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Fandom: *refers to the entire hoshido family as white*


Fandom: *intentionally misgenders Foleo*


Fandom: *puts Rinkah and Vaike on a goddamn pedestal even though they’re wearing practically the same thing and practically worships the summer scramble DLC*


Fandom: *conveniently forgets that bisexuality exists and that Soleil’s sexuality has not yet been confirmed.*


Fandom: *still insists on marrying Ryoma even after learning that he’s Kamui’s biological brother whereas the others aren’t biologically related to Kamui in any way*


Fandom: *relies on fan translations of the Japanese version, which haven’t officially translated and edited by by Nintendo America*


Fandom: *ignores multiple implied rape/ sexual abuse scenes in awakening*

Fandom: *is corrected on any type of misinformation*


It Started as a Crush

Type: Fluff and mildly angsty stuff

Pairing: YoonMin (Yoongi and Jimin)

Word Count: 1616

It started as a simple crush.

Park Jimin had been interested in Min Yoongi for a while. That was something that he kept to himself, though. No one knew that he was gay and he didn’t really want to tell them. He feared the retaliation, both from his friends and his family. His friends weren’t the most accepting people. His parents were never home because of work anyway, but he couldn’t help but worry that they wouldn’t approve. He knew that it wasn’t easy to be an openly gay teen and he wasn’t sure that he wanted to risk his safety just for the sake of being with someone he may or may not like.

That’s what he thought at first.

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A Brass Knife

Words: 2416
Fandom: Mistborn
Spoilers: Minor spoilers for Well of Ascension
Trigger Warnings: Original Character Death; Abuse mention
Summary: Five years after Breeze ran away from home, he goes back to make things right.

Notes: Expands on last year’s Breeze meta [abuse tw and major Mistborn Trilogy spoilers at the link]

[Read on AO3]

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What did scribblenauts say?

In a mocking tone ask about why victims of sexual abuse liked being fucked by older men or had a job for it
#sexual abuse mention

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Not gonna lie I used to hate on him too, but if you take the time to actually learn stuff about him besides the beginning of origins (which is kinda biased and pushes you to hate him) He is actually pretty awesome and yeah he can be a bit stubborn and come off like ass, but he loves fereldan and his baby girl and he loved marric (even if you don't ship it you cant deny he loved that dude and would have died for him without a second thought) so fuck the haters >.>

tl;dr: i’ve been on the other side of this argument too and now i honestly think i was wrong. loghain is a more interesting and complex and genuinely good character than people give him credit for and people who shit on his fans because of one thing that everybody agrees he did are buying into the simplest version of the story without thinking more critically, which, honestly, is their prerogative, but also the deliberate shit-stirring is nasty and i can’t stand it. but more under the cut.

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honest 2 god  as a kid who was abused and neglected and grew up in the poor prts of New fuckin Jersey thats the first time ive ever been called sheltered 

fileundermiscellany [[MOR] apparently the latest critique of cu||en…

there is literally no way that is possible unless the warden and alistair fucking raced to the circle after ostagar, right? all the shit went down with uldred once they came back… oh nm why argue with this nonsense. sigh.


i can buy that the duration would vary depending on player choices and i assume there was probably a period of active resistance, so he wasn’t in the pink cage the entire time

but a few hours? really? did y’alls wardens have access to some venatori time magic shit back in dao? cause….

and ok. fine. let’s say he was “only” tortured for a few hours. instead of weeks or months. woooooooooow. that’s sooooo much better. you were only mentally and physically abused for a few hours, cullen. god. get over it.


whatever, dude


i’m really not bothered when people don’t like him, but when ppl start pulling this bullshit outta their asses…

hey friendly psa to the gravity falls fandom

since it was sort of shown in the promo that stan has some problems with his dad, if this goes more into depth in the show please do not call it “daddy issues”

that phrase is used a lot to invalidate the experiences that abuse victims face by their parents and if it turns out that either or both stans are abuse victims at the hands of their father that’s sort of a really shitty thing to joke about ?? so please just do not do that

thank you for reading and if you’re in the gf fandom reblogging this psa would be rad

I Am Mad About Rose Lalonde And I Have Lots Of Reasons Why

No post that starts with abuse and recovery is important, no really, but i’m still fucking upset, is going to sound good, but that’s basically where my thoughts are at.  I mean I get it.  I get why it’s important, I get why Dave’s recovery is being emphasized so much, I get how Dirk’s reflection is so much more important now that it’s not just a facet of his self-loathing, I get how many strides they’ve made and I get that they’re in so much better of a place now than they ever were before.

I totally get it.

I don’t think this is a bad update.  I think it’s a great update, an astounding update, one of the best homestuck updates in such a very long time, and it’s for that reason this particular update gets me so upset, because it has to sit there next to all of the other updates I’ve been reading through.  It has the honor of being judged against every Vriska-log that I’ve hated, or underwhelming John-Terezi interaction.  (I don’t care for the ship, but that’s off-topic, and not the thing that has seized my shrill bearded livestock tonight.)

I don’t think that Rose’s development matters anymore.  I mean, it presumably should, and may well do, but it feels diminished in scope.  Small.  

This is the part that kind of got to me.  Because I understand that this is Dave’s perspective on the matter.  And what it says about him– how robbed he feels, never having had a real childhood, and the obvious symptoms of PTSD he explains having had, the horrifyingly cruel irony of his land being “heat and clockwork” when the sight of blood and metal both terrify him– that is some heavy shit.  “Trumped up nonsense” is pretty bitter and dismissive.  It says a couple things to me:

  1. Dave and Rose never really had much time together, despite being siblings and best friends prior to SBURB.  They never respectively talked about their respective parental issues.
  2. Dave did, however, come to this conclusion elsewhere.  Either having communicated via charades with the mayor, or far more likely, spending time with Karkat.  I presume that Vriska didn’t barge in on him, smack a Cool Kid katana out of his hand and shout at him for having issues, but canon may prove me wrong on this count as well.
  3. Dave kind of resents Rose and John for their childhoods.  I mean, this is some pretty emotional, candid language right here.  He feels like he bought it, like his thirteen-year-old friends were doing their very best to make him believe that they were worse off than he was, and he had been lied to about their situations.  They had what he didn’t all along, and how could he have trusted them for all this time?

This didn’t really click with me.  I know that we’re supposed to believe that Rose is just cured–

That she went through some deep soul-searching about her place in Paradox space, went from addicted to not-addicted, while maintaining her relationships–

But it honestly didn’t feel right to me.  Maybe it’s because it felt like Dirk and Dave had a very comprehensive and cathartic conversation, one that dug through every one of their lingering hang-ups regarding one another, but even before this update happened, I could feel a little bit off about how the meeting went down.

Because Love wasn’t really enough in that relationship.  Rose does not trust other people.  Worse, she does not really trust herself.  Everything felt like something that could be twisted and exaggerated into a gruesome mockery of her feelings– a stuffed cat in a grand mausoleum, a gigantic sculpture of a grizzled and ancient wizard guarding her door– little velvet pillows. 

One can easily say that Rose was behaving immaturely towards her mother, who was just doing the best that she could.  I can grant you that.  However, hypothetical dissenter who exists only to serve as a poorly-erected straw enemy, rose was thirteen years old.  She was even younger when the crusade of passive-aggression must have began.  And the real kicker about all of this?

She doesn’t even really get what was so fucked up about all of that.  She doesn’t trust herself to be open or honest.  She hates the fact that Jasprose is basically spouting her every thought at rapidfire, many of which are thoughts she can undeniably claim to be her own.  

Humanizing your parent makes sense.  But at some point Rose is going to have to accept that it’s not just her own fault her relationship with her mother deteriorated.  That maybe her home life still wasn’t all that happy, and it wasn’t just her own determined crusade to be miserable.  But there is not a single page written that shows Rose accepts that.  She gets that alcoholism is by nature self-destructive, but not that it appeared to have any influence on her life growing up, and not that she understood that maybe there was a little bit more to it than just being nervous.  Because it made her feel different.  Like a better person who was happier and more charming and had more fun, let her giggle out loud and say silly things without feeling like she was stupid for even bothering.

Why do I get the feeling that Vriska’s advice to Rose, upon smashing her bottle, was to ironically “8ottle that shit up and don’t tell no one!!!!!!!!”  Because it feels like it.  

Another thing I wanted to say before I put this very long post to rest and stop writing–

Kanaya supposedly helped her through her addiction,

But their relationship is scarcely even touched upon.  We are told in no uncertain terms, yes, they are dating, and continue to date one another many times throughout the story.  Kanaya firmly rejects the idea that she’d want to break up with her over her alcoholism in the doomed timeline.  They reaffirm several times through the recent updates– yes, Kanaya and Rose are dating, yes, they like each other and remain quite close.

We are told.

And we are shown none of it.

Kanaya’s presence is near to nil in Roxy’s conversation with Rose, and she disappears from it soon after that.  More time is spent with Dave conversing with Roxy– interesting, in its own right, sure– than with Kanaya talking to or about either of them.  Basically Kanaya helped her through an addiction, and she trusts her and remains grateful to her, aside from the fact that they seem to remain incredibly awkward and barely able to talk to one another.  

Their relationship is just taken as read.  Like the invisible red string of fate is just tying them together, even though they have shit-all to do with one another most of the time.  Even though there is barely any intersection between their respective relationships and goals, we just nod at the fact that they’re together.

We just kind of assume that they have a good relationship somewhere off screen. 

I mean.



Okay okay okay I really do like the relationship.  I love Rose and Kanaya together.  I ship them to incredible degrees and I love stories about them, I love pictures of them, I love Rose and Kanaya in general as my favorites in homestuck.  I just hate the fandom trend to make it totally and completely uncomplicated, as though they have nothing to work through and just spend their days and nights with one another in smiling complacence, because that’s what their relationship feels like in the retconned timeline.  Just a couple of happy lesbians together with no problems whatsoever, because gosh, who’d want something like depth in a relationship like that???

Also, this line reminds me of one thing and one thing alone–

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I’m really fucking hurting right now I just


if this is karma, it came too fucking late

(Vriska) is a better person now, someone who is actually admirable and supportive and self aware. But she didn’t get to that in one night, she had to fucking work for that personal strength and growth.

She was merged together with the person she’s bullied for god knows how long and had to relive all the painful memories he had of her. She had to watch her friends abandon her for treating them like garbage. She had to listen to her crush tell her just how badly she fucked up and that he no longer respected her as a person. She watched an alternate version of him die. She got ditched by all her romantic interests, and now - all she had is Meenah, who changed her, sculpted her, made her feel happy and like she could allow herself to do anything and not have to hurt anyone while doing it.

And it’s quite possible that now she’s going to lose this feeling AGAIN because Meenah might be a fucking freeloading bitch who only hangs around people she thinks “cool” and then discards them like trash when she gets bored of them.

This upd8 destroys me not just because (Vriska) is getting a taste of her own medicine at a point where she no longer deserves it, but the fact that she’s being abandoned for having redeemed herself.
DOING A POSITIVE THING FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE THAT ACTUALLY BENEFITED HERSELF AND THOSE AROUND HER. Ironically enough, it was doing NOTHING, but you know what? Sometimes it’s better to be a humble and down to earth person than an ambitious dick wad who stomps on anyone who gets in their way.

And what’s worse is that Meenah didn’t even try to stand up for her. She didn’t tell the other Vriska to fuck off, protect (Vriska)’s place or try and ease the situation. She fucking watched (Vriska) get utterly humiliated and treated like dirt. How can she even consider abandoning her like that?!

You don’t do that to your friends. You don’t fucking do that to anybody.

You never side with the bully like that.

I’ve kind of avoided talking about Bro and Dave’s relationship in the past, partly because speculation on abuse/mental illness is not something I like to do lightly (especially because people tend to ignore the gray-area or nuance involved in those things), but I do think it’s important to note that the relationship between Rose and Mom has kind of fallen under the radar in comparison

It’s always kind of rubbed me the wrong way that Mom was kind of assumed to be just misunderstood, while Bro was “the abusive one,” but…it’s a little more complicated than that. It’s understandable that people would glaze over it a little given that Roxy’s a very likeable character, and likeable characters can’t be abusive or hurtful…right? But the reality is, Roxy’s addiction did lead to some problematic things, and while she’s a great and wonderful person, addiction sometimes brings out the worst in people…like, before they entered Sburb, Roxy did kind of blow up Jane’s computer. While Jane was sitting at it. If it wasn’t for GCAT and Roxy’s change of heart, that could have ended pretty badly. A lot of her pre-sobriety interactions were reckless and passive-aggressive, and even though she was still fun and energetic, her emotions were sometimes self-destructive and unchecked. To assume Mom’s free of these sorts of interactions is a little rose-colored-glasses, especially given Rose’s reactions to her. 

And I would like Mom’s addiction and neglectfulness to be addressed in-comic, especially if we’re taking those themes seriously in the narrative in regards to how they affect the characters. I mean, as soon as they got to the Medium, Mom just kind of…left. We don’t even get a solid reason as to why, and she spent her time romancing dad–Rose didn’t see her again until she was dead. Rose blamed herself for that, and while I do believe they both loved each other genuinely, I think that did have an effect on Rose, particularly in terms of expecting people to have ulterior motives (which is still apparent even in the latest group of updates). It’d be nice to have that unwrapped a little

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man hussie really knows his stuff. everything about what dave was thinking and feeling was 100% accurate for someone growing up in an abusive household, not to mention the obvious ptsd such an upbringing gave him, even feeling the need to apologize for physical contact, like god damn. this whole update gave me flashbacks to my own personal experiences with every single one of those things