~a league of their own

I’ll never understand this community’s weird dynamic with supports. On one hand, we get laughed at treated as a useless role and a joke and get told we’re getting the easy role because we don’t farm. On the other hand people demand we buy every ass saving item in the book, get a red trinket, ward every inch of the map at all times, build tank, buy control wards, heal whether we’re playing a healer or not, all in the same breath. If we’re so unimportant why do you blame us for every failure?

Artwork by @roguekelsey

Have Mercy - Nails And Teeth In Pavement

the fact that most people thought mitch wouldn’t make the league this year, including his own coach, only for him to turn out to be one of the most important players on the leafs as well as one of the top rookies in the league makes me insanely proud. what mitch has done this year is absolutely phenomenal.