• Snape: Mr. Potter, why don't you read first?
  • Harry: Alright, Chapter 1; Surviving your fascist Potions Professor who needs to put kids down to feel big.
  • Harry: Oh wow! This is useful guys, we should read on!

basic recoloring set 

a set of essential items that i always find myself using just recolored to my liking! of course i had to add some artwork! the swatches for the art will be included! enjoy!

set comes with:

- counters (4 versions, 1 swatch) mesh by @sanoysims

- hanging bike (10 swatches) mesh by @mxims 

- vinyls deco (12 swatches) mesh by @dreamteamsims

- ceiling light (2 swatches) mesh by @hvikis

- kettle (4 swatches) mesh by @mio-sims

- mirror (1 swatch) mesh by @meinkatz

- lamp (1 swatch) mesh by ??

- magazine cover art (26 swatches) mesh by @blackmojitos

(thank you creators!! <3)