The Printer Is Jammed

Description: John is a disgruntled customer who just wants his money back for a shoddy printer Harry ordered for him off of a catalogue. Sherlock is a bored customer service rep working the summer he has off from Oxford. They are both about to get more than they bargained for.

Review: This is one of my new all-time favorites fics. John contacts customer service and Sherlock is who he receives. Eventually, they strike up a conversation. John is a writer and has sworn off writing romance, and Sherlock and John start to write detective books together. They become very popular and bear a certain resemblance to certain people… This fic is so sweet and funny, I loved everything about it. Told just through emails and transcripts of videos. I adore this fic.

Rating: General (although I’d say Teen)

★★★★★ 💕💕✨💫

Title: The stuff of comets
Author: iseekdaylight
Pairing: Tenny, brothers!JohnMark
Rating: PG-15
Genre: sports!au, ice skating!au, slow burn
Length: oneshot (50k)
Summary:  Johnny Seo returns to the figure skating scene two years after his unexpected retirement as his half-brother Mark’s manager. With the Olympics fast approaching, can Johnny help Mark become the best skater he can be?

Admin C: WOWOWOWOWOW, this was such a beautiful read <3 

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[EXORUN] Sehun vs. EXO-L

when he ranked no.6: 

oohsehun: 나는풀업그레이드했는데.. 진짜잘한다EXOL

Even after i did a full upgrade…. EXOL are really good at this

when he ranked no.2: 

oohsehun: EXOL진짜못한다😇

EXOL are really bad at this 😇

when he ranked no. 6:

oohsehun: EXOL뭐야 맨날이것만하는거에요? 왜그러는거에요? 

What are you EXOL, is this the only thing you do every single day? Why are you like this?

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As a celebration here’s a little something from the archives: A fan-animation of Rat from The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks. I was so stoked when I first saw her design I did a little run (and quickly got too busy to finish it haha). 

Thanks again everyone! Here’s to another year of weird crap and work crap. 

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