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Hey, so over the past month I haven’t been able to work due to a tooth infection that left me bedridden and my only computer I rely on for self employment being broken.  And on top of that my bank account is overdrafted and my mental illness has been getting more severe due to all of the stress from this situation, making it even harder.

This has left me completely without money for bills and life expenses and right now I have no other options but to ask the internet for help, as I have no family to turn to and nothing of value left to sell and all of my bills are due soon. I need at least $500 to pay my bills and get a new computer so I can get things back on track.

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Christopher Crouzet
Marseille, France
Hasselblad 500 C/M | Hasselblad XPan

How does your work as a visual effects artist inform your creations as a photographer?

So far my work has been mostly technical rather than artistic but only the fact of being immersed within such an environment has been highly inspiring. Staring every day at the artworks from top class artists helped me to develop a sense for recognising quality work. I can now sometimes feel, without always being able to explain why, when some composition, colours, or lighting, are off. Having a better eye made me more picky and demanding regarding my own work, which positively impacted how I approach each photo.

Do you ever try to bring the two together in your photographic work?

My photography style is at the opposite of my profession. When in a movie we try to make a shot more visually appealing by embellishing the reality, or to match a specific artistic direction, in my photography I tend to minimise any digital manipulation to the bare minimum. I even try to stay away from any digital device for as long as possible, which is in part why my main go-to cameras when not globe-trotting are analog: an Hasselblad 500 C/M for portraits and an Hasselblad XPan for landscapes. In fact, I’m using photography as a way to expose the natural beauty of the world and of the people around us, thus without any artifice nor visual effect.

Tumblr: @christophercrouzet
Flickr: @christophercrouzet
Twitter: @crouzet_c


nicki was legitimately gifted a ring valued at $500,000 like she wasn’t getting married to the guy or anything can someone pls tell me where this level is and how i can reach it


Chibi Bassists…and Princess Mikerella

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Okay, so my platonic partner‘s situation got kinda bad, super fast, and they’re going to be kicked out of their apartment in 3 days (April 30!)

I’m not going to spread their personal info because 1. it’s their private life and 2. long donation posts are distracting, but their url is voldemort-i-got-your-nose​ (so they’re a real person, you know!)

They need ~ $ 550 (500 €) to pay for their (and their mom’s!) next month’s rent, food, and other basic expenses.

Anything you can donate is enough! Even if you can’t, reblog this to spread the post - I don’t have many followers, and most of them can’t afford it, so it’s important that more people see this!

On the other hand, if you want something in return,

I take commissions!

Price depends on the style, amount of characters, etc. but they range from $2 to $25 - or whatever you want to pay for them! I can also make short songs, loops, poetry, fanfic, help with your homework, literally anything.

(keep in mind i have exams and homework pretty much all day every day, so I might not be able to start your commissions until next month)

PAYPAL E-MAIL = jona_alone@hotmail.com

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Finally!! - this only took about 500 years to complete. I read a lot of fics, and I’m INSANELY picky, so I thought I’d create a rec not only to spread the word about these fics, but also as a little archive for myself. 

These fics are all completed and they’re all unlocked as of the last time I checked them (27th April 2015) so you should have no problem reading them. 

Next time I do another one of these, I’ll probably focus down to a pairing, a member or a specific theme but, seeing as this is my very first rec for the fandom I thought I’d have a well rounded selection. The ones marked with a ♡ are my favourites ones, the ones I cannot stop thinking about and all but two of these stories have happy endings (because I’m a sucker for that shit). 

You can find future fic recs on my blog under the ‘Tania Reads’ tag, and feel free to drop me an ask to request certain pairings and/or themes. 

Peace out, y’all, happy reading :) 


1.♡ Material Girl; black-goose; 14k, PG - AU, Romance, OT12 Fic, Baekyeol, Established!Xiuhan, Sekai, Suchen & Taohun; For most of his life; Lu Han had belonged to a certain subgroup of society, which Minseok referred to as “the extremely well-off” and which Sehun called “a bunch of rich fucks being twits”.

  • I love the way that Sehun and Luhan were portrayed, the more serious parts of their personalities which contrasted wonderfully with the fussy melodramatic personalities of Baek, Tao and Chanyeol. The Baekyeol relationship was superb, infused with small moments of long-term domesticity. The best character by far is Yixing, just … trust me on this.

2. ♡ The 12th Floor of Apartment E; himawarixxsandz;  [series], PG; AU, Romance, OT12 Fic, Baekyeol, Established!Xiuhan, Kaisoo & Taoris; Twelve people on the twelfth floor.

  • Minseok and Luhan’s relationship is here is really great, they’re shown as super fuffly, insatiably sexual and, most importantly, a couple with disagreements. I only wish their major argument was drawn out a little more, as the resolution seemed a tad abrupt. Also, Jongin lusting after an initially aloof/disinterested Soo is life, that is all.

3. Lead Me On; whatthekey; 2.6k; R; Baektao, Hunhan, Kaisoo, Krisyeol & Suchen; “What now?”

  • The style of writing is fantastic, holy shit. It’s an extended conversation, if you will, but fragmented and interpreted through different situations and characters and circumstances - so that it’s a continuous zeugma almost - each little section is both literal in it’s own contained sense and within the greater fic as a whole. This a is a really astounding read. 

4. Visions of Summer; xiuminseokkk; 15.5k; PG13; Alternate Universe, Xiuhan, AuPair!Luhan, AuPair!Kris, AuPair!Junmyeon, Kid!Jongdae, Kid!Kyungsoo, Kid!Sehun, Kid!Tao, Kid!Jongin; Luhan has never been good with children, but luckily he meets Minseok, an employee at the toy store who is also good with kids. As it turns out, it’s not only the kids who love Minseok.

  • I have such a weakness for kid fics lmfao. But this is better than I could have expected. I was going to put this in the xiuhan section, but because of the little moments between the other characters warranted a spot smack bang in the middle of the OT12 fest. It’s so cute. 

5. Mapcrunch; saitheisonfire; 3.7k, PG13; Adventure, Crack, Humour; EXO has to find the airport.

  • This is really fucking hilarious. Sehun’s knowledge of the French language, Yixing’s desperation, Jongin … just wow.

6. Of All The Outcomes; Anonymous Prompt Fill; [length]; PG; Alternate Universe, Domestic, Kid Fic, Krisho, Kid!EXO, Mpreg, Humour, Fluff; The old woman reaches down and hefts up a glowing sphere. Kris represses the urge to laugh. “What do you want to know?” Kris shrugs. “Tell me I’m going to be rich.”

  • All I’ve wanted  was a Leaderline ft. 10 bratty children AU and this is exactly what it is. I really loved the initial antagonism between Kris and Jun, (enemies to friends to lovers is probably the greatest trope on earth) and their domesticity. The mpreg is mentioned in passing, and there are so many children so I spent a literal ten minutes trying to figure out who the fuck was who (but then more popped out and I was like literally what the fuck). The author does explain which child is which at the end, though I wish for a little more clarification as each child appeared; but the temporary confusion doesn’t take away from the delight that is this fic.

7. Professionaly Good Looking; aeglos; 13k; PG; Alternate Universe - Fashion, Humour, Photographer!Minseok, Blogger!Luhan, Model!Kris, Blogger!Suho, Photographer!Yixing, Model!Baekhyun, Model!Chanyeol, Assistant!Jongdae, Blogger!Kyungsoo, Blogger!Tao, Model!Jongin, Vlogger!Sehun; Luhan glances at Jongdae’s hand, at his innocent face, and turns his attention back to Zitao shuffling to the bathroom with an armful of clothes. “Shut up, Jongdae, you shop at H&M.”

  • Fashion and EXO, two of my favourite things. Kris is such a treasure in this fic, as is Tao, and Luhan. Yixing and Baekhyun are mostly absent from the fic - but not from the happening within the fic - they’re mentioned mostly in passing and withing group things (the twelve of them piled on the bed etc.) so I was little disappointed as they’re my faves. But honestly, Kris (and his facials) more than make up for their absences. 


8.♡ Suits; strange-seas; 20.3k, PG13; AU, Romance, Angst with a Happy Ending, Bodyguards!AU, Modern Royals; Minseok is the longtime protector and voice of reason to a young prince. When Luhan is brought in for backup, Minseok is torn between resentment and fascination.

  • This is definitely one of my favourite fics in the fandom. Beautifully detailed, smoothly paced and just good. I spent two days reading the entirety of this author’s works, if that tells you anything about their writing, and I was not disappointed! Some of the rhetoric is so wonderfully phrased that I’m just kicking myself for not having written it first. 

9.♡ Tides; ethereal-r in soccerncoffee; 46k, NC17; AU Romance, Major Character Death, Terminal Illness, Mentions of Suicide, Homophobia -Xiuhan, Past!Xiuchen, Implied Kray; Minseok’s been living in the past.

  • I don’t usually read death fics, I don’t know why I read this one to be honest. I’m glad I did though, but it packs a punch. I spent twenty solid minutes after finishing this sobbing (like legit tears streaming down my face), the subject matter is handled tactfully and respectfully, and the relationship that develops between the two is gentle and sweet. But I spent a few days after this fic just thinking back on it and getting really sad, I’m not lying when I say that this is intensely tragic. 

10. ♡ All of Summer in a Day; tealights in soccerncoffee; 9.2k, PG, Recluse!Luhan, Tutor!Minseok, Brief Mentions of Violence, Brief Mentions of Bullying; In seven years, Luhan meets four people at the end of the world. It’s the fourth that matters, because the fourth is Minseok—who opens up a door for each one he closes.

  • I lost this fic for about two months, but I finally found it! I think this was one of the first fics I ever read for this fandom and it captured the dynamics between Lu and Minseok is wonderfully rendered, it’s a slow burner for sure. The shift in genre towards the middle of the fic is a little abrupt (in terms of transition) and I would have almost preferred the story to go without it, if it weren’t for the way that the author so carefully intergrates it into Luhan’s backstory. It’s an introspection on Luhan, and a wonderful one at that. 

11. Home Away from Home; xiuminseokkk; 20.7k, PG, Royal!AU, Prince!Minseok, Prince!Luhan, Fluff, Romance, Angst With a Happy Ending; Minseok is the cousin and best friend to the Crown Prince. He gets sent out to help relations with China to a lonely place without his best friend by his side.

  • Man, the last section of this story is so great. This story is really nicely paced, the sweetness of it isn’t overbearing and I loved the discussion of honour and duty and patriotism that the writer includes. It’s refreshing to have a role switch, in terms of Luhan being the one who is dutiful and Minseok being the one who wants to break out of that. 

12. Ice, Ice, baby; moon-things in soccerncoffee; 12k, PG13; Superhero!AU, HighSchool!AU, Romance, Fluff; There’s something about the new transfer student that makes Luhan want to know him better.

  • This is great, I love Luhan’s protective streak and I like it even more in the way that it is portrayed here. Luhan’s curiosity is infectious, even though, of course, we already know what lies behind the mystery. It’s cute, so cute. This reminded me a lot of Sterek actually, and those dynamics - from Han’s curiosity/i’mmadoitmyself to Minseok climbing into Han’s bedroom through the window! 


13. ♡ All I want from you is to see you tomorrow (and every tomorrow); in bottomsehun; 24.3k, NC17; Model!AU, Model!Sehun, Mild Internalised Homophobia, Side!Chankai; Sehun meets Tao and learns to stay still, just for a little while. Together they learn to be with each together.  

  • This is the one Taohun fic I would reccomend to everyone. It deals with issues of loneliness, balancing relationships, coming to terms with yourself and being considerate of your partner’s expectations and wishes. The way that the author incorporated Sehun’s tendency to remember people and moments through olfactory means is one of my favourite aspects of this story. 

14. Tagging Hearts; julyfix; 3.7k, R; Delinquent!AU, Petty Criminals; They tag the walls but Sehun knows that Zitao’s name is written all over his heart in inky black graffiti.

  • This is so domestic but they’re simultaneously really glamorous grifters. This fits them so well, and the author did a great job. I liked their backstory the most, however, I could just read another 20k of this, easily. 

15. Candid; fairyminseok in taohunation; 5k, R; Model!Sehun, Photographer!Tao, Destructive Behaviour; “I’m supposed to tell a real life story. A relationship, love, reality, something like that. But like, you know, it needs to be believable. Messy even.”

  • The writing in this story holy crap, the description of the photographs and how they collerate to their relationship just about killed me. Their relationship, initially, is fraught with issues, both within themselves and in how they fit together - but it so great to be able to see them move forward, and step on the right path to start fixing that. 

16. Sunbeam stop tugging me; osehun; 2k, PG13; Canon, Fluff, Romance; Everyone (re: Lu Han) thinks Zitao and Sehun are dating.

  • I love the title of this story, I love the bountious amount of cuteness in this fic. I love how meddlesome Luhan is. I love Tao and Sehun’s relationship. I love how caring Tao is, and how vulnerable Hun allows himself to be with Tao. I just love this.

17. I’m a real big fan of yours; foudroyantfear; 3k, PG13; Crack, Humour, Fluff, Romance, Band!AU, Fanboy!Tao, BFF!Lutao; Now they’re here, Zitao’s twenty, pristine copies of XOXO having gotten them in, and he’s going to meet Sehun and will not flail at the sight of him.

  • Luhan is a delight. That is all.  


18. Cold Heart, Baby; kais in 3daysofkaisoo; 4.4k, NC17; Royal AU, Prince!Kyungsoo, Blacksmith!Jongin, References to Frozen, Touchstarved!Kyungsoo; Kyungsoo takes a step back but Jongin just keeps stepping forward.

  • I don’t like, nor have I ever watched Frozen but royal and/or historic fics are my weakness so I had no choice but to read this. The ending was so sweet, and the idea of touchstarved!soo peeking out of corners for Jongin is giving me heart palpitations even now. 

19. Fonder Still (Absence); henqiguai; 1.5k; General, Established!Kaisoo, Fluff, Romance; Trans-Pacific pining. Alternatively: How Jongin and Kyungsoo deal with being (temporary) long-distance boyfriends.

  • Jongin was so adorable here. I really like it when fics portray him as the absolute nerd that he actually is, compared to I’ll-make-your-panties-drop-Kai. It just really amuses me. This was a delightful mingling of the two. 

20. Echo; pikatao; 5.6k, NC17; Alternate Universe, Dancer!Kai, Coffee Shop AU, Side!Kyungmyeon; because jongin dances better when he has someone to dance for.

  • I read this forever ago, and it’s still just as good as when I first read it. Poignant and sweet, it’s a coming together of the past to fuse a new future and I fucking love get-back-together fics. Soo is dating Junma at the beginning though, but this undeniably a Kaisoo love story. 

21. I, I Love You (Like a Love Song, Baby); lunathunderhead in 19_blue_roses; 12k, PG13; Skater!Jongin, Dancer!Jongin, SalesAdvisor!Kyungsoo, Cinematographer!Kyungsoo; Jongin is a skater and Kyungsoo is a lotion connoisseur.

  • This is really funny story. I absolutely adore film and film-making so Soo’s running cinematic commentary was incredibly amusing, and his relationship with Sehun is 10/10. I like that he works at the bodyshop, like it’s such a great departure from the stereotypical fic jobs. This is areally refreshing story (and it has some really great tips on what scents to wear!) 

22. What The Crown Carries; thisismylastlie; 10k, PG13; Royal!AU, King!Kyungsoo, Prince!Jongin, Advisor!Baekhyun, AngstKyungsoo is a cautious king whose crown is too heavy for his head – or heart – to bear. Jongin is a proud prince who stands tall but falls hard for the king.

  • This one. Man, this one. I think a lot about this fic, and, like I said before I love Royal AUs so I couldn’t not rec it. It’s a sad one, but holy shit it’s really well done. 


23. Krisoo: GQ Gangster; happinessplate; 50k - R, Alternate Universe, Assistant!Kyungsoo, Boss!Kriss, Romance, Roaming Narrative Perspective, Model!Kris, Model!Luhan, Side!Chanhun, Side!Layhan; Kyungsoo is Kris’ fairy godmother. Although it says ‘personal assistant’ on his namecard. On the other hand, Lu Han is Xi Luhan, no matter what it says on his namecard.

  • Funny, entertaining and long. I love everything about this fic. 

24. A Prince and his Guard; riots; 30k - NC17, Historical AU, Regency AU, Royal AU, Prince!Kyungsoo; Prince Kyungsoo is far more fond of his books and his garden than he is of people, and the last thing he needs is some new guard to babysit.

  • I am royal au trash. It’s practically 70% of what I read and I’m not even ashamed. I love the way that theyr’re relationship developed and I adore how Yifan gave absolutely no shits about letting his eyebrows illustrate just exactly what he thought of Soo’s suitors. When the terms of endearment came out I was already crying buckets. 

25. ♡ Drowning in your Kerosene Eyes; daphnean; 10k - PG13, Historical AU, Alternate Universe - Fantasy; Yifan falls for the emperor’s captured songbird.

  • This is one of those fics where I’ll sit in class and start day dreaming about. The universe the author creates is really intricate, it’s like ours but … shifted about an inch to the left - just enough to create a sense of mystery. If you read only one of these fics, I highly reccomend you read this one. 

26. 153 unread texts and 79 missed calls; ryeowookie; 700w - PG13, Established!Krisoo; Yifan hasn’t been speaking to him.

  • This is so good. It’s very short, but it makes up for it in terms of the sheer amount of loveliness. It successfully portrays the pressures of being in a relationship when both of the respective partners are busy. Yifan is boyfriend goal level in this fic and I’m so sad. 

27. Maybe Someday; natsudive; 1.5k - PG13, Established!Krisoo, Secret Relationship; It would be nice if their time together wasn’t just relegated to stealthy visits under the protection of nighttime.

  • Aw man, secret relationship fics just get me. The way that the author has Kris and Soo negotiate their time for their relationship (so many moments of tenderness crammed together in quick succession) makes you ache for the couple but also admire the utter perseverane of their love. 


28. Suhun: you’re as cool as a pack of 64 crayons; in foudroyantfear; 4.5k - PG13, Romance, Humour; Sehun is Yixing and Lu Han’s babysitter, and Junmyeon is the family gardener. They become a little too interested in each other. Lu Han is Not Happy.

29. Kaiyeol: Something last a long time; strange-seas; 19k - R, AU, College, Friends to Lovers, Unrecquited Love, side!Kai/Sulli, side!Kai/Nana; Jongin is always one step behind, and not everyone can wait forever.

30. Krisyeol: Muses and Mannequins; strange-seas; 8.5k - PG13, Model!AU; Kris is the head of a modeling agency and Chanyeol is his new star. When Kris makes a bet with his biggest competitor, he doesn’t realize just how much he is putting at stake.

31. Kaixing: Kpop: in monochrome; maayacola; [length?] - NC17, Photographer!Yixing, Idol!Kai, Canon Divergence; He dreams of butterflies with ink-dark wings and bright white skies tinged cinereal at the corners, heather clouds and ashen grass; he dreams of interlocked fingers and a smile he can’t forget.

32.♡ Xiuhanlay: The world was built for two; shihan-ai; 9k, NC17, Smut, OT3, Alternate Universe,  Xiuhanlay, Xiuhan, Layhan, Side!Baekyeol, Brief!Hunhan; Yixing’s caught in this dance with no rules and everything always comes back to Luhan.

33. Baekxing: Home is where the heart is; airplanewishes; 7.2k, PG13, Established!Baekxing, Alternate Universe, Romance, Fluff, References to homophobia; The key to the home Yixing has built with Baekhyun, it seems, is acceptance.

34. Baekyeol: Now (There Is No Tomorrow); aprilclash; 40k, NC17; Mildly Graphic Depictions of Violence, Hooker!Baekhyun, Assassin!Chanyeol, Mobboss!Luhan, Hooker!Luhan, Hooker Jongdae, Assassin!Kris; Baekhyun drowns in heavy makeup and sex with a different man every night to pay a debt. Chanyeol kills people for a powerful mob boss to buy his boyfriend’s time.

35. Chansoo: Father & Son; malaccompagne; [series]; PG; SingleDad!Chanyeol, Kid!Sehun; Chanyeol’s a single parent and Sehun is his best friend - and also his five year old son.


Matt Ryan at Wales Comic Con 2015, signing my autograph :’)

My favorite Cam and Hodgins classic scene is in 4x24 where Hodgins is trying to convince Arastoo that dropping a body off the walk way in the lab is a good experiment and Cam walks in and just says no like 500 times

Man, I seriously cannot believe this. It feels like only a short while ago I made one of these for 300 followers. A lot about my blog has changed since then, and even as I’m in the process of making this post I’m already well over 500 of you (approaching 600 even, wow you guys). You’re all sweethearts and without each and every one of you this blog would never have taken off at all. So, in no particular order, here’s my short bias list before I spew out a bunch of names that you should all check out right now.

The Bat-Fam


My daughter, my child, my pal. Kat is amazing. She’s a perfect Cass and knows how to draw upon all of her characteristics perfectly. I love this lil bab and you all need to follow her right now. (Or else Batdad will find you)


Carol is amazing. Simply amazing. I haven’t met many other people who pretty much just ARE their character, but Carol is effeminately among them. Seriously, she knows Steph so well you’d think you’re reading the comics.


The wonder bae. Allie is probably one of the kindest people ever. Period. She’s super supportive and is very good at keeping people’s spirits up. So no wonder her portrayal of Diana is pretty much perfect. And don’t be fooled by all that kindness, she’s a rollercoaster of a shipping partner that will make you feel fluffy things and then smash it with angst, only to go back to the fluff. Allie, you’re a trip, but you’re awesome.


Cassie is the reason I have this blog. Plain and simple. If she hadn’t coaxed me back into reading comics and re-igniting my love for superheros, this blog would simply not exist. She’s also the one who literally said I should make this blog back when the idea was kicking around. And despite the fact she can be a headache to try and fathom at times, she’s a sweetheart where it counts.


Lia is friggin awesome. She’s got so much passion for her characters and opinions, and I really really respect her point of view in regards to comics and how they need to be improved. And of course I could go on and on about how great her characterization is, but I don’t want this to be too long.


What the hell can you say about Shawn. Well, he’s a nerd first of all, but the best kind of nerd. The kind of nerd that’s funny and talented, who has more creativity in one hand than most professional comic writers in the industry. Seriously you guys should see all of his ideas for characters and plots, not to mention his views on how to re-invent old characters to give them a new and interesting twist. Somebody get this guy into the industry now, because he’s gonna rule it one day.


Karla has the biggest, most innocent loving heart of anybody I’ve met. She’s so kind and sweet to everybody, even when she’s cross about something she feels guilty afterwords. And of course her passion for her characters knows no bounds, and you could have her talking for hours about why she loves them. The fact she’s made a ton of people love generally disliked/unrated characters really says something.


Maggie is a very cool person to chat it up with. She’s very friendly and approachable, and I find theres always something cool to discuss around her. And of course she plays one of my favourite characters in all of comics (also one of the cutest, *coughs* erm, what?), and does quite frankly…Spectacular.


Kari is super super nice. She plays two of my favourite comic characters first of all (Terry McGinnis and Wally West), and I must say she’s very good at it. Also, the level of improvement in her writing quality since I met her is astounding, and I’m really proud to have witnessed that progression!

The Justice League

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