"I'll find you Maggie"

this quote means so much to me because like lauren said it means so much more than it was the first thing that came to his head when he was hit. in a way, glenn saying that he’ll find her is a foreshadowing. glenn, maggie, and the whole world knows that they are meant to be together and whether this means that in the next life they are starcrossed lovers or childhood friends who end up together or simply neighbors who fall in love, glenn will find her. he always does.

I don’t know if anyone had noticed this, but almost at the end of 701, when Negan and his people left TF back there, some guy took a picture of Glenn’s liveless body.
So the pics above where a sad foreshadowing of his dead, because now on this wall there is also a picture of him.. 😢

Rick’s Fantasy: An Analysis

Okay so… I would have preferred a flashback and not the fantasy, but let’s delve into some meaning:

- Rick has Michonne on his immediate right
- Michonne is also in a flowy, white dress…
- Father Gabriel is to his left (mmhmm) wearing his priest collar
- Rick and Michonne are also mirroring the positioning of Glenn and Maggie.
- Rick considers Aaron, Spencer and Enid as part of the core family (confused AF on Enid. I vehemently don’t like her)
- Sasha has literally let her hair down.  I think I saw a baby bump as well. 

The table is set for who matters to Rick, and I think there is some foreshadowing for sure.  What he wants as well as what he wanted.

I’m gonna be mad next week cause we probably won’t see them at all.  Ugh.

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I think this quote may be foreshadowing what will happen in the future regarding Killian and the shears. When he said this to Emma, he obviously wasn’t thinking about the decision of ordering pizza or chinese, which is why the writers decided to have him respond so seriously to such a mundane thing. When I first watched the scene and saw that he had kept them, I instantly thought he had done it so that Emma can still have a choice later on, in case they don’t manage to help her escaping her fate and she decides to change her mind. What he told her here reinforces that interpretation - it makes me think that he is keeping the shears so that she can have another option in the future instead of immediately throwing away the only thing that can keep her alive. But, ultimately, he knows it is her decision to make and to follow her heart’s desire. This quote shows he is still very aware of that and that he will respect whichever decision she makes. It’s almost as if he’s telling her (and himself) why he is doing this, but of course that, not knowing he kept the shears, Emma will take it as a general statement of his unconditional love. But it did seem to me like he was trying to justify his action and to also ease his own guilt over hiding this from her.

Thanks to this very helpful post, I can now analyse some stuff from the new trailer!

First up, there’s dolls of all the characters around the set. Maybe this is foreshadowing/symbolism, or maybe I’m looking too deep into it? Who knows!

Second, This bears face:

Reminds me of this girl’s face:

I can’t trust anyone, man. 

Third, this face Kaito makes:

Reminds me of a certain meme:

Okay, now to analyse some characters:


His line is translated to “I’m not a suspicious guy, so I look forward to working with you.” Naturally, that line makes him look suspicious as shit, but it seems a little too obvious. I still think he’s a red herring.


Ouma’s line is translated to “It’s because I’m a liar.” This makes me think that he’ll be one of the more problematic characters and relishes in that fact. Or possibly was deemed a liar in the past due to his dictator talent and started believing it himself.


Similar to Rantaro, her line, “I’m telling you, that’s not a costume!”, makes her seem like she’s lying and that she’s hiding her true appearance. Or maybe I read it wrong and she’s talking about a different costume.


Her line, “Lies always come from boys first!” makes her seem prejudice towards men. My advice? Stay away from Tumblr and stop talking to Mahiru Koizumi.


She says “Leave me out of it.” This makes me think she’ll be the antisocial stoic of the group, as well as just being a funny line to me.


His line, “I’ve done it in the past.”, pretty much states he’s been to prison before. Either that, or he’s Izuru Kamakura’s incarnation and is just bored at everything.

Bonus: Since nobody asked for it, here are my opinions on the voices of the characters:

Keade: We’ve heard it before, but I still find it relaxing.

Rantaro: Not the biggest fan. I like the voice, but it feels too nasally to fit the character.

Iruma: I’m getting Ibuki flashbacks. She seems hotblooded and I love it.

Ouma: I like it. It fits his seemingly-kind appearence, but still sounds smart, which fits for a dictator quite well.

Kiibo: Not as robotic as I though it would be. I’m glad. He also sounds very serious, which suits him well.

Gokuhara: Doesn’t have many lines, but sounds both serious and passionate at the same time. Pretty good.

Saihara: Very feminine. It doesn’t really fit him well, but he may end up being a crossdresser, so I can’t quite judge yet.

Tsumigi: Sounds very polite. She seems a lot calmer than I thought she would sound, but I still like it.

Shinguuji: Probably my favorite. He sounds both mysterious and slightly dorky at the same time.

Tenko: Much deeper than I thought she would sound. Not really a fan.

Kirumi: An absolute perfect fit. Like Shinguuji, it fits her mysterious design.

Maki: Sounds pretty normal. I’m fine with it.


Kaito: Seems very passionate, yet sounds great. Maybe he’s the next Nekomaru?

Yumeno: I thought it would be more stoic, but it fits her little-girl appearence, so why bother to complain?

Angie: Fits her strange chipperness 100%

All and all, I’m pretty hyped for this game.

This show is just foreshadowing

It’s official you need to rewatch the entire series over to pick up on the foreshadowing the writers put in this show. It’s literally everywhere. I was just watching the Yuya vs Shinji match and Yuya said this, “If I listen, the cards will respond.” And if we remember the cards have souls so Yuya was saying if I listen to the spirits of my card, they’ll help me. You know like what ZARC DOES, he could hear the duel spirits and that gave him advantages. Like Tuning Magician telling Yuya he needs to summon her to summon Enlightenment Paladin. EVERYTHING IS FORESHADOWING IN THIS SHOW!

dionysius1024  asked:

Excellent write ups!! Your write up for tonight's episode will be looong because there are a gabillion parallels/foreshadowing/Killian as a savior sledgehammer. I cannot wait for your initial thoughts, before you get to the huge write up!!

OMG, I think you’re right. You’re, like, so…SO right!!! Ugh…

Ya know, I did contemplate possibly having something done by tonight, but then I looked at my notes, and then I remembered I had work in the morning, and I was like, “No…nope! That’s not happening.” Lol!

God, something’s happening to me—I’m actually getting tired of saying the word “foreshadowing” because literally ever other fucking thing in the last five episodes has been some kind of foreshadowing. Like, every-fucking-thing in THIS episode WAS foreshadowing! Like…I couldn’t believe it! Literally, OMG! I couldn’t believe it!

You want to hear some of the best ones??? I can’t keep these to myself. They are SO damn telling! Ugh! Here are some of the best ones from the episode, and a one-sentence rundown of what they mean (I’m leaving the full explanation for my write-up):

  • Foreshadowing:
    Aladdin and Jasmine’s journey to the Cave of Wonders = Killian and Emma’s journey up the beanstalk in Tallahassee (The visual parallels were shot-for-shot sometimes!)
  • Meaning:
    Aladdin and Jasmine = Killian and Emma (who’s who depends on the situation, considering BOTH EMMA AND KILLIAN ARE SAVIORS), but in general, for most of this episode, Killian = Aladdin and Jasmine = Emma

  • Foreshadowing
    – Emma: “This is not dream interpretation!”
  • Meaning:
    Yes, it is. She just doesn’t know her vision is interpretive yet. It’s a vision, yes, but it’s also interpretive. It’s not literal.

  • Foreshadowing:
    The transition from flashback to present-day #1
  • Meaning:
    Aladdin = Killian
    Aladdin is a Savior = Killian is a Savior

  • Foreshadowing
    Snow: “Of course we forgive you, we’re your parents. We’ll always forgive you. But what about him? You tried to build something. And, look, your father and I may not be perfect, but we don’t keep secrets from each other.”
  • Meaning:
    She’s a big fat liar, and she is keeping a big fat secret from Charming which has the possibility of bringing down everything that they built together (and also has the possibility of being unforgiveable on his end)—SHE WAS DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN HIS FATHER’S MURDER, and she wants him to drop the issue so that she can continue to keep that secret from him, and that family they built would continue to stay intact (even though she built it on a foundation of lies), and she wouldn’t need to ask for forgiveness she’s not sure she would receive from him. God, this line was SO ominous! And SOOOOOO fucking fantastic!!!

  • Foreshadowing:
    – Evil Queen (to Archie): “If the baby dies, you die!”
  • Meaning:
    If Emma’s baby dies, she dies.
    If Emma’s baby lives, she lives.

  • Foreshadowing:
    The transition from flashback to present-day #2:
  • Meaning:
    Aladdin = Killian
    Aladdin is a Savior = Killian is a Savior

  • Foreshadowing:
    Emma: “It’s…It’s like we’re connected.”
    Along with this:

         And this:

  • Meaning:
    Emma’s pregnant. With a Savior. Who also has Savior magic. And she IS connected to him because she’s growing him as she speaks. She’s connected to the little Savior in her uterus via an umbilical cord. She is LITERALLY connected to him!!! 

  • Foreshadowing:
    This next one was only supposed to feature Killian with his flashlight, but I decided to make it a collage so that I can show you how much the writers are trying to smash you over the head with the parallels:
  • Meaning:
    Killian has light magic. Like Aladdin, HIS FIRST ACT OF MAGIC was done saving someone he loved in an underground cave.
    Killian = Sorcerer (“Light One”)/Savior

  • Foreshadowing:
    – Henry: “Believing won’t stop the future.”
    – Emma: “Maybe not, but it gave me a family. It made me a mother. I have actual magic in my life—I have you!”
  • Meaning:
    Emma will get her (actual) magic back alright, when everything is said and done, and it’s going to be in the form of her newborn baby boy.

  • Foreshadowing: And this is my favorite bit of foreshadowing of all:

          Killian with the shears of Fate in his hand. WHY is this my favorite bit of
          foreshadowing of all?!??!?!??!?!?

  • Meaning


From a post dated DECEMBER 9, 2015:


This screenshot of Killian with THE SCISSORS OF ATROPOS, which are LITERALLY an “INSTRUMENT OF FATE”, *IN HIS FUCKING HAND*, is VISUAL EVIDENCE of my theory that:


Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

I’m done. Done! This is literally visual proof of my theory. It really can’t get any better than this. Seriously! (Thank you for that link to Atropos, by the way, Dionysius! You saved me a Google search for the exact name of the Fate who wielded the scissors.)

It’s appropriate that Killian ended up with the scissors of Fate because he’s the one the Fates have been using to carry out their will on this show. Those scissors in anybody else’s hands would be disastrous. They don’t belong in Jafar’s, nor Aladdin’s, nor even Emma’s. They belong in Killian’s hands because he’s the one least likely to fuck with Fate. Even Emma’s fate! This entire time, Killian has been an obedient servant of Fate. He’s seriously been like, “Imma go with it!” this entire series. His brother dies, he becomes a pirate. His lover dies, he journeys to Neverland. He meets Emma, he changes. He gets a letter from Baelfire, he does what it says. He becomes a Dark One, he sucks out all the Darkness and tries to drag it to Hell. He gets a chance to make a request of Zeus to return him to his family, but instead he merely turns around and continues to obey Zeus’ will and walk towards the light.

Regina, Emma and Snow ALL try to fight Fate over and over and over again throughout this series.

Killian doesn’t.

Killian never will.

Killian holds the instrument of the Fates in his hand because Emma handed it to him. Emma handed him her fate. Emma handed Killian the only instrument that could save her life. Taking into account character positioning, let’s put it a different way—The Savior put [her] life in God’s hands. Or, alternatively, The Virgin Mary put her life in God’s hands. Or putting it another way, The Savior/Virgin Mary put [her] faith in God.

Whatever way you slice it, it turns out well for the believer, I guarantee you that. (Resurrections, Ascensions, Coronations *cough*Captain Swan*cough*)

Emma: “I believe in us to find a third way.”

Emma did a good thing handing Killian her fate. Killian may be keeping this secret from her, but those scissors are better IN his hand, than out of it. Because anyone with a will to control their fate (and others’) will be able to find those things, 10,000 leagues under the sea or not. Will Killian use those things on Emma? NO! And how do I know that? Firstly, because Killian is not Rumple. He respects another person’s personal decision, whether he likes it or not. Secondly, as I’ve noted over and over again, it is not within Killian’s character to fuck with fate on this show, whether that fate be his or Emma’s. And thirdly, and most importantly, that “third way” of which Emma spoke? It’s Killian himself. All Emma needed to do (and all Killian needs to do) is believe in “us” (Emma and Killian together). When you put both Saviors together, you get a miracle.

And a baby. (Which can also be considered a “third” way, as it is a “third” person, and a direct result of the first two.)

You get a baby miracle.

I plan to post 6.04 and 6.05 very close to each other. Soon-ish.

Have a great week, everyone! :-D

Season 7 Ep 1 post-show commentary


Did any one notice Sasha was pregnant in the dream sequence? Is that some foreshadowing since we see Maggie’s unborn baby too?

I must say again, I really liked how they handled the end and the whole Sasha/Rosita/Maggie thing. They acted like sisters. And I’m glad they seemed to dispense with the bullshit-y triangle they were starting between Abraham, Sasha and Rosita.

  • Me, writing a fic:whoa, I didn't know that was going to happen!
  • The text:you foreshadowed it though?
  • My neurologically damaged self:I did? Whoa. How fortunate I remembered it then!
  • My notes:we have no record of this.
  • Me:but the text says I foreshadowed it?
  • The long since finished epilogue:nope. You never planned for this. Now you have to rewrite me.
  • Me:ok so I'll take it back out.
  • The text:nope, it's taken you three months to write this update, you can't. Also this is a fucking stupid way of arguing with yourself.

It’s another Scorpion Monday and I am excited, of course!!! Nicholas Wootton and the cast have told us to expect new pairings that we didn’t see in previous seasons that push the personal storylines highlighting the season.

In episode 3.04, we saw Happy talking with Paige about children, which foreshadowed her pregnancy announcement.

In episode 3.05, we will see Toby talk to Paige about his feelings on impending fatherhood. I can’t wait!!!

here are the things I’m thinking:

  1. The thing about the Batman universe is that NO ONE has happy endings or good relationships.

  2. It would explain why they don’t like each other in a lot of the comics / games. Ed broke Penguins heart once because of his love for riddles.

  3. Oswald told that kid the thing about how if the others kids didn’t like him to push them down the stairs… this is straight up foreshadowing that Penguin is going to get his revenge when Ed fucks it up.

  4. We get to see our smol little Ossie murder a girl out of jealous rage, and that’s gonna be lovely.

  5. Doesn’t mean they won’t eventually appease us, at least for a little.