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  1. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
  2. Favorite color: ehhhh i think all shades of blue
  3. Lucky number: 2,4, 7 (i know it’s not just one…just go with it lol)
  4. Last thing I googled: sugar cookie recipe
  5. First word to come to mind: sleep (seriously…)
 One place that makes me happy: laying on the floor in the middle of my room
 Favorite Characters: Maleficent (she is me..)
  8. Favorite Food: i love everything
  9. Favorite drink: water
  10. Favorite book: i dun like answering book related questions (i don’t read enough…)
  11. Dream Job: Gynecologist in the day/ Professional race-car driver at night who is also fluent in multiple languages and works worldwide (ya did say “dream~” job lol)

Uhhhhhh I tag: asantisanasquashbanana 3asfooora exqnari africugh elmstyle juststartedtocrawl mishabano ossa-carpi okay-aisha positivenoorie saywa-llahi thatgirldeasha trynagetmylifetogether p-achao nasedbab catastrophically-ethereal what-up-akh sudaniqueens hummus-abutahina theneonchica stereotypedebunker imthegirlwiththebabyface summodayz carpediem-96 a-l-i-aaa

I think I tagged enough…

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Sorry I'm curious, what do u do for a living? Ur life portrayed on tumblr is cool

I literally have like 4 things on my tumblr - dogs memes vines and selfies lmao …. ????

tbh im deletin everything bcuz 1. i doughnut carrot all about 14s opinions 2. i get enough harassment from the threats i get every day 3. i got my own stuff to take care of 4.  i vouch for positivty all the time and not spreading negativity n i am doing that right now, so, i am finished with this 

shecat105 replied to your post: i relized something today…

Okay 1) yes. 2) thank you! 3) hell yeah! 4) where’d you get those images!!! :D

1) thank you! :3c  2) you’re very welcome 3) HELL YEAH!!! 

4) here come close ill tell you my secret… its a super top secret pony reaction image site open only to the most elite of pony bloggers  it goes by the name of… wait for it…. 


but dont tell anyone if you know what i mean 

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Do you know which herbs and spices are NOT safe for pets? Like if sage smoke or sprinkling a natural herby carpet cleaner would actually harm my kitties or not. Thanks!

Yes I do,
Tea tree oil- very toxic to cats and small dogs, cats are very sensitive to essential oils so it’s best not to use them with cats, use care with large dogs (dilute*)
Comfrey- liver damage, never use the root
White willow bark- may be toxic to cats, don’t give to dogs on NSAIDS
Ephedra- can cause heart arrhythmia and high blood pressure, may cause idiosyncratic results in pets use with great caution
Wormwood- it’s too strong on pets, can irritate liver and kidney, may damage the nervous system
Yucca- can irritate stomach lining, can cause vomiting bloating, avoid giving more than 4-5 times a week, don’t use more than a month or two, don’t give to pregnant pets
Garlic- IN LARGE AMOUNTS, can cause Heinz body anemia in dogs and cats, one clove of garlic per ten pounds of body weight for dogs can usually be fed safely each day

Different animals may react differently to the same herb, side effects are runny eyes and nose, sneezing, itching, swelling, diarrhea or vomiting.


I don’t know if I gave you enough information, I hope I helped. If you need anything else feel free to send me another ask

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"Why? Why are you doing this? What made you do this?" She cried out. The ropes around her wrists were cutting in to them and every movement she made caused them to scrape against her wrists and make them to bleed. "You did of course sweetheart. Your birth is what helped spur this on. I wanted to create a world that would be safe for you to grow up in. A world where you would be happy and have everything you wanted. I created H.I.V.E so that you would have everything I didn't." Felicity just -

stared in horror at the man she used to call “daddy,” the man that used to give her piggy back rides across parking lots. The man that was named Jeremy Smoak, but was actually Damien Darhk. “You’re a monster.” She told him. “No sweetheart,” He smoothed back some of the stray of Felicity’s hair, just like he used to when she was younger and she flinched at his touch. “The monsters are over there.” He turned on a switch and showed an unconscious Oliver and Diggle, hanging chained from the ceiling.

Is it possible to go GAH!!! and GIMME!!! all at the same time?  Cuz that’s me and this little nugget of awesomeness.  

I can only assume you know how much I want all this for season 4. ;)  BLESS YOU and thank you for bringing it to my blog! 

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1, 2, 5, 21, 54, 57, 59

already did 1, 2, and 5! ;v;

21. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

uhmm like about an hour ago ;;v;;

54. When was the last time you thought you were beautiful

honestly? lol never

57. Top ten life values

1. never break a promise
2. loyal to the people who show that they love you
3. dont be afraid to speak up for yourself
4. dont fucking cheat
5. dont ever forget about your family and all they did for you
6. love all the animals
7. protect all the babies
8. work hard to do my future self a favor
9. dont compare yourself to others
10. be kind and think about others first, there are more important things to life than being selfish and having materialistic things

59. When was the last time you smiled and the last time you cried

uhm smiled like literally 2 seconds ago and cried like three days ago heh

thank you nonny!

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Which members do you think have the biggest packages?? Idk if you've noticed or even posted about it before but I'm curious! I have a few ideas...

I have talked about this before & I’ve made a list /here/ BUT I’ve changed my mind since then after looking at the evidence more closely. 

It goes from smallest to biggest:

1. Chen
2. Lay/Xiumin
3. Suho
4. Tao 
5. Kai/Baekhyun
6. Luhan/Kyungsoo
7. Sehun/Kris
8. Chanyeol

I may change it again though because I’m not totally happy with the order still. Something still feels off. I want to know your opinion though! I’m always interested in what other people think. (: xo

Im so proud of manicfemme and myself for graduating today! We did it! We survived 4 horrible years with horrible people and horrible mental health. But we made it suuuuch a long way from when we met in freshman year to now. I love her more than anything and was so honoured to have been by her side. She helped me through all of the anxiety and panic much like she has these past 4 years. We are done!! With that school, with those people, forever! Maybe it hasnt quite hit me yet what that means, but wow. Schools out!

Oh, and I finished season 1 of Orange Is the New Black last night, and I loved it, it is so good. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but it feels like the modern equivalent of a Dickens novel, just with lots more female characters, racial diversity, swearing, and lesbian sex? All the characters are so complex they feel like real people (ehh, with one possible exception, though I’m sure there are plenty of people like that in the real world), and I feel like it has such interesting things to say about humanity and the human condition in general. Definitely recommend!

By the way, Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time” is both the most appropriate theme song ever, and one of the only songs with lyrics that stopped me in my tracks and made me feel like the words were an experience on their own. Such a masterful opening sequence.