A Thousand Dreamers
Cast of the Straw Hat Pirates
A Thousand Dreamers

30 Day One Piece Challenge Day 30: Favourite Song or Theme Music
→ Of all the One Piece-related music I’ve heard, A Thousand Dreamers, sung by the cast of the Straw Hat Pirates, is my favourite. I also really dig Zoro, Usopp, and Jewelry Bonney’s latest character songs - Katana, Ichigeki Hicchu, and Eat World, Take All respectively. In terms of theme music, Sanji and Franky’s are the best imo.


30 Day One Piece Challenge Day 14: Favourite Character Interactions
→ In no particular order: Bartolomeo & Cavendish; Sanji & Usopp; Usopp & Luffy; Usopp, Sanji & Zoro (my main men); Luffy, Usopp & Sanji (The Dork Trio); Zoro & Sanji; Zoro & Usopp; Luffy & Nami; Nami & Vivi

There’s so much crossover, and almost everyone here is a Straw Hat, and of them, only the East Blue Crew, but I really just love the interactions among the crew. There are so many pairs and trios and groups and the dynamics are just fantastic and I would have made more but this is already a long post. :’D