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Candace and I do an update about the No Boys Dorm Kickstarter! We’re at $4643 with 8 days left to reach $10000!

Thanks so much everyone!

I 10000% literally can not even.

He’s been by me alllll day and we’ve taken 2 naps.

I promise I’ll post my run info later. This is probably gonna be another weird sleeping night.


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Author: fuckthenaysayers

Summary: ”Seen too much?! You’re both wearing full fucking masks, I haven’t seen shit!”

Michael clapped a hand over his mouth, panic rising as he realized he just mouthed off at the very people who held his life in their hands right now. Rather than seem angry though, the blue-eyed one laughed a little.

"Feisty. I like him. Been a while since we took a hostage, and I bet we may need one since I can hear those sirens getting closer."

WC: 6,843 - Complete

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bc i was in such a hurry yesterday i forgot to tell you guys that tamina is 10000% fucking amazing and cool in person
she was so hype to meet everyone in line for her signing and she would ask you questions and just man everyone needs to meet tamina ok

Workout Log 3/29

Everything felt 10000 pounds. Just wasn’t my day lol I blame a night of not enough sleep and having a little bit of a hangover :P 



Stiff Leg Deadlift:




Goblet Sumo Squats:

2x12 with 35 lb KB

Cardio: lower body focused 

1 minute intervals with 15 secs rest between exercises: 3 rounds

Reverse Lunges with High Knee 

Reaching Side Lunges with Jump  

Power Skips 

Alternating Push Hops 

Flutter Kick Squats

Happy Sunday :D 

anonymous asked:

OK so manga tadashi fell into the portal, right? so what if, for some strange reason, at the end of the bh6 movie hiro not only finds abigail... but also that version of tadashi who he assumes to be HIS tadashi.

AAAAAH YES YES YES PLEASE. I am 10000% down for that happening!

Because I’m pretty sure the characterization is not completely the same between the two, which means sooner or later someone will realize that this Tadashi isn’t THEIR Tadashi. And thus they have to decide if they’re gonna keep this Tadashi, or if they’re going to try to help him back to his own world and his own brother. AND IT IS SUPER PAINFUL. BUT I LOVE IT

(And maybe they eventually do get manga!Tadashi home, but they manage to perfect the portals in the process so that manga!Tadashi can come and visit them sometimes because HAPPY ENDINGS DANGIT)

joss whedon was one of the most helpful people to one of my closest friends when she was going through cancer treatments. he personally kept in contact with her and invited her to his production sets and was just 10000% there for her

and i still think he’s a total piece of shit professionally

EXO reacts to you breaking something valuable to them

Suho: Hold up- you what?

You: Sorry I broke it, I really didn’t mean to

Suho: Oh please I could repair that and buy 10000 more if I wanted to

Chanyeol: You did what??? Ahhhhhhh~ that meant a lot to me

Baekhyun: ._. *gasp How could you do this to me

D.O.: What did you just say?

Kai: *speechless

Sehun: Pardon? 

*you tell him* Oh no you didn’t~

Kris: Of all things she had to break that?

Luhan: *runs to save his manly image before crying in a corner

Xiumin: Ah this makes me sad *sinks lower and lower

Lay: As long as you didn’t break my stuffed unicorn it’s okay :)

Tao: *walks over to his manager *points at you

She just broke my favorite Gucci bag aren’t you going to punish her?


-Admin Maknae

*I don’t own any gifs*

Also I’m working on a BTS request too atm so please bear with 

lately they have been putting me in the back to build furniture and unpack boxes at work and it is 10000% better.  when i am on the sales floor i am like “oh my god kill me i need another job”  but when i am in the back i am like “wow i cannot believe they pay me for this i could work for 10 hours :))))” i hope they keep putting me back there i want to be exiled to the stockroom like a terrible secret.  i want to be the hunchbacked bellringer.  who builds tables.

people who dislike nina are. incredible because it’s so transparent. 

nina has to be. like i love nina bc she’s just written so raw. she’s ill in a world w no cure for her, she doesn’t know why she’s sick exactly, she’s scared, alone, and poor. she grows jealous in her cowardice, she makes selfish decisions, she’s scared and cries a lot and does bad things just to ease herself. she has a conscious and does feel guilty and terrible but she’s SCARED. she’s not a good person, but she’s not a bad person. she’s. a person.

and you hate her more than you can possibly conceive hating griffith.

but noooo griffith is PRETTY and some POOR LITTLE BOY who only ever wanted a kingdom so it’s 10000% okay for him to kill all his friends to do it and ruin the two people who loved him most but GOD FORBID nina be jealous of luca having her head on straight. it’s not like by the end of her arc she left, trying to make herself a better person despite the fact that she’s still scared and she’s still dying and she’s not going to be a good person. but clearly there’s so much more to dislike to her than griffith.

it’s always people to jump to dislike her, like, if you can’t dislike griffith at least jump to dislike the (other) truly reprehensible people in the series, there are plenty for you to pick from that have also sacrificed their loved one and done terrible acts but happen to not be pretty. nina is pretty but nina is also a girl so having selfish desires is obviously so terrible and wrong and she deserves to be punished and hated for them because of course she never grows right

and as to why i bring up griffith to compare this, yes, he is also a complex character with complex motivations but i’m peeling it back that u basically hate a young girl who has acted out of desperation and fear and acted more human than anyone than a man, again, killed all of his friends and absolutely ruined the lives of the two people who loved him most. you hate this girl. for basically the same reasons you don’t hate this man and call him complex because he is pretty and holds himself together in a suave (and manipulative) way. yes, nina (tried) to kill joachim. she isn’t innocent. but that’s the point.

nina is any one of us during horrifying situations. not the ‘desperately starts to kill anyone we love’ but feels to horror and pain her actions and feels terrible but still does them because she is afraid and selfish and she knows this and can’t escape it. we’re not griffith, we’re not supposed to be like ‘yeah i’d do that if i was in that situation,’ we’re nina.

we are shown almost no reasons why griffith is the way he is other than the small flashbacks of his past running through streets of a town. we know he has a dream and we know he will not give up on this dream, but we can only guess on his desperation. we see nina’s desperation up close, but because it leaks through, because her ‘weakness’ in hurting those she loved is not done in this masterful villain way.

she’s a victim like everyone else.