Move With Me

Author: shnks

Rating: R

Status: Complete

Word Count: 14,000

Summary:  AU.  Forced to work together, they were at their best when they moved together. 

Tropes/Genre:  Ballet!Blaine & Modern!Kurt

Lynne’s review:  I cannot say enough about this gorgeous fic - it’s GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, just a joy to read and reread - another fic to simply wrap yourself up in and sigh sweetly….LOVE IT!!

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Final custom order before I changed my offer. After this, I’m only accepting customers who are willing to pay 25k/$12 for VIP packages. Be sure to stick around once I start making premades. Now I can return back to my hobby… just drawing to express my thoughts and feelings.

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If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked A Cake

Author: Practicalamanda 

Rating: PG-13

Status: Complete

Word Count:  24,175

Summary:  Kurt is the personal assistant to Cooper Anderson. Every morning he visits Bee’s, a bakery owned by Blaine.  Kurt has no idea Blaine is Cooper’s brother and Blaine’s has no idea that Kurt is Cooper’s assistant.  Blaine has what seems like a hopeless crush on Kurt and Kurt might just feel the same way

Tropes/Genre: fluff, humor, future!fic, baker!Blaine

Read at: S&C

anonymous asked:

Hi Zanab I was wondering if you know if there is a donations site for the family of freddie gray or really any organization/group to donate to in hard times like this? Kind of like how people raised $ for the schools volunteers to get food to children who relied on school lunches when schools were closed for ferguson commotion? anything in that sphere of trying to help out even a little. I know you're so so so busy and I appreciate you even reading but the sooner response the better, love u

Hello, Freddie Gray’s family is collecting donations for a variety of different needs HERE, they’ve only reached 1500 dollars of their intended 25k goal so donations are much needed!********

you can donate to the Baltimore food bank HERE to help families that rely on school lunches–schools are officially closed for tomorrow. 

Update: nearly ALL Baltimore schools are shut down today, and it’s wagered they’ll be shut down for the rest of the week. A vast majority, +80%, of Baltimore children are dependent on school lunches for regular meals.

In addition to donating to the food bank, you donate HERE  to op Help or Hush which is an organization that has been using funds to provide for the communities affected firsthand in Baltimore–they will be serving lunch TODAY on April 28th at | 655 Bentelou Street, North | 222 Bentelou Street, North | 1121 Lanvale Street, West |

You are also highly encouraged to donate to the following food banks in Baltimore that’ve been opening earlier, closing late to provide for the influx of extra families and individuals!: 

Moveable feast
DB food pantry
Franciscan Centre

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Examples Of Microaggressions That People Think Are "Clever"
  • Me:"Nobody needs to add the condescending 'why doesn’t this have more notes!' thing to anything I write."
  • Jackass:"Oh okay, I'll be sure to add that to any of your posts that I see! Look at me. Real humor here. So clever!"
  • Me:"Nobody needs to add the inaccurate 'no one ever discusses this!' to my posts that have 25K+ notes and 500K-1M+ page views over years. Ever."
  • Jackass:"Oh okay, I'll be sure to add that to any of your posts that I see! Because violating the most simplest of boundaries in a microaggressive fashion is totes clever! So new! I'm sure I will be the first!"
  • Me:"I really loved a particular film for complex and vulnerable reasons that I'll explain in detail at a future date, so for now I won't chat it on Twitter."
  • Jackass:"Hey, so I just saw the film and read this tweet, so I will go ahead and post tweets on the film in your mentions so that hopefully others can see and join the conversation immediately that we'll have right now. Or, I'll be especially obtuse and keep sending requests to Ask FM to demand opinions on the film before you want to discuss it. Microaggressions are so awesome!"
  • Me:"I really don't care for spiders at all."
  • Jackass:"Okay I'll post photos/videos of the largest spiders that I can find in your mentions! Look at me. Seaux clever. Seaux very clever."
  • Me:"I am really tired of of racist slurs."
  • Jackass:"Racists are so ignorant, saying nigger, thug, monkey and such to Black people. See my critique! Allyship. Reward me!"
  • Me:"I don't think that forced sexual conversation that denies the possibility of consent are sex positive, but that's what 'sex positive' heterosexuals do to me all day."
  • Jackass:"Hey this non-sexual tweet of yours from earlier today totes reminds me of dick. Check your DM, at least 5 unsolicited dick picks are waiting there. Hey I saw you mention a celebrity is beautiful, I sure want to fuck them right now. I'll also be sending violent questions about asexuality to your Ask FM!"
  • Me:"White people who retweet conversations that I have with Black women as they are occurring will never stop feeling like anything but surveillance."
  • Jackass:"I'm trying to resist the urge to retweet this! "I'm trying to resist the urge to retweet this!"
  • Me:"No is a complete sentence."
  • Jackass:"Only if it is followed by a period."
  • Me:"What do I owe Whiteness? Not a goddamn thing."
  • Jackass:"But you do owe god an apology for using his name in vain."
  • Me:"As I mentioned, before, 2015 will have a lot of Twitter and blogging breaks; interested in better mental health, not hypervisibility."
  • Jackass:"Now that you're on break, I'll be sure to increase my content begging requests versus simply reading and abiding by your Content Use Policy. I'll also rabidly dig through your archives since if you aren't posting any new content, you should be re-trolled on the old content. It's only fair. Also, I'll be exploiting the hypervisibility causing the abuse by sending direct requests to signal boost whatever I desire though those same people do absolutely nothing for Black women and further, you already stated what type of requests not to email you, which includes ones that dictate what you post on your own personal blog."
Somewhere Along The Way I’ve Missed You

Author: MissBeizy

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 14,008

Summary: Older Kurt meets a younger but very eager Blaine (who is all but a virgin) at a bathhouse and takes on the role of teacher in the acts of gay sex”. And somehow this turned into “they meet in a bathhouse and fall in love like idiots”.

Tropes/Genre: age!gap, first time, fluff, bathhouse!Klaine

Read at: AO3

I reached 25k followers here in Tumblr,so I decide to do a giveaway.

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Month Overview: April 2015

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OFCOURSE  the sajaegi rumor would get hit in the ass, we have a bigger fandom now, not to mention we have 2 versions of the same album. you didnt expect the 25k sales to become 45k? thats dumb as hell, leave us alone. we are a small-ish happy fandom, go bother someone else.

Oh Simple Thing

Author: Missbeizy

Rating: NC-17

Status: Complete

Word Count: 22,376

Summary:  Kurt (a dominant) is a lonely, thirty year old choir director at McKinley High. Blaine (a submissive) is a seventeen year old transfer student who hasn’t had the best experience of life so far. Kurt is determined to mentor Blaine, and the last thing he expects is to fall for him.

Tropes/Genre: age!gap, D/s, dom!Kurt, dom!Blaine

Read at: AO3

Stripped Bare

Author: Missbeizy

Rating: NC-17

Status: Complete

Word Count:  23,742

Summary:  Blaine is a married, twenty-seven year old businessman. Kurt (aka “Porcelain”) is a performing arts student who works as an erotic dancer to put himself through college. The last thing they expect to find in life is each other.

Tropes/Genre: stripper!Kurt, infidelity, future!fic

Read at: AO3