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OK ROSY 2 questions for ya: (1) does Clarke's red hair symbolize anything???? (2) what are you thinking about what O said about Prometheus's punishment? foreshadowing??? five years is a long time, and i guess it's possible all those grounders and sky people could turn on her...

I don’t know. I think it’s a throwback to wild Clarke, but maybe it didn’t take her over. The loss and loneliness is still there, but she doesn’t look wild or crazy. She looks calm, even happy. Peaceful. Has she transformed her trauma into something manageable? That would be excellent. It doesn’t go away, but she can bear it?

The prometheus thing might be foreshadowing. 

You know the part in hamilton where alex goes “I am not throwin’ away my shot” and the ensemble goes “just you wait” like i die a little every time i hear that because it’s the most brilliant subtle piece of foreshadowing that is also relatively obvious but you won’t understand until your 3rd or 4th listening