• samarchitects One year on and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about Tom and how much I miss him.
    I feel truly blessed to have as many memories of him as I do and even though sometimes it’s painful it’s worth it to see him smile in my head.
    I still find myself wanting to share new albums with him and silly football rumours and to laugh at ridiculous videos together.
    The times we spent together we’re truly some of my favourite. Not only did you have the darkest sense of humour you had my favourite.

    One person who I’m utterly lost for words at how proud I am is @danarchitects he has been there for so many of us throughout this and I want him to know just how much we all love him.
    Every time we perform we do it for you Tom and we’re eternally grateful for the lessons that you taught all of us.
    I love you and miss you every day
    For Tom Forever ♥️