Want to try your hand at some codebreaking? LJS 225, written in Rome between ca. 1455 and 1458 for Pope Callistus III, will teach you how! This manuscript is a work on cryptography that describes two separate systems for creating a deciphering a code. In the first, Italian words beginning with one letter are all represented by Italian words beginning with another letter; in the second, signs or symbols represent letters or entire Italian words.

Fols. 1r-3r are presented here, for the manuscript’s description and further digitized images please see OPenn: http://openn.library.upenn.edu/Data/LJSchoenbergManuscripts/html/ljs225.html


JUNGL3  PU$$¥  -  NØW  ØR  L@†3R

I hate hanging out with someone and they’re kinda like yeah I don’t want a relationship. But it’s also like them saying you’re not really worth trying but I’ll stick my dick in you for fun.

I had such a productive day

Then I came home and made Sangria for me and my best friend. Bromate walked in and saw me making it and my first greeting was “This isn’t for you.” 

I felt like a dick for two seconds because he legit looked sad. But now I think it’s hysterical. I’m just being unapologetically myself in 3R. 

Monday 8.31.15


60%3r, 65% 3r, 70% 3r, 75% 3r, 80% 2r, 85% 1r, 90% 1r, 95% 1r, 100+

B. 12 Min Cap:

Thrusters 65/95
Bar Muscle Ups
Burpee Box Jump Overs 20/24

RX+= 95/135, 24/30

9am Cardio and Core:

25 Lateral Hurdle Hops
200m Reverse Run
25 Jumping Pull-ups
25 Lateral Hurdle Hops
200m Reverse Run
25 Jumping Pull-ups

QOD: What word or saying from the past do you think should come back?