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Reminder to non-autistic people:

You have NO RIGHT to divulge someone’s status as autistic without their permission.

I work at an ice cream shop, and a father came in with his daughter. I complimented her butterfly pants (they were really cute pants!) and she didn’t respond. Which was fine. Maybe she didn’t hear me. I don’t care. As the father’s paying, he says to me, “I’m sorry she didn’t respond to you. She’s autistic.”

I tell him that I wasn’t offended, and that I’m autistic too, hoping that maybe he’ll back off. Instead, he goes “Oh, she’s not like you, she’s… Non-conversational autistic.” Obviously trying not to say “low-functioning” or maybe ever “r*tarded.”

And let me just say, there were so many things wrong with that interaction. It was none of my business whether or not his daughter was autistic. None of my business at all. The only reason I should know is if she tells me.

Don’t be an ass to your autistic friends and family. Don’t go around giving out their personal information to perfect strangers.


Don’t force autistic people to make eye contact

Don’t touch autistic people (or anyone) without their permission

Don’t try to physically restrain/touch an autistic person during a meltdown/shutdown

Don’t try to force autistic people to be verbal if they are/have become non-verbal

Don’t attempt to stop an autistic person from stimming

Thank you and good night. 

anonymous asked:

Sorry, Im on mobile so I cant check your faq--But are you okay with non-autistics reblogging your stimming posts? Its just such good art and subject, and I want to share it but I dont want to overstep your boundaries!! Thank you ^^

yea of course!

Allistic people (non-autistic) who are taking advantage of fidget toys and stim toys , and bringing them to school to fuck around are literally ruining coping methods + support fidgets for autistic people and I hope y'all realise that we actually have a need for spinners and stress balls and fidget cubes , unlike y'all lmao