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how long did it take to find your sim style, and do you have some tips on how to??? i feel like i'm never satisfied with my style

forever… i played sims for a good few months with just sims i downloaded off the gallery (shoutout to @wondercarlotta) and i didn’t use cc at all LOL i didn’t even care how sims look i just wanted to play!! practice by using your favourite sim as a base, and then makeover townies, makeover randomised sims in cas and over time they end up looking similar (not always a good thing anons always tell me) and that’s when you kinda know!! don’t force yourself to make a sim in someone else’s style because it’ll be hard :-) let your own aesthetic guide you!!

Miss Dandelion

My name is not important, because I just want to be a dandelion.
I don’t remember the first time I wanted to be skinny. I remember looking down at my stomach while I was still a young child, but I never understood why I hated it so much. I was fascinated with nature, but I felt as if I didn’t quite fit in there. Another place where I wanted to fit in was the kindergarten, but for some reason I hated everyone there. I felt much, much older than those kids, and our teacher made fun of me saying that I should spend the whole day drinking coffee with grandmas. It hurt, because I knew that the beautiful smell of coffee and spending time with my grandmother’s friends was one of my favourite things to do. So after that I didn’t play with kids much. I walked around and looked at flowers.
Elementary school was a little different. I actually made a few good friends and felt good about myself, ignoring the bother. Of course, boys called me ugly here and there, but who cared? I had my friends. There were fights here and there, but I felt like I belonged. Both with them and with flowers. We were lilies in the early summer sun.
In fifth grade, however, I started gaining weight rapidly. My best friend was the first one to notice and pointed it out whenever she got a chance. It hurt, but I didn’t think she was doing it intentionally. The petals were falling off, and the fruit of our friendship was toxic. I shouldn’t have taken a bite. After sixth grade we never really hujg out much either.
In the summer between sixth and seventh year of school, I was on a holiday with my family. I had gained a lot of weight in the past year, and I was overweight. Not too much, but enough for my aunt to point it out all the time. Because of it I started emotionally overeating, hoping that food will take up all the space and get out the poison of words my mind heard and consumed. When I came back home, I was even fatter and my grandmother’s friends were pointing it out a lot. I exercised every day, but I ate too much. I cried a lot.
In late August, before the school started. I threw up the first time. I was home alone, and I was two kilos overweight. I felt sickly proud of myself, and repeated the process several times. Eat, puke, eat, puke. Downspiral through my guts, my drug slowly becoming disgusting to myself.
In the next two months I held a diet, not letting anyone notice. I ate a lot and puked a lot when I was home alone, and everyone judged me when they came back. I had to grow thorns, because their words were as sharp as bee’s sting. I stopped eating completely, ending up stuck in a binge starve cycle.
I saw blood with the food and acid that came out of me on the last day of that year. I was proud.
I became suicidal around March, and went to the therapist twice. She was horrible. I never went again. I became a cutter.
In late April, I knew my body wouldn’t have taken it any longer, so I ate. And ate and ate. I fell in love with a girl for the first time, and she almost loved me back. Almost. But she didn’t. Either way, she was the bright spot. I still love her, just not in the same way. She helped me recover, but I didn’t want to tell her I relapsed months later. In november. I tried to be healthy, but it didn’t work. I was always hungry and only lost two kilos. I felt like my colours were fake, because flowers don’t bloom in November.
This year. March. My aunt, my mother, mocking me again. Even though I never gained back all the weight. Even though I was never overweight again. I just want to know the reason why. I lost eight pounds already, in just three weeks. Starving. Because I finally looked at flowers, knowing I would be beautiful if I had such a thin, fragile body. I couldn’t take the pain any longer, and I have never been doing better. This is a revenge, this is me proving them wrong.
My name is not important, because I just want to be a dandelion.

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nicknames: other than breezy? nothing, really
gender: female
star sign: cancer
height: 5′3 or 5′4, i think
time right now: 12:10am
last thing i googled: …the stardew valley birthday calendar for winter
favourite bands: lydia (but like not anymore tbh their recent albums are not. good.), baths, wildcat! wildcat!, glass animals, & blackbird blackbird to name a few. idk i like a lot of things
song stuck in my head: let it happen by tame impala
last movie i watched: movie? huh. i think it might have been song of the sea? it’s super good, watch it, it’s on kisscartoon.
last tv show i watched: i’m literally watching the flash right now. i’ve been binge-watching it all day.
when did you create your blog: oh man i think 2012
what do you post: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ kingdom hearts, yume nikki, lesbians, and aesthetic™, pretty much  
when did your blog reach its peak: i’m on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my guy
do you have any other blogs: yeah i have a couple. there’s shoujoai, shiromahou, helleboregame, and asteromoea. shoujoai was meant to be a blog were i put my lesbian posts before i was out so as to not annoy others but i don’t give a single fuck now so it’s kind of pointless. shiromahou is an anime gif blog where i tag the episode number of scenes so it’s easier for me to edit with anime. helleboregame is game dev. asteromoea is a visual inspiration blog for game dev purposes.
do you get asks regularly: ha
why did you choose your url: aesthetic™ also that song has a huge impact on me emotionally right on that part  
following: 363 but the vast majority of those blogs are dead i think because my dash is so slow. i think it’s mostly indie gamedev blogs that post slowly, too
posts: 13,467 yikes
hogwarts house: hufflepuff :P
pokemon team:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
favourite colours: light blue, light green, and gray (which i know isn’t a ~color~ technically)
average hours of sleep: ha. you say that as if i have a sleep schedule. sometimes i sleep 16 hours and sometimes i sleep 2, it just depends.
lucky numbers: i am unlucky at all times
favourite characters: ok i will make this as short as possible but

  • aqua & riku (kingdom hearts)
  • edward & alphonse elric (full metal alchemist)
  • hajime ichinose (gatchaman crowds)
  • l (death note)
  • midori tokiwa (tamako market)
  • sayo yasuda (umineko no naku koro ni)
  • sun bak (sense8)
  • if you just like look at my blog on archive mode you’ll probably be able to tell honestly

what are you wearing right now: a big t-shirt and comfy shorts.
how many blankets do you sleep with: ok so like i have one thick blanket i sleep under, and then i have 2-3 comfy blankets on my bed usually, but i only ever use one of them, if any of them. 
dream job: no job
dream trip: i’d love to go anywhere as long as i was with friends. i could be on the best vacation in the world, but there’d be no point if it wasn’t with someone i had fun with. disneyworld would probably be ideal, though. 

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My new meds make my skin throw a fit. It’s not terribly bad, just a few things here and there, but it’s bumming me out because I’ve never really had too many run-ins with acne.

My four-year-old sister, however, is under the impression that it’s just “3D freckles”, and that they look very, very pretty. She wants all of my freckles to “pop out”, especially the ones across my nose; they’re her favourite.

And it puts me in this weird position where I can’t say, “No, this is acne, and it’s bad,” because I don’t want to teach her that it’s a bad to have unclear skin, you know? I tried to tell her that my skin was sick because of the new medicine, but she was having none of it. She didn’t think they were any different than all of my literal, actual freckles, despite my efforts to delicately tell her otherwise.

Kids are weird.

The more I think about interactions I have with children, the more I realise that children will consistently compliment “flaws” until they’ve been taught not to.

Like, a kid at the library, whose sister has vitiligo, saw my scars once and suggested that his sister and I should be cats for Halloween, since I have “tabby skin” and she has “calico skin”. “I can be a black cat,” he immediately added. “It’s not AS cool, but they’re the spookiest.”

When I started losing weight, my little brother immediately demanded that I gain it back, because I wasn’t as comfortable to cuddle with anymore.

And my other little sister always wants to wear her paint-stained clothes to school so that “everyone can tell [she’s] an artist”.

I don’t know. I guess talking to little kids just reminds me that all of this superficial shit we worry about really is 100% made up.


i am SO weak for slow burn fake dating AUs and this fic has provided just what i needed, i wanted to draw my favourite scene…! sorry for the choppy ending

the scene is a lot better written so please read it! and now i realize the bg makes no sense aaa


These are a few of my favourite things~♪ feat. watercolours, a wedding invitation I repurposed, and my list of hobbies I’d like to try ^__^

♪ Don’t Say No - Seohyun




looking like she should get it

pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader

request: @wellillbedamneddiggs​: “#50 “Please, don’t leave?”” and @hamfamhamfam: “request number 7 from the list you reblogged (“Wanna bet?”)? As in reader and Lin (Sin) bet that he can’t go for a week without having sex? Needlessly say he loses”

summary: reader and lin bet about not having sex for a week. reader’s determined to break him, and employs some interesting methods.

warnings: NSFW! Smut, teasing, mentions of dom/sub, sexting, masturbation,

word count: 2,133

a/n: title from ‘body and blood’ by clippng (duh its from a clippng song). teasing is fun, like one of my new favourite things to write. still gonna go to hell, no matter how hard i pray. Sorry Lin!

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Considering it’s been a few years since I first started professionally tutoring high school students, I know that this time of the year is always anxious for graduating seniors. You know what college you’re going in to, what you want to (hopefully) study for the next four years - it’s a good time for the nerves to start kicking in! I try to follow a little acronym called “hope” (nope it’s not my favourite word nope) and I pass on this advice to my students every year - so I thought I would share it with studyblr this year!

→ Hobbies Are Important!
Your hobbies are things that shape you and define you, activities that provide you solace and peace of mind when you need it. When college rears its ugly head and life gets busy, it’s really easy to drop your hobbies but it’s really important to continue on with them, as best as you can. Once you’re finished with college, you may find yourself with a lot of empty time on your hands. The workplace doesn’t need you to do homework, prepare for exams and make study guides - so what does one do in all this spare time? Your hobbies are as good as anything, here. No matter how significant or insignificant they are, remember to hold them close to your heart.

→ Organisation Skills Are Key!
Many of the studyblr community understand this already, so I won’t elaborate on this too much. Much of the work at the K-12 level is structured easily for the student to understand, with things like worksheets and handouts. They’re not common in college (in fact, I’ve only had them in 2 classes in 3.5 years), so to keep on top of things, it’s important to have good note-taking skills, maintain a good planner and use whatever review methods work most effectively for you to study! You may feel like college is information overload, so rather than trying to keep it all in your head, it’s better to keep it written down, so that your mind is free to absorb new information!

→ Preparing Ahead Isn’t Just For Nerds!
That’s right, cool kids can do it too! Nothing bad has ever come out of reading the next class’ chapter ahead of time or starting a study guide for the next exam right after you finish the one during last class. Being aware of the context when learning makes it much easier for your brain to comprehend and understand new material - so if you read up ahead on the chapter and you don’t understand much of it, chances are that when you go to class your brain would’ve remembered keywords, which it’ll pick up during class and help you retain this information more.

→ Expectations Are Personal!
Success is a very relative term and should be taken on a personal level. Doing your own best is always what is important - don’t be weighed down by the expectations that others place on you. Many of you will be living away from home for the first time and it’s not easy, at all. “Work smart, don’t work hard” and such quotes make it seem like being disciplined and diligent is all that matters but it is also important to take breaks and take care of yourself too! Know when to take breaks and when to take time for yourself- but also remember to try outdoing yourself before outdoing anyone else!

Once again, this is just my opinion and tips based on my college experience. It is, by no means, an exhaustive list and I believe that once you begin, you too will come to realise some things on your own. I truly wish someone had pointed these things out to me during my freshman year at college but I hope that you come across this post and don’t go through the same mistakes I did! As usual, my askbox is always open for if you ever want to talk/discuss/chat/rant/whatever! I’m so thankful for this wonderful community and I cherish you all lots, just trying to do my bit and give back!

- alli ❀

Sometimes your artistic improvement is not only what your hands can do but also what your eye and mind can understand.

Few years ago I was looking at some works of my favourite artists and couldnt even comprehend how they are made. Colors, lightning, workflow - everything seemed so advance my mind was shutting off, just admiring the view but not understanding it.

Now - even if I’m not able to reach their skill or it would take me days - I can analyze and deconstruct all those “impossible” works. I can understand how they use light or color to achieve certain effects and file it for later use. 

Remember that your eyes and brain develop as well as your hand, sometimes at different speed. Looking and thinking about art has the same value as actually doing it. Have an artblock? Take some time to browse through your favourite works and instead of thinking how much you can’t do the same, try to understand how it’s done!

So I was watching episode 7 of yoi and I noticed a few important things (besides the kiss fam this is just my favourite episode of anything ever).

first we see that Guang-Hong is the main protagonist of this fight scene. But thats not where it stops.

more below cause this is going to be really long okay prepare yourselves.

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