If it’ll help distract from some of the current discourse goin on, fandom grandma Ema has another bit of SU fandom history to reminisce on… that also happened to cause a bit of discourse too.

Alright so let’s wind back the clock back to before Steven and the Stevens aired. Now we had seen some stuff with the lil time orb in the previews, so a lot of us who had seen, or started with the pilot started getting excited because the crew had mentioned doing an episode with elements from the pilot episode. A popular user at the time then decided to use this to boost their own blog, (and have a bit of fun, I suppose) and made a fake “leaked model sheet” (fake leaks were uncommon) featuring the skull monster from the pilot.

I mean it wasn’t the most convincing thing ever but it was enough to fool people, and once the creator of the post realized how far it had gone, they came out and admitted it was fake, and boy howdy the amount of people who said they were boycotting said blog was pretty large considering the size of the fandom then. I’m glad that a lot more people are aware of **LEAKED IMAGES FROM ___ EPISODE** because I definitely feel were a lil bit too trusting back then lmao

the longest dragons on fr are over 30m long… that’s as long as a goddamn blue whale holy shit?? like imagine just taking a walk and all of a sudden this huge scaled thing the size of a blue whale shows up omg

or worse: diving in the ocean and this huge thing comes out of the complete dark depths with it’s horns and claws and fangs omfg


we had it all, yeah

who could’ve planned it?