Analogue Nt: A $500 High Definition NES

Here is what you need to know:

  • It plays both NES (US) and Famicon (Japan) cartridges. 
  • Supports 4 controllers (original NES controllers will work). 
  • Plays over 2000 original NES and Famicom titles. 
  • It costs $499 without cables, controllers or the HDMI adapter. 

You can check out the website here, or you can read up on what Wired said:

“It’s available in four colors, but anything other than plain silver is going to cost you more, too. Red, black, and blue versions of the system cost an extra $50 each. So all told, it’ll cost you more than $800 to get a system with four original NES controllers, the HDMI options, and a sweet paint job…”

You read that right. At $499(USD) you do not get cables ($29 extra), the HDMI adapter upgrade ($79 extra), and, if you don’t want it in silver, you’ll need to cough up another $49. According to the companies website, the “first production of the Analogue Nt is sold out”. 

Considering there are a number of alternative options, which will work on HDTV’s and cost far less, do any of you think this product is worth it?

Okay, so you’re an artist, and your worried your art isn’t good because it’s not getting any notes.

Here’s the thing: I cannot emphasize enough how arbitrary notes are on tumblr. Seriously, they don’t make any sense. I went ahead through my art tags to help illustrate this

These pieces all have less than 50 notes:

These all have less than 500:

And THESE all have way more than makes any logical sense (some of the images are from short comics):

My post with the most notes was so bad that I didn’t even save the damn comic! 

So like, please DO NOT use notes as a benchmark for your artistic integrity! They’re a terrible rating system. A lot of excellent work just sort of slides under the radar, whereas a lot of much faster doodles get a ton of attention (often just because they’re funny, shippy, or kind of relatable). Seriously don’t let yourself get trapped into thinking you aren’t or can’t be a good artist just because it doesn’t have a certain number of notes



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What I love about Ireland and tumblr is that since it’s such a small place we practically all follow each other, like I see the same post about 500 times a day because of everyone reblogging it from each other. We are quite the hodge podge family here. Éirinn go brách agus is clann mór sinn.

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So I’ve had my accent shop open for nearly a year now! It certainly felt like longer, but I guess time passes quicker than it feels pfft. Regardless, I wouldn’t have gotten this far with my FR blog, nor my accent shop without the support of my followers! I really appreciate you guys and to show that, I have saved a copy of each of my released accents to give away (with the exception of customs of course.)

-There will be at least 7 winners who will each receive a random accent from those show above.
-If you are not interested in the accent you have won, let me know and I will give you 500 gems instead and redraw another winner for said accent

To enter, please reblog with your username and ID#

-you do not have to be following me to enter!
-If you are interested in a specific accent, please drop by >my accent shop< and leave a message! I also have each icon posted for previews if you’d like to see it on your dragon. c:

This ends July 19th, 17:00 server time.

          ani’s multi-milestone cupcake love bias list!! 

there are a lot of milestones happening right now and they’re all overlapping and it’s so exciting. i’ve passed some follower milestones on astoria, daphne, narcissa, and even caden – 500+, 250+, 100+, and 50+. i’ve hit my five-thousandth post on astoria. in a week, my astoria blog will be a year old. and, in a couple weeks’ time, i’ll have been writing astoria for three years. honestly, it’s been such a wild ride, and such an incredible one. i’ve made some amazing friends here, and i’ve developed such incredible dynamics with people in and out of character.

i cannot even begin to explain how grateful i am for this amazing experience. i’ve met so many wonderful people, and i’ve grown so much as a writer. and my characters have come a long way from where they’ve started – i took a look, recently, at some of my very first interactions as astoria, and it’s kind of incredible to see the ways in which she’s changed, and the ways in which she’s stayed the same. expanding to other characters has been amazing, too – getting to write ocs i developed on the spot, exploring dynamics with characters i’d never dreamed of interacting with regularly, developing dynamics i was hoping i’d get the chance to write.

the moral of the story is: THANK YOU. thank you for being so kind and welcoming. thank you for interacting with me, and for giving me the chance to get to know you. it’s been a blessing and a privilege, and i cannot thank any of you enough for that. below the cut is a follow forever // bias list // whatever the cool kids call them, and it’s been a very long time coming. there’ll be a giveaway soon, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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Since I recently hit 500 followers, and since I’ve said from the early days of this blog that I would do a follow forever when this happened, here it is!

Mutuals are bolded.

The squad:

halsiemusic​: Courtney, my dear. To think it all began with a ship and me ranting about this one preference I just couldn’t quite get right. No matter how much (or little) we talk, you will always have a special place in my heart. I lub ya.

5secondsofequality​: Tori, you’re not just “some friend off the internet”. You’re my beta-reader, my co-band-slut, my sister and one of my best friends. Never ever EVER forget how fucking proud of you I am. I love you.

lowthesleeping5​: Jeanette, my favorite ginger! Thank you for your endless support of my writing and singing, and letting me rant and ramble when the feels get too much. You’re amazing, love ya!


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The V.I.P.s:

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For reaching 500 followers, I put together a video of everyone who has inspired me to keep going with my blog, as of reaching 250 followers.

I know I promised this ages ago at 250 followers, but I got lazy. And people were following too quickly. But at last, here is the finished video! I hope you enjoy, and here’s to many more followers!


In order:

































With cameos from:

Team PIC




Physical Screening Test

Minimum PST                                              SEAL           SWCC        EOD    

Swim 500 yards                                         12:30           13:00         12:30
(450 M) - Breaststroke/Sidestroke
Rest: 10 minutes

Push-ups                                                      50                50                50
Rest: 2 minutes

Sit-ups                                                           50               50                 50
Rest: 2 minutes

Pull-ups                                                          10              6                   6
Rest: 10 minutes

Run 1.5 miles                                               10:30         12:00           12:30               

Minimum PST                                                Diver         AIRR

Swim 500 yards                                            12:30         12:00

  Push ups                                                      50              42

   Sit ups                                                          50              50

  Pull ups                                                          6                4

  Run 1.5                                                        12:30          12:00

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe that I just hit 500 followers. This literally makes me so happy, and I never expected to get anywhere close to 100. It’s about the time that I should make one of these, as I was planning to do one when I hit 200 and that just never happened. I really do adore all of my followers, and you guys are pretty fucking rad. I’m not gonna list everyone that I follow because I really don’t have the patience for that, but I will put down the ones who mean the most to me.

but you complete me,  and that’s no lie

Here are a few of my greatest friends on this site. I don’t know where I would be without you, and I appreciate all of you so much. I know that you all will always be by my side, and I hope that we remain to be friends for a very long time. I literally cannot express how much you all mean to me.

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Also, I am working on making a blog roll, so don’t worry darlings, I appreciate a ton more of you too. I just can’t fit y’all into this post, y’know? Please keep in mind that this is nowhere near a comprehensive list and that I probably forgot some people. Just because you aren’t on this particular post it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate you. I love you all, here’s to hoping I make it to 600.

Okay I know I’m so late with this but it’s okay cause I finally did! All the blogs that I chose were the ones who rebloged all my stuff and I kept getting notifications to a point where I remembered your URL😊
*Not in order*
mellieminkus tearin-anova always-believe-inyou caitlinsixx lovelifeformusic ameezy-forever bellawonderglam not-useless-just-used always-dreaming-the-impossible pb-for-castiel itsmaria74 translucent-l0ve memichellexo sit-in-circle-and-stay-unspoken todderella ilikenightwriting friendofpizzazombies californiadreamer218 literalnope becauseimmaya emmaloves1d2 gantu99 cheekygilinsky machewespinosauraf maylor-dendes toomanybooksforalifetime unbrokeeeen those9viners themagc0nlife fangirl-food-feelings heartless-soul matthewespinosass magcon-omahasquad poploin wilksprincess98 annesochoue jackgilinskisbae crazy-lil-dino randomposts-because-whynot fckmejjohnson xptxmist vanessa-robbins jadelawery amalyamendes karhi777 deariwasnevergivenaname sincerelyyours-never vxctorxav spadxiii anti-socialteenager unnaturalethings i-n-q-uisitive livelikenobodyswatchin

I probably missed some blogs and I’m sorry!! All these blogs are must follow because they are pretty cool blogs!! I hope you all are having a great day and thanks for 500 followers again:)