gif battle: harryspotter vs dallisons: hp edition
↳ round one: the golden trio + gold

hermione, when have any of our plans ever actually worked? we plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose.

Next to Ronan, Noah said, “Oh!” in a very surprised way. Then he flickered out. The snow globe crashed onto the ground where Noah’s feet used to be. It left a damp, wobbly ellipse as it rolled away. Chainsaw, shocked, bit Ronan. He’d squeezed her as he leapt back from the sound.

He would have never admitted how his heart pounded in his chest.

quicky-peters  asked:

Derek as a father?

This is the first of what might be several headcanons about Derek throughout you and him being parents. This first part will be the pregnancy/giving birth.


Derek Hale as a Father Headcanons: The Pregnancy

- He’s nervous when you get pregnant. Like, really nervous. After you tell him, he gets a little standoffish at first, not really avoiding you, but not being as present as normal.
- After he gets used to the idea, he starts spending a lot of time on his laptop. Like, a lot of time. At first you’re worried. What if he’s cheating on you? Then, one day, your curiosity finally gets the best of you and, while he’s in the bathroom, you open his laptop and check the browser history. To your astonishment, it’s pages and pages and pages of tips and how-to’s for being a father.
- He’s wary of you doing things right away. If you’re carrying something that he thinks might be too heavy, he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and take it from you. And no matter how many times you assure him that you’re fine because you’re only three months along, he always does it anyway.
- When you get to around eight months, he stops letting you leave the loft altogether. At first it’s sweet, then it’s just annoying. And while you have to admit the idea of waddling around outside isn’t exactly appealing, it’s better than never being allowed on your feet.
- When you finally do go into labor, all of Derek’s planning goes out the fucking window. He’d had a whole list of things prepared for him to do when the time came but now all he can think about doing is getting you in the fucking car and down to the hospital.
- As Melissa is wheeling you down the hall, you can hear Derek lecturing her, lecturing her, about proper procedures and what she should do if something goes wrong, and that’s how you know he did a little too much research. Luckily for you (for both of you, really) Melissa manages to shut him up and ditch him in the waiting room. The two of you share a laugh (yours a little pained) as she continues on her way.
- When Derek is finally brought back, he pushes his way past the nurses like you’re being held hostage and runs to your side. When he sees the little bundle in your arms, he freezes.
- The look on Derek’s face when he sees your child for the first time is seared into your brain forever. You never thought you’d see Derek Hale cry, but here he is, tears brimming his green eyes as he reaches out for you.
- “You are the most beautiful thing that will ever walk this earth.” And you can’t tell if he’s talking to you or the baby, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s right.


So, I want to do other parts to this, since I didn’t actually get to him even being a father. Is that something you guys want? Drop an answer/suggestion in my ask box if you want to. :)