[Elliesimple] - NIKE ROSHE FLYKNIT (by Chisami )

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Paladin Danse would’ve had such a good character arc but instead it was completely and utterrly wasted by his idle redundant comments and likes/dislikes that remain exactly the same even after Blind Betrayal. It makes me so angry. Like why go through the effort of writing that big plot twist for his character and then not do a blessed thing with it? You wouldn’t lay the foundation for a house and then not build the damn house. So why give him all that character development and not have it go anywhere??? I don’t understand it.

I was listening to Gorillaz and thinking about Voltron and shit and my brain was like “Do the demon days thing.” and I was like “okay…” 

And then I tried my best to mimic the art style and cried a little.

Shiro isn’t here because Shiro is dead.