RuView of S9

Just like I did for All Stars 2 I’m going to be putting out personal reviews of each episode of S9 (I’ll try to remember to tag spoilers but if I forget cut me some slack.). I will try to do fashion reviews every week if I can find HQ photos but for this first week I’m going to be putting out Fashion RuViews of S9 Promos & NYC Premiere looks. 


Adann: Please! I want a man! Tall, with white hair and amazing dark eyes!

Fortune Teller: It costs 5000 dollars.

Adann: But I have only 20…

Fortune Teller: “Oh, these poor school boys…” Ok, let’s see what we can do. TA-DAA!

Adann: WHO IS IT?! No, no and NO!! :\

with the right presentation and “evidence” anything can sound reasonable. there are people who can twist any facts to fit the narrative they want to tell. in the current political climate this is important to remember. people can make even the most ridiculous things sound reasonable with the right presentation and supporting “evidence”. such evidence is usually mere coincidences whose importance they’ve grossly exaggerated. growing up with fundamental christians and extremely conservative politics has taught me a lot about this, and i feel like it’s something most people don’t realize

 like, say a creationist is trying to convince you that dinosaurs lived with people and the earth is only 5000 years old (this happened repeatedly during my childhood because i didn’t believe it). they’ll say that the fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures were laid down during the great flood in the bible. they’ll cite fossilized trees going through several layers of rock as evidence. they’ll use myths from around the world (nessie, an african legend called mokele mbembe if i remember correctly) to make you wonder if dinosaurs are really extinct. they’ll say the great flood re-shaped the continents rather than continental drift. and if you don’t know much (or anything) about science, those things sound reasonable.

these tactics are what i grew up around in church. i’m very familiar with people making ridiculous things seem actually sort of reasonable by using half-truths and assumptions and some out-of-context facts. i see so much of these tactics being used now with politics and the media, fearmongering and propaganda. i want to encourage everyone to think critically about EVERYTHING because even if someone sounds convincing in their arguments, you should always do research and make your own conclusions before deciding whether to believe them or not

and if you do fall for something, it’s not because you’re gullible. it’s because the other person is very skilled at getting people to agree with them. if you believe something that you later find out to be colossally wrong because it’s what you were told growing up, it’s not your fault. it’s the fault of the people who deceived you and twisted you to believe the way they did.

Writing update: Chapter 4 of The Ice Plague is written (*bounces quietly*) and now tagging The Golden Age back in. :)

(Also, it’s weird writing chapters that are around 4000-5000 words because they feel so short compared to what I normally write).

on the one hand i want lance and shiro to have a nice heart to heart talk with lance telling shiro about how much he looks up to him and how much he wishes shiro would take him more seriously as a paladin and as a member of team voltron

but on the other i just want lance to be like