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5/6/7 from the most recent prompts list with wolfstar????? Sorry again I've really gone wild with the requests recently lol

omg don’t be sorry I LOVE requests!

I chose 6) “Hey, hey, calm down, they can’t hurt you anymore.”

In which the thing that causes Sirius to run away from home is being badly beaten by his mother.

**mention of abuse**

Remus’ window was open, letting the warm, August night air in while he slept.

He was woken by something tumbling through that window.

He was up in an instant, startling so hard his slammed his head against his low, slanted ceiling. His first instinct should have been to reach for his wand, really, but instead his hand went to his head, feet curling under him, away from the intruder. Instead, he let a whimper out, squeezing his eyes shut despite himself, his mind going to the last time something had come through his window.

For a moment, all he heard were harsh, shuttering breaths. He wrapped his arms around his knees, tucking his chin under them.

Please be dreaming. Wakeupwakeupwakeup-


Remus’ thoughts froze, his eyes opening in the dark space between his arms. He lifted his head, slowly, eyes wide. Because it wasn’t Greyback that had fallen into his room…

“Wh- Sirius? What are you doing-“ Remus’ eyes widened. The panic that had just left his chest flooded it once again as he took in Sirius’ appearance, “What hap…”

He cut off once again at the look on Sirius’ face. Through the black eye, the bloody temple, the split lip, Remus saw the fear; the familiar fear that only crossed Sirius’ face because of one person. Remus’ heart clenched.

“Oh Merlin… Oh god, Pads-“ He pushed himself off his bed, falling to the floor on his knees in front of Sirius, taking his shaking form in his arms. He felt Sirius’ hands grip the fabric of his t-shirt against his back.

“I- I left Reg there-“ Sirius gasped, breaths coming in harsh, sporadic intakes, “I left him-“

“Shh..” Remus rocked them slowly, trying to calm himself along with Sirius, “They don’t hurt Regulus, love. It’s always-“ His voice caught, eyes burned at the thought, “It’s always you… You were right to get out, okay? You were right.”

Remus felt Sirius fall limply into his chest, nose buried in his neck, and he just held him as tight as he could, fingers running over his spine, hand stroking through his hair. He seemed to finally be relaxing, when he suddenly flinched against Remus’ chest, breathing picking up again. Remus checked himself, trying to figure out what he’d done, but when he felt Sirius’ hot tears on his skin he realized. Sirius was just reliving the abuse, over and over.

“Hey, hey… Pads, it’s okay,” Remus pressed his lips to his temple, right by Sirius’ ear, “It’s okay…” He said softly, “They can’t hurt you anymore, I’ve got you…. I’ve got you.”

Sirius let out a shaky breath, “I know.” He wrapped his arms around Remus’ neck, bringing himself closer to the only person he needed right then, the only person he believed when he say they can’t hurt you.

I’ve got you I’ve got you

Sirius let Remus encompass him, let him bring warmth back into his body, “I know you do…”

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Regulus tries to cope with the aftermath of Sirius running away from home. He finds solace in a certain black leather jacket

He shouldn’t have kept it.

Regulus doesn’t know how but that stupid, fancy, heavy black leather jacket that Sirius adores so much somehow got left behind in 12 Grimmauld Place the night Sirius ran away.

Though in hindsight, Regulus supposes that Sirius didn’t really have much time to pack.

But when their mother waltzed into Regulus’s room the evening after Sirius left home and asked if he had any of Sirius’s belongings, Regulus had to make a split second decision.

“No” Regulus stated calmly, subtly kicking the jacket sleeve further underneath the bed, “I don’t have anything of his.”  

Walburga smirked, patted him a little too harshly on the cheek then turned sharply, leaving the door open as always.

That night, Regulus watched ashen-faced as his father burned every last one of Sirius’s possessions left behind from his old room.

Regulus’s heart ached as he stared at the darkening edges of Sirius’s favourite muggle records, the rotting wrappers of old Honeydukes’ sweets, a beloved Gryffindor scar once the vibrant colours of gold and maroon, now just multicoloured shades of grey and of course the beaming faces of James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin from a photograph that was already turning to ash.

Thankfully Walburga had been too busy cackling with joy to notice the unshed tears in her new heir’s eyes.

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I love Joseph Kavinsky.

This is definitely not a headcanon, but I felt the need to say it with all the stuff I’ve seen about him lately in the trc fandom. 

I love Joseph Kavinsky. 

I think he’s a wildly interesting and well-written character. Of course he’s a villain, but he was also a child and also Adam’s foil and also Y’know. The Gray man got a redemption arc and everyone suddenly forgives him as well? Someone who was also an abused child? 

I just feel the need to say that there are many different responses one can have to abuse. Nothing that K ever did was justifiable Absolutely none of it. Partially he is a product of his upbringing, partially he is a product of his choices. One of the things that stood out to me most was how absolutely lost he seemed though…which I believe is something to think strongly on. 

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i kind of like this update. This p much explain my past self, when a guy was telling me to do sexual things for him, i always hated it but he always said that it was because he loved me, and you know when i was a kid i always wanted to get attention

It’s unfortunate that you had to deal with that kind of thing, or that anyone has to in general.  As much as I do rp a sadistic rapist, I am an abuse victim myself.  I know that after a while people can adopt the psyche that those kind of things are alright and I can resonate with a part of Satanick myself in that matter, which is funny because I used to rp him (before I came back and decided to rp Fumus actually).  

Sadly, that’s the kind of control abusers can have on you.  They can normalize their abusive actions and lead you to think that’s normalcy, or that’s what kind of thing love is.  I think most people who are victims of abuse and rape can resonate with that, they can resonate with their captor or abuser having a part of them that they hold so completely.

I know that I do.  Those who have suffered abuse can grow into abusive ways and become their abusers as well, something else that ultimately happened to Satanick, something that people like me have feared as well because you have a lot of pent up anger and shame over such things.

The anger never goes away, despite how much you try to hide it.  You find yourself doing things that make you feel ashamed as well.  Things that have been lightly suggested in his character.  Satanick is a product of someone who was abused and grew up to essentially become like their abuser, believing that abuse is something that is normal and defined as love.

People who abuse you will use the fact that you want attention, and any other insecurities you have to manipulate you into thinking what they want to do with you is alright, or that you must do it because you’ll get nothing better or it’s the only attention that you’ll get.

It’s sad, and it’s something I deeply understand.  I’m sorry that you had to go through such things, and I can resonate with past you even now.  I’m glad you seemed to have moved on (or at least I hope you have) and that the update helps you cope in a way.

Would it be like. 'So you're a former hero? How'd you manage to lose that title what did you just keep messing up and getting people hurt by accident so they just decided to strip you of your title or something?' 'Nah. I was incredibly abusive verbally and physically to Rotten.' 'What.' 'You heard me. I was caught by 10 when I was beating the shit out of him. He brought the whole town to see, I was forcibly removed from town and banned forever from visiting, then 10 contacted the other elves and well yeah. I was stripped of my title as a hero.'

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The person harassing you is a really new blog, she replied to a bunch of your posts before suddenly "realizing you were their ex" and then went on to make callout posts about you. She only had like ten posts before that, and Im pre sure its posts that pop up when you just search "ace discourse" on Tumblr and it sorts by popularity. I think its enough evidence to suggest shes a troll who is trying to get everyone against you as she tagged ppl on the other side to spread awareness

that is one fucked up conspiracy.

who would try to frame someone for abuse?


Okay look I’m getting really anxious, i don’t want to get into this anymore so I’m just going to say how I feel (@ bottom anon thank you)

I think that Lapis did what she thought was right. Jasper was awful, very very abusive. She knew Lapis didn’t want to fuse with her, it was obvious, but Lapis did it to protect Steven and her friends. She could have not fused with her, idk why she did, but yeah, but she did. Lapis keeping Jasper locked up was fine as she was trying to kill Steven and the gems, but like did she really need to do that for a year? I don’t think so. They were together for too long and Lapis wouldn’t let her have any control, not even to leave which wasn’t okay. She was too wrapped up on what she thought was best, too wrapped up in that she could be wrong. I’m not sure how to explain the feeling, but I’ve felt that same feeling before.

Was sending Jasper off a boat fine?
It was
Jasper was trying to kill Steven, Lapis defended him. She’s a gem, she’d be fine. People seem to put their relationship to human standards, when they need to think about gem standards too like the boat thing.
I think Jasper may have been right, I’m not sure, but Jasper was very manipulative, I’ve literally been through the same thing before. She trie to put ALL of the blame on Lapis and tried to convince her to come back to her. Steven then intervened because Lapis was put on the spot, she was scared, then Jasper was going to hurt Steven so Lapis saved him.

Now let’s just leave it at that, please

apparently sausage party is out today and not only has it already made over $3 million it’s generally got about a 70/100 on various review sites and I wanna give a heads up to anyone thinking about going to see it. I read the script and it is exactly what has been produced. If you read the script you already know how garbage this movie is, but if you haven’t (don’t), here’s a few key points for you:

-all of the food items are racist stereotypes. all of them. the movie opens up with a song specifically pointing out these stereotypes. half of the “jokes” in the movie are based on these stereotypes.

-the other half of the jokes are sexual. not even in a clever or nuanced way, more like middle school level “lol sex” type jokes.

-every other word is fuck I s2g

-there’s literally a point in the movie/script where the only females in the movie are abused so badly by another character that the script doctor literally had to go in and be like “woah hey maybe tone down that violence towards women there friend”

-the above mentioned character is actually the movies Mexican stereotype (a container of guac) who literally says out of his mouth that his whole thing is abusing women. that’s it. that’s his whole character.

-the food has sex. and not just for 30 seconds. for like 5 whole minutes. it’s graphic. a whole montage of disgusting food orgy.

-there’s also a lot of body horror, gore, and vore(? if it’s food being eaten does that count? I’m putting it on the list anyway bc it’s still pretty fucked up) and when I say gore I don’t just mean the food. human beings are also graphically murdered in this movie.

-there’s a rape scene. also beastiality. it’s the same scene. the main villain rapes a rat. (and it gets worse from there somehow)

-the whole thing is a thinly veiled commentary on the “futility” of religion and any people who are religious or believing of God are spineless sheeple living in ignorance.

I could honestly make a point for every minute of this movie, but I think this is more than enough to convince anyone thinking of going to see the movie otherwise. one last comment I would like to make is that I noticed a lot of the people actively supporting the movie are white men, and I believe that’s why it’s getting relatively good reviews. but don’t be misled, the movie is shit.

so if yall could please spread this around so people know what the fuck is up and hopefully don’t waste their time and money on this fucking shitstorm of a movie that would be gr8 👌

tl;dr dont go see sausage party. trust me, you don’t want to see this movie. it’s disgusting (more so than Seth Rogans other movies)

one of the things that’s truly fucked up about our legal system is the way that the law is applied to poor people vs rich people and corporations, and not just in the “rich people can afford lawyers and get away with murder” sort of way. the double standard is literally codified in our legal system with the difference between civil and criminal cases. 

so let’s take two hypothetical instances of law-breaking. in one, a poor person steals baby formula to feed their child. in another, a massive corporation systematically denies wages to their employees, totaling millions of dollars stolen right from poor people who need those wages to make a living. 

the person stealing baby formula is considered a criminal case– it is considered a crime against society, and the state pours resources into prosecuting them because clearly this is a threat to the order of things and even one person being allowed to get away with this would be an affront to the social order. the thief would of course potentially face jail time– which means a near-complete loss of freedom and a high vulnerability to violence and abuse behind bars.

the massive corporation stealing millions of dollars, however, would be a civil case. Civil cases must be filed by the victim. it is not considered a “crime against society” to steal wages from your own employees, and as such the state will not devote resources to filing suits against corporations. instead, it’s the employees who have been wronged who have to put in the time and money to find a lawyer who will file their complaint so that they can get some monetary compensation for damages. Keep in mind that most of the victims of corporate theft are already poor and overworked, and filing a suit is risky because of the monetary risk. oftentimes, if a lawyer can’t win the case, the plaintiff will have to pay all the legal bills themselves. So it requires somebody with very little money (and an incomplete knowledge of their rights, because corporations try to keep the fact that you can sue them hidden) to find a lawyer who is good and dedicated enough to win who is also willing to do it on a pro bono or contingency basis. 

and of course, jail time isn’t on the table for suits against corporations. worst case scenario, they’re found liable for damages and will have to pay a good amount of money out to the plaintiff before going on with their regular business (and most likely making up for the lost money by mistreating their workers). 

in these two scenarios, the person who commits a crime out of financial need and does a miniscule fraction of the financial damage that corporations do is at much more risk of punishment and violence for their actions. and this is structural, because within the framework of the law, petty theft is considered a crime against the state and society while corporate theft is conceptualized as a dispute between individuals.

this isn’t a hyperbolic hypothetical: even when factoring in much larger property crimes, wage theft accounts for more money stolen than other property crimes combined. 

taking all of this into account, it’s really clear how the state’s interests in enforcing the law are principally to protect bourgeois interests and preserve capitalist organization. criminal law is a way of locking away poor people to scare everybody else away from transgressing the sacred property relations of capitalism. the entire criminal justice system is illegitimate, immoral, and needs to be abolished. 

It is not abusively jealous to want to be monogamous.

It is not abusively coercive to express sexual desires.

It is not abusively manipulative to tell your partner that you can’t stay in a relationship where they aren’t meeting your needs.


If you bring force or badgering or guilt trips into these things, then you can cross the line.  But I’m concerned by how many asks I’ve gotten from people worried that it’s unethical to communicate any kind of dissatisfaction or disagreement in a relationship, that it’s the seed of abuse to want anything from your partner.

This simply isn’t true.  It’s okay and it’s necessary to tell your partner when you want something in a relationship.  Communicating ethically requires that you be willing to accept “no”; it doesn’t require you to protect your partner from ever having to say “no.”

for me being hiv+ has resulted in friendships with a lot of older lgbt folks. the ones who survived the epidemic but lost partners, family, friends. the ones who experienced abusive shock and aversive therapy. the ones who have folders upon folders of funeral pamphlets and obituaries, often where the gender and/or sexuality of the deceased was rewritten and buried in words written by their unsupportive family. the ones who can name people memorialized on the aids quilt. 

i’ve learned a lot from them about what it means to be lgbt from them and i wanted to share an experience with the q slur. 

my school’s gay-straight alliance started meetings with joking about the “queer agenda”. i had “queer and proud” in my then tumblr bio. the word felt radical and i would have shouted it from the rooftops, although i wasn’t necessarily certain of its meaning.

but when i reclaimed a slur, not only applying it to myself but also for my friends, they recoiled. a few of them did their best to reassure me but i could tell that referring to them as “queer” had hurt, that in that moment i had replicated the exact language of slur-hurling americans who told them they deserved to die - on the senate floor and in the streets. they survived a state-sponsored plague, not to mention complicated intersections of transmisogyny and racism within lgbt communities meant to assist them, often failing to do so.

i’m very small, soft-spoken, and at the time only 17 years old. but when i applied that word to the group of them in a coffee shop parking lot they looked scared. 

it is my word to reclaim as a nonbinary lesbian if i choose to but i urge you to think long and hard before making generalizations about “the queer community”, before encouraging cis hets to use it as if it’s their word, as if it’s their history, as if it’s their pain to understand and shoulder. it can obviously be joyously or tentatively reclaimed by members of the lgbt community, at each individual’s discretion, but first and foremost, at face value, queer is a slur.

here’s to the borderlines who have had multiple failed relationships

here’s to the borderlines who are in a current healthy relationship

here’s to the borderlines who don’t want a romantic relationship at all

here’s to the borderlines who are scared of their relationships failing

here’s to the borderlines who can cut people out easily

here’s to the borderlines who are being / were taken advantage of by an abuser

here’s to the borderlines who have realized their harmful behavior and apologized + worked on it

here’s to the borderlines who make attachments way too easily

here’s to the borderlines who don’t / no longer become attached quickly

here’s to the borderlines whose favourite people are good for them

here’s to the borderlines whose favourite people are bad for them

here’s to the borderlines with no favourite people

here’s to the borderlines who split on others all the time

here’s to the borderlines who rarely / don’t experience splitting

we’re all valid and important, regardless of how our symptoms present and despite how often non-borderlines make us into walking disasters who are incapable of loving and unworthy of relationships. 💖

You can be poison ivy and I’ll be Harley Quinn. See I already am coming to you with my mouth used to bruises. Do you know how often he called me stupid. This brain that chatters at speeds that scare people.

See we’ll work together in the dark ripe plum of night, because some part of you knows what it’s like to have something venom in you. See you’ll teach me to pull the thorn out. You’ll show me how to do better than lick wounds. How to be okay again. The newspapers will all say that we are just friends.

See last night you looked at me in the blue light of our midnight and when you reached out for my hand I realized I had been drowning. You heard me crying before it happened. If I kissed you would it be real or would we wake up and pretend it never happened.

Come wrap me up in you. Let me breathe in your earth skin. I want to steal the glory of morning and bring it home to you. I want to hold your hand while we rise up. I want the quiet laughter of our kitchen, and you, in nothing but socks and my shirt, and you, pressed against a wall, and you, my morning coffee. See we aren’t maybe the good guys but I feel good when I’m with you. See I have a lot of things I’m still figuring out but none of them are about you. See, he called me stupid and maybe I am but you make me feel like maybe I could be somebody new.

See, green has always been my favorite color. And I’m hopeless over you.

This 8-year-old son of two moms dressed up as Hillary Clinton for Halloween. 

His parents have gotten some vitriolic responses on Twitter – think allegations of “child abuse,” “indoctrination,” slurs, and “this is why gays shouldn’t be allowed to adopt” – but they aren’t responding. Much of the internet seems to love this kid and his on-point costume, and love definitely trumps hate. (via Gay Star News