with honey and lullabies. they are a quiet kind of queen.

lemon: live fast, die young. fearless and exhilarating, they know everything and nothing.

gold: heart stopping, blazing, beaming. they are lighting up the world tonight.

jade: elegant, sharp, seductive. they are cruelty at it’s finest.

cyan: neon lights and electric love.  they dream in light years.

azure: drunk on the sky, hopelessly hopeful, they are stuck wandering in a world not far from here.

midnight blue: inky, mysterious, and graceful. they know too much to have any optimism.

bordeaux: sophisticated and wondrous, they are stolen kisses and empty lies, fairy tale love and promises of tomorrow.

cream: moonstruck and sundazed, they are the smell of books and secrets better left unsaid.

alabaster: do not mistake their delicacy for weakness. wise and weightless, they are made of stardust.

dusty rose: bubblegum lips and paper masks. one way or another, they are rising to the top.

champagne: bubbly, dancing, the chic life. with lips painted gold and hearts painted red, they are taking on the world.


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Pretty Little Liars Theory Time:

What if Paige is A. D.? She’s pretending to be this big bad A.D. to get attention from Emily. The only way Emily would go back to Paige is because Paige helped her get through the trama of -A. So she’s become AD to get back in Emily’s life.

Let’s look at the evidence:
• A.D. took Emily’s eggs. Paige probably did this so Emily could still get her money but wouldn’t have the burden of knowing she has an unknown child out there.
• A.D. helped Emily pass her test.
• Paige has been super creepy and clingy lately. Watching Sabrina in the cafe, showing up out of no where, arguing with a police office just to see Emily, insisting that they’re dating, becoming livid when Emily and Ali spent the night together. She DESPERATELY wants Emily’s attention.
• Emily keeps saying Paige understands the whole situation with -A because she lived it. Who better to be A.D. then someone who has lived it?
• I could see Paige kidnapping Jenna because she tried to hurt Emily.

I feel like there is more evidence, but that’s all I can come with now. If you have more ideas please share and let me know. I’m really starting to think its Paige.


The movie adaptation of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride is out on Digital HD today!