Pokemon Card of the Day #1061: Porygon-Z LV.X (Majestic Dawn)

Porygon-Z LV.X was a weird one. It added no attacks to its admittedly mediocre base form, but brought two Poke-Powers to help support its team. It also made an already bad Weakness much worse at a time when that couldn’t really be afforded. That already made Porygon-Z LV.X a strange card to figure out, since it had both really nice positives and horrible negatives.

130 HP wasn’t too bad. It was pretty bulky, but remember that it was a Level-Up from a Stage 2. In those terms it wasn’t nearly as impressive. The x2 Weakness to Fighting was basically as bad as it could get. Gallade had to flip only one Prize to cleanly KO, and Machamp and Donphan in later formats could take advantage of this quite easily as well. This alone made Porygon-Z LV.X a big risk. The Retreat Cost was quite average. 2 Energy was enough to consider getting help paying for, though it wasn’t necessarily required.

Porygon-Z LV.X’s first Poke-Power was Mode Crash. When you put Porygon-Z LV.X from your hand onto your Active Porygon-Z, you could discard all of your opponent’s Special Energy cards in play. This could be very disruptive, especially in the HP-On format where it could get rid of all those Scramble Energies out there. Early DP-On made this less useful, but Double Colorless Energy in the second year of DP-On and into MD-On made this worthwhile again. Timing was key, of course, but figuring out when to use this wasn’t too hard since it basically depended on the opponent’s board and how many Special Energy was on there. It was a one-time thing but could be quite helpful indeed.

The second Poke-Power, Decode, could be used every turn. Once during your turn, you could search your deck for any 2 cards and then shuffle your deck. After that, you put those two cards on top of the deck in any order. This made it easier to get what you needed, though pairing this with a drawing Supporter made it much more potent. This let Porygon-Z LV.X function as support, though running a LV.X from a Stage 2 took up a lot of space for a Pokemon to fill that sort of role.

Porygon-Z LV.X brought some nice things to the table, but the positives were just a bit too weighed down by the horrible Weakness combined with the huge amount of deck space required to run it. It just couldn’t fit into decks very easily and fell apart against some of the best attackers out there. If Porygon-Z had better base cards, it probably would have had a chance.

I went looking for antique silverware today.

I got some, but that’s – shockingly – not the fun part.

At first, I worried I wouldn’t find enough inexplicable thrift store items to warrant a post…

but as soon as I saw Terrifying Foot-Tall Corner Dress Rat, I knew my fate had turned.

After that, I couldn’t stop finding incredible things.

A disturbing coconut head man with “DICK’S LAST RESORT” burned into it.

It’s like if Mr. Potato Head went both tropical and feral!

A glass from a prom titled “Desert Moon” that happened in 1985.

Why’s no one bought this yet? It’s 10 years older than me, it’s an antique!

Everybody’s favorite funtime children’s toy, Demonic Hollow Bear!

This Christmas, let your children live out their veterinary dreams on this organ-free, stretch-mouthed creature of darkness. It yearns for your soul!

The aftermath of a centipede breaking its legs.

Just don’t think about how big it had to be to warrant that size of crutch.

A 2D cutout… semi-colored-in… of a confused-looking cat… sitting on a cushion… with little flowers on it?

I can’t even make a joke, here. There’s no topping the reality of what it is.

And, lastly, my favorite of all…

the extensive art collection.

It’s all extra special, since a very specific chain of events has to occur for the pieces to be there:

#1, whoever owned it had to look at it, and go “yeah, this should get donated, someone will prolly want to buy it”…

…and #2, the store had to look at it, and go “yeah, no, that is totally something we should put a price tag on right this second.”

But they’re wrong. Every single piece is priceless, and if I had the funds I would make a found-in-thrift-stores art gallery for all the world to cherish.