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Charles tried his best not to let the jealousy fill his chest as he wheeled into the room and saw you and Erik sitting next to each other on the couch, but he couldn’t help it. He pressed his lips together and awkwardly waited in the doorway, moving back as he watched the two of you interact. You were leaning towards Erik, who had his arm around the back of the couch, his fingers lingering by your shoulder. 

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i fucking love thinking about cherik in their middle 20s during the 60s. we didn’t get enough footage of them just being themselves; riding around in their chevrolet, going to diners for cheap meals, their summer time outfits, them going swimming in the tiny pool behind the motel, charles collecting pins and erik collecting coins. I JUST NEED MORE DOMESTIC IMMATURE CHERIK BEFORE CUBA. BLAH.


whoops looks like the writers at marvel need a reminder of their own characters’ origins before they do something else grossly offensive

hey, nick spencer!  i know you’re probably not reading this, but shut up and listen for a second, maybe you’ll learn something about respect.  do you know how many jewish people died during the holocaust?  somewhere between 5,000,000 to 6,000,000.

yes, you read that right.  five to six million people dead, all less than eighty years ago.

marvel comics have never skirted around this.  they made it a vital part of magneto’s history, one that shapes his attitudes and opinions more than anything else.  he’s been subjugated, and he’s not going to let it happen to his people - in this case, mutants - again.

so what, mr. spencer, are you accomplishing by having him join up with hydra beyond spitting in the faces of all those millions of dead?  you’ve taken a jewish character - created by JEWISH WRITERS AND ARTISTS - and signed him up with what’s clearly the marvel universe’s equivalent of the nazis.  what are we supposed to take away from this besides the knowledge that you are a cold, insensitive human being?

magneto deserves better.  the jewish community deserves better.  and you own the latter a hell of an apology.