Here’s some more foreshadowing via camera framing for you guys.

Everyone the camera focuses on when Chief Arnook gets to this part of his speech leaves he North Pole in one way or another.

Princess Yue dies (err, her physical form dies but her spirit lives on as the Moon), Hahn presumably dies as well (although he’s a one time character that was only meant to be a rival for Sokka…but, he was thrown into the ocean with Fire Navy ships everywhere, so…), and Pakku travels to the Southern Water Tribe to help their sister tribe rebuild.

Chapter Fourteen | When We Were Young
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Summary: People talk a lot and there’s some ominous foreshadowing. I also finally have the end chapter in sight.

Pairing: Reaper76

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1) On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you for 6B? 2) Presuming that OUAT will get a season 7, who do you think might not return from main cast and why? 3) Does the fandom ever get you down? You seem to be made of steel ;)

1.  🌈/10
2. …based on how happy the Queen is in that new promo, I’d say Hook and the Charmings are out. They also happen to be the characters I mentioned here at the end. Just based on the fact their deaths have actually been foreshadowed. 

The Pilot started with Emma who didn’t want to be alone, Henry who was scared his mother didn’t love him because he was going through an identity crisis and Regina who was depressed and didn’t know how to connect with Henry anymore. These are the three characters whose happily ever after the show should deliver. They are the only three original and dynamic characters. Some of the other characters have changed, but they’re not dynamic, they’re archetypal and they’ve only changed as a result of change in those three main characters. Naturally, these are the ones I expect back, everyone else… would return to the Enchanted Forest, I assume. I’m expecting them to still show up, but maybe not as regulars anymore?

You could argue that Snow & Charming and the Queen also had their conflict in the Pilot, but that conflict would be resolved as they go back. These characters are iconic and can’t die. They’re timeless, regardless of what the show does… and their battle doesn’t really end… because they represent the battle between what we want to do (Evil Queen) and what we should do (Charmings). Impulse versus restraints. There should be some balance there, but life will always about that conflict…

3. Steel, eh? Wouldn’t mind living up to that impression, but I’m afraid I’m made of fluffy pillows. It gets me frustrated sometimes, but I have the tendency to vent to my friends - if necessary - and to take a step back and look at what’s really underneath. There is a lot of pain here. And fear. And anger. The ways it comes out may not always be pleasant, but in many cases its origins are justified, so I try to work with that. Did I mention I want world peace too?

In terms of me being pretty chill about SwanQueen? I’ve just always felt that was the story and since it all finally clicked and we made OperationOUT last year… well, everything just fits. It would be beyond absurd if the core idea was wrong… and the core of the show is built around Emma, Regina and Henry. Everything that happened and is happening, every spoiler I can usually easily fit in that framework right away, which didn’t happen before. The more books on screenwriting I read, the more clear it becomes what inspired their ideas. So the simple answer is story research. Where the PR is confusing, the show itself is actually pretty straightforward… in a very confusing kind of way.

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can you do a video on foreshadowing? i'm having trouble with big scenes in my book. like how do i hint at the antagonist is actually their mentor/teacher

Will add to the list :) 

LOL. I like how B3thylers are making the damn romance novel and Denim Dreams about B3th. XD Yes, they had CAROL read the romance novel right before her Daryl showed up because they were foreshadowing the dead girl and THE REAL love of his life returning and reclaiming her man. That’s the same reason the Randi Smith romance novel (and, by the looks of it, possibly a bunch of others) were sitting on the shelf behind CAROL as she cried and smiled and laughed and gazed adoringly up at Daryl while he told her a beautiful lie to “protect her inside and out” because “she means more to him than anything else.”

Now I’ve never seen the film so if I’m totally off someone correct me! But I do believe this particular film was chosen for a reason(not that everything in film isn’t done for a reason), but hear me out. 

This was chosen for major foreshadowing reasons.

So the premise of the movie from what I can see online is that a young heiress(not that we know yet that Lucy is “royalty”) elopes with a pilot who it doesn’t seem like she knows well(Noah anyone). 

In the mean time she meets Peter and they go on several adventures together(Hello Wyatt) and she ends up falling in love with him. 

If anyone has seen the movie please add anything to this. I’m gonna see if I can find it sometime with week.

Anytime I watch The Tudors, I am always quite intrigued by the scene in which Elizabeth and Mary share a bed together and talk about their brother.

Mary: “Well, Edward’s a boy, Elizabeth. He’s more important than we are.”

*Elizabeth sighs and rolls over*

Talk about foreshadowing. 

And, oddly, this was still one of the few sisterly and tender moments they have on the whole show.