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Happy Birthday Jack Vettriano, born and raised in Fife he became an apprentice of a mining engineer after leaving school when he was only sixteen. He taught himself to paint in the 1970’s when his girlfriend bought him a set of watercolour paints as a present on his twenty-first birthday. His earliest works were reproductions of several impressionist paintings, his first being Monet’s Poppy Fields. He was self taught and strongly influenced by observing painting in the Kirkcaldy Museum Jack had a childhood like many of us in Scotland  from the age of 10, his father sent him out delivering papers and milk, cleaning windows, picking tatties and any job that would earn money, as well as a job as a Bingo caller in Leven during one summer.In 1987, at 36, Vettriano’s wife Gail left him. He quit his job in educational research, and moved to Edinburgh where he adopted his mother’s maiden name. He applied to study Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh, but his portfolio was rejected.In 1989, Vettriano submitted two canvases for the Royal Scottish Academy annual show. Both paintings sold on the first day and Vettriano was approached by several galleries. Further exhibitions followed in Edinburgh, London, Hong Kong and Johannesburg. In November 1999, Vettriano’s work was shown for the first time in New York, when 21 paintings were displayed at The International 20th Century Arts Fair at The Armory. More than 40 collectors from the UK flew out for the event and all 20 paintings were sold on the opening night. His paintings nowadays go for between an eye watering £50k to £2000k his original canvas of The Singing Butler sold at auction for £744,500. It had been rejected in 1992 by the Royal Academy summer exhibition. some of his paintings are regarded as on the risqué/ erotic but so were the likes of Titian’s “Venus of Urbino”, de Goya’s “The Nude Maja” and Cezzane’s “Seven Bathers” to name but a few. I’ve chosen a few of my favourites. 

[eng]20160628 - Grazia article on Tao’s live stream broadcast

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Milan live broadcast: Huang Zitao’s explosive popularity

During Milan Fashion Week, Grazia collaborated with Huang Zitao on a live stream broadcast which saw an unprecedented, record-making number of clicks and viewership.

Minutes before the live broadcast, we met Huang Zitao at a European castle-style hotel. He was in a discussion with another media company on an interview. He had only just landed in Milan for a few hours, and had already completed his testing for the outfit he was to wear to the PORTS show in the evening and several interviews from the media. He looked fine, said hi to everyone with a smile, and was very polite. When he heard that the host for the live broadcast was a bit nervous, he considerately comforted the other party. “What’s there to be nervous about?” he said, while picking up a hair spray, fixing his hairstyle with the ease of one who has done it many times.

The live broadcast began at 4 in the afternoon. At the beginning, Huang Zitao was still a bit shy (didn’t think that would be the case right?). But the minute the music came on, especially when it was his new song Underground King, he immediately got into the mood, and turned the live broadcast into a mini concert. He brings these small speakers with him everywhere he goes. “I listen to music at night before I sleep. In fact, I listen to music whenever I have time.” Only when you come face to face with him do you discover that, this controversial youth is very casual, humorous and even likes to poke fun at himself, frequently throwing out funny/golden phrases/expressions. He was extremely high in front of the camera, “flaunting” his good skin and saying in Qingdao dialect, “I will not go die easily”, grabbing hold of the host’s phone to do selfies when they couldn’t agree, and reminding everyone to do their screen grabs to make memes….

The 1.5 hours live broadcast saw several record-making moments for Grazia. In 10 minutes, the number of likes exceeded 2000K. In half an hour, it reached 12700K (this broke the highest record for the number of likes made for a Meipai live broadcast in 30 minutes), at the 52th minute, it exceeded 20000K. In the end, it hit an astonishing record of a viewership 643K , and a total of 23740K likes. Because of the overwhelming number of viewers, the live broadcast broke off twice when it begun. After it was over, Huang Zitao was immediately on the hot topic searches, and became the much talked about personality on numerous wechat articles pushed out to the public. It is not an exaggeration, calling him THE one key attraction for online traffic.

Grazia was the one who told TaoTao about the record breaking feat. “I’m quit happy, hahaha. I totally didn’t expect this. I don’t know why, but recently many people have slowly begun to understand me, and to pay attention to me. They start to see my good side, listen to my music and watch my movie. So, they will start to change their views on me. I will continue to work hard and let everyone see a new, different Huang Zitao.” It was spoken with the utmost sincerity. Numerous viewers who may not have known too much about him have expressed that they are becoming his fans, but in reality, he had not made much preparations or designs about this live broadcast. “I never prepare for any interviews. Really, it’s all dependent on my mood. I do have pretty extreme moods.” Then do you have any burdens being an idol (i.e. having to behave only in certain ways so as to not affect the image)? “None!” His staff commented that Huang Zitao’s personality is that of a “very good kid, simple, honest and sincere.” The consensus from Grazia’s staff is that he’s not pretentious, and is very easy to communicate with, and very willing to go along with the flow.

The minute the live broadcast begun, Huang Zitao started to poke fun at himself. “I won’t be late for today’s show! Jiayou!” In the end, he reached the show’s site 1.5 hours earlier, and exited the car amongst the screams of a huge bunch of foreign fans. The girls lifted their signs of welcome, and called out in unison, in Mandarin, their idol’s name….. TaoTao was a bit surprised at the many foreign fans present at the site.. but “actually it’s still not enough.” He’s particularly proud and said, with a sense of mission that, “I want to get more people to listen to China’s music. This is why I want to bring CPOP to the world!”