to all my queer (in the best sense of the word) kids

if you can’t be out right now, that’s okay.
if you can’t be you right now, that’s okay.
if you fit the stereotypes, that’s okay.
if you like musical theatre, or dress flamboyantly, or masculine, or feminine, or have short hair, that’s okay.
if you don’t fit the stereotypes that’s okay.
if you have internalized homophobia, that’s okay.
if you aren’t accepted (lookin’ at you, my awesome aces and aros and bis and pans and polys!), that’s not ok, but it’ll change.
everything will get better. everything will change.
you’ll get an awesome boyfriend or girlfriend or datemate. if you want one.
you’ll move away, from all this, all these people.
or you’ll stay, with these people you love.
there’ll be ups and downs and arounds and behinds but we’ll be here through it. your community, our community.
we are illegal in 70 countries.
we are strong as hell.
let’s go right the world.

you know you are in love with him when you stop dreaming about boys in books and start living in the reality, because sometimes the reality is better than any boy can be in any goddam book. sometimes reality trumps fantasy. and that is what love can make you do, make you pick reality over fantasy.
—  r e a l i t y//nikitagupta