~30 days of primeval

30 days of Primeval - Day 3

Day 3 - Favorite episode?

(Partly because Danny in a tuxedo because I mean wow.)

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Like, that’s a pretty good look.

But also because Becker’s composure is everything I aspire to be.

Also, the dialogue.
I want “Like a good little solider boy,” inscribed on my gravestone.

“Just stay down there, and look tasty.”
“Ya wot?”
“You’re the bait.”
“You let him abseil down the ventilation shaft!”
“Smile boys. We’re on TV.”
Not forgetting.
“How was you’re hop-scotch in school?”
“You know what, actually? Pretty good.”

And Danny’s cute little smile as he comes out of the cupboard.

I watch this episode on an almost daily basis.
I love it.
It’s amazing.

1000/10 would Terror Bird again.

30 Days Of Primeval - Day Two

Day 2 - Favorite female character?

Okay, so first off, you guys are gonna have to remind me to do this because I almost forgot.

Right… It’s a tie between Emily and Jess.
No, wait!
I prefer Emily.

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I LOVE this scene.
I absolutely adore it.
(On that note, look out for my new fanfic based on this scene. i should have it finished by today. I hope!)

I also love Emily because more often than not, she can get herself out of trouble.
However it doesn’t hurt to have a particular Irishman around just in case.

The bit about this scene that kind of upsets me is how surprised she sounds that Matt came to save her.
You can also see the confusion and pity in Matt’s eyes, as he realises that none of the men in her life had ever put her first, you know?
Her surprise is all the evidence he needs to prove that men like Henry/Ethan and whoever else were all ultimate douches.
Add that to the whole Bedlam thing, and Matt’s never going to let her out of his sight again.

Also, Ruth Bradley is so attractive.

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Ruth Bradley is the reason I’m not a heterosexual member of society.
I just……Ughhhhh.

30 Days of Primeval - Day 1

Day 1 - Favorite male character?

Connor Temple.
Hands down.
My wonderful little nerdy Connor Temple.

He’s clever, he’s loyal, he’s brave, he’s attractive, he’s sweet, he’s innocent, he’s humerous, he’s basically everything you could want in a male lead.
He’s also really good at fighting if you mess with Abby.
Don’t mess with Abby.

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He’s so cute.

Plus, Andrew-Lee gives the best hugs ever.
Like guys, if he’s gonna be at a ComicCon, go meet him.
He gives the warmest, cuddleyest, most friendly hugs ever and if you ask nicely he’ll even send Ben Mansfield a FaceBook message telling him that you said “Hi!”

Also, he thinks its adorable when you squeak at him in utter shock.

So just…..Connor Temple.