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Yooo! RFA+V with marriage proposals? Please~

a|n: since MC in game is a girl, for this is BxG and a GxG proposal since anon didn’t specify if they wanted a preferred gender for all :o

psa my admin names are between egg, lilu and chip
>>>>>> so [vote here] (please!!)


  • Yoosung has always been regarded as the baby so proposing to you would be going all out to try prove to everyone he was grown
  • you don’t need to, baby ;n;
  • buuut he still adds gaming elements to the proposal and you could argue that his would be the cutest proposal
  • he makes you do a scavenger hunt around the house since he’s too nervous to ask you straight up
  • he’s not THAT confident yet
  • it starts off with a post it note on your pillow as soon as you wake up with riddles [to do with games]
  • ????
  • there are lots of post it notes leading to other rooms in the house and you end up finding notes in the weirdest places
  • but those weird places are ones where you have weird memories and you can’t help but tear up because… he remembers? :’)
  • “Remember when we stayed up all night sitting on the stairs talking about everything..?..Next note is on your favourite console”
  • so you just continue following these notes around
  • its a hell of a workout going up and down the stairs
  • but where the hell was Yoosung and what was the point of thi-?
  • you’re lead outside to the garden with a single post it note on the fence
  • “It’s under your nose”
  • what a booger? fuCK
  • but looking down you see a pokeball and you frown
  • what the hell is he trying to capture me??
  • but as soon as you pick it up the ball lid opens and there is.. a ring?
  • and may i say that the ring has a LOLOL logo engraved on the inside but you don’t care because its! a! ring!
  • you’re frozen in shock with tears forming in your eyes at how cute everything was you didn’t deserve him oh god
  • someone who’s crying more than you is a fiddly Yoosung who’s been watching you from behind the whole time and you finally hear him sniffle
  • “W-will you-”
  • “yes yes yes yes yesy eys eys”
  • both teary eyed babies hugging eachother 


  • 21561561% cliche 
  •  he went all out on all your dates so you weren’t expecting him to forget your anniversary wtf man
  • he calls you to say that he’ll be home late due to his schedule and you almost burst into tears
  • “..you don’t know what today is?”
  • “um.. no but my manager is calling me, I gotta go, love you!”
  • he hangs up and you’re left in shock?? 5 years and he can’t even remember?? (I’d kill him)
  • it’s the worst day ever as you sit on the couch in your pyjamas with tear stained cheeks cursing Zen under your breath
  • “You know what, I’m going to buy a fucking cat now to replace him”
  • your anniversary also HAPPENED to be on valentines day (he was always so cliche i’m telling you) so the romance films weren’t helping you
  • but you end up falling asleep 
  • you’re woken up to a text from Zen though telling you to come to the place where you guys first met eachother irl
  • you’re about to ignore the message but he sends another one
  • “.. don’t ignore me, pretty please (ᵔᴥᵔ)”
  • that damn face persuaded you but you end up leaving your house in pyjamas since it was almost midnight with a plan to kill Zen
  • you end up heading to the park and there was a picnic blanket with roses and candles (is this legal??)
  • “..Zen? ..who else has a white ponytail 
  • approaching him in your fluffy pyjamas was embarrassing as he stood there in a suit
  • “so I spent all day getting this ready and you show up in that? you’re adorably stubborn - i love you”
  • but how was I supposed to know????
  • you can’t stay mad as you munch on the treats while talking with Zen until its close to midnight
  • then suddenly he holds your hands and looks into your eyes
  • here we go
  • “I love you with all my heart. We’ve been with each other for years and my love for you grows more each year. You are a beautiful and caring person and have always been there for me 100% through the bad times, so now I hope you will say yes and make me the happiest man alive… 
  • Will you marry me?”
  • you were crying 1.2843 seconds into the speech so by the end you were a mess as he knelt before you holding a beautiful ring
  • so you just lean over and hug him crying into your neck
  • “Are those tears of happiness because you said yes or..”
  • you just nod and he hugs you back tighter before pulling you into a loving kiss and slipping the ring on to your finger
  • “Hey.. you’re mine forever now”


  • unlike the other members I feel like she wouldn’t actually propose
  • she’s way too shy
  • but it’s still HELLA cute
  • fiddling with her grandmother’s engagement ring in her drawer that was passed down to her she contemplates proposing (ooOOO)
  • but she thinks of rejection and puts it away every time (OOooh  :c)
  • with her head in her hands she leans over thinking about what to do before you walk in unexpectedly
  • hurriedly hides the ring as you slip into bed next to her
  • “What was that?”
  • “J-just papers..”
  • you don’t really believe her but you trust her enough to not question her and pick up a book
  • for that reason some day she couldn’t help but notice how the strands of hair fell into your eyes 
  • and how you unconsciously chewed on your bottom lip while reading
  • and fuck when did you get those freckles??
  • she pretty much has to stop herself from just kissing you right there and then but then you say something.. strange
  • “Do you see a future with me Jaehee?”
  • she tries not to show the confusion on her face before turning to face you and nodding 
  • “Why wouldn’t I?”
  • “So why don’t we get married, like tonight?”
  • poor Jaehee almost dies of shock and freezes - tonigHT? ( u need a hearing aid yeS TONIGHT!!!)
  • she’s a sucker for cheesy things
  • but you add on “Not those tacky Vegas weddings, just a small ceremony, tonight you and me? lets elope”
  • her heart pounds 1000 miles per hour at hearing your words and she breaks into a smile at the thought of the ring on your finger
  • and gains a little confidence before sliding her hand under the pillow to pull out the ring she hid earlier proudly
  • “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time actually, so let me do this properly would you do me the honours of becoming my partn- no, my wife..?”
  • and you grin before she places the ring on your finger and run out of bed to get dressed to get married
  • tonight!!


  • the poor boy hired a proposal planner to try have the most perfect proposal because he didn’t want to mess it up
  • he could propose in the toilet and i’d say yes but thats just me
  • the night before the date he rehearsed his lines that were helped written by the planner and he couldn’t sleep a wINK
  • going to dinner was a normal thing for you two
  • but this time you noticed something… different?
  • he was sweating buckets and kept wiping his clammy hands on his pants and mumbling to himself
  • he’s going insane..
  • he doesn’t speak to you the whole ride to the venue as he just stares out the window mumbling to himself
  • he’s acting so distant? have i pissed him off???
  • you walk onto a rooftop which is empty apart from a single table with lit candles
  • you’re about to ask him whats going on but he’s on the phone
  • ????
  • he’s shouting on the phone and you can hear what he’s saying
  • “tonight had to be perfect… where are the string quartets?… why are there pink roses i specifically asKED FOR RED?” pipe down boy
  • but jumIN I DON’T CARE
  • you pry the phone out of his hands before hanging up on the person because this was so much more than enough??
  • but he still angry rambles
  • “I wanted this to be perfect, but people can’t follow orders - it’s supposed to be one of the best days of your life but..”
  • best day of my life what the - oh
  • “I had a speech prepared for my proposal but I can’t remember a single word, I’ve ruined this completely for you haven’t -”
  • so you just get him to shut up with a kiss because he’s a fucking adorable idiot
  • “Wait.. so does that mean you’ll..?”
  • “Well, of course.. I love you”
  • he hugs you v tight because never has he met someone as understanding as you who doesn’t give a shit about money or his power
  • and he’s happy to call you his wife


  • initially i thought he’d also go all out and propose in like a flash mob or something
  • but he wants to confuse you (and succeeds)
  • 28.5729, 80.6490
  • those numbers are going to be the DEATH of you
  • he just gives you those numbers on a post it note and you’re about to die of confusion as he just sits there smirking next to you
  • “..Are you going to help me”
  • sips on Dr Pepper “Nope”
  • getting your laptop you try put the numbers in to equations, google, you even text the other members to see if they know what it means
  • but nOPE they’re just as clueless as you (apparently)
  • he loves seeing you pull your hair and scream at him in annoyance with a small grin on your face 
  • savage??
  • he just continues laughing at you before he writes down another set of numbers for you on a post it note since he’s enjoying the hell out of this
  • “Not again i’m not fuckING SHERLOCK”
  • 01101101 01100001 01110000
  • .. map? OH GOOGLE MAPS
  • you type in the coordinates and it leads to..
  • The Kennedy Space Station?? excuse me what the hell is going on why am I looking for - wait
  • you switch to the ‘Earth’ view and zoom in not believing your eyes.. is that red hair, is that a white ponytail??
  • all the members are holding up a sign which spells out
  • Will you be the rick to my roll, will you marry me?”
  • Saeyoung’s been looking at you with anticipation beside you the whole time chewing the inside of his cheek
  • before he can ask the question again to you properly with a ring you leap into his lap and kiss every inch of his face a billion times
  • he’s crying, you’re crying we’re all crying and turns out he was recording the whole thing on the laptop camera you were using 
  • aaaand the footage been sent to every RFA member
  • giving you the ring you sit there in confusion because when did you go to the Kennedy Space station you freak??
  • “Last month to book our venue you punk”


  • he could ALWAYS see starting a life with you and he wants to start a life with u straight away
  • so he’s been planning this for aGES
  • one day he tells you to meet him at the gallery you first met him at because he needed to show you something
  • so you show up and its all dark and empty??
  • are you going to get me killed here
  • but one of the lights suddenly turn on above a photograph and as you go to take a closer look
  • its the first selfie you and V ever took together
  • no no no why am I already tearing up
  • but along the wall you see more photos ranging from the first ones you took to later candids and selfies (ded)
  • under each photo there was a date and a few words underneath which you noticed his scribbly messy handwriting
  • you’re just in shock and in a daze at how thoughtful he is where is he I want to kiss him right now please
  • continuing on along the room you read each photo caption with tears brimming in your eyes
  • the autumn and winter photos you took together recently were hung up there professionally (ayy reference to prev posts)
  • he’s cheesier than mozzarella pizza goD DAMN IT
  • on the last photo the caption tells you to walk into the next room and you run in hoping to see V in there but
  • nope
  • it’s just a room with a single mirror straight ahead of you and underneath there’s one of those notes
  • “Memory 156: 27/10/2016 - Will you marry me?”
  • WHAT
  • you look up in to the reflection of the mirror to see V kneeling before you with a ring and you turn around just to see if it’s real
  • ..well it is a mirror?
  • the tears brimming in your eyes have spilled over and you clutch your mouth in surprise before nodding and embracing him
  • and you swear you can feel him shaking a little too as you feel a few tears escape from his eyes onto your neck
  • you guys can be happy now ;u;

Congratulations, Teagan.

The people have voted (and let’s be honest, this one was more intense than the 2016 presidential election). 

I’m excited to officially announce that Teagan is the heir to the Huntley Legacy.

I realize that we haven’t really had a chance to play with her, and so I’ll be delving pretty deep into her storyline soon. And don’t worry, I’ll still be getting the other kiddos married & impregnated (yikes, I just want grandkids). So we’ll definitely still be seeing them around.


Sweet Escape 

This is it. The only reason why I like my birthdays. Even families like myself and Alt have their own sacred traditions, and our annual recreational camping escape is one of them. Though, in my special case of this year, it is indeed an escape. Nonetheless, I refuse to let my mind drift into that mess of confessions and kisses again. Instead, I am determined to only focus on picturesque scenery and all the plants and herbs I have yet to discover. The next two weeks I and Alt will be spending in solitude and I can not think of anything else that would bring me more joy.


Hello everyone !

I’m pleased to share with you the first part of my big project in The Sims 4. I’m challenging myself to completely build the Newcrest area. And this is the first house I made in it.