Natsu/END vs Gray - Alternate Version?

Natsu: Gray, today we finish this!
Gray: Hey Natsu, why must I fight you? We’re not enemies!
Natsu: Shut up! (throws his flaming fist at Gray)
(Gray dodges the flaming punch and throws icicles that knocks Natsu/END back into the side of the building.)
Juvia: (from nowhere) Gray-sama!
Gray: Juvia!
Juvia: Gray-sama, hurry! You must come with Juvia!
Natsu: You can’t leave yet! (prepares to wake up and tries to attack again, but the icicles prevent his body to do so)
Gray: Natsu, we’ll have to end this some other time.
Natsu: No! (finally breaks the icicle free) Don’t run away, coward. You’ll pay for this insult. I’ll be back.

Lyon: Hey, Gray. Long time no see. You’re looking cooler than before.
Gray: Y-you’re Lyon! Why are you here? Don’t you remember what happened last time with Ur?
Lyon: Shut up! I still remember that you killed Ur a long time ago! I want revenge!
Gray: Cut that out, Lyon! We don’t have to fight!
Lyon: I won’t lose this time!

(source: Mega Man 8)