Bertha of Kent or Saint Aldeberge (539–c.612), queen of Kent. 

Perhaps the most well known of all the pre-Conquest queens, Bertha played a crucial role in the establishment of Christianity in England. She was the daughter of the Christian king, Charibert I of Paris, who insisted that she be free to practise her own religion when she married the pagan king, Æthelbert of Kent.

Bertha crossed the Channel with her chaplain, Bishop Liuthard, and the pair converted an old Roman building into a chapel. She discussed her beliefs with her husband, ensuring that he welcomed the pope’s missionary, St Augustine, when he arrived in 597. She also corresponded directly with the pope, with the pontiff flattering her with comparisons to Helena, mother of the Emperor Constantine. She was canonized for her in establishment christianity during this period in Engliash history.

Anglo-Saxon records indicate that Saint Bertha had two children: Eadbald of Kent, and Æthelburg of Kent. Bertha and Æthelbert were buried together inside a Christian church in England’s first Christian kingdom.



I knew Juan from middle school. We had met in 6th grade, we were friends and a lot of us kept in touch. Juan ended up moving away to Florida before 7th grade started. He and I ended up keeping in contact off and on and then when we were both sophomores in highschool we had a long distance “fling”. It was emotional and we sometimes talked of plans of our future but we both knew it wouldn’t work out. He would text me when he was upset and vise versa. Slowly, we ended up loosing contact with each other. He killed himself in September of 2013, 4 months after he graduated and 5 months after he sent me the last message on Facebook saying “hi”. I don’t know why I didn’t reply, I can’t remember. But I can’t help but think if I had, would he have talked to me and expressed his sadness to me?? Could I have helped him in anyway? I found out of his passing in June of 2015 when I happened to stumble over someone saying how they missed Juan. I cried for hours. I am married now, but I still think of Juan sometimes. He was always smiling, and he always made people laugh. He seemed so happy…..I think the thing that hurts the most is not knowing why he did it. I hope to see him one day . I hope he’s in a better place.


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4:38 am

Holy Fuck I hate myself. I havent written anything decent since the 6th grade so sorry for this shit, lol. anyways, i love shatt and im gonna write shayllura tomorrow. have this poorly half done fic. I love you all.

“We’re going to McDonald’s.”

“What the fuck, Matt,” Shiro looked at the alarm clock that sat on the bedside table.

4:38 am

“Oh, I’m so sorry Mr. ‘McDonald’s was a Godsend’, was that just some kind of fucked up lie?” Shiro couldn’t even distinguish Matt’s face in the darkness, let alone try and put together the words he just spoke.

4:39 am

“McDonald’s is a Godsend when it doesn’t happen at 4 am,” Matt looked disgusted. At least, Shiro assumed he did. Either that, or he was smiling.

“Don’t pull that shit, asshole. You’ve done this before, you’re just being a fucking baby,” Shiro wondered why McDonald’s at 4 am was ever a good idea. He doubted it was.

“Alright, Matt. I say yes to your idea and we go to McDonald’s. How would we get there? McDonald’s is 3 miles away and we don’t have access to a vehicle,”

“Wow, someone wasn’t paying attention last week! Too busy watching my lips?” The room filled with silent laughter and Matt was pulling on Shiro’s arm now, desperately trying to get him up.

“Maybe I was busy trying to do my fucking work unlike some people,” Shiro forced himself to get up and walk, but sleep was something that Shiro hated missing out on, and Matt was cute, but sleep was cuter. “What did I miss last week?”


Silver keys that sparkled in the dark.

“I got full clearance for vehicles 24/7 last week,” Matt was smug, and Matt was smart. But not even Commander Samuel Holt has full 24/7 access to transport vehicles.

“You asshole. How the fuck did you get this?” Shiro held the keys in his hands. They were warm and made his fingers smell metallic. Matt simply shrugged.

“Should have listened instead of doing paperwork. That doesn’t even matter though. Are you in or not, Shirogane?” Shiro narrowed his eyes. He knew what was going on, and he knew why.

“This is a date, isn’t it? This is a fucking date to McDonald’s because I bought you salt and vinegar chips at the Commissary,”

“Do you know what, Shiro? Fuck you, I’m not taking you do McDonald’s. You don’t deserve an egg mcmuffin.”

“Why do you always overreact whenever I say something like this. You’re the one who slaps my ass in public, but the moment I say that this is a date to McDonald’s you start getting pissy,”

I’m getting pissy? Can’t a guy just take his pal out for a nice fucking breakfast at McDonald’s? Why do you make everything gay?” Shiro had to hold in his laughter. If he woke anyone in the Garrison, he knew he would be fucked for the rest of the quarter.

“I’m making it gay? I’m making it Gay. Alright, whatever, it isn’t a date. But I better get my egg mcmuffin,” Matt couldn’t care less about the rest of the quarter. He was snorting and holding his stomach before Shiro could even attempt to put pants on.

Even with clothes on, Matt didn’t stop. He covered his mouth and tried to say something that sounded like “your sticks,” but even then he would burst back into laughter. By the time they got to the vehicle bay, Matt was being cradled in Shiro’s arms, and Shiro could feel tears on his hands.

“Why are you like this, Matt. This is the third time this week this has happened and I have yet to figure out why. I just wanted my egg mcmuffin. Why do you do this to me.” Matt readjusted his glasses before straightening his back, but he still was shaking.

“First, that was really homophobic. Second, I’ve had no sleep this week. The Garrison just keeps adding shit onto my schedule and I’m dead. Why don’t they find a new biochem major to pick on. I’m busy being gay. And three, because I hate you.”

“That was kind of homophobic Matt,”

“Shut your fuck, asshat,”


“You ordered fucking pancakes. I order pancakes, you asshole. What the fuck. What the fuck.” Shiro didn’t understand the problem. He didn’t want an egg mcmuffin when he go there. He wanted pancakes.

“Why is this my fault? I wanted pancakes, sorry your highness that I didn’t order my usual. At least I didn’t put 20 dollars in the tip jar because I had no ones,” Matt sneered and ate his pancakes.

“Fuck you, Shiro. If you wanted some fucking pancakes you should have just asked me. But no, your ass had to order them too. I hope you’re happy. I’m never coming to McDonald’s again,”

“I hope they have a McDonald’s on Kerberos so you have to eat there every single day.”

Matt was leaning over the table now and Shiro had to awkawardly move out of the way of his arms. One grabbed his sleeve, and Shiro was yanked to eye level with Matt.

“You listen here. There are no McDonald’s on Kerberos. I am boycotting McDonald’s and it’s all your fault.”

“I can’t wait until you find out where we were gonna go for that ‘Friendship Bonding’,”

“When will God kill me already.”

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It's 11:21pm and all i think of him saying "bye" to me for the first and last time on July 6th, 2016.

Oh baby ;/


#IVYMAKEOVER @noraforeman

Wigs wigs wigs! You know how much I love wigs - so today was Nora’s turn to try it:) Am I insane or she looks like Britney Spears with those brown contacts (6th picture)????????

Thanks for coming sweetie! 

Comments are welcomed! As always!:)))