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I was feeling pretty down and when I saw that you had uploaded not une but two fics my day got just a bit brighter. As always, amazing and beautiful and hartfelt. Thank you.

Thank you so much! I’m glad I could help 💚

(I promise I haven’t stopped writing!! I’ve spent the past few months writing a 50k fic for @sqsupernova that should be out soon, and i have about half a second medium-length fic written that I’ll start posting after Supernova and SQW are over. Lots of writing, just not much posting yet, alas)

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Your characters always feel very solid&grounded, really rounded out with the impact of full lives if that makes sense? And the fact that you wrote this is amazing bc you write so largely? You don't just write the very linear necessary scenes, it's always fleshed out and wide-sweeping. I don't know how much of it you write and just don't end up using or if you go wherever you want with concept writing, but it's fascinating to see that such huge scenes/moments can exist and not be in the narrative

Aww, thank you.

I write a lot of scenes that don’t end up in the main narrative – either because they take place in the main narrative and get cut (like, for example, the three chapters I’ve been struggling over I’ve probably written 50K for, but only 30K of that is going to end up on the page), or because I write them as backstory/flashbacks/concepts.  And those are split pretty evenly between “I wrote this with the deliberate intention of putting these in the main story” and “I wrote this because I wanted to.”  Maybe a third of the ones I wrote specifically for the story itself ended up not being there after all.

(Off the top of my head, those include: Kanan’s first Hunt and how he earned his Inquisitor nickname (this is actually four scenes), Hera taking her field trials as an ISB cadet (this was only partially written), Kanan and Hera’s first meeting on Gorse, and Kanan finding out that Hera is an ISB agent (three scenes).)

With the others, I write them mostly because I feel like it, or because a scene gets stuck in my head.  And I’ll usually hold those on the possibility that those will get used in the main narrative (as happened with this scene – the other ISB agent ended up being changed in Backbone to a character who had already been mentioned by name).  Some of them are fairly big events, like the Felucia op, but something like that (which takes place over a long period of time) doesn’t really fit into the flashbacks as they’re established in Backbone – those flashbacks would basically be a parallel narrative running on their own for most of the story.  Others are me going “I would like to write makeouts right now”, or “I would like to write hurt/comfort.”  On occasion it’s also me going “I need to get into this character’s head and figure out what was going on” – there are Cham, Alecto, and Sabine flashbacks all written, for example.

There are also a couple of cases where I’ve planned to write flashbacks, but ultimately didn’t do so because they didn’t work well.  Like, there was originally supposed to be a flashback of Hera arriving at the Imperial Academy on Serenno after the last Stygeon Prime flashback; there was also supposed to be another flashback of Hera getting the Ghost from Agent Beneke.  A couple of others that I can’t remember.

Your average pineapple, peeled and cut makes about 4.5 cups or 36 ounces of pineapple chunks. Cans of pineapple come in a variety of sizes the most common being 20oz and 46oz. Meaning a single pineapple generally won’t fill up a single can perfectly, wich also means everytime u eat pineapple from a can somewhere someone else has the can that has the rest of that same pineapple. Meaning u can share a single fruit with a stranger from hundreds of miles away and I think that’s beutiful

[EXORUN] Sehun vs. EXO-L

when he ranked no.6: 

oohsehun: 나는풀업그레이드했는데.. 진짜잘한다EXOL

Even after i did a full upgrade…. EXOL are really good at this

when he ranked no.2: 

oohsehun: EXOL진짜못한다😇

EXOL are really bad at this 😇

when he ranked no. 6:

oohsehun: EXOL뭐야 맨날이것만하는거에요? 왜그러는거에요? 

What are you EXOL, is this the only thing you do every single day? Why are you like this?

50,000 followers!! My child sacrifices worked! Jeez guys, thanks for sticking around so long. :’) 

As a celebration here’s a little something from the archives: A fan-animation of Rat from The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks. I was so stoked when I first saw her design I did a little run (and quickly got too busy to finish it haha). 

Thanks again everyone! Here’s to another year of weird crap and work crap. 

(Also, don’t forget to read my FAQ if you’re looking for advice. It’s likely I already answered a similar question!)


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50k Followers! It’s mindblowing! And i’d like to say thank you and give something back! Share this post and tag me on an outfit photo of yours you like, make sure that details are nicely visible and i’ll pic one i like (mabe more) and do a watercolor outfit drawing of you! Later i’ll post the large illustration with a pic and a link to your instagram or website on dressesanddrawings.tumblr.com

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