~*~international spies~*~


It runs in the family, both Mom & Dad are spies, my sisters & I made a pact to continue with the tradition of becoming great international spies. 

We were promised a lesson in spy infor gathering only if we finished our dinner, we endured all the broccoli as part of our training. Emma would keep an eye out for the baddies, Saorise will hunt for clues and Emma will protect our main asset. I’ll place the package 


I had an idea of characters around a public phone, first it was kids and a big monster or robot but I had no reason for them to be there. 

Somehow I thought of the cold war or spies interchanging secret information. Kids would be a perfect cover for this. I went for the family training instead. 

Sketched the phone booth as the center piece and started with the dad and daughter and kept drawing the rest of the family. Planned the color palette thinking of a weird combination that felt like nighttime, this would add a sense of mystery.

Added some critters to sell the idea of “cat & mouse”. The parents are encouraging their kids and having fun, while the kids are into the whole fantasy of doing a real mission. -Gabo

Things I learned from Series 4 (spoilers) - IMDb

Things I learned from Series 4 (spoilers)



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Mon Jan 16 2017 04:50:091. International spies should always carry memory sticks with all their top secret information on them, as well as that of all of their associates. You know, put all your eggs in one place where you can keep them super safe.

2. Sherlock Holmes + drugs = face-blindness.

3. Etsy items recently favorited by Mycroft Holmes: Katanagunbrella ™

4. Windex: The Best Solution to the Final Problem! “Glass? What glass?”

5. Turns out Mycroft is the dumb one. Who knew.

6. The higher your IQ is, the more likely you are to spontaneously develop “hypnosis face”.

7. Children definitely never drown in wells. Don’t look there first or anything.

8. John Watson has enough upper body strength to cleanly sever his shackled feet as he pulls himself up a rope.

9. If you think you’re about to die, make moar vids. None for your newborn baby though.

10. Mary ships it.

11. Having a baby isn’t really that big a deal.

12. Toby Jones is incredibly talented and also the ugliest man on the entire planet world. But super talented though.

13. Eurus + Moriarty = … some sort of sexy snake dance?

14. Eurus really enjoyed the Portal franchise. And the Saw franchise. And, uh… what was the one that takes place on Shutter Island?

15. Turns out imprisoning problem children for like 30 years doesn’t actually fix them. I’m as surprised as you are.

16. Drink moar tea, Molly.

17. Mycroft is… straight? Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

18. Sherlock Holmes doesn’t know how planes work.

19. Eurus personally made every Moriarty gifset on the entire internet.

20. Lestrade < Molly < Mycroft < John < Sherlock < Eurus < Chuck Norris < Mrs. Effing Hudson. That Aston Martin though.

What did you learn from series four?

Tony Stark is kind of an asshole at times. He knows that, he’s made peace with it, even embraced it according to some. His public face is loud, arrogant, and altogether a good time. Being who he is, as famous as he is, he was invited to do some kind of live Stark Industries special for Valentine’s day. They let him decide what the special would be, with the understanding that it would be safe for children to watch. These people know him, after all.

Pepper invited herself along for the ride (bless her), and then the rest of the Avengers and company decided they could play along, too. Even Thor showed up, clad in a tight red sweater and a blinding smile. Men and women everywhere were probably wondering how much it would cost to vacation with an Asgardian prince. 

Everyone got assigned their own special part about the special day. Clint and Natasha, being international super spies, talked about Valentine’s traditions across the world. Bruce made a little speech about science and romance, which Tony loved. He loved it even more once he had JARVIS add little dancing hulks into the video. Sam Wilson even made an appearance to talk about the military and how soldiers fare being stationed away from the people they love.

Thor, tight sweater and all, talked about the man Saint Valentine himself. Because out of all of them, he was the only one actually alive at the same time as the man of the hour. While he hadn’t personally been on Earth, he had looked in from time to time.

Then, there were everybody’s favorite world war two veterans, here to talk to all the young whippersnappers about Valentine’s day way back when. It was a nice bit of nostalgia, very wholesome and appropriate for every kind of crowd. They talked about everything from old timey chocolates to witnessing the holiday when they were overseas. 

But Tony’s favorite part, the part that almost got them sued, was Steve “Dare Me I Dare You” Rogers and James Buchanan “I Woke Up Ready” Barnes breaking script and talking about how gay and bisexual couples exchanged secret favors that wouldn’t arouse suspicion with everyone around them. 

Then they kissed to top it all off. Not a small one, not on the cheek, oh no. They pressed their lips firmly together (Steve even cupped Bucky’s face), and smiled until it broke the kiss. Then they kissed again, just for good measure, looked America in the eye on national television and wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day 2015.

So Tony Stark might be a little bit of an asshole, but he’s definitely not alone.

"The FBI breached its own internal rules when it spied on campaigners against the Keystone XL pipeline, failing to get approval before it cultivated informants and opened files on individuals protesting against the construction of the pipeline in Texas, documents reveal."

This is how Texas operates:

“… an FBI office acting as a private security force for a foreign energy giant … seems to me to be a waste of taxpayer’s money…to say nothing of a couple of amendments to the Constitution. I guess this is what cooperation within a dynamic global economy looks like.” - Paul Lewis & Adam Federman of the Guardian.