Speaking of Pinkie Pie, I was struck with inspiration to draw what a Deathmaw in this AU looks like!

Deathmaws are bipedal reptilian creatures that came to be thanks to magic-spliced radiation altering the alligator and crocodile. They’ve become an actual species due to them being numerous enough to breed with one another until a substantial population formed. They are generally very dangerous and can’t be domesticated, but Pinkie managed to tame Gummy when she found him as a baby and took him in. Gummy is unusually docile for his kind and despite the name he still does have all of his teeth, though one of his tusks are broken. He may be docile but he is still dangerous; anyone threatening Pinkie’s life has met a terrible and messy end. Gummy loves Pinkie and he shows his affection by giving strange throaty growls that resemble purring, and he nibbles gently at her hair and ears.

Gummy, since he’s a tamed Deathmaw and doesn’t need to hunt as often for food, is larger, rounder and more robust than the average, leaner deathmaw. He’s slower, but he makes up for it for being physically stronger than typical deathmaw; he’s a powerhouse for sure, but just a cuddly big boi who loves his pink mama. I’ll draw Pinkie with him for a size comparison a little later!

me, reading analysis shit and watching interviews: oh haha! 

me, crying in my bathroom at 2 am: i-it doesn’t matter w-whatever becomes canon or h-has screentime interactions…s-shance is forever canon is m-my heart– they are my otp…nothing will change…they will be together and support each other and be so close…n.no…

Ok, so my friends and I watched the new mlp movie and when I saw Capper he immediately remimded me of Kuroo xD I just had to draw it!

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Crepuscular Sparkle... No, that does not seem right. Is there a 'fancier' word for sparkle?

Well if you start using that word in lieu of my name it rather defeats the point of using it as an alternative phrasing to avoid the time of day being confused with me. So let’s not do that. It’s not my name anyway, names are not just exchangeable words.