Do we have any lube? Like, at this point even some olive oil would [realizes Yurio is also in the room] help me get that drawer unstuck.
—  Yuri Katsuki, a man in need of lube
Take Me To Church

author: SlimeQueen

length: oneshot

word count: 4931

rating: PG-17

author’s summary:

Jimin, much to his chagrin, has a demon called Yoongi living in his bedroom. Things would be easier if Yoongi were a soul sucking monster instead of charming and unfairly hot.

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My Only One - lesmiserablol - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Enjolras looks around at the group, everyone gaping at him and sitting in stunned silence.

“What?” he asks defensively, a touch rude. “What are you all looking at?”

They don’t say anything, but everyone saw it. They saw his thread.

Soulmate AU where soul mates have a red thread tied to each others pinkies that can be seen by everyone but themselves.

We Don’t Make Good Friends [Part 1]

Oh man here we go again

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Unsurprisingly, smut (not in this part though). A lil bit of angst?and some fluff later on.

Summary: You and Jungkook broke up but you were trying to work on a friendship. Until Jungkook decided that friendship just wasn’t working anymore.

Word Count: 2k

The next part will have the smut in it… 

The last four months have been the hardest of my entire life. Four months ago, Jungkook and I had a fight and our relationship ended. Just like that. One single fight was enough to put an end to a relationship that I thought would last forever.

No matter how hard I try to fight it, I can’t stop my brain from bringing up the memories of that night that I wish so badly I could forget.

He came over to my house after a long day of practice. He had slumped down on the couch as soon as he walked through the door. His phone was in his hand as he scrolled through various social media sites, paying no attention to me.

It started out as a simple “I want to spend more time together” conversation but it quickly escalated into something significantly more serious.

“I don’t know what you were expecting from a relationship with me,” he spoke without looking up from his phone after I said I wanted him to be around more.

I turned my body towards him on the couch, giving him my full attention even though he was not giving me the same courtesy, “I just feel like you choose to spend your small amount of free time with other people,” I kept my voice smooth and emotionless.

“My entire life can’t revolve around you, Y/N,” he said without sparing a glance.

I could feel the pressure building up in my chest and my hands beginning to clench as I suppressed the anger that was boiling up inside of me, “That’s not what I was saying,” the expressionless tone in my voice was fading.

“You know, you don’t try very hard to make time for me either,” he bit back at an attack I wasn’t aware I was putting out.

The aggressiveness in his voice caused my eyes to narrow into slits and the tension in my chest rose,  “I have to go to school Jungkook. I need to get an education,” I spoke belligerently.

He then decided to put down his phone and look at me with raised eyebrows and an agape mouth, “And I need to perform, Y/N. And practice and practice, then perform again.”

Feeling like our conversation was getting off of the topic at hand I sighed, calming myself slightly, then said, “I feel like our relationship isn’t moving forward.”

“And that’s my fault?” he growled.

I rolled my eyes, “I did not say it was your fault,” I snapped.

“You didn’t need to say it, it was implied,” he hissed with a glare in his eyes and his arms crossed tightly over his chest, “I feel like you’re putting a lot of pressure on me to fix our relationship,”

“Because you’re not showing me that you want to fix it!” any collectiveness in my voice left as I raised my voice and my hands began to wave wildly through the air as if I thought that would get my point across more clearly.

Jungkook’s eyes widened when I blew up. He turned his body in my direction then proceeded to scoot farther away from me on the couch, “I feel like you’re attacking me. You’re backing me into a corner right now, I don’t know what it is you want to hear me say,” his words should have made it seem like he was backing down but his tone told me that he was baiting me.

If he wanted me to spoon feed him a solution, then spoon feed him I would, “I want you to say that you care about me and that you’re willing to work with me to fix our problems.”

“I can’t spend every second of my free time with you, Y/N,” he disregarded what I said.

“Well right now, you’re not spending any time with me,” I desperately tried to get my point across to him, though I could see him closing me off more and more as we dove deeper into this conversation.

“I have a life outside of you,” he said cooly.
The aloofness of his voice cause the rage to surge in me as I bolted up from the couch and walked around to the back of it, creating a small barrier between us,” What does that mean? I’m not even involved in your life!” My voice became shrill and frantic.

I waited for him to respond but he said nothing.

“Say something, Jungkook,” I crossed my arms and put my weight on one leg.

He got up from the couch and stood a long distance across from me, “I don’t know what you want me to say!” now he was shouting.

“I already told you what I want you to say!” I screamed in anguish.


I felt a knot in my throat beginning to grow and tears threatened to spill from my eyes, “Jungkook, it you’re not willing to work with me on this, then why are we even in a relationship?” I asked the question defeatedly.

“I don’t know!” He barked, flinging his hands into the air then letting them fall to his sides with a thump.

His words hung in the air, thickening the silence between us, creating an unbearable weight on my chest.

He sighed and looked to the ground, tugging his hand through his hair, “I don’t know…” he said despairingly, his voice breaking as he spoke the last word.

The silence that followed was so loud, I wanted to cover my ears to drown it out. My heart tugged so hard, I feared it would break through the bones of my chest. He stood in front of me for several seconds too long then cleared his throat and shifted his weight on his feet.

And then he walked out, slamming the door behind him. That was the last time I saw him for three months.

After that night, I stopped hanging out with not only him, but every member of Bangtan, whom I had grown very close to since him and I started dating. I couldn’t bare the idea of running into him. Plus it felt weird, knowing how close his members were to him. So, I created distance between us, I blocked all of them out.

Two months ago I opened myself up to a friendship with the boys again and the ache in my heart began to subside.

It was Taehyung who first clawed his way through the way I had put up. Before Jungkook and my break up, I considered Taehyung to be one of my best friends and he felt the same way about me. He insisted that spending time with him and the other five members would make me feel better and, in all honesty, he was right, I did feel better. Things were awkward at first, unsubtly avoided talking about Jungkook or if they happened to say his name, they would all apologize profusely. But as the months went on, we fell back into our old routine of smoothie dates in the afternoon and barbecue dates in the evening and laughing together until tears streamed down our faces and our sides hurt.

One night a couple weeks ago, I was invited to come to dinner with the boys after they finished practice and was greeted by six smiling faces and one that was attempting to hide behind his hand. That was the first time I had seen Jungkook since our breakup. I smiled and greeted him, just as I would any other person, for the sake of being polite, then I sat down and attempted to enjoy an evening with six of my best friends.

After dinner, I stepped outside of the restaurant to get some air and found that Jungkook had the same idea. He stood leaning against the wall wearing his typical white shirt, black beanie, and loose light wash jeans, an outfit I had seen him wear numerous times before.  

I ignored the pounding of my heart when our eyes met and walked over to him. I stood close to him so that I could make out his features which were illuminated by only a single street lamp several feet away. One corner of his mouth turned upwards slightly and I was amazed at how much the sad emptiness behind his eyes had changed the way his whole face looked.

The silence from the night we broke up returned in this moment and, in order to stop it, I blurted out the only thing I was feeling, “I hate this,” I told him while gesturing to nothing in particular, “I hate this silence and I hate this distance between us.”

He said nothing but watched me intently with eyes that seemed to be gleaming a little brighter than they had a second ago.

“Jungkook, I don’t want to block you out. I still want you in my life,” I confessed, “I know things didn’t work out with us and our relationship but do you think we could give friendship a try?” I asked hopefully.

His eyes scanned every feature on my face as his mouth gradually pulled up at the sides. He nodded once, “Yeah…yeah, I’d really like that.”

From there on out, Jungkook and I started hanging out again. We tried to do the same things I did with the other guys; the smoothie dates and barbecue and while, on the surface, I was smiling and laughing along with him, I still felt an intense yearning for something more. Despite that, I knew one thing was sure: having him in my life as a friend was so much better than not having him in my life at all.

Four days ago, the boys were told to take the weekend to relax since their schedule had been packed the last few weeks. Namjoon suggested that the boys should go on a weekend trip to their favorite town in Japan where they could really let off steam. They invited me as well as my roommate, who also happened to be Taehyung’s girlfriend, to go with them. The idea of taking a few days off of work and school to pamper myself sounded more than appealing so, off we went for a short trip to Japan.

I tried writing this as one part but it was sooo long so I’m splitting it into three parts. The second part will have the smut in it  and it’ll be up really soon. Like… later tonight or tomorrow.

I know the story isn’t over yet but I’d still love feedback. Also requests are open so feel free to send those in too. 

Thanks for Reading! xx

Luke Cage Icon Pack 3 

Some time last week this blog hit 2k followers. I honestly can’t believe it, but am very grateful that there are so many people loving the same shit I love. As a thank you, I put together this Icon Pack. 

Click here to find 40 new Marvel’s Luke Cage icons (200x200)

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Nintendo Switch is a Promising Step Forward
New console shows change that the company deserves

by Samuel Wiener - Oct. 21, 2016

Earlier this week, Nintendo officially unveiled their newest console, formerly known by codename “NX”, through a short 3-minute trailer on YouTube, to the internet’s delight. Being someone who was not disappointed with their Wii U purchase, I had high hopes for this, but even with my love for the previous console, I could see that the Nintendo Switch a step in the right direction for the company.

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Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

an act of faith against the night by Eliane | @elianefics [M, 65.2k]

Harry and Louis had never imagined that, when they would finally go back to New York, it would be as spies. 
Dystopia, politics, established RS | POV: both
Sequel to a prayer for which no words exist

A Cold World Without You by SleazyTomlinson [G, 21.6k]

The one where Louis is a pretentious, hipstery little shit and Harry only wants to get to know him as he trails behind on his skateboard, much to Louis’ distaste and lack of affection. Nosy Harry asks a lot of questions and eventually it gets him somewhere; a place right in the center of Louis’ mind.
High school, skater (H), hipster (L), fluff | POV: L

Meet Me at the Fair by idontknowaonedirection | @letsjustdrinkcoffee [T, 5.5k]

the one where Harry owns a coffee shop in Saint Louis and Louis pops in during a business trip. Lots of tea and kissing ensue. 
Coffee shop (H), chance encounter | POV: L

anonymous asked:

I literally just wrote a 1.2k fic about the stars/the meaning of life for an english assignment I feel like im going to fail but them again idc because it's cute as fuck i just hope that my teacher doesn't realize that i wrote fanfiction for the assignment oops lol

OH MY GOD NO HONESTLY ME i used to write fic aLLLL the time for my english assignments and im actually working on one right now for a creative writing competition haha but PLS i hope the teachers appreciate it omg <333


I’m so happy that we’ve hit our mark, which was 2k, so quickly, and I know Ember usually does announcements, but, this time I will. Since we hitting a big number, we’re supposedly going to have a raffle/contest of some sort that still needs to be sorted, so please keep you eyes peeled! - Mod Mar 💖💖✨

I always feel super bad for the friend of famous youtubers who also have a youtube account in hopes that they’ll be like their friend, when its clear that they won’t be. especially when they have 2k subs in-comparison to their friend’s 2 million like good try buddy, better luck next time but for a non-youtuber 2k is quite a lot of people so….good job

ARTIST: Chaeyeong
GENRE: 90’s R&B

After five months from her debut, the rookie idol from 2K Entertainment is finally back! Without any teasers, Chaeyeong surprised her fans by releasing another single from her upcoming mini album. According to her own words, the song is simply about genuine love and she has always wanted to try something new, thinking this song is a good way to show she can do more than belting out those high notes which you can hear from her debut song. Also, a representative from 2K Entertainment has told there will be a music video ( not planned when ) and she will focus more on promoting the song on radio shows while preparing for a secret project.

Netizen comments:

[ + 30 - 35 ] i heard there’s a video of her dancing and she’s actually a really good dancer… the person who leaked the video of her giving an attitude to her staff member should have leaked the dance video instead
[ + 20 - 5 ] DAEEBAK! better than her debut song!!!!
[ + 52 - 20 ] i’m surprised how good this is bc her debut song sucked… hopefully, she will make more this kind of music
[ + 28 - 8 ] i just wanna see her perform this song live and hopefully she will not just stand on stage