wtf is this owl thing? 

all i kept thinking of jessie. lol *i know it’s not about jessie. it just reminds me of her and her..chopped hand. maybe because twd first time using that symbol during that time.

i mean what does the owl thing really means..symbolically in TWD? someone dies? lol Is it related to richonne..like owl=future promises for richonne? idk ahhc’mon judy…

idk why i love that michonne had a purple headband…like reminds me of comic-michonne.

eta. thank u richonne fandom for explaining. :) so it might mean passing of time and/or death foreshadowing.

you ever look back @ yr relationship/interactions w/ someone and realize the exact extent of how insidious certain aspects and occurrences were that at the time went under the radar and had no special meaning or anything but now that you have perspective and know what happened later on down the road everything is very.. There. apparent. staring you right in the face. bc.. yeesh. bad feeling. nauseating, even

Kravitz: Let’s see, let’s see. Taako, we’ll start with you. You’ve died 8 times.

Taako: [Mumbling to himself] Yeah, that tracks.

Kravitz: Cut the goofs. You’ve died 8 times and checked into the astral plane exactly 0 times.

Kravitz: Magnus, let’s do you next. Magnus, what’s your family name?

Magnus: Burnsides.

Kravitz: Oh yeah, that’s right. Magnus Burnsides. You’ve died… 19 times!

Magnus: That doesn’t sound right…

Kravitz: And you’ve made 0 trips to the astral plane.

Magnus: Now hold on, hold on, I think I’d remember.

Kravitz: Merle Highchurch. Merle…

Merle: That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

Kravitz: Merrrllle fuckin’ Highchurch. You, my dear friend, care to take a guess? Care to wager a guess?

Merle: I’m just surprised my middle name is “fuckin’”, I had no idea.

Taako: I’m gonna go with 1 in case we’re doing Price is Right rules.

Magnus: You know what, I’m gonna go the other way and say 1999.

Kravitz: Somewhere in between there. Merle Highchurch, the richest bounty I’ve ever hunted. You, my dear man, have died 57 times. 57 times! Fifty se-ve-en times!

mari-ohairloop  asked:

Sven was hands down the best thing about season 3. I wish they'd given him more lines tho :/

i also desperately wish sven had more lines, but i was only expecting him to have the briefest background cameo so this entire episode was a wonderland