Female Roles' Vocal Ranges
Sheet1 Aldonza, Man of La Mancha, A♭ 3, A♭ 5, Lead, 1 Soprano Amalia Bash, She Loves Me, C4, B5, Lead, 1 Soprano Aunt March, Little Women, E3, F5, Supporting, 1 Soprano Beth, Little Women, A3, G5, Supporting, 1 Soprano Carlotta, Phantom of the Opera, C♭ 4, E6, Supporting, 1 Soprano Carolin...

Here’s my spreadsheet of Musical Theatre Female Roles’ Vocal Ranges! I have included a lot of information including character name, show title, low note, high note, character size, and typical voice classification. All information came from stageagent, casting calls, or the official theatre rights group.  

By clicking at the top of each column you can put it in order of vocal typical vocal range, role size, or alphabetical by show or character name. I’m still working on getting the high and low note to work. 

Let me know by replying to this post if there are any mistakes or what roles I should add!