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sent this b4 not sure if you saw it: "exercise has very little to do with weight loss. your trips to the gym probably have you losing 100-500 calories max (300 to 500 is generous cuz you have to work your ass off for that range). if your goal is 100% dedicated to losing weight avoid the gym (it'll only make you hungrier) and focus on your diet. a guy your size could probably pack 2000 calories a day and still lose weight (at 2 lbs a week, don't push it past that). also, fiber is your friend."

ya this is what everyone keeps telling me but i love food

If you’ve seen moonlight on a large body of water at night, you understand why I say it looks angelic. Amidst the tarry black scape is a single bolt of white light, hailing from above, flattening and licking the edge of each tumbling wave. I’ve felt that way sometimes. Inside myself, I mean. Sometimes it takes such a strong juxtaposition to see the bigger picture.
—  15/500 WBK

A Grumman A-6A Intruder (then designated A2F-1) with an array of possible ordnance.
Outside ring: in front of the A-6 are five mock-ups of multiple ejector racks. To the right and left are 46 Mk 81 113 kg (250 lb) bombs. The circle is closed by 30 Mk 82 227 kg (500 lb) bombs.
Second ring: In front of the plane are “five classified shapes” (napalm canisters and/or nuclear weapons?). To the right 13 LAU-10 rocket launchers with four 12.7 cm (5 in) Zuni rockets each are arrayed, on the opposite side 13 Aero 7D (LAU-3/A) rocket launchers with 19 7 cm (2.75 in) are displayed. To the right and left of the horizontal stabilizers are 15 Mk 83 454 kg (1.000 lb) bombs, and 12 Mk 79 fire bombs are displayed behind the aircraft.
Inner ring: behind the left wing (with the national insignia) are three Aero 8A practice bomb containers, on the opposite side five Mk 84 907 kg (2.000 lb) bombs are displayed. In front of the left wing are five AGM-12A Bullpup air-to-ground missiles, in front of the right wing are four AIM-9B Sidewinder air-to-air missiles and a Douglas D-704 Buddy-Buddy refueling tank with extendable snorkel (a.k.a. Buddy Store).
The aircraft itself carries four 1.137 l (300 gal) tanks. 

SasuHina Writing Contest Info

Hello, everyone! As you might have heard or seen in the tag, we’re going to host a SasuHina writing contest! Here is where you’ll find the rules, how to be involved, dates, etc.

The contest formally begins on June 1

The deadline is Friday, June 26

On June 30, the judges will announce the top three

The winner will be announced July 1


-Must be a one shot between 500 to 1500 words. (no more, no less)

-Must be a SasuHina, however that doesn’t mean it must contain romance.

-Any genre accepted.

-Must stay T rated and below.

-Judges are looking for clarity, creativity, and originality.

-You may submit more than once.

-NO plagiarism; if you are caught plagiarising, you are immediately disqualified.

-More than one writer may work on the fic, but all authors must be listed clearly.

You may tag your work as sasuhina, but if you want your work to be judged, you MUST tag your fic with the hashtag sasuhinawc. Again, the judges will be looking at fics under #sasuhinawc and only #sasuhinawc

Thank you to everyone who participates! For questions, inbox me at simbaloveshismufasa


i hit 500 followers last night, thank you thank you thank you! i figured i would re-do this one coz there were a lot of things that really bugged me about it. plus ch 30 was released and oh my god all hail queen hinami.

so I know I haven’t been over here much recently. But I hit a milestone a while back and I’m very close to the next one. I want to formally start off by saying; that whenever I first started this blog I didn’t expect the reception I got. It was the best. I have made some of the greatest friends in this fandom, and I’m glad to say I’m going full scale on returning over here no that everything’s looking up again. Lin is one of my favorite muses, and I just haven’t had the motivation to write over here like I usually do.

faiirbrook ||  toshootfirst ||  rebeltwilek  ||  mxntis
*****I talk to these four on a regular basis, they are some of my best friend’s and I dunno what I would do without them. So it’s a personal bias going on over a year & traversing over three fandoms with them.

                                        My favorite criminals.

jixnchi || futuriistic || ternpestuous || zzukoo || procurvi || ignitxr ||  southerntyphoon

You guys have been here since the beginning we’ve laughed cried and not slept for over 24 hours together.

                       People I would 50/10 reccommend.

durasilex || ignitedearth || sokkarang || stubbornelement || amortean || flirtiings galaxychord || kiraahachi || loveslargebananas || legendaiir || nuiiruk || ofgalliifrey 
orchiidlike  powxrdisc || vvolfbat || loveslargebananas || voskreshenii || mrsizumi
xaoli  ||  shouyos ||  winkchain 

Honestly. This is the list off the top of my head, and without you my time here wouldn’t be as memorable as it has been. So thank you so, so very much for sticking through everything with me.

let’s not forget the time bond looked a fellow agent in the eye and denied knowing him, because he’s balls deep in an undercover operation, and the next day he finds the dude strung up by his ankles, swinging outside in the frigid air. bond bloody well knows he’s signing the man’s death warrant and carries on regardless. 

or that time in casino royale when M tears him a new one for botching up the mission because he’s like “the world was better off with one less bomb maker” because they’re after the person/people/organization that HIRED him and not the thug himself. 

moral of the story: as agents, our characters are working to protect something larger than themselves. you can’t save everyone. you can’t rid the world of every criminal. that’s why you make your missions count. 

bonus: secret agents are not 500% free from the press. if you’re caught doing something stupid, like blowing up a foreign embassy, YOUR ASS CAN STILL BE CAUGHT ON CAMERA. & not only is this embarrassing, but it catches the public’s attention, which means your boss will be dragged in for a hearing and private citizens, not realizing the full extent of your mission, will probably WANT YOUR HEAD. on a spike. on the wall. M wasn’t kidding when she snapped that “in the old days, if an agent did something that embarrassing, he’d have the good sense to defect. i know the bond franchise is not the prime example of real-world espionage, but at least that bit’s believable. also, yeah, if your boss is the head of the SECRET SERVICE you can be damn sure if they want you killed, the “paperwork” will most likely be “lost” and you’ll never be seen/heard from again. 

p.s.: not everyone gets to log in with M’s username/password. not everyone will know M’s full name [other than gareth mallory.] not everyone gets to break in, or even FIND M’s flat/living quarters. just don’t.


Idk if I’ll make more gifs, mostly because work, college and my new boyfriend keep me busy and bc once you reach 1m you kinda expect more than 500 notes in a post

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AU where Sanji owns a food truck and Zoro suddenly discovers a passion for street food that has absolutely nothing to do with the hot blond that serves him every day

nothing to do with that blonde at all. nope… >.>

So I decided to screw around in Battle Chip Challenge a bit, and this is the result.

For those not familiar with HubStyle in BCC… His Navi Attack is the MegaBuster, dealing 20 damage… With five hits per turn. So it does a total of 100. Navi+40 here… This boosts up each individual shot. So without slot-ins… We’re looking at a grand total of 500 damage in a single turn, With 1 Slot-in, 700. If I miraculously get BOTH? 900.

(Have I mentioned that I’m an asshole?)

Real life writes the plot...

So, as I said recently I was fired from my job. The reason why is really embarrassing so I’m not going to say it here, but if you truly want to know you can message me. 

Anyway I desperately need to get a new job since at the end of every month I get almost $500 withdrawn from my bank to pay for student loans. I’ve been putting out applications to basically anywhere for this past week even though they’ve got nothing to do with my degree.

During this unemployed period I’m also going to focus on my jewelry business. It kind of got neglected during the time I actually had a job. I’ve also opened up a second shop, which sells vintage jewelry and other things, because I inherited a TON of stuff from my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my aunt that have been basically sitting around collecting dust.

I come from a family of jewelry lovers. My aunt made jewelry, my great great grandfather made jewelry (his turquoise pieces are NOT for sale- keeping those, though I might show photos) and my grandmother and great grandmother were avid collectors. I don’t wear the stuff I inherited because I tend to wear things I made myself, though some family heirlooms- squashblossoms and turquoise beads made by my great great grandfather, have been incorporated into a jewelry set I wear all the time. Also my great grandmother had a pretty large collection of copper and enamel jewelry from the 1950s-60s by a designer called Renior Matisse which I am keeping too, so don’t expect those to show up for sale either! If I end up making some extra money from this new business venture I just might end up adding to that collection.

Anyway, I just wanted to get it out there that Phunky Junk N’ Jewels and Phunky Vintage Finds exist, and I hope to add more items for sale in the future. 

Oh, and here’s a photo of the mascot of my new vintage jewelry shop:

This is Tommy, my grandmother’s big ol’ baby boy, which I also inherited. :3