Researchers Taught This Gorilla Sign Language And He Immediately Came Out As Gay To His Father

Prepare to have your mind blown!

Scientists at the San Diego Zoo have made a tremendous leap forward. After working for over three years with a 270-pound gorilla named Sampson, researchers say he is now able to fully express over 1,500 signs of modified sign language and has even come out as a homosexual to his father!

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Hangout Nest

Kick back and relax in total comfort the next time you venture into the wild by bringing along the hanging nest. This portable cocoon hangs from branches and creates a cozy protective environment ideal for resting inside of while enjoying the view of Mother Nature.


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We waited… AND NOBODY CAME FOR US. Any other race would’ve declared war on America and asked for their people back. Africans wrote us off like a bad check. And then they gone show up 500 years later… with a briefcase full of watches. I don’t need no goddamn watch - I KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!
—  Paul Mooney, Black American Comedian Scholar Philosopher

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Idk, I'm not sure meme documentation meme is a meme. Most other current memes (gun, astrology, etc) have 10k or more of notes, while the most I've seen for memedoc is 500. There are so many small local memes that size and they don't get documented.

Mod Sag says:

just because a meme is small doesn’t mean it’s not a meme though

just because a meme isn’t documented doesn’t mean it’s not a meme

Rainbow Rumpus magazine Needs Kids’ LGBT-Themed Stories - Pays $300/story

Rainbow Rumpus, an online literary magazine for children and youth with LGBT parents, is reviewing children’s and young adult fiction stories for forthcoming issues. The magazine imparts a wholesome, enjoyable, and inspiring resource for young people to create and appreciate art, overcome solitude, and become more active to build a better community.

Editor-in-Chief Liane Bonin Starr, the person in charge of submissions, welcomes stories from the viewpoint of kids or teenagers with LGBT parents or other family members

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To anyone who uses silicone containers as carb caps:

Stop. You are potentially damaging your lungs.

The operating temperature of food grade silicone is up to 500 degrees, and medical grade at around 600 degrees. Meaning that ABOVE these temps may cause melting of the silicone. Most dabs are well above 600, especially since most people have their “low temp” on an enail set at 660 degrees! So think about how hot your torch dabs are. You have no real way of telling how hot your nail is without a pyrometer or laser thermometer. And laser thermometers don’t work on Quartz, and need to be very fine tuned to work on Titanium.

You definitely don’t want that on your nail or in your lungs. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

This has been a dabbing PSA.

Hi all! As I made a promise to make one of these when I reached 500 followers, here I am~ And I want to thank all of you for taggin’ along with me! You are all super wonderful, and I am so excited to have you guys here. I’m glad to have each and every one of you followin’ me, from those that I see more actively, to those that jus’ seem to dwell in the shadows of tumblr. But, here we go, and as I am lazy, I’m gonna keep this to a short follow forever. Much love to all of you–

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harry potter reread: goblet of fire pt iii
  • “Harry, who had played Quidditch against Warrington, shook his head in disgust. ‘We can’t have a Slytherin champion!’” REALLY HARRY?? WHY NOT??? PLEASE EDUCATE ME, I HAVE A 22 SLIDE POWERPOINT READY TO REBUKE YOU
  • ron wonders what the students from durmstrang and beauxbatons who don’t get chosen will do for the entirety of the competition, and you know what…weighing up my options i think i would gladly take a year out of school to dick around in a foreign country if the only downside was that i might get selected to participate in a deadly competition. totally worth it
  • “’… the age restriction was only imposed this year as an extra safety measurement.’” are you fucking serious? so for 500 years absolutely anyone could put their name in? imagine a tiny little first year going against a dragon!! what is this, the hunger games??
  • “'Did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire, Harry?’ Dumbledore asked calmly.” where the hell did the movies get HARRY POTTER!!!!! DID YOU PUT YA NAME IN THA GOBLET OF FIYA?????? from….
  • please take a moment to picture draco malfoy sitting on his bed in his jim-jams, surrounded by hundreds of badges and spending hours and hours concentrating on bewitching them to say ‘potter stinks’. this boy is incredible. he brings the whole 'picking on your crush to get them to notice you’ trope to an entirely new level
  • when draco hexes hermione and her front teeth grow down to her collar, snape looks at her and says “'I see no difference.’” which has inspired me to start a kickstarter to build the technology which will transport me into this book so i can fucking fight him. donors are welcome to join me
  • also can we just talk about how after witnessing that, harry angrily thinks “… if only he knew how to do the Cruciatus Curse … he’d have Snape flat on his back like that spider, jerking and twitching …” like harry was absolutely horrified by that defence against the dark arts lesson, possibly more so than everyone except neville, but he is SO ANGRY that he relishes in thinking about torturing snape. then immediately after that, he fantasises about running up to snape and smashing him over the head with a cauldron. i can’t help but find that a little funny. he happily imagines torturing snape with an unforgivable curse, one of the most powerful spells which guarantees a life sentence in azkaban because it’s so awful…but he also just wants to straight up punch snape in the face
  • so fleur’s wand contains a strand of veela hair from her grandmother, does this mean that you can get wands specially manufactured? that would be pretty cool. like a more expensive and time consuming build-a-bear
  • as part of the wand-weighing ceremony (to test whether or not the champion’s wands have been interfered with) ollivander makes a fountain of wine shoot out of harry’s wand. i need to know this spell immediately because it’s clearly one of the most important
  • “He knew that Ron had no idea what he’d walked in on, knew he hadn’t done it on purpose, but he didn’t care - this moment he hated everything about Ron, right down to the several inches of bare ankle showing beneath his pyjamas.” honestly i love how well jkr depicts the sheer unreasonableness of adolescent feelings. i’m not saying harry’s not justified in being upset but everyone who has suffered puberty has had those moments where they get so unbelievably angry that they direct it towards the strangest things. FUCK YOU AND YOUR ANKLES, RON!!!!!
  • “'Dragons!’ [Madam Pomfrey] said, in a disgusted tone, pulling Harry inside … 'Last year Dementors, this year dragons, what are they going to bring into this school next?’” i love madam pomfrey, she says what we’re all thinking. also harry is the last student to compete so you know that she’s just gone on the exact same rant every time a champion finished the task and came into the medical tent. poppy '120% fucking done with hogwarts’s shit all of the god damn time’ pomfrey
  • “Draco Malfoy, of course, was still quoting Rita Skeeter’s article at him at every possible opportunity, but he was getting fewer and fewer laughs out of it.” possibly because other students are clocking on about how fucking sad it is to memorise an entire article written about someone you supposedly despise

Random Acts is thrilled to participate in an online competition from Microsoft for a chance to become one of their ten global nonprofit partners for the incredible #UpgradeYourWorld initiative!

Through this program, Microsoft is investing $10 million to support nonprofits who are upgrading our world. Microsoft has already selected their first nine nonprofits, and now the public will choose the tenth!

To nominate Random Acts as your favorite worldwide nonprofit, share your vote directly on Twitter or Instagram, leave a comment on their Facebook page, or add our Twitter handle (@randomactsorg) on the official #UpgradeYourWorld page. Head over to our official blog to find out how you can help! 

The organization that receives the most votes will win $500,000 cash as well as Microsoft technology and services. Just imagine how this will help support our mission to spread kindness around the world!

From new computers for our budding free high school campus in Nicaragua to additional supplies for the children of the Random Acts-sponsored Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti, to additional available resources for your phenomenal acts of kindness — we’re hoping you’ll cast a vote for us each day and help us increase our capabilities for the future!

Every race on the planet today is traced to the black woman aka God of the earth.

If it wasn’t for Africans creating a system of civilization. There would be no blueprint for other races, who were created once the black man stepped out of africa, who knows what the African man was breeding with to create new races.

Some of the newest races on earth were created during the Columbus genocide. Only 500 years ago. Such as Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Jamaicans, Haitians, Dominicans, basically 85% of South America & The Carribeans.

Native American Culture is African culture particularly The Hopi & Dogon tribes who have been in America before Native Americans existed. Just an example how everything in life and culture is traced back to the black man/woman.

Wow making this post only took 500 years— But can I just say how happy I am I reached this milestone? I know I’ve been fairly inactive lately and very very selective with threads, and I sincerely apologize for that, yet so many of you still stuck it out with me and stayed. I can’t thank you guys enough for that and you are all so precious to me and nothing is ever going to change that.

Thank you, so much.

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Hey guys, me and bottomsteves are selling our two copper weekend passes to vancon this year. The seats are O37 and O38 - front row of the copper section, O38 is an aisle seat. We paid $500 total for both tickets, but this point I’d take $450 for the pair. $50 less than we paid for them but still better than the $0 we’ll get if I can’t find anyone to buy these tickets in the next couple weeks, so. Please please message me if you or anyone you know is interested. Thanks!


Old People on Social Media

I am flipping my fucking SHIT right now. After returning from a great camping trip in the Sierras (CA), I posted these pics (on Facebook) of my “dream cabin” which is a real house that’s for sale in the area we like.

My mom (who is moving into assisted living in a few months) emails to scold me for being insensitive. Tells me to exclude her from posts like this, because it makes her feel bad about moving into a 500 square foot apt.

Under this logic: I should not post pictures of

- my husband (because it would make divorced people feel bad)

- my rambunctious kids (because someone might have a disabled child or fertility issues)

- my vacations (because someone might not be able to afford a vacation today)

So pissed I am shaking. I want to rant at her SO BAD but she has a few screws loose. GRRRR fucking parents!! angryschnauzer beachgrl76 laterovaries icybluepenguin roxanestark lauraesweet I need some perspective. Should I just ignore her?


Nepal, Three Months After the Earthquakes

Three months have now passed since massive twin earthquakes struck Nepal,killing more than 8,800 people, injuring more than 22,000, flattening nearly 600,000 homes, and leaving millions still in need of food, clean water and adequate shelter. Though residents are working to return to their normal lives, Nepal is still reeling from the disasters in April and May. The World Bank announced in June that it will provide up to 500 million dollars for reconstruction. Today, months after the quakes, nearly 3 million survivors, many in mountainous, hard-to-reach areas, still need urgent help, according to a U.N. report published earlier this month. Collected here are images of Nepal’s slow work toward recovery.

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you burn 1,500 just doing 2,000+ steps alone. I checked my Fitbit today at the same amount of steps and burned, 760cal. Fuck Sake. No wonder I'm fat and not losing any weight. 😖😞

um, babe?

I burn 1500 calories at the end of the day.

it’s 3:30 pm and I’ve only burned 500.

DON’T DON’T DON’T get wrapped up in numbers. You’re constantly burning calories and you need to eat.