Lucked Out

by inertia

characters/pairing: youngjae/daehyun, b.a.p
genre: canon, angst, romance, tension, pining, drama, psychological drama, angst with a happy ending
word count: 117,867w
rating: m
warnings: violence, identity crisis (?)
summary: They’ve come too far to give up who they are, regardless of how much they’re in. But with a of luck, they may be able to keep their worlds spinning.

review: honestly a masterpiece. It’s long, but the length is needed to build up that perfect level of angsty tension. The plot is so painful because of how raw and real everything feels. Not only is the writing style incredibly ambitious (+ flipping fantastic metaphors and descriptive passages), but also the writing techniques such as the alternate narratives and the intertextuality, and they all deliver, and contribute to the fic’s unique quality. I’ve never read anything quite like it.
Note: the last chapter hasn’t been posted and it’s been over a year since the fic was last updated, but I think the penultimate chapter provides enough closure.

- Admin S

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Obscured Memories - Ibelieveinahappilyeverafter, Kasena
By Organization for Transformative Works

Harry Potter is twenty-four and an accomplished Auror. He can say with confidence that he’s content with his life, right now. Everything seems to have finally settled down after wrapping up the Second Wizarding War. He’s now on the case of the New Risers, trying to stop them from becoming the next Death Eaters. The raids can get pretty bad and thanks to his position, he now finds himself often running into Cursebreaker Draco Malfoy and his sarcastic comments. Really, he’s used to the last bit, so it’s nothing that he can’t handle. However, finding an Obliviated child who seems to be scared of magic while on a raid? Might be a little harder to deal with.

my favorite thing i’ve learned in college is that way back in ancient china there was this poet/philosopher guy who wrote this whole pretentious poem about how enlightened he was that was like “the eight winds cannot move me” blahblahblah and he was really proud of it so he sent it to his friend who lived across the lake and then his friend sends it back and just writes “FART” (or the ancient Chinese equivalent) on it and he was SO MAD he travels across the lake to chew his friend out and when he gets there his friend says “wow. the eight winds cannot move you, but one fart sends you across the lake”

Honestly shoutout to The Social Network for giving us the line “you’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true. It’ll be because you’re an asshole” because if that doesn’t epitomize women’s feelings for entitled male nerds I don’t know what does

13 Reasons Why

Don’t watch it. Do not watch this fucked up mess of a show. Listen, I’ve been working in suicide prevention for almost six years, and I grew up in an area that had epidemics of teen suicides. The area is actually so well known that the show-writers and producers met with leading experts in the area on the ways that the media contributes to youth suicides - and then did almost everything they were warned not to do, even going so far as to actually show the suicide on-screen. Many of the experts that they’ve spoken with are expressing grave disappointment with how the show proceeded despite their advice.

If you’re suicidal, if you’re depressed, if you self-harm, and/or if you have any trauma associated with that, please do not watch this show. It was incredibly irresponsibly handled and puts people in very real danger.