5 reasons to stay tune on AHS 6.0

1. Lady Gaga is back!
2. Plot theories will be answered.
3. Actual history will be portrayed.
4. OG Evan Peters returns!
5. The Mystery


>> 6X3 - CHAPTER 3 
>> 6X2 - CHAPTER 2
>> 6X1 - CHAPTER 1


Next page… we´re soon reaching the main plot from this story so stay alerted *3* Hope you like it so far. those two really give me the feels. T_T I´m also playing with the thought to draw a continuation to it (and I´m sure by now for 99% I will do so)… so yeah. In far future you will see more from our two Saiyans ;) Next page follows asap. (and btw…. Gokus optimistic is something I really love and adore about him the most *3* Whenever he says: something will be good, something will be okay - it will and I really believe it. :D)

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