Jonny going up to Patrick and randomly swapping sticks without even asking (and Patrick resignedly lets him do it)

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klance 7 <33 btw i love your writing !!

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7; routine kisses

The first time it happens Keith was polishing his blade and when he felt the pressure of warm lips against his cheek, he almost stabbed himself.

“Oh my god, babe, are you okay¡?”

“Fine, fine! I’m fine!”

“You almost -!”

“Don’t tell Shiro!”

The second time it happens it’s still a surprise, but Keith has a small suspicion that Lance waited until there were no sharp objects near them to attack. The only thing that dropped to the floor was Keith’s dignity as he hid his face in his boyfriend’s chest right after Lance had planted a soft kiss above his eyebrow.

“You are cute.”

“Where is my blade when I need it.”

The third time Keith is no longer surprised but there’s still this small gasp that leaves his lips when Lance’s helmet comes off and Keith doesn’t have a second to appreciate the beaming smile on his boyfriend’s face at seeing him before Lance’s lips are pressed against his forehead.

“You did great out there.” Lance murmurs under his breath, nuzzling Keith’s face for a tick longer before he pulls away and turns around, enjoying the victory adrenaline with the rest of the team and Keith follows him quietly, not daring to hide the dopey smile on his face.

The fourth, fifth and sixth time are still counted in his mind but after that it becomes a blur; there’s no expectation, not really, because you can’t expect something that comes naturally.

Sometimes they come early in the morning, when Keith’s barely awake but the tickling sensation of Lance’s lips against his cheeks will make him sigh and snuggle closer to his boyfriend’s side.

Other times when he’s in training and Lance cheers from him on the side, high fiving him as the simulation turns off and Lance kiss the top of his nose, claiming while laughing that there was no way he would kiss any sweaty skin.

They become a greeting during breakfast and a goodbye for the day during the night. They come like a promise before every mission, quiet and soft as they enjoy the pressure and warmth it brings them before they turn into hope and relief as they hold each other, sweaty and tired but happy.

Keith smiles to himself, eyes fixed on their intertwined hands as he plays with Lance’s fingers. The brunet doesn’t mind, he just sighs contently as he leans back and presses himself closer to Keith’s chest, hiding half of his face on the crook of Keith’s neck.

Keith didn’t even notice the moment but suddenly he’s moving and dropping a sweet kiss on Lance’s temple. He blinks in surprise, though, when he hears his boyfriend gasp.

“Really? After months?” Keith teases fondly, looking down to catch Lance’s blue eyes but the brunet wouldn’t have it.

“Shut up.” He mumbles quietly as he hides himself in hopes to cover the raging blush on his cheeks.

It doesn’t work. It only makes Keith to drop two more kisses on the tomato he calls boyfriend.