• Me after Ep. 9: As much as I want rings round and golden seems to suggest the gold medal. This show has already fulfilled my dreams, what else could there be?
  • Ep 10: "It's also a thank you gift for Victor"
  • Me: *wheezes*
  • Ep 10: "We'll get married once he wins the gold medal."
  • Me: Someone call an ambulance I think I'm dying from asthma
  • Ep 10: "Be my coach Victor!"


  • girl, you better strap in because this is going to be one hell of a ride
  • this boy would be a crazy boyfriend
  • he may look all innocent and everything, but no way. he’s wild
  • he would LOVE to go to parties
  • there would be a good handful of nights where you need to take care of his drunk ass
  • but when you go to parties with him, you literally have the time of your life
  • there’s never a boring moment with this one
  • even when you two are alone it’s super fun
  • he is a walking party
  • although you two don’t stay at home often, when you do there will definitely be:
    • pillow fights
    • random singing
    • random dancing
    •  and noise complaints from neighbors
  • or if you guys are in a more chill mood (which is almost never), there would be these super cute cuddling sessions
  • but you would need to be okay with being the big spoon sometimes or a lot of the time
  • anywayyyy
  • every date you guys would go on would be either hella cute, or hella basic, but there’s no in between
  • I feel like he’s one to spend a lot of time and money on planning a date, but then not have any money left over for the next one
  • he would be super cute and caring though
  • and holding hands with him would literally be THE BEST
  • he has those giant hands, so his hands would completely swallow yours
  • and kissing Taehyung
  • omg
  • omg
  • omg
  • first of all, his lips are wayyyy underrated
  • boy has hella nice lips
  • I feel like he would prefer soft, gentle kisses
  • but then once he get into it
  • goodbye cruel world
  • you guys know what I’m talking about
  • in the words of Jungkook, an intellectual, “OH MAN HOLY SHIT.”
  • and he would definitely love to feel you up
  • those huge ass hands
  • in general, he would be super cute and caring
  • he’s a bit ditsy, so he may forget the little things, but you just have to be patient with him
  • but once you have Kim Taehyung, never let him go

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a drunk or sober tae

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cuddling with him

I hope you all enjoyed this!! For some odd reason, this was really difficult for me to make! I don’t know.. I’ve just never really been a Tae girl lol. Not that I don’t like him because I freaking love him so much, but he’s never been my bias or my bias wrecker lol. Still, I hope you enjoyed!! ^^