el-p13  asked:

Omg can you please so that tattoo imagine thingy?

Shuu: He would want you to get a music note tattoo on your wrist. He finds them really pretty.

Reiji: He hates tattoo’s more than he hates his mother but if you had to get a tattoo he would suggest a tiny, unnoticeable tattoo like a swirl

Laito: Any feminine tattoo located on your nether regions or your breast.

Kanato: Something girly  like a flower tattoo on the wrist or shoulder.

Ayato: Something that stands out makes you looks sexy in his opinion so an arm or lag tattoo are the ones he likes the best.

Subaru: An uplifting quote or message on your wrist (I know, so many wrist tattoo’s)

Ruki: Ruki and Subaru love basically the same type of tattoo’s but the quotes he enjoys are the more literary ones.

Kou: A butterfly tattoo on the back of your neck or shoulder. He thinks they are really pretty.

Yuma: Something big and sexy. Just like himself.

Azusa: Azusa is secretly a fan of bird tattoo’s so a small tattoo of one would really do it for him.

This was actually the most fun post I have done in a while. Feel free to sent in some more imagines thingy’s ;)