Wow I honestly can’t believe I hit 1,000 followers tbh I though no one would follow this blog but with the thank you’s said I want to hold a giveaway as a way to show my gratitude and idk how to make a banner so here’s my beautiful doodle but down to the prizes

1) a ten gifs gif set of the character of your choosing
2) a ten photos photo set of the character of your choosing
3) a five photos photo set of a character of your choosing
Rules: 1)you must be following me
2)you can enter by liking and reblogging doing one gets you one entry doing both gets you two entries

Winners will be chosen through a number generator and will have 24 hours to respond if they don’t respond I’ll just pick someone new. We can discuss what you’d like once you’re picked

The giveaway ends on August 15th which is my birthday just to make the dates easy on me

Thank you again and good luck


roadhog has selective mutism and junkrat talks for him! junkrat also lovs hearing abt roadhogs hawaiian stories

YES!!!! YEAH THIS IS ALLL TRUE !!!!!!! i REALLY cant ship them i get a very safe family vibe from them… ;-; ther sweet


Roadhog is nonverbal

true true ture true junkrat speaks on his behalf alot when ther in public


bpd junkrat and roadhog is his fp (doesnt have to be romantic, just his FP and also best bud ever in the world


also i believe he’s Maori, not Hawaiian! his name is mako (maori for “the shark/shark tooth”) and has a skin called “toa” which is maori for warrior. some of his skins also include ta moko, the body and facial markings worn by maori people!

THIS IS SOOO TRUE ROADHOG IS SOOO HIS FP like honestly my headcanon is that junkrat has been learning under roadhogs wing for a long time but his admiration never fades like he always is gonna look up to and idolize roadhog like he cant do anything wrong.. and its true roadhog has never done anything wrong

The only thing that’s clear to me about this whole romance is that Alibaba’s first and only love is …

At least I can feel a romantic atmosphere here…
He is so happy, hugging his lover, blushing, he is deeply in love

999 followers! YAY!

Well…I was at 1000 followers, but then 1 unfollowed me right after, bummer…. OH WELL!

Thank you guys for bearing with me, following and supporting me! What better way to celebrate this wonderful achievement with a “THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOVE LOOKS LIKE!” update!? Coming at you in a bit!!!


Novak’s pre tournament interview at the Rogers Cup

(via ATPWorldTour on YouTube)


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Ryan/readers of any kind please!

Reader Insert

Untitled by thatmakesyoumyequivalent

Summary: “All our friends are drunk.” Ryan/Reader [F] [G]

WC: 231

Untitled by ladymogar

Summary: Fluffy masquerade. Ryan/Reader [F] [G]

WC: 193

Mistakes by pennywritesthings

Summary: You and Ryan have your first major fight. Ryan/Reader [F]

WC: 3,277 [PG]

Untitled by placesblogfordumbstuff

Summary: Prompt: “I’m trying to set up a homemade fog machine but I accidentally touched the dried ice.” Ryan/Reader [N] [G]

WC: 140

Mix 143 by gussorolex

Summary: Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” Ryan/Reader [F] [G]

WC: 606

~ The Team

ilovemelia replied to your post “yawns @ ppl that imply that u gotta be androgynous to be nonbinary”

is this about the pokemon go team leaders


like??? i love the headcanon but i’m absolutely sick of hearing that nb people have to look a certain way n that people that look different than what is “expected” - especially more feminine-presenting people- can’t be nb because they don’t look it

like. alright not 2 make this about me but i do look more androgynous than i used to (thank god), but that doesn’t mean that i wasn’t just as nb when i looked more feminine as i am now. the implication that nonbinary people aren’t valid unless they’re androgynous is transphobic and gross and i hate it

your gender is not dictated by your appearance and vice versa, and i’m really over people saying otherwise

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Darling,Congrats on the milestone! You deserve each and every one of your followers and a lot more, because not only your blog is such a lovely place and your fics are amazing, you are one of the nicest, kindest people around here. To many many more <3. For the drabble thing,and only if you want to of course, I want Wincest (also could be Weecest oh god please), John finds out, but FLUFF (not necessarily on John's side- but it's yours to decide). You are awesome friend :)

Tal, you are the sweetest!! EXCEPT FOR throwing down a huge challenge because how am I expected to write fluff around John finding out? SO, HERE IT IS. Think of this as the next chapter of Two Motel Rooms (really, part 3, because part 2 would be the smut behind that motel wall which I haven’t written yet.)  **Three-element prompts**

John stared. Their dad could be pretty intense sometimes, during hunts, conducting research, but this was breakfast. The sun was shining, the coffee was strong and the smell of sausage and maple syrup was making him drool. And yet John continued to stare. Not at Dean’s face but at a point further down on his neck where Sam… Oh shit.

Dean’s hand flew up to cover the hickey he assumed was there. Sure enough, when he touched the spot, it was sore and bruised from his brother eagerly sucked on the skin earlier. They tried to be so careful, always putting their marks on each other where Dad couldn’t see, but things had gotten a little enthusiastic this morning. When Dad was banging on their door afterwards, telling them to hurry up for breakfast, both boys just threw on their clothes from the day before.

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