~1950's design


I realize now how very short life is, because I’ve got to be considered to be in the home stretch. But I won’t waste time on recriminations and regrets. And the same goes for my shortcomings and my own failures.

Eldred Gregory Peck (April 5th, 1916 - June 12th, 2003)


I have wanted to post this for a while. To celebrate the genius behind every detail in Carol. This is the scene where she is going to speak to the lawyers, and her soon-to-be-ex Husband, wearing a scarf that is almost identical to her love’s pajama’s. Only the colors have changed from Christmas green with red and white polka dots to white and blue. The way the color palette of the whole film changes gradually. Therese is painting her apartment a strikingly similar shade as if to indicate that although they are both getting on with life they are still moving in the same direction; towards each other. 

The best part, the wonderful subtle symbolic gesture is at the end of the scene when she is putting her coat on - putting her confident self back together while speaking her truth - she is clutching this small delicate piece of fabric to her heart. Keeping Therese with her, their love like armor. 

Every moment of this film is beautiful enough to make you weep.  For @bnaz & her brilliant post on the discourse of Carol, & everyone who loves this film.


Glinda the Good and 1950′s Dior. Dress form photos from the Met Online Collection.

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