~a league of their own

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would you say that magicians are more powerful than regular demigods (not counting big 3 kids)? between sadie and annabeth i would say annabeth has more experience and fighting prowess but sadie has more power and tricks up her sleeves. ofc percy/thalia/nico are all in their own league

i mean like obviously it depends on how skilled each of them are respectively, but generally speaking i would say that magic has more of a natural intensity to it than just regular combat. i think annabeth could beat sadie easy but that’s because she’s annabeth and sadie is like 13. if you know how to use it though i think magic is better bc it’s more powerful and you can use it from a distance.

The difference in how fandom perceives Jason “im going to skip patrol to do this extra credit project” Todd and Timothy “happy high school dropout” Drake is classism, plain and simple.

Jason is perhaps the most enthusiastically academic batkid and would’ve loved to go to Ivy League; Tim canonically hated school. If left to his own devices Tim would work from home doing graphic design or some shit that doesn’t require him to see sunlight/put pants on and ya’ll know it

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Hello mother of that is pure and evil, may i have the receipts of the boys fawning over jibooty especially jungkook? Thank you, my lady

nothing would make me happier 💖✨

and of course our boy jungkook is in a league of his own…

(his face right after slapping the jibooty…so proud)