Mario Kart Deluxe is out today so we decided to publish this collab work @the-whipple-effect and I did. Whinter and Clementine enjoying the Go-Karting! Earlier full size and sketches were available, and still are till 30th (of April 2017), in his Ko-Fi . Get one if you want this as your wallpaper!

I did the composition, character lines and colors. Whip did background elements, kart lines, BG colors and explosions!

Can’t wait to play this game later tonight! Let’s get Mario Kart salty


‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ Is A Sobering Commentary On The Perils Of America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

This week on Split Screen, Zak and Sam talk Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a game that pulls no punches in delivering a sobering commentary on the ravages of America’s crumbling infrastructure.

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you've mentioned offhand that Asriel is 8'8" tall because he has associations with the number eight in-game. can you expand on that? to me, it seems he has stronger associations with the number six, and I can't think of anything he does eightfold. –🐝

While not nearly as strong of an association as the one between Chara and the number 9, there are a few small associations between Asriel and the number 8.

  • In the true lab, Flowey’s creation and disappearance are mentioned in the lab entries 8 and 18. These are also the only two lab entries that feature Flowey’s smile on the monitor.
  • At the end of the genocide route, Chara hacks down Flowey 8 times.
  • Asriel’s boss stats say they are infinite ( ∞ ). Coincidentally, the infinity symbol looks like an 8 on it’s side. 
  • However, Asriel’s REAL attack stat in the game’s code is 8.

While we aren’t sure if the number 8 bears any true significance to Asriel/Flowey, it enough that we wanted to reference it in Caretaker as a small homage.

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