PRIVATE || 10/01

       Kayla had awoken in the morning, her body aching but content. Something about her being back in her own apartment, even if she had slept in the guest room, just made it that much easier for her to fall asleep. She’d insisted that Frankie take her bed, despite her complaints and when she’d gotten home late from dinner with her mother, the girl had been sound asleep. Now both girls were awake, and getting dressed following a breakfast full of small talk and shy glances. 

        Kayla was in the guest bathroom, finishing the last touches of her uniform, her sword at her side. She was nervous, dreading the crowd that would be at the wedding and the formalities she would have to upkeep while it went on. But she was also looking forward to seeing Jack and her crew again, in uniforms she’d last seen on a much less fortunate occasion. Kayla shook her head at that and pulled at her dark blue tunic. 

       With her hair tightly in a bun, hat tucked under her right arm and white gloves held in her right hand, Kayla exited the bathroom and went into the living room. She’d wait for Frankie there, though she hoped the girl would be ready soon or they would be late. @frankieifc

In the fmarvel AU, I’ve been trying to decide who’s Black Widow for weeks now, but I’m still having trouble. I’m not sure if Olivier, Izumi, or maybe even Lust would fit best

Roy Mustang got stabbed in the abdomen. He carved a transmutation circle into his hand and started treating his dying friend while bleeding out himself. Then he starts searing his own wounds shut and once he’s finished, he stands up besides all of his pain and stumbles down a way that takes probably over 10 minutes to reach in his state, if not longer. Then he proceeds to single handedly burn Lust until all there is left are ashes and the first thing he asks is whether his Lieutenant is alright and tells them to go to Havoc.

Don’t you DARE say that Roy can’t possibly survive without Riza babying him all day.