I get 1000% more excited about a game when you’re given the option to play as a female.
I get 2000% more excited about a game when it’s a female lead and its about said female.
I get 5000% more excited about females in general.

Week of 1000 followers: Hoenn shiny legendary pokemon giveaway!

Okay so today is shiny Hoenn shiny legendary pokemon! To get one deposit a Male Marill into the GTS with the code listed below. Remember IT WILL BE SLOW! So please don’t ask me how long it will be or how many I have left. Today I’m splitting it with J, so it won’t be so bad, but still, be nice. I might be slower than usual due to unseen circumstances. We will post when we run out of each.

So to get one of J’s pokes listed below you must have the code “Hoenn Trumpets” 

Level 40 Registeel

Level 30 Latias

Level 47 Regice

Level 40 Regirock

To get one of Flarepix’s pokes you must have the code “Fire Nerd”

Level 86 Deoxys

Level 100 Kyogre

Level 100 Raquaza

Level 70 Groudon (sorry its Japanese)

Level 36 Latios

Only one of each per person. Don’t rush us please. No snipping either.

Also we will have a post a pic raffle for one shiny  one and non shiny Jirachi! So post a pic of your new pokemon and tag tcgiveaways in it.

Updating Sweat Equity

I forgot how much of working on that fic is research. Worked on it for two hours tonight and more than half of it was spent looking up terminology and figuring out how much grass seed to use per 1000 square feet. 

Next fic I write, Katniss is going to be a lazy asshole who likes to watch TV while lying down on the sofa with a blanket over her, and making snarky comments online. I don’t need to do any research for that one.

so hey i recently hit 1000 followers and i came back from a hiatus not too long ago and i have one more month left of school so why not do a follow forever?




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Albia, Iowa
Population: 3,766

“On Feb. 14, 1893, there was a coal mine explosion in Chicago and Iowa mine, about 2.5 miles west of Albia. This room and pillar mine opened around 1877, and by the time of the explosion, mining extended more than 1000 yards from the hoisting shaft and the mine employed 60 miners and 20 other men. One miner was killed outright and seven died later of their injuries, after a “shot” (gunpowder charge used to bring down the coal) ignited a dust explosion in the mine. This was one of only two major mine disasters in Iowa between 1888 and 1913.”


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 355:
WWF Intercontinental Championship:
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (w/ George Steele) Vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage (Champion, w/ Elizabeth)

WWF WrestleMania III [March 29th, 1987]

One of the most star-studded, well-regarded professional wrestling events in history was WWF WrestleMania III. The event that Andre The Giant was bodyslammed by Hulk Hogan featured an amazing undercard that included this legendary match. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat battles against Randy “Macho Man” Savage for the coveted Intercontinental Championship. Though there are several things going on in this match in the way of storylines and background, the match itself is the focus as these two proficient athletes have one of the best Mania matches, ever. It’s held in high regard by wrestling fans and wrestlers alike for being incredible, and it truly was. Anyone who hasn’t seen this amazing encounter should click play IMMEDIATELY. Enjoy.