Detective Conan Chapter 1000 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • R: No-no-no-no! I can’t!!~

  • So: What! Right when Sonoko-sama finally decided to take a lovey-dovey shot…
  • R: Let’s take one with everyone!

  • So: No-o way! What about the ho~ot kiss?
  • So: Missus <3
  • R: Ehh?!

  • So: Go-go!
  • R: Kyah!
  • [Sonoko is approaching a blushing Ran… and behind her… could it be?!]

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hello lovelies! i hope you’re all having a great day. so my blog turned 6 months old a few days ago, and then today i hit 2.5k!! so to celebrate both of these things, i want to give something back to all the wonderful people who follow me. this is my first ever solo tumblr awards, so i’m excited to share it with you!! <3

r u l e s

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c a t e g o r i e s

  • RON WEASLEY AWARD - Best desktop theme
  • HERMIONE GRANGER AWARD - Best mobile theme
  • GINNY WEASLEY AWARD - Best content
  • NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM AWARD - Best creations*
  • LUNA LOVEGOOD AWARD - Best upcoming blog**
  • DRACO MALFOY AWARD - Elle’s favourites***

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(***) this category will only include winners (no runners-up)

p r i z e s (under the cut)

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anonymous asked:

top 10 female and male bloggers?

“I have more than top 10 m/female bloggers”

Male: @young-slimer. @wb3dain. @musticlips. @4tyfour. @ovoxo-ft-you. @chasin-porsches. @ok-yala. @fortyfivee. @youxaholic. @brighttuppp. @justanotherkuwaitiguy. @aljna3y. @chub-thefuckup-965. @middle-finger. @ya3amy-zain. @hamad965. @gahwa-over-you. @outt-of-the-ordinary. @kuwait-vibes. @sheikh-that-ass. @sheikh-shak. @sunsets-and-skyscrapers. @adb-22. @promoterrrr. @not-3venclose. @nofuckingway. @born-to-boss. @vicev3rsa. @calii-minded. @5eir-enshallah. @sinfulthoughtss. @5fifty6. @kali-cocaine. @adrenaline-adddict. @ttriple-a

Female: @yung-saudi. @yourwifeyyy. @m44. @ba7arr-minded. @basicallyshitokay. @babiixy22z. @gahwaandchill. @not-your-ordinary-saudi. @better-than-gxld. @betterthan-drake. @youxnobody. @prxncess965. @alanoud-3r. @aalhumaidii. @966-beautyqueen. @starrgirl-7. @oscuromind. @0falasi. @urbanacidx. @underthesea33x. @shmexi-en-pointe. @m-67x. @alghanim254. @late-winternights. @escxpeta. @shfeek-btabche. @shfee-umik. @chasing-faithh. @wla-shnu. @zain-shtaby. @m7ad-s2lik. @ma-ybachii. @mayhzik-ree7. @ma-3ad-tihmney. @marbellaoveryou. @mukh-maku. @dimilyx. @kuwaiti-angel. @72-a. @abssentminded. @kuwaiti-soul. @londonerrr-965. @thiirtyytwo. @everythingg-isblue

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Hey there! I decided to host my first ever summer faves, because thanks to you, beautiful people I reached 10k (and more but I’m late) TYSM! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to see your amazing blogs!! <3


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If this flops, let’s just forget it never happened alright?

Love, Bori xx

Fight for Me (Ch.1)

Pairing: Commoner/Knight!Seokjin x Princess!OC
Genre: Royalty!AU, Friendship, Romance, Comedy, & Slight-Angst
Words: 5,677
※ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Jig (The Little Mermaid) | Tour of the kingdom
POV: 3rd Person

Summary: Once upon a time, there was a not-so-traditional kingdom. In that kingdom, the royal family had the freedom of marrying whoever his or her royal highness deems worthy. Now, of course, having that special privilege came with some interesting challenges, but that doesn’t stop a certain head-strong princess from doing whatever her heart’s desire, especially when she has her heart set on marrying her personal bodyguard. Unfortunately, her beliefs might face some hardships when a certain king sets his eye on her. Will her bodyguard continue to fight for her or is it finally her turn? 

Next time: ch.2 | ch.3

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Ok let’s be serious though

I have played Copycat for its entire lifespan now, and on monday we will get the new B/R update. I can with confidence say that Felidar guardian will most likely get the axe this time. 

The thing with the cat is that it interacts way too powerfully with cards in todays standard. Hell, there are plays where you can minus Chandra to kill a creature, then play the cat and minus her again to kill another one, literally two for zero’ing your opponent. I mean you can win games after a Lost Legacy that took all Saheeli Rai’s out of your deck just from the sheer power of blinking a card. 

Why banning the cat is okay now:
okay so I wanna bring to light the major point why we can ban the cat now; 

This card… is…strong. 
Like extremely strong. 
Like “ok i pay 3R and you go minus two” 

I’ve playtested with this card for some bit now and I can with say with confidence that this is the card that can kill Mardu Vehicles. 

On top of that, hey you can be a low-drop RDW deck and stay at 3 lands and still get value from it, while with Release the Gremlins you fell a bit short from missing a land drop. 

Mardu is too powerful to be left unchecked in the competitive field, Saheeli was literally the only other deck that could keep up and that was by simply OTK’n a player. But with By Force you will easily fix that matchup right away. 

I’ve playtested Cat with AKH cards and I will say that it’s still an extremely powerful deck. All the hate-cards are in standard already and it still can’t lose. 

If Felidar Guardian wont get banned, sure! That’s all fine and dandy too. But as a player who has played this deck since its birth I can say I wont be surprised if I have to say goodbye to the deck on monday. 

I am pretty sure my amazingly kind followers on here who also play the deck will all agree that It was a fun ride, but 2 more years of Saheeli and Felidar Guardian locking people in fear at turn 6 and forward might become nothing but a bad memory in the end.

If the ban happens, let just savour our memories of these two sillies being sillies.