we are art, the few of us
standing or sitting or whatever
(it doesn’t matter)
because we have impossible sunsets
glowing and screaming
inside our minds and endless
lakes in summer stretching
amid the forests of our hearts
please, with us it is always the solstice
we are always happy, always everything
always the color gold. like art, we
love too hard and we fall too far
and we claw our way back
to the roof of the world
where everyone can hear us
—  reading about friendship makes me dream from my solitude

An update on the Loremaster Chronicles situation: I’ve written to the author, and she responded back and was quite apologetic. She did really mean it as an homage and had not even considered how it might be hurtful to read about losing all my friends like that.

Oddly enough, she seemed surprised I even read her work. She does know I love to read, but I suppose she didn’t think I’d be interested in her work in particular for some reason. I did get the impression she felt she wasn’t worthy of that, but that’s silly; many ponies like to read her work, why would I be different?

She did offer to issue a recall and rewrite the book, but I declined. It’s quite the process, and the damage is already done. Besides, I would rather ponies get to enjoy the book, as they’ve been waiting a long time. And really, now that I know the intent behind it, I wouldn’t even want it changed. An apology is enough.

I certainly don’t mind other ponies reading the book, so if you’ve been hesitant to read it due to my reaction, by all means don’t keep yourself from doing so on my account. It was hurtful for me to read, because it reminded me of some very painful things I may have to face, but it’s not hurtful if others do.

So… I took all the tips I’ve been getting over on other draws I’ve been submitting. And I think I’ve improved. I made my own art style sort of :p
I looked up different pony drawing tutorials and mixed and mashed the styles to my liking. (Any tips and criticism will be much appreciated) this is my second OC “Ivory Tone.”
Any idea who I should try to draw next? Let me know! ;)
Also I’ve been “exploring” Tumblr and I’m finding tons of artist who are amazing at drawing pones. I tried not to copy anyone but I’m sure I copied someone’s style in some way. So if this drawing looks similar to anyone else’s art style, or OC, let me know please. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m stealing anyone’s style and not giving any credit.

//A u c t i o n s / / C o m m i s s i o n s / / A v a t a r s //